The End of Times

The King of Darknesses and His Realms

How is it possible that a man can choose Darkness over Light? But this is the predominate choice of the men of the 20th and 21st centuries. The Muslims obey the non-Muslims and follow “The King of Darknesses & His Realms 

The End of Times

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (QS)

Sohbat of the 17th of August, 2011

Bismillahi r-Rahman r-Rahim la hawla wa la quwwata illa billlahi l Aliyyi l Azim. Today is Ramadan Shariff, the 18th day of Ramadan Shariff, Allah knows best. It is our Holy Month, and we are asking from the blessings of this month. It shows based on their personality, based on the blessings on them, it shows. Audhu Billahi min ash-shaytanir rajim, Bismillahi r-Rahman r-Rahim. This sohbat of ours is a short sohbat, of course. We don’t want to waste our time. 

You also, are coming here from Lefkosia, Nicosia. The reason of your visit to us is, for Islam to appear, for its reality to appear, this is what you want. What we want is, what our jamaat wants, what our nation wants, maybe what the whole universe wants, for the holy and cherished and Heavenly Religion, Islam, to appear, because all the difficulties that today’s people are suffering from, and the oppression, injustice they have to face, are because they don’t practice and apply the Heavenly Order. Otherwise, these people, and especially the Islamic World – I am sorry to say that the Islamic World, is not carrying out the Islamic Order. They prohibited it. They don’t have the right to do this, but Muslims everywhere are suppressed by force, they can’t open their mouths. They don’t have the freedom of speech. They don’t have the freedom to express their opinions. They don’t have the freedom to live their religion as they want. They don’t have the freedom to dress as they want, as they want…. meaning, what we want is to live according to the Order of Islam. 

We don’t have this freedom. We don’t have a state as we want. Who rule over us, are the ones who have not accepted & who removed the order of Islam. Therefore, whosoever removes the order of Islam, they are away from Islam, and Islam is away from them as well. Neither does Islam accept them nor does the Divine Law of Islam accept them. As long as we don’t execute/apply the Order of Islam, the Heavenly.. we can’t reach the Heavenly confirmation – meaning, no Help/Imdad reaches us from Heavens. Why? Because down here, we are under the order of unbelief. We are not from them but we are obliged – the ones who rule us are forcing us to apply, perform the order of unbelief. And their order to us – you will follow our order, otherwise we don’t give permission for Islamic order..masha Allah! From where do they get this authority? From where they find this power? Are they saying this by the Heavenly Order or, with a shaytani/evil vote they force us to follow this? 

They are only one person, but the Heavenly Wisdom is that they took hold of the power. Because they got hold of the power, they prohibit us from the Islamic Order. What is the order that stands against Islamic Order? shaytani/evil order – meaning the nations, leave aside the common ones the Muslims who live in Muslim countries, are obligated, by force, to follow the order of unbelief, because, in the apparent, they have the power in their hands, and they have suppressed Muslims. Muslims, on the other hand, don’t have the courage as before. They don’t make the effort for their religion as before, because their belief has gotten weaker, weaker, weaker… and come to the zero level. Therefore, Muslims today have no prestige/dignity. Muslims are under the rule of non-Muslims. Can Muslims live an Islamic life under the rule of nonMuslims? How can they live it? Like this, we are trying here, secretly. 

We go to the mosques with fear that our names will be written as Muslim. And in the mosques, there are false, untrue ones who are appointed by non-Muslims, and they aren’t worthy of either the mihrab, nor kursi or mimbar. They appoint such people to the temples, mosques of the Muslims, in order to lower, disgrace, to suppress & convict the Muslims. This is their aim – that Muslims don’t open their eyes. If someone wants to open his eyes, they cover his eyes. When his eyes are covered, he can’t see anything. “What can you see?” “I don’t see anything.” “Don’t say so, they will slap you!” “We live in a very beautiful country. We are under a very good rule, We are in a country where justice is applied fully…” Their eyes are covered, and also their tongues.. If they say the opposite, they cut their tongues.. They rip out their tongues; they scratch their eyes out; they put melted lead in their ears. They are such cruel ones! 

These ones who leave Islam and look for another way, other than Islam, they are such cruel ones. They never offer concession to Muslims! They never offer any kind of concession to Muslims at all! “The mosques are ours.” “No, they are not yours!” How are they not ours? “The mosques are in our control, we don’t go to mosque but we control the mosques and you will use your mosques as we like! You can’t use it any other way! Although we are not Muslims”..hasha! They say like this, “We are secular but we rule over you. We don’t accept you because your religion will ruin our sect. Our sect is atheism, unbelief. Unbelief is inconsiderateness. Inconsiderateness is the sect of shaytan. Hasha, it is not our words, but theirs. They say: “We worship shaytan. Other than shaytan’s instructions, we don’t accept anyone else. We rule you over you. You will believe and live as we rule. If you go beyond this we will overpower you.” 

