Talibu-l Ilmi

” طلب العلم فريضة على كل مسلم و مسلمة – Talabu-l Ilmi (Seeking Knowledge) is obligatory on every Muslim, whether man or woman.” Do any of the certificates you have teach you who you are or why you are? Allah (swt) Loved you and that is why He created you. Therefore, only the one who loves is Insan, and the seeker of the Beloved can never sleep. Know that the heart is the sultan of all organs and it is the Throne of the Sultan. Know, because the one who cannot distinguish between beauty and ugliness remains ugly.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibendi (QS)

Sohbat of the 10th of June, 2013

Sha’ban Al-Mu’azzam

Welcome O Yaran Shah Mardan. Yaran of Shah Mardan who are present in the assembly of the lion of Allah – the ahbab, the lovers of Shah Mardan. May we be from who are beloved. Madad O Shah Mardan. May we be happy, may we be honourable. May the dress of azamat be dressed on us too. Today is the month when our Sayyidu-l Ka’inat, our Fakhru-l Ka’inat was conceived and appeared in his mother’s womb – Sha’ban al-Mu’azzam. So it is respected. 

As-Salam Alaikum O Yaran Shah Mardan. O Ahbab of Shah Mardan, may salam be upon you. As-salam qabl al-kalam. Salam (greeting) should come before the speech. There is Nur on the face of a person who is dressed with this honour. It may be a short sohbat. Whether it is short or long, it is his grant to us- it is the grant of our Sayyidi Fakhru-l A’lam (ﷺ). We are happy because his salam is reaching us. How beautiful. How beautiful. O Yaran Shah Mardan- the lovers of Allah’s lion, may salam be upon you. Wa ‘alaikumu-s-salam. He responds to our Salam. Wa alaikumu-s salam O yaran Shah Mardan. 

Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Who listen and who speak should say Bismillahi rRahmani r-Rahim. The Bismillah, it is the word that our Prophet, who is the Sultan of Ka’inat, said in the Divine Presence. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. How beautiful. A person who can’t distinguish between what is beautiful and ugly remains ugly. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Your yaran are your admirers. Your knowledge has no boundaries compared to our’s. Talabu l-‘ilmi faridatun ‘ala kulli muslimin wa muslimah. Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon women and men. Why? Because this knowledge dresses man with honour, O son. Knowledge gives man honour. The situation of a naked man is different than the situation of a man who is dressed with the dress of iftikhar, the dress of honour. Can a naked person be equal to a Sultan who is dressed with the dress of Sultanate? How can it be? Allah granted that one an honour, but the dress of honour is different- Allah Almighty had it prepared for His chosen servants who are ready for it and He (swt) will dress them with it. 

You are Subhan O our Lord. You are Sultan O our Lord. You are Subhan, You are Sultan. O Allah. O Allah. We should love our Allah. We should love who our Allah loves. We should love the beloved ones. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. The lion who makes the earth tremble with his sayha (roar)- Shah Mardan. How beautiful. Saying his name gives us an honour too, Mehmet. “This way of ours” would say the Mashayikh, the Awliya, “our way is the way of sohbat”. Who doesn’t have a word (to speak), who doesn’t have any sohbat (speech) is far from humanity. A person who has a word, a sohbat to speak, is honoured at the level he gives from what he has, and we are dressed with it also. The Awliya, the Prophets. ‘Innahu Min Sulaymana Wa ‘Innahu Bismi Llahi r-Rahmani r-Rahimi”(27:30) ‘Arsh, it goes all the way to the Throne! The earth trembles with this Holy Verse, when this Holy Verse is recited, let alone the Queen of Sheba. 

The Queen of Sheba, Balqis. She had never heard it before in her life. And Allah Almighty granted her a majesty, dressed her with a majesty. Allahu Akbar! “Ji’tuka Min Saba’in Bi Naba’in Yaqin”(27:22). Allahu Akbar. What a beautiful Holy Verse is this. What a sweet Holy Surah is this Holy Surah. O Yaran Shah Mardan. Give ear, give ear. Not this ear only, open the ear of your heart too and listen. You can’t get enough of listening to it; “Ji’tuka Min Saba’in Bi Naba’in Yaqin” (27:22). The Hud-hud(hoopoe) bird. It is a little bird, flying with the order of Allah. O our yaran, O you who Shah Mardan loves, from the majesty of this holy Verse, Balqis, the Queen of Sheba Balqis – her throne shook and she fell. When the letter came, she read it “‘Innahu Min Sulaymana Wa ‘Innahu Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim”. O Allah! She fell into sajda. How beautiful, how beautiful are the beauties our Lord sent us through His Habib ()- our spiritual beauty, the spiritual iftikhar dress, the honour dress. Yes! I can’t get enough of reciting this Holy Verse. Awliya never get enough. 

(Mawlana sings) “He (swt) created you for service, the Khaliqu-l Jabbar”. 

The angels call in the time of sahar: He (swt) created you for service – why are you still sleeping O heedless man? 

(Mawlana sings) “Stand up, O you who seek the Jinan (Paradises)”. 

Talibu l-jinan, the seekers of their Lord’s paradises, why do you sleep? Why do you run in the streets? Angels even call to the ones who sleep. The Yazdan, Allahu Dhu-l Jalal, created you for service. Why do you sleep, O heedless man? Talibu l-Janan, seeker of the Beloved. You call Him (swt) “My Beloved”. Who seeks his beloved doesn’t sleep. The Mawla Who created you casts a glance at earth. He (swt) looks “Who are there that stand for Me (in salat); who are there that think of Me; who are there that seek Me, who love Me; who are there that stand for My service”. Yes. Rabbu-l Izzati wa-l Azamat, Allahu Dhu-l Jalal. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Who loves is Man, who has forgotten to love is animal. Man is the creation of Allah and is loved, and is dressed with a rank. Who doesn’t know his honour becomes animal. Becomes animal to whom? He becomes an animal to shaytan who doesn’t know of its honour. So it means, go ahead O Shah Mardan, this is the first thing to teach. 

(Mawlana sings) “He (swt) created you for service, the Khaliqu-l Yazdan”. 

Allah Almighty created you O man, for service. You should present your service, your servanthood to the Mawla Who is the Owner of earths and Heavens.

Allah Almighty created you O man, for service. You should present your service, your servanthood to the Mawla Who is the Owner of earths and Heavens. He (swt) created you and loves you. You say to the “snotty” man, “my love”- woman to man and man to woman. What value does it have? What is their love? Allah Almighty created you, for service. 

(Mawlana sings) “He (swt) created you for service, the Khaliqu-l Yazdan”. 

The Lord Who is azali and abadi (has no beginning or end), our Lord created us for service O heedless people! Not to run in the streets like wild animals. It is a shame for you. Not even the animals in the jungle gather and shout – they don’t shout, screaming “we can’t find anything to eat”. They are at rest because their hearts are connected to Who created them. They know Who created them. 

(Mawlana sings) “He (swt) created you for service, the Khaliqu-l Yazdan”. 

O Man! The Lord created you, for service. He(swt) is the Sultan. So He created you to make service for the Sultan. “Ya Ma’shara l-Jinni Wa l-‘Insi” (55:33). O group of jinn and men! Allahu Akbar! An addressing for us, what a beautiful addressing. “Ya Ma’shara l-Jinni Wa l-‘Insi” (55:33). “O the men and jinn I created!” “Yes Ya Rabbana! Your Order is above everything for us”. The people of this century can’t say this. They can’t say. They can’t put forth the love and muhabbat in their hearts. The heart which is the sultan of the body – Al-Qalb as-Sultanu-l-‘abd, the heart is the sultan of the servant. It is the maqarr (headquarters) of the Sultan. For this reason, a person who only considers his animal side loses his humanity. 

