The Essence of Shariah

Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad (Qs), sohbat of the 20th of May, 2014.


As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Audhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Madad ya RasulAllah, madad ya Ashabi RasulAllah, madad ya mashaykina fi t-tariqati n-Naqshbandi, madad ya Abdullah Daghestani, madad ya Sh. Muhammad Nazim Haqqani dastur. Tariqatuna s-sohbah wa l-khayru fil jam’iyyah.

InshaAllah these assemblies, these associations, will be everlasting, they will increase. With the blessing of Shaykh Effendi, with the permission of Allah, every word he told you is truth, it is right. He said our dergahs will increase. He said there will be 40,000 dergahs. This is certain. That’s why we have no doubt about it. This is an association. Tariqat as-Sohba and to be together it is khair (best). Mawlana he was (giving) good tidings and said, insha’Allah this association it will be more and more and growing. And Insha’Allah will be 40.000 zawiyas, dergas for the Naqshbandi Tariqa. And what he said is true. Insha’Allah for this, we are no doubt. We are no doubt.

It is not easy, but (it is an) order. The ego likes to go, likes the easy, easy things. Hard things, they run away from hard business, from hard work, good work; only for easy and for enjoy their ego. Ego likes enjoyment. But an order you must follow. What Allah orders, what Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) you order – mashayikh also they are following this order. So when they said something, we must follow. These are the things Shaykh Effendi said. It’s not easy, not easy to obey the order. It’s not easy to sit in this maqam, because the ego doesn’t like such things. It wants an easy work. It doesn’t want hard work to be done. How much easy work it does, it wants to do the same job. It wants to escape the order. That’s why, the job of this tariqa is to obey the Commands of Allah, to obey the things told by our Master, to obey the commands of mashayikhs.

And this – if you obey, in the beginning it is hard. However, when you defeat your ego, you get the beauty and taste of faith. Nothing becomes hard for that man. But before you do that, of course, a lot of effort is required. To do this, it is difficult but when you continue to do what ordered you be … Allah gives you enjoyment and taste for Iman, for belief, that you cannot find in anything else. So it will be nice for you and more easy to do this. But first it is really difficult. After also difficult, but when-it is all time difficult – but when you taste Allah gives you this taste of Iman, sweetness of Iman, everything it is easy for you. Even in old times they burned believers, they did not turn back from their Iman because it is easy to burn or to cut, but – when you are alive it is not easy – but when Allah gives you this taste, sweetness of Iman, you cannot feel anything else. You cannot leave it. It is more painful to leave Iman than to cut your head or to cut hand or to burn – It is more painful to leave your Iman. For this, to teach this, Tariqa Allah sent to Prophet, Sharia’ and Tariqa – The essence of Sharia’.

We are not out of Sharia’. Sharia’ without Tariqa is like a body without a soul, ruh. As soon as you get that taste of faith, it’s not easy again; however, despite that tests still continue, and there will be big tests, but those tests become nothing next to that taste of faith. As soon as you get that taste of faith, no matter if a man is cut or burnt, he doesn’t care. He doesn’t feel it. Because if the one who tasted the faith has it taken away from him, it is worse than cutting his head off, or burning him alive. Therefore, he prefers his faith & doesn’t leave it. There are ayats in Qur’an that in old times, when people were thrown into the fire in trenches, they never lost faith. When they were told that they should not believe or they’d be burnt alive, they were all burnt alive but didn’t lose faith.

But those on the other side without faith entered eternal hell. If the one burnt for several minutes before dying, the other burnt eternally. Allah doesn’t even let them (those who believe) feel it. A man doesn’t even feel that torture because of the strength of faith. And this is what tariqa teaches. Because sharia without tariqa is like a body without a soul. It has no use. When a man enters tariqa, it teaches him every beauty. Many people ask what is tariqa for. Tariqa is not something to be feared. However, it frightens people because shaitan doesn’t like it. They say “he’s from tariqa” – not only in Turkey, everywhere, in all parts of the world. In some parts they even call the people of tariqa mushriks. People of tariqa aren’t mushriks (who associate others with Allah) On the contrary, Allah Aza wa Jalla ordered it for people to respect the prophets, saints and muslims. When you show more respect they say you’re making ‘shirk'(worshipping other than Allah). This is the game of shaitan, of course. When the body has no soul, it becomes a toy in the hands of shaitan. He puts himself in harm and blames others for it.

