Five Thousand Angels Having Marks of Distinction

On 6 April 2011 at breakfast, Mawlana gave an important Sohbat and ordered it to be broadcast. Mawlana was asked why Tayyib Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, refuses to interfere in Libya. Mawlana said that this is a delicate issue and gave an important answer. Also, do not be afraid! ALLAH swt sent 3000 angels to assist the Muslims in the Battle of Badr.  These angels had tails extending down their backs from their turbans. Musawwimeen. But ALLAH swt also said that He will send 5000 angels in the future. Mawlana explains the relevance of these verses from Surah al Imran for these times.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (QS)

2 Jumādā al-Ūlā, 1432 A.H. Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Translated from Arabic by

All the groups that went astray in Islam will be removed from existence. The power is with the people supported by Truth, truthful people, the people of Haqq, not with these lowest level of human beings. Their time has come. There is little time left for them. We can send them a jinn, to drive them mad.

Abraha was intending to destroy the Kaaba. Come let’s see. Come and destroy the Kaaba; but the Kaaba has a Lord to look after it. One of the signs before the appearance of Mahdi (alayhi s-salam) is a great disagreement among all the Arab nations just before the appearance. We hope that Allah sends Mahdi (as) this year, because it is the year of Hajjul Akbar. May he (as) call Takbir!

[Mawlana asks for a song.]

Qul Ya Azim antal Azim Qad hammana hammun Azim Ya hunu bi-smika Ya Azim

Truth must be always high. Truth is the highest. Nothing can be higher than the Truth.

Erdoğan (Turkish Prime Minister) is controlled by the army. The army is telling him not to interfere in Libya. It is not because of business that he doesn’t want to interfere. It is a very fine point that no one knows. Turkey is not interfering in the Libyan problem, not because of the benefit of the Turkish government. No. It is for another fine reason. It is because if the revolution in Libya wins, they would want to bring back the king – al Senussi – to the throne. This would set an example for the Turkish nation because the Turks are also not happy with the situation in Turkey; and they are wishing that the Sultan may return to Turkey.

For this reason the army does not support the revolution in Libya. They are telling Erdoğan to be quiet, not to not interfere. Nobody knows this. This is the secret. Otherwise the Turks in one day would finish the problem of Libya. He could send the army with planes. Who is Qaddafi to stand in front of the Turkish army?  The Turks are stong. He has something stronger? Qaddafi doesn’t have the power to face them. But this is very important, because if Qaddafi goes, then a king – al Senussi – will come back and in the eyes of the Turkish army, this will set a bad example for the Turks. Then they will ask also for their king. An Ottoman Sultan will come back to Turkey. It must be like this because when Sahib Al Zaman (Mehdi as) comes, he must receive the Emanat [belongings of Holy Prophet ﷺ] from the hand of Sultan Selim in Istanbul. This cannot be changed.

No matter how events are in the area, we do not fear. No! No! We don’t fear from the Shi’ia or similar sects or anyone else. So the army of Banu Asfar – the Yellow Nation – will come to the Middle East. The fight of Armageddon will be in valley of Amuqa. Among them will be a force from Damascus to fight them – 80 groups from the army; and they will cover the area just like them [the invaders] with the soldiers of Damascus. There will be three divisions. One division is made up of the best ones, who will become martyrs. The second division will not be able to carry the situation, so they will retreat. When only one [division] remains, Allah will make them victorious, to have the ultimate victory; and He will remove all of them out of the way to Istanbul. There they will have the power. The hand of Mehdi (as) will be with the third division, but he will physically be in Istanbul.

This is the secret. That’s why they do not want the Sultanat to come back. Otherwise, who will come will come? The Turks will always look for their personal benefit under any rule, no matter who is ruling. But the main point is the return of the Kingdom in Tripoli. This means that Shariat of Allah will return to the Libyan Kingdom. This is an invitation. If only all would accept it …

All are against Shariat – Arabs and Turks. They are Muslim liars these ones. The ones who do not accept the ruling of the Shariat of Allah over them are liars.

wa Man Lam Yahkum Bima ‘Anzala Allah Fa’ula’ika Hum Al-Kafiruna (Al-Maidah 5:44)

“… for they who do not judge in accordance with what God has bestowed from on high are, indeed, deniers of the truth!”