They couldn’t overpower us, and they will not be able to, because Haqq/Truth is raised up. Batil/falsehood is under the feet. Batil/falsehood is the land/realms of darkness.. And in batil, there is the King of Darkness, who rules over there. Have you ever heard of this? There is the King of Darkness now. They are calling every person, to enter the dark world they live in & to confirm it. “We don’t believe you. You will come to our way. We don’t want your Sultans, we have accepted the King of Darkness. You will obey the order of the King of Darkness”……

Allah Allah I don’t think these words are wrong. Today, poor Muslims live like moles in the realms of the King of Darkness. They get out from one hole and get into another hole. it not that one we call “kizbogan”? G: No. That is an insect. A mole is bigger. G: Both live underground. M: mole is bigger. At least it has some honour – it walks on earth. The others what we call “kizbogan” is such an insect that it lives underground and walks in the darkness, and whichever plant it finds, it cuts it’s root, kills it. Their realms of darkness are like this. Those who are against Islam rule in the realms of darkness now. Islam has brought nour/light. They have came against it. Yuriduna ‘an yutfi’u nura Allahi bi ‘afwahihim (9:32) These people want to extinguish Allah’s light and to keep the fire alive in the realms of darkness. And, the king of the realms of darkness, is ruling over them, the king of darkness. 

Now the whole world has become the realm of the darkness. Non-Muslims were already in darkness but Muslims, now they are forcing Muslims. Why? “You will follow the King of Darkness, and realms of Darkness..” Astonishing! Such a word has never been heard before. Now we are hearing it. Allah Almighty makes this word heard by Muslims. What are they forcing you into now? To worship the king of darkness! This is what they force on them. This is what they teach & instruct. What they force people into is to worship the king of darkness, saying: “you will worship him! If not, there is no life for you! We will crush you, we will have you crushed, we will finish you!” “Is that so? You are that brave? Ok… You will see! You, who want to make Muslims worship the king of darkness.” The demons of the King of Darkness will see that Haqq is like the sun in the sky. Their hands can’t reach to cover it. Impossible. That noor(light) is shining. They are attacking there. Attacking that noor to extinguish it. But it isn’t a noor that extinguishes. 

The whole world is trying to banish people from this noor and to make them worship the King of Darkness. They say you will worship who? The master of the land of Darkness. You’ll worship the King of Darkness. Everyday you’ll hold a ceremony for him. You’ll sound a blast & sing for the King of Darkness everyday. Hold ceremonies, put garlands, you’ll salute Him. You salute the unseen King of Darkness. Civil ones will come and obey. Here is written – The King of Darkness, The King of the Land of Darkness. Salute him, obey him the civilian ones. The class, that isn’t civilian, gives the official salute. To where? To the writing on the marble in front of you. This is the King of Darkness, we worship and hope help from him. We don’t accept anyone else. Their consciences are dark. Have you ever heard this? They do exactly this. We don’t want noor. We want the King of Darkness. We support the representative of the King of Darkness as much as possible. We’ll make him live in your hearts. We’ll finish up the ones who reject. 

Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar wa liLlahil hamd. The judgement is Yours. If not for the sake of Your holy Name “Patience”, You would have turned it upside down in an instant. “Patience” is Your holy Name. He is Patient. We can’t be… but there is nothing we can do. Until Janabur Rabbul Izza, the Sultan, the Lord of Heavens and Earth, He gives an opportunity to these mindless ones. Come on do it, what will you gain? Let’s see. He permits them. Holy verse says; Is there no one left among you who is wise? Say it. I was searching for it. Janabul Haqq says “Is there no one left, who is wise among you? Is there anybody left to understand that this is the work of shaitan? There are no clever ones? No one left. 

How did you invent the King of Darkness? How did you revere him? And make people revere him by force? And say we walk on your path forever. We follow your orders forever. We won’t turn away from your path. They address a writing on an inscription that is on the floor. They address that inscription on the floor like that. We walk on your path forever, O the King of Darkness! You’ve put us into such a darkness, it is worth a 100 sunny worlds. There are no clever ones. Everybody knows this. They don’t like it. But the Lord of heavens & earth makes me say it. The human being sentenced to death gives you which benefit? The Mufti of Istanbul says – Why do you go to Ayyub Al Ansari? What can he do for you? Why don’t you say this to people who go to the King of Darkness? Tell them – why do you go? They will hang them from their tongues? Don’t go to Ayyub Al Ansari, he can’t do anything. All right. When they go to the King of Darkness why don’t you open your mouth? When the demons hold you, they’ll turn you into a rag. 

Our word isn’t collected from here or there but it is an inspiration from heaven. So many facts have come to light.

Before you leave the world come to your senses. This is hypocrisy. You will suffer. They will hang you from your tongue. For 100 years, our world has darkened. We live in a dark world. For 1000 years we carried the light of Islam – A nation that carried the flag of the Prophet. They can’t carry it today. What they force them to carry is everything that belongs to the King of Darkness. 

May Allah forgive us. Our word isn’t collected from here or there but it is an inspiration from heaven. So many facts have come to light. The clever one understands. The heedless one doesn’t understand. If he isn’t clever he isn’t responsible. How long does this last? Allah says ” For every nation, there is a limit, a limit where they will reach, stop.” Someone takes them there. When they reach there, under it is a cliff and they disappear. They couldn’t stop the adhan. 5 times a day the holy Name of the Lord of Heavens is recited, Adhan-i Muhammadi. They couldn’t stop it – both the King & Kings of Darkness. When they leave this world at last they don’t go the presence of the King of Darkness. Their mortal remains, funerals are taken to the mosques that represent the Divine reign, which they deny. A ceremony is held. Why do you bring them to the mosque? Take them to the King of Darkness. 

May Allah forgive us. Tawba Ya Rabbi. Fatiha. This has been a strange sohbah. May Allah forgive us. Those who think bad, who dig pits for us shall fall into pits themselves. We pray in gratitude. Allah made us say this truth. 


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