Allahu Dhu-l Jalal does not even forget the ants. The rizq (provision) of an ant is also appointed and that poor one collects that rizq that belongs to it. It doesn’t go to school. It doesn’t ask for shahadatnama, meaning diploma, or certificate- it doesn’t ask these things. What do the people of today think about? Certificate, doctorate and… What comes after that? They have a title. What is that? “What is your title?” “Well, he has a certificate. He has a doctorate. He has ‘ABC'”. What else does he have after the ABC? Where is the place that they reach after the ABC? (as opposed to PhD). Is it CW? The toilet. What else can it be? Where is the place that they will reach? The toilet. Where will it take him to? To the toilet. An ordinary person… 

Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Even an ant has its provision. The great Mankind, who is addressed in the Heavens as Hz. Insan, angels stand like this for them (with respect). Mankind whom Allah dressed with the rank of Khalipha, with the takrim-i Ilahi- whom Allah granted His Own Honouring. Go after this, seek this. This is not with a certificate. “I sought in the assembly of the wise ones. Knowledge comes last – only adab, only adab”. In this dunya, they have universities and so many different kinds of things… Let us say branches, majors. And who study these are proud, saying, “We have this certificate in our hands”. Ok, you may have a certificate, but did you get a certificate from Heavens? Did you learn about yourself? You received a certificate but did you learn “Who is Man?” “Man is man”. Don’t say man is man. Man is Hz. Insan. We have an honour. “This one is a street sweeper, this is a worker, this is a businessman, this is an engineer”. Don’t discriminate like this. Our honour is by being servants to Rabbu-l Izzat, showing respect for His Orders. It is with His tasbih wa tahlil, ta’zeem wa tamjid(glorification) We stand for this. Allahu Akbarul Akbar. 

Say “Hz Insan”. Don’t belittle Man. “This one’s car…”. It has no value. Why do you look at the car? “Our car is old. Let us get a new car”. Do you get renewed when you buy a new car? “Let us buy a new horse”. Well, when you buy a new horse, there is the beauty of the horse so they don’t look at yours. He rides a donkey. He rides a donkey and thinks “I am riding a horse”. He is small-minded, he can’t think and understand that the honour of Man is not with cars, or with horses, or with palaces, or with certificates. Man has an honour. Acknowledge the honour of Man, O people the 21st century- they calculate it as the 21st century. What are you fighting for? “We may also get a certificate”. Well, almost everyone has one. When something becomes abundant, it gets cheaper. For example vegetables- the out-of-season vegetables are more expensive. After a few days, (become abundant and) they get cheaper. It is the same vegetable, the same. Why do you run after that vegetable? 

What you call a certificate, or doctorate, or masters, are all the same thing. It doesn’t imply any value. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. They have certificates but they don’t know about themselves. How can who doesn’t know himself know Who created him? Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Women, girls, little children- everywhere is filled with students. And what do you teach them? “We teach them the ABCs”. We don’t want the ABCs. What we want first is, “Who created you? Say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Allahu Dhu-l Jalal Who is Al-Rahman and Ar-Rahim created me”. Do they make the students say this? Do they teach them this? O those tied to the treacherous shaytan! What is your certificate? It is received from shaytan. Man has an honour. An ant also has an honour. There is no creature without an honour. And each creature has a tasbih- “I glorify my Lord Who created me as an ant. You are Subhan. You are Sultan!” There is no any atom in the creation that doesn’t call like this to the Lord, except heedless man. 

“I have a certificate”. May your certificate get torn apart. If you can’t glorify Who created you, if you can’t say “My Lord created me. He is the Sultan”, what good is your certificate? It is not even good for wiping your bottom. Be Man, know your humanity. This is an ocean, this is an ocean. What needs to be taught is teaching people about themselves. “Man ‘arafa nafsahu faqad ‘arafa Rabbahu.” When a person knows himself, he knows his Lord. He asks “Who am I? How did I come into existence?” Does he ask this? Do they teach this? They don’t teach. Only “This shaytan, that philosopher, that shaytan…”. They know the names of the shaytans but don’t know the Name of Who created them. What value does it have? Here, he has his certificate in his hand. He can wipe his bottom with that certificate. Since it didn’t teach him about his Creator, it is of no good other than wiping his bottom. 

This month is the month shaytan’s desires will be finished.

Say “La Ilaha Ill’ALlah, Sayyidina Muhammadun Rasulullah.” Today is Sha’ban al Mu’azzam. May it be mubarak. This month is the month shaytan’s desires will be finished. They call it “nawmid”. What they mean by nawmid is hopeless, ya’is(despair). What is the knowledge of a person who is not aware of himself? What is the value of the paper he holds in his hand? It is of no value. Who created you looks from His ‘Arsh (Throne) – Who created you looks to see who are there that love the ones He (swt) Loves. Love who Allah loves and don’t love who Allah doesn’t love. This is our principle. “Love who loves you & don’t love who doesn’t love you”. This is a tongue twister among the people but really it comes from above. Love Who created you, glorify Him. Don’t love who doesn’t love you, who can’t appreciate you. Don’t love him, throw him away. He has become the filth of dunya. Say Allah! Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Subhan Allah! 

Today is Sha’ban Al-Mu’azzam. It is the holy month, which carries the name of Allah’s Beloved (ﷺ), for whose honour the whole creation is created. Our hope is that there will descend a manifestation which will stop all the movements of shaytan that corrupt this world. All who carry dirty attributes will be swept away and all who have a clean character will stay. They don’t stay for the love of dunya. They want to stay to make sajda for their Lord; they want to stay for service – their staying is upon request. This is what they want. 

O Shah Mardan, go ahead. O yaran Shah Mardan. O our beloveds. Who are our Ahbab? Those who are enemies to shaytan. Who are the ones that love shaytan? Who hate & don’t like the Awliya. Today’s people left the Prophets and are after imitation things. They are running in the streets, they can’t know what they want. O our Lord, for the honour of this holy month, which is the month of Your Habib, may You grant us power, may You dress us with the dress of majesty. There are the servants who can explode all weapons in a moment. And there are the holy servants of Allah who can rebuild what is destroyed within a night in the same order. The buildings may be destroyed, different new ones will come. They won’t remain till Qiyamat. Neither the people nor their houses stay forever. Their houses are destroyed and new ones come. They die and new ones come. Allah’s servants -“La yuhsa wa la yan’ad.”- cannot be counted. There is no end to the number of Allah Almighty’s servants. There is no one who knows their number. 

O our Lord, our Subhan, our Sultan. May You make this Sha’ban Al-Mu’azzam good (khair) for us, a speck from the power, from the majesty of this Sha’ban Al-Mu’azzam. There are many Awliya of Allah who can finish the trash which these unbelievers believe in and call technology – (by only saying) “Be zero, vanish!”. “‘Innama ‘Amruhu ‘Idha ‘Arada Shay’an ‘An Yaqula Lahu Kun Fayakunu” (36:82). May these “toilet workers” from the unbelievers, who stick up their noses and run like camels, who are so arrogant and proud, become zero & vanish! One servant is more than enough to sweep them away within a moment. Be a servant to Allah. Say Bismillahi rRahmani r-Rahim. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. O yaran Shah Mardan. 

We should make dua, it is Sha’ban Al Mu’azzama. Many things will happen before it ends. Soldiers who will defeat the oppressors will come down from Heavens.

(Mawlana sings) “Khaliqu-l Yazdan created you for service”. 

“Allah Almighty created you” it is saying. “Allah Who is the Owner of earths and Heavens created you for service”. Make His service and He (swt) makes your dunya happy – although dunya has no value- and your akhirah becomes happy too. O our Lord, may You forgive us. May You send us a Sahib (Master), may You send us a Sultan. May You send a Sahib, a Sultan who will save these servants who follow shaytan, and make our hearts reach peace. O Sahibu-l Deedar, O Sahibu-l Maydan, Shah Mardan. May you command, only one of your khadam (servants) is enough to help us. La maghlub, what cannot be defeated is the power of Heavens. The power of shaytan vanishes in an instant. Allahu Allah Allahu Rabbi. Allahu Allah Ma li Siwa-Hu. Allahu Allah Allahu Allah Allahu Allah, Ma li Siwa-hu illa Hu. Fatiha. 

This language is enough for this world. They have no answer because their level fell down from the mustawa/ level of Man, they don’t understand. May Allah not take away from us the khassiyya,(mark of distinction) the honor of being Man with which He honoured us. We should make dua, it is Sha’ban Al Mu’azzama. Many things will happen before it ends. Soldiers who will defeat the oppressors will come down from Heavens. 



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