Allah Has His Men: Peaceful Defence and Civil Rebellion

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

“Allah Has His Men – و لله رجال” gives the most unthinkable means of “Peaceful Defence – دفاع سلمي”. The means that are suitable for the times we are in and its people! In this unusual Sohbat, Mawlana also explains the value of “Civil Disobedience! – عصيان مدني”

Sultan ul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (QS)

6 Jumādā al-Ūlā, 1432 A.H.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Translated from Turkish and Arabic by

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

It is mentioned in the Holy Qur´an, how we should act.

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani:  It is the Divine constitution, Sayidi.

And if you have not prepared anything, how can you come in front of the fire? This means suicide. The people knew that you are not accepting, but there is another way that was used, by the hindu Ghandi – civil disobedience. Don’t give taxes. Don’t send your children to the military service.

Shaykh Hisham: Now in Yemen they are doing this, for two days, Wednesday and Saturday. They don’t go to work, they don’t go to governmental offices.

Ghandi was victorious this way, because if you send your children, your children will be under their control. And the order is to kill you. Why? With civil disobedience, close the door and don’t go to the government! Sit! Sit! Don’t demonstrate. Just don’t go to work. Don’t go to governmental offices. Do not send your children. Then whatever the government wants to do, they may do. Ya Rabbi, protect us from the problems of the end of time.

Keep to your homes, don’t go out!

It was mentioned in the books, that if problems started to appear in one place, the one who is sitting, is in safety. The one who is standing, who just stands up in his place, and questions, “What is going on? Let me have a look!” – there is a risk that he may fall into danger. The one who walks towards the problem, and the crowd – he will fall into danger. Therefore the Prophet (ﷺ) advised you not to go if a problem appeared in one area. If you walk towards that crowd, you may fall into danger. Keep to your homes, don’t go out!

Nobody will come to your door and bring you problems. You are safe there. No, as long as you did not come out of your house, nobody will open your door and enter your house by force. Obey your Lord; obey your Prophet; and obey those in charge of you.

They became now in charge of us. Is there a force that can come in front of them? No forget it! You came out in thousands, ten thousands. You have no power in your hand. But the ones who are ruling you have all the power. Force them in a civil way, in civil disobedience. Don’t go to the government offices, don’t give your taxes, and don’t send your children to the military services. Let them sit with one another in the government. Through this way, try to find a way out of the problem that occurred.

If there is a problem appearing or danger in one country, look into another country where there is no problem, and enter there. Go to Jordan, for example. And if the government in Jordan will arrange military power for you, then you may come back and face the problem in your own country. But now, without any power in your hands, you endanger yourself; and this is not good.

But these are satanic methods, shaytan’s ways. shaytan is telling the people to confront the army without any power in their hands. If the army is equipped with swords, and you have nothing in your hand, their sword may cut your hands. If you are equipped with swords and if you fight at that time against metal, it may break. But now there are no manners. Millions are appearing without any power in their hand. They are not organized. Allah says, “Fight them with power”. Where is your power? Stones? Stones are no power to confront a well-equipped army. Then, you are endangering  yourself.

Nobody is following the powerful Shariat these days. Allah Almighty has endless means to save His servants. But the people have left their Lord, and Allah Almighty wants to wake them up. If there is no power in your hand, you should not even move, or the army may attack you with their weapons. And you throw stones at them?

But this civil disobedience is enough. Abu Sufiyan almost became crazy when he went to meet the Prophet (ﷺ). The Prophet ordered all the companions not to speak to him. He almost became crazy. Nobody received him. So, do not accept or receive the government! Let the government rule itself. If nobody even raises their hand – nobody – the army would not shoot at you. Then you are at peace. They may ask you, “What are you doing? Who are you? What do you want?”. Don’t speak, don’t reply. Their hearts will burst. They will close all their offices. If they come to your home, for questioning or for any reason (the government at that point may come from house to house), once they enter your street or alley, at that time it is easy for you to capture them. And this is the best arrangement.

The best arrangement is [Mawlana is laughing], to fill a bottle with urine, and whoever comes from the government, throw it at his head. This is the best! All these demonstrators should fill buckets, and whoever attacks them, throw the bucket! This is the best arrangement. And they may run away at that time. At that time, when the urine falls on their faces, they will leave their weapons and fall on the floor. At that time take the weapons, and tie them up, and then throw urine at their head again and again. Oh what a perfect arrangement! Really.

Why are they getting involved and throwing stones and screaming at them? This is the most simple arrangement and the cheapest:  when the army comes, approaching you, move slowly slowly, and then throw the urine at their head and they will run away. Why are you throwing stones? Why? For what? In all countries, Turkey too – this arrangement is for free.

There are many means and several ways to reach peace. We do not use weapons or nuclear weapons, no. Our means is much stronger and more effective. Allah [is saying:]

Innama Amruhu Idha Arada Shay’an An Yaqula Lahu Kun Fayakunu (Ya Sin 36:82)

“But His command, when He intends a thing, is only that He saith unto it: Be! And it is.”

People may have a nuclear weapons, but they cannot make viruses that may bring the plague. Nobody can face this, or any other viruses. They cannot be seen. They cannot be targeted; but its effect is ready [to work]. If that virus hits someone, he may die between night time and daytime. Oh, we are asking forgiveness.


If somebody attacks someone like myself, they will send a scorpion to him at night time, a black scorpion. If that scorpion puts his needle into the person, in 48 hours he will be screaming from its poison. This we also have. If there is somebody coming and attacking me, there is a group of people that are under the control of the Truth. They will send a scorpion that may put its needle into his thighs; and all his sexual organs will swell and swell. He will scream, and his scream will be heard from east to west. There is power [available for us]. Do not look only at the things that I am speaking that make you laugh. There is a power, full absolute power.

If He Wills it Will Be (36:82)

There are Men of Allah.

Wa Allawi Astaqamu Ala AtTariqati L’asqaynahum Ma’an Ghadaqan (Al Jinn 72:16)

“If they keep the right path, we shall give them to drink of pure water in abundance.”

Their way will lead them to this result. If they keep the right path, there is pure water. This pure water – nobody has explained its reality. No scholar or narrator gave an explanation about its identity. No, they did not open the door to explain:

 Wa Allawi Astaqamu Ala AtTariqatiL’asqaynahum Ma’an Ghadaqan (72:16)

[Mawlana holds up a glass of clear water.]  If it is like this, the result of keeping to the right path being a cup of pure water doesn’t give much benefit to you. There must be a secret. What is meant by ‘pure water’? – ‘Ghadaqa’. What does it mean? This will appear at the time of Imam Mahdi (alayhi s-salam). All these movements are a preparation for the Islamic Shariah, for the people of Truth to be able to give and offer from that spring to the people. What it is – the water – will appear to the general public at the time of Imam Mahdi. But before his appearance, the meaning will be revealed only to the people that are holding the secrets.

Oh Allah Almighty, we ask You to send us a king, that we may fight under his flag. This is a deep ocean, Oceans of Allah. To speak and to ask, from our Lord, this is a teaching. This is a great teaching from Allah Almighty to arrange the situation for all servants, from beginning to end. This is the Truth and everything else is false. This is the way to the Truth, the way to our Lord. This is the heavenly way, a Divine way. Allah is teaching His servants. And Allah is saying, “Is there somebody who is reflecting or thinking?”  No, there is nobody who is understanding. Everybody is reading, but what are they reading, they don’t know. It is like this. Why did Allah Almighty send His Divine book? – that you may remember! That you may understand! That you may reflect and think.

We read.

La ilaha il Allah Sayidinna Muhammadun Rasulallah (ﷺ).



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