When you speak in English also – it is hard to speak in both languages, something becomes forgotten. Shaykh Effendi, may Allah increase his maqam, may his himmat (spiritual power) be upon us inshaAllah We speak Turkish, when I speak Turkish I forget what I said in English. So Insha’Allah the important thing here is to make sohba and even if it is just a little bit Allah sends baraka. This is like a garden from Paradise now here from the Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam). Wings of angels are under us because we are majlis/gathering for Allah (awj) to teach people about truth. The last thing we spoke was in Turkish.

Tariqa is teaching all good things. Without Tariqa you cannot complete your Iman because Tariqa is the essence of Sharia’. This is what Allah meant “Wa Man Yu’uta Al-Hikmata Faqad Utiya Khayran Kathiran” (2:269) The wisdom of Islam (is) Tariqa. Without this wisdom, you (get) no benefit, no khair. Khair, benefit, (comes) with wisdom. And this wisdom coming from Rasulullah (saws). Shaykh by Shaykh, they’re all the same, continuing the same good line. No dirty thing, all clear water, clear, pure water, pure Nur insha’Allah coming from Rasulullah (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam).

Tariqa, who not like Tariqa, the first one is shaytan. For this everywhere when we are saying, “we are in Tariqa, we are Sufi”, they are looking at you strange. No, Tariqa is not a bad thing. It is teaching people the best thing. First teaching, adab. They say in Tariqa they are mushrik. No, not mushrik(making partners to Allah). Allah (awj) in Quran, in Hadith, teaching Islam. They make ranks. Prophet and Nabi Mursal, Nabi, after Awliya’, Sahaba all they have ranks. How if you love them you become mushrik? No! But to not respect Prophet, you are not respecting Islam at all. This is the essence of who is not, they don’t like Tariqa – because Tariqa is teaching good things. And they don’t have anything to say against this, so just they are saying “you are mushrik.” No, we are not mushrik. Who say “La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasulullah (saws)”, Prophet (saws) saying going to Paradise Insha’Allah. You cannot say mushrik for who is saying this.

Allah make them to see right way because we don’t like to be arguing with Muslim people but what we are here saying – we are the purest following of Islam and order of Prophet (saws) and order of Allah (awj) and following His Awliya’ Allah. Allah give their baraka for us and support us insha’Allah. And we are.. we are sure, insha’Allah, this association is a seed that Mawlana plant. It will grow against all this shaytan and his follower; by love and by love of Allah (awj) and love of Prophet (saws) and Awliya’. This is an important thing. When you love Allah, Prophet(sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam), and Awliya’ you love all creatures who is following them insha’Allah.

Just like Shaykh Effendi used to say, we are bound to Allah Aza wa Jalla, the Prophet, sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam, and saints by their words and orders. This will increase, inshaAllah. These seeds planted by Shaykh Effendi will grow. Opposed to the ways of people who are confused by shaitan. The tariqa of Shaykh Effendi, Islam, Naqshbandi tariqa, the seeds planted by the way of Shaykh Effendi will grow. If they are surrounded by everything like a cancer, we will take them in inshaAllah with the love of Allah, the love of the Prophet, the love of mashayikhs. They are our brothers in religion, but they lost their way.

As we say: La ilaha illAllah Muhammadun Rasulullah, we can’t be considered mushriks. Who says that is shaitan. There is hadith sharif of our Master: whoever says La ilaha illAllah Muhammadun Rasulullah will enter paradise. And mushriks don’t enter to paradise. Therefore, with the permission of Allah, they will come to the right path. This is the news of Shaykh Effendi. His himmat (spiritual power) will increase upon our brothers, upon our people inshaAllah. May Allah sanctify his secret, increase his himmat. May his blessing be upon us inshaAllah.

Wa min Allahi t-tawfiq. Al-Fatiha.

Video link: The Essence of Shariah


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