Lailatul Mi’raj

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim


It is one of the great miracles of our Master (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam), the miracles granted by Allah Azza wa Jalla. None of the creatures, no one of those created by Allah ever reached what our Prophet reached, that maqam (station). He reached the highest maqam on that night. There are millions of miracles within a miracle. At that time, it was not easy to travel from one place to another. The shortest distance which we travel in 5 minutes now by car was not possible to reach even in two hours at that time. Our Prophet went and came back in two hours, maybe even less than two hours. Because when he travelled, he reached Jerusalem.

In Jerusalem, he prayed with prophets who were there. Then Mi’raj happened. What is called ‘Isra’ is travelling from Mecca to Jerusalem. Ascension from there is ‘Mi’raj”. There was no creature, neither in this world, nor in any other place who reached that maqam. Even Jibrail, alaihi salam, couldn’t reach the highest maqam that can be reached by people. Being in that position, despite reaching that maqam, our Master is saying that he is Sayyid of people and that he reached the highest rank not out of arrogance. Why is he saying this? Because Allah Azza wa Jalla ordered him to say it. But there was humbleness – he showed his humility. What suits a man the best is humility. A humble man – everybody loves him. Nobody loves an arrogant man. Our Master (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) had the best attributes. The best manners were our Master’s. Therefore, despite reaching beyond where anyone has reached, because of his humility, there was no change in his manners.

Now some people say, especially those who learn too much or those who think too much – people who don’t respect the Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) – that he didn’t ascend with his body and that he ascended in his dream or in spirit. No. Like there is Allah Azza wa Jalla, as we said, there is hadith shareef – they say that his bed was still warm after he travelled up and back. These people don’t understand it – those little educated Muslims or those who don’t respect the Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam). Leave this aside, most people who don’t respect the Prophet call us mushrik (polytheists), anyway. We are not mushriks, it’s you not believing in Allah. Allah is Qadir (All Powerful), He is Qadir in everything. If you say He can’t do anything, you will show unbelief. You have to refresh Islam and faith. Because Qadir is from His attributes.

Allah created everything. Allah created you from nothing. And they say “No, he (sas) saw a dream, no…” If it was a dream, then why is it in Qur’an? People… Thousands of people keep telling “I saw this, I saw that” every night. It’s not a miracle then. People should pay attention to this. Especially, these learned people, those who don’t like sufis, should pay more attention to this. Time is something created by Allah anyway. There would be no time, if Allah didn’t create it. Time is for creatures only. It is not applicable to Allah. It takes millions of years to travel the places our Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) visited that night. Allah Azza wa Jalla, the Possessor of Power, put everything into a second.

This night is one of the holy nights Allah has given to people. These nights are something given from the great favours of Allah. It is kindness to people – Kindness meaning, a gift. As much as you wish, you take on that night. The more you take the more Allah Azza wa Jalla, the Prophet & saints will be glad. Because their tables are open. The more you take, the more they’ll be happy. They are not greedy, hasha. There is no such attribute. They have the attribute of Power.

Therefore, Sheikh Effendi used to pay much attention to these nights. He revived and respected the holy nights and prayed for everyone. These are the nights when prayers are accepted. They are the great favour of Allah. He gives connection to people to receive goodness. The table of Allah Azza wa Jalla is always open, and still He wants to give more. But people don’t ask. Why don’t they ask? Because shaitan doesn’t want it. Shaitan doesn’t like it. If there’s something which doesn’t benefit people, that is shaitan too. He doesn’t want benefit for people even as little as an atom. And he puts people who philosophize and act intelligent in his trap more. “It’s like this. It’s like that”. No, it’s not like that. People of tariqa and mashaikhs teach the right way. Our Sheikh always revived and respected those nights. And everyone has seen their blessings.

InshaAllah we will revive again in a couple of nights. InshaAllah its blessing will be upon us. Fasting on the 2nd day, on the 27th. If you want, you can fast one day before, but the main fast of mi’raj is on the 27th. Baraat’s fast is on the 15th. But you can fast a day before and a day after. However, do not fast on Sunday with no fast on Monday. Fast on Monday as well, the main night is then. That is what our Master advises to do.

Wa min Allahi t-tawfiq, al-Fatiha.

~ Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Efendi (Qs), 23rd of May, 2014.

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