 … wa Man Lam Yahkum Bima ‘Anzala Allah Fa’ula’ika Hum Al-Fasiquna (5:47)

“… for they who do not judge in the light of what God has bestowed from on high-it is they, they who are truly iniquitous!”

 … wa Man Lam Yahkum Bima ‘Anzala Allah Fa’ula’ika Hum Zalimun (5:45)

“… and they who do not judge in accordance with what God has revealed – they, they are the evil doers!”

Allah will cut them and remove them from existence. And the oppressor will be cut and removed. Alhamdulillah al Rabbil Aleimin. Fatiha.

There is not one scholar speaking about such matters from East to West in the Islamic nation or outside of it.

Shaykh Hisham: Nobody has such a knowledge.

These are inspirations, and they are instructions from the heavens, from our Golden Chain, so that the people do not feel that they are deprived of the Mercy of Allah Almighty and His Prophet (ﷺ). It is so the people do not feel that they are cut off from the Divine Mercy. Truth must always be the highest point.

Seventy nations, if they all came behind and supported Libya and Turkey, it will be of no benefit and of no use. It must be that the Shariat comes! Then there will be benefit. Therefore we are hoping that the appearance of Imam Mehdi (as) happens at the Hajj ul Akbar, because the world cannot carry another year. This world cannot tolerate another seven years until the next Hajj ul Akbar. No! The world cannot carry another seven years or wait another seven years. Now the time is ripe. Night and day reached equilibrium, they are even.

Don’t fear. All these groups are not supported by Divine Support. Don’t fear them, whatever they do. Even if there are only 12,000 truthful believers, they cannot be defeated. They may remove this whole world from one side to another side.

The Prophet (ﷺ), when he began his migration, he went into the cave of Hiraa. The verse of the Qur’an says, he was addressing Sayidinna Abu Bakr asSiddiq, “Don’t fear, Allah is with us!” With whom? They were two [people]. The Prophet (ﷺ) and Siddiq (ra)- Sayidinna Abu Bakr Siddiq. The whole world was against them. The people of their country were against them – the Jews and the Arab idolaters The Nations given books before them were against the Prophet (ﷺ). They were all opposing the Prophet (ﷺ). And in the verse in the Holy Qur’an he was saying to his companion, “Don’t fear. Allah is with us.”

If Allah is with us, who can fear from Qaddafi or anybody, or Shi’ia? They are all rubbish. Let them come and appear on the battle field! Let them appear on the battlefield. Let them bring, if they can, one saint that supports them. Astaghfirullah, never!

Is there anything missing, Shaykh Hisham Efendi?

There is a holy verse about the Musawwimeen. Musawwimeen wear the turban with the tail at the back of the turban. Allah sent 3000 angels to the Battle of Badr; and they were wearing turbans with the end hanging down their back. Allah sent a group of angels to support the Muslim fighters at Badr; and they completed their mission. But what else is the verse in the Qur’an mentioning? Allah has mentioned in the holy verse, “I will send to you”. “I will send to you a group of the angels wearing turbans and the part at the back of the turban, Musawwimeen.”

But He has not yet sent the 5000 angels. This is a very important point that this Holy Verse brings. “Is it not enough for you that Allah sent you 3000 angels? And if you are patient, Allah will send you 5000 angels and they will be wearing turbans with the tail hanging down in the back.”

In Surah Al Imran the verse 123-126, read it! From the beginning, Bismillah r-Rahman Rahim.

Wa Laqad Nasarakumu Al-Lahu Bibadrin Wa ‘Antum Adhillatun Fa Ataqu Al-Laha La`allakum Tashkurūna.

“And Allah most assuredly helped you at Badr when you were humiliated. Therefore, fear Allah, in order that you will give thanks to Him. ”

‘Idh Taqulu Lilmu’uminina ‘Alan Yakfiyakum ‘An Yumiddakum Rabbukum Bithalathati ‘Alafin Mina Al-Mala’ikati Munzalin.

