The First Man

بِسۡمِ اللهِ الرَّحۡمٰنِ الرَّحِيۡمِ

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (QS),

Sohbat of the 4th of July, 1988.

This old world is getting adorned and decorated to trick us. 124,000 prophets came to this world and left. The first person is the first Prophet. And Allah Almighty created the first person in paradise. And then He created his wife from Adam himself. And that is why women are close/familiar to men. And then Allah Almighty made the 8 heavens halal (permissible) for them. When we say 8 heavens, it isn’t a place that can be measured with the measures of dunya (this world). Why not? The last person who will enter paradise, Allah Almighty decides who will enter paradise last, that person is the last one to be taken out of hellfire. 

The last person to stay in hellfire will shout – Ya Hannan, Ya Mannan. Ya Hannan, Ya Mannan. Allah Almighty with His Magnificence and Greatness, will order the keeper of hellfire, the angel Malik (alayhi salam) – “One of My servants remains in hellfire and is calling Me, Ya Hannan Ya Mannan. Take him and bring him out” He orders. Malik (alayhi salam) who knows the 7 hells as well as you know the inside of your house, searches everywhere but cannot find that person. He falls into sajdah (prostration) and says – Ya Rabbