The Successor

Shaykh Adnan Kabbani, Sohbat of the 14th of May, 2014.

Bismillahi r-Rahman r-Rahim. O beloved, all murids of Mawlana S. Nazim, beloved all deputies of Mawlana S. Nazim, after the permission of S. Muhammad and S. Bahauddin, I will say that I am the first one, Adnan servant of Mawlana S. Nazim and Mawlana S. Abdullah Al Daghastani, I am accepting S.Muhammad, (qa) son of Malwana, to be the successor of Malwana S. Nazim, spiritually, physically and all means of high teachings and make suluk to everyone to reach to the destination of reaching to the high level of the station of Rasulullah (saws) and S. Abu Bakr As-Siddiq. And I am the first one to renew this bayat with him. And to make him to be our Shaykh after Mawlana S.Nazim and as a follower, (of) what he says and what he orders. And so, to be well known and no splitting in this Naqshbandi way. In this Tariqa we are all well united. And so all of us we renew our bayat with Shaykh Muhammad, son of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, that Allah Almighty and Rasulullah (saws) choose him to be the successor of Mawlana S.Nazim and dressed by the secrets of Mawlana S. Nazim and GrandShaykh. And so we follow him and I am announcing this on behalf of all our brothers and sisters in the Naqshbandi way, that I am the first one obeying and renewing my bayat with him (Sh Muhammad) and accepting him. And so all of you: you accept him?
G: Yes!
S.A: You accept him?
G: Yes!
S.A.: You accept him?
G.: Yes!

S.A.: And for this acceptance Allah Almighty is witnessing. Rasulullah is witnessing. GrandShaykh witnessing. S.Abu Bakr as-Siddiq witnessing and Mawlana Sultan Al Awliya Habibuna, Shaykhuna S. Muhammad Nazim Al Haqqani witnessing – Especially we are standing on (by), Allah, on his (Mawlana’s) feet, kissing his feet & his hands that we are all accepting and following his will for Shaykh Muhammad to be his successor until Allah Almighty appearing (making to appear) S. Al Mahdi and after S. Al Mahdi until the end of the life. How much Shaykh Muhammad and Shaykh Bahauddin they are alive. We are, because we are not going to live long life. They would bury us and they will read Fatiha on us. So all our life will be inshaAllah renewing our bayat with them & they are our Shaykh and we are accepting them & following their order. And no one to think that we are not accepting or anyone to say that there is a doubt. No there is no doubt. For sure, for sure we are accepting Shaykh Muhammad as a successor, the Khalifa of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani Sultan Al Awliya’ and also the second Khalif Shaykh Bahauddin. Second son of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim and the deputy of them Mehmet Nazim, the son of Shaykh Bahauddin.

And so everywhere to be known because today start in some internet here and there which is not very well to my ears it’s coming. But to clear everything we must all renew our bayat all murids, even old generation, new generation, old ones, young ones, small ones – All to renew the bayat with Shaykh Muhammad successor of Mawlana S. Nazim, and S. Bahauddin. And to be following the will of Mawlana S. Nazim it will be much more better that they will not be disconnected but they will be connected with Mawlana S.Nazim, with Grand Shaykh, with Rasulullah (saws) with Allah Almighty. And so I am Adnan, servant of GrandShaykh and Mawlana S. Nazim, I am announcing that we accept S. Muhammad as successor and we renew our bayat with him. And he is our Shaykh from now on insha’ Allah and the successor of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim.

Bi Hurmat Al Habib, Bi Hurmat Al Fatiha.

Video Link: The Successor


Sheikh Muhammad
Sultan Shaykh Muhammad (Qs)

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