“When you said to the believers: ‘Is it not enough for you that your Lord should reinforce you with three thousand angels sent down upon you?”

Balá ‘In Tasbiru Wa Tattaqu Wa Ya’tuku Min Fawrihim Hadha Yumdidkum Rabbuku Bikhamsati Alafin Mina Al Mala’ikati Musawwimeen.

“Rather, if you have patience and are cautious, and they suddenly come against you, your Lord will reinforce you with five thousand marked angels.”

Wa Ma Jaalahu Allah Hu Illa Bushrá Lakum Wa Litatma’ina Qulubukum Bihi Wa Ma An-Nasru

Illā Min Indi Al-Lahi Al`Azizi Al Hakīm

“Allah did not make this to be except as glad tidings for you, so that your hearts might be comforted. Victory comes only from Allah, the Mighty, the Wise.”

The next 5000 mentioned in the holy verse have not yet been sent. Only the 3000 were sent to Badr. But the 5000 will be sent during the time of Mehdi (as).

Shaykh Hisham: At the beginning of the verse, “Is it not enough that Allah sent you 3000?”

These 3000 angels were sent to Badr. “But if you are patient and pious”, in the future, He will send you [support] – in the future.

Shaykh Hisham: If you understand Arabic – future, in the time of Mahdi (as).

He will support you with 5000 angels wearing turbans with the tail of the turban Musawwimeen. This is a good tidings for you. This is good tidings for us.

Oh Muslim Nation, we have a support that can never be destroyed. This is a very important point. This sign was given to me now. If they wish, whether 60,000 from Qaddafi or 100,000 from Iran – the snakes may swallow them all. This is the important point.

Shaykh Hisham: You started with the Qur’an and you concluded with the Qur’an.

This is important. This is your blessings. I was awaiting your presence here, your coming here, that they may give me this news. You are not little. You are not little. You understand. Grandshaykh Abdullah ad Daghestani trained you. He trained you.

[Later -singing]

Qul Ya Azim

Qul Ya Azim anta ‘l Azim
Qad hammuna hamman Azim
Wa kullu hammin hammana Yahuna by ismika Azim..
Say: O Tremendous One, You are the Tremendous
We have been afflicted with a great affliction
And every concern that worries us Becomes easy in mentioning Your name O Great One
Anta ‘l Qadim Qadimu fi’ l Azal Anta ‘l Latif, Latifu lam tazal
‘Anna azil ma qad nazzal
Min fadihi ‘l khatbi ‘i shadid
You are the Ancient, ancient from Eternity
You are the Subtle, subtle still Remove us from what has befallen on us
Of grave and dire afflictions
Hayyun Qadim Qadimun Wajidun Baqi Ghani Ghaniyun Majidu Adlun Ilah, Ilahun Wahidu
Barrun Ra’uf, Ra’ufun bi’ l abid
Everliving, Ancient and Generous Everlasting, Opulent and Glorious Just Allah, One God
Good and tender with the servant
Wa ‘lil Nabiy salli ay salam
Minna salatun ma salam
Yauma ‘l jaza ‘mnahna salam
Minna nakhafu Ya Majid
And on the Prophet, O peace send praise and greetings
From us send greetings and blessings
On Judgement Day grant us safety
From all that we fear, O Glorious

Wa’l’aali wa’s-sahbi ‘l usuud
Saadu bihi bidan wa sud
La siyyama mahi ‘l hushud
Saifu Ii’ Ilah ibnu ‘l Walid

And the lions from the family and companion
Through him became masters, no matter black or white
Especially who wipes out armies
The sword of Allah, son of Al Walid

Well done, well done, very good. Every day you must read it downstairs. Hajja Rukiye, you also have to read. They must get it and read it. Before the Adhan, they must read it. Or after the adhan, they must read it. At night time, they must read it. All the time they must read it. It is very important.

In Indonesia, teach them this. After every adhan they must read it. And all the groups that belong to us and listen to us, they must read it. Tsunami is coming, the waves are coming. If they don’t read this, nothing can protect them. Indonesia is 300 million, all of them must read it to be protected from the tsunami.

In Istanbul also they must read it. Those who listen to us, they must read this. This gives them power.


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