Be With Trustworthy Ones

Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad (qs), sohbat of the 15th of May, 2014.

Shaykh Mehmet

As-salamu alaikum Madad ya RasuluLlah madad ya Sahibu z-zaman madad ya mashaykhina fit-tariqati n-Naqshbandiyatil-Aliyya. Madad ya Mawlana Sh Abdullah Faizi d-Daghistani, madad ya Mawlana Sh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani, dastur, dastur. Audhu biLlahi minash-shaytanir-rajim Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim Tariqatuna s-sohbah wa l-khayru fi jam’iyyah. As-salatu wa s-salamu alaika ya RasuluLlah, as-salatu wa s-salamu alaika ya HabibuLlah, as-salatu wa s-salamu alaika ya Sayyidu l-awwalin wa l-akhirin. Al-hamdu liLlah. Al-hamdu liLlahi alladhi hadana lihadha wa ma kunna linahtadiya lawla an hadana Llah. Al-hamdu liLlahi lladhi la yahmud ala makruh as-suwah.

Qala Allahu Ta’ala fi Kitabihil Karim, Audhu biLlahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. “Ya ayyuha lladhina amanu ttaqu Allaha wa kunu ma’a s-sadiqin.”(9:119)

This is our first sohbat after Sheikh Effendi. InshaAllah Sheikh Effendi’s himmat (spiritual power) is always with us. By his order, by his instruction, may Allah is pleased with everyone, without any objection, we have taken over this maqam – we have been obliged to. This is our Prophet’s way. It is not personal, it is not for persons. The holy verse says, “Fear/beware of Allah”, Watch and respect the orders of Allah. Try to feel that Allah is with you always and ‘Be with the trustworthy ones (as-sadiqin)’ This way is the way of trustworthy ones, the way of Allah. The trustworthy ones come to this way.

Untrustworthy ones don’t like such things, they go to other ways. There are a thousand ways, but the Way of Allah is only one. All the holy awliyas, and also firstly our Prophet, sallAllahu alaihi wa s-sallam, described the way of Allah. When ‘tariqat’ is said, tariqat means ‘the way’. They (awliya) showed the true way to Allah; the way of trustworthy ones. This is Allah’s order. “Kunu” means, He is ordering to ‘Be with the Trustworthy ones.’ What we are saying is that there are not thousand but there are a hundred thousand or a million ways, satan’s ways. In order to make you go astray, there are many cheats and tricks. That is why our Sheikh Effendi’s order is Allah’s order, Prophet’s order, their order, and Sheikh Effendi’s order, that he follows – “Do not go off the way.” “Be on the right path with the trustworthy ones.” Don’t let satan whisper evil thoughts (waswasa) to you.

“I wonder what?” There are some things – Even when you know the truth, satan whispers to you its evil thoughts, and you begin to doubt if it is true or not. No! You are on Allah’s Way, you are on Sheikh Effendi’s way. With their help and blessings, this way will spread even more, many more people will accept Islam; they will not surrender to satan. Satan will be defeated because Allah is not with satan, Allah is with us. Allah is with the ones who keep His Orders. This is our first sohbat. It is short but pay attention to it.

Our Sheikh’s maqams (stations) are very high, and will continue to rise until doomsday, even higher. Each person entering this tariqat, and when people hear his words/sohbats our Sheikh Effendi’s maqam is rising, his name is more exalted in Allah’s Diwan (Court). His maqam is already very high, but Allah’s bestowals are endless, Allah’s bestowals never finish. Allah – just as people like to give beautiful things to the ones they love, Allah ‘Azza wa Jalla is granting non-stop blessings and nur/light on our Sheikh. And by the Will of Allah, people who visit his grave that nur/light descends on them also. For everyone visiting and praying for Mawlana, Allah ‘Azza wa Jalla is bestowing on them, ten times, hundred times more of their prayers. May we all continue on this beautiful way, InshaAllah!

Sheikh Effendi’s power was very big. He used to overlook faults, he used to forgive. This is why people (his people) are loose/slack a little. May we all behave more seriously, more firmly from now on. Our power is little. For this reason, may all followers strive more and display more himmat (spiritual striving) that, as much himmat as they can summon Allah will send that much more of His blessings upon them – Allah will help them.

Our way is not difficult by the Will of Allah. It is a beautiful way. This way is the way of lovers – The love of Allah not the love of dunya/world, not the love for a woman or for wealth. The love of Allah, that is and He is the Never-ending One. We have seen many lovers, loving a woman but in a few years’ time they fell to quarreling, fighting, showing unpleasant behavior (to each other). That is temporary love. Eternal love, never-ending love is the Love of Allah, the love of the Prophet, the love of awliya. We are on this way InshaAllah!

This is the first sohbah after Mawlana. But he is here also, just he is more powerful now. This is the Way of Allah, Rasulullah – The best way. There is millions of ways, but not straight. The way of Allah is only one. If you go little bit away you go in danger. But as we said there is million, billion ways, roads that are going to bad places, shaytan’s road. But one road, Islam. “Tariqat” – meaning ‘way’, ‘road’. So Mawlana he is showing this way. And he attends with us here.

We read first this ayat/verse – “O believers beware of Allah.” (9:119) Because Allah is with you. If you are not feeling this you cannot be afraid of Allah, or you will do anything you can do. “And be with true people (the Trustworthy).” (9:119) – who speak truth with everything. Awliya’ Allah, sincere. Sorry my English is very weak. But just to make connection a little bit.

The first order is this: “Beware of Allah and be with sincere people.” (9:119) Don’t go with bad people. With who is not… They say something after they are not (doing). You cannot believe them. No! You must be with ones who when they say something they say truth. Trustworthy! And you be with them. This is the order of Allah. And to follow the order of Allah it is obligatory, fard.

“Sumu” – meaning you must fast – this is an order also. Pray is an order. Be with trustworthy people – it is an order also. So this is the first order today coming insha’Allah, express from Mawlana – To be with trustworthy people. And don’t be with people who want to cheat people. Mawlana, he said something and alhamduliLlah we are all together. This is big ni’ma, big favor, not to be separated. And today it is from his karama, his power. Because Allah He is giving Awliya’ Allah power more and more.

Everyday he (Mawlana) is getting higher and higher. Allah Is Generous, and they are beloved. Beloved persons, servants of Allah. And if you like somebody, everyday you give him something also. The most Generous Allah (awj) – everyday He is making more and more and more. And who is coming to visit him (Mawlana) or making from (far) away also his baya’ and his tawassul (connection to) from Mawlana – he gets his reward and gets Mawlana higher stations also. For each people, insha’Allah I think from his baraka he will be this Tariqat Naqshbandiya – Tariqat – way of Allah, Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) and ahl as-sunnah wal jamaa’ – will be increased more. I think 1000 times more. Maybe 10.000 times more against who is not respecting the Prophet (saws) and Allah (awj) – because if you are not respecting the Prophet and Awliya you are not respecting Allah. This is who is a liar. Who is liar, who is not believing, who is not respecting Awliya’ Allah and not respecting the Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam).

Allah make us in this way without going out. It is from first sohbah, Alhamdulillah alladhi hadana li hadha. Allah He bring us to this way. We cannot do without His Will. Insha’Allah His Will after this, from baraka of Mawlana and all Mashayikh al ‘izam/great Shaykhs and Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam), to be more strong. To show Ummat Muhammad (saws) (the Nation) the right way. Not leave (let) these shaytan people to destroy our children, our families with bad things. It is real – from not the right way, these people.

Wa Min Allahi t-Tawfiq. Al Fatiha.

Video link: Be With Trustworthy Ones


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