Masters of Wisdom Sufi Masters Sultan ul Awliya

A Learned Man

Mawlana advises us to honor all men because the Lord who put power in the stick of Musa (alayhis-salam) can put His Power anywhere. Then he goes on to illuminate the true meaning of “A Learned Man”.

Masters of Wisdom Sufi Masters Sultan ul Awliya

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (QS),

Sohbat in English from 1980

What is the reason for not giving to a person? You understand? 

G. Not yet. 

M. Allah Almighty gave the secret power to that rod to destroy falsehood. [The power] was not given to Moses. We mean to say that everyone may be given from His love and extraordinary power, or every one [of us] can be an extraordinary being among people, or everyone can be a distinguished person or everyone can have a distinguished personality among all creatures. Understanding? Don’t refuse if I am saying, “That person is Qutub”. Qutub, [meaning] Pole. Don’t say “No”. “La Mani`a Lima A`ta.” Nothing can prevent Allah Almighty from giving His Divinely Power to anyone. This point is making us to keep respect with all people and to think good thoughts about everyone, because he may be a distinguished servant among others. 

From where are we taking this? From GrandShaykh. He is saying to me about when Allah Almighty (swt) gave that power to a rod. You must think about it. If He puts power in a rod, what is the mani’a – prevention? What is preventing Him from giving anyone anything from His Divinely Power? Nothing, nothing can prevent Him. Therefore we must be always with all people in good thoughts. Don’t judge anyone by looking at his outlooking [appearance] or by looking to his form, and thinking bad thoughts about that person. No. Allah Almighty may give His Divinely Power to anyone if He likes. 

[Just as] when the rod of Moses was destroying falsehood, Allah Almighty may give to one person from His Divine Power to destroy all falsehood on earth, in the world. Therefore, Sahib al-Zaman Mahdi (alayhi s-salam), is enough for the whole world, to destroy all falsehood from East to West. Don’t think, “How can it be?” You must look for what Allah is saying. What is Allah Almighty saying in Quran? All the nations (Christians, Jews, and Muslims) are knowing that the rod of Moses destroyed Pharaoh, his kingdom, his kufr (unbelief), his falsehood. One rod destroyed [all this]. A rod … One rod is enough for one Pharaoh. Now as much as… maybe all people are like Pharaoh or Nimrod. It doesn’t matter, one person [with Divine power] is too much for them. GrandShaykh says, “One nafas al-qudsiyya – Divinely Breath – (and Mahdi (alayhi s-salam) has Divinely Breath) is enough for the whole world, to destroy all falsehood in the East and West.” 

Understanding now? Don’t say, “How will Mahdi correct all things?” or “How can Mahdi alone destroy all falsehood in the whole world? With four billion or five billion people, how can he destroy their falsehood?” Don’t think this. Are you believing in the Quran, in the Torah, or in Injil/Bible, which all say that Allah Almighty with the rod of Moses destroyed Pharaoh and his kingdom and his falsehood? Now one man, is enough and [indeed] too much for five billions or 50 billions. 

Therefore my GrandShaykh is saying, “Oh Nazim Effendi, one Divine Breath for one wali may destroy all falsehood over the world and may bring all rights – haqq – to all the world. He may fill up the whole world with rightness. 

Sufi Masters of Wisdom Sultan ul Awliya

“Qasrati sual taffa nur al iman”, meaning, “Too much questioning and jidal (argumentation) extinguish the light of iman.”

[An aside: Are you sleepy? G. No. M. You look to what I am speaking, you complete this.] 

Another lesson, we must speak on, insha Allah: “Qasrati sual taffa nur al iman”, meaning, “Too much questioning and jidal (argumentation) extinguish the light of iman.” He means to say, “… many questions without need, no need …” For example, we are sitting for association, and when I am speaking, one person is asking many questions without use, useless questions. That is making iman weaker. Alhamdulillah, we are thanking Allah Almighty that no one comes here like such people, asking more questions. If asking, no lessons for the meeting … This is important: Useless questions extinguish the light of faith. 

And saying another, another good manner of our GrandShaykh … This is another lesson now. Asking (Grandshaykh), “Who is a learned person, aalim? Min hu aalim, who is learned man?” Don’t think that one who knows very much is a learned man in front of Allah Almighty and His Prophet, and in front of awliya. He (Grandshaykh) says, “A learned man is he who is improving everyday in good actions. He is a learned man.” Increasing, increasing in action, in good actions … One who is growing everyday – he is a learned man. Not one who knows so much from books, or who read so many books … He is not a learned man in the sight of Allah Almighty and His Prophet, and in the sight of awliya. He who is growing everyday in good actions, he is a learned man. 

He was signing … GrandShaykh was signing [indicating] to us to make our care on good actions, not too much reading or too much memorization. You understand? You must take care for good actions growing everyday more and more. Not too much memorization, no … Not important this [memorization]. He who is growing in good actions is beloved in the Divine Presence, because good actions are giving power to our souls for reaching to our heavenly stations. Not too much memorization, no! You may know all books or you may keep all books in your memory; but if no good actions, you can’t get up even one meter, one foot. You can’t get up from this earth towards Heavens. But good actions – these give you more power for reaching to Heavenly stations. Understand this? This is very good subject. 

In front of you opens a wide area, you may go in. This is the good actions area. Enter in it and do as much as you can. This gives you more and more power. Spiritual powers are coming from good actions, not coming from too many memories. 

G. What exactly do you mean by good actions? Do you mean doing good to other people or do you mean like dhikr and worshipping, or both? 

M. When we are saying good actions, it includes all things for yourself and for others, for Allah, for your Lord and for His servants, good actions – for you and for everyone and for every creature. This is our duty. Try to keep good actions from lessons. Understand? 

G. From lessons? 

M. Yes. Every lesson has a [related] practice now. When you are writing down those lessons, each one is signing a practice. We are not speaking something that is only ideas or theories. No. Everything that we are speaking about has practice. It has good actions for you and for everyone, for Allah Almighty and for His servants. 

And here GrandShaykh is saying that Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Hamalat al Quran”, meaning, “Whoever keeps in their memory Quran, are most honorable people among my nation”. He said this. We asked him also a question, “Who are the people that are keeping Holy Quran in their memories, and who has been honored by that honor?” He said, “He is not a person who is keeping the words, the verses of Holy Quran, in his memory only; but he is a person who is keeping all the ways of Prophet, Sunnah. He who keeps all of the 500 Sunnah, keeps all of them, and leaves 800 forbidden actions, is honoured with this reward – ‘Hamalat al-Quran’ (carrier of Quran). They have been honoured. Is this clear? If a man is only reading Quran by his memory, he has not that honour. But one who keeps all the Sunnah, all the ways which Prophet (ﷺ) brought for us, and who also leaves all prohibited actions – he has been honoured to be carrier of Holy Quran. Carrier, hamala … As much as you are keeping Sunnah and as much as you are leaving prohibited actions, you are going quickly to Divine Presence, and strongly with power. 

Wa min Allah at-tawfiq. It is enough for this night. Bi hurmat al Fatiha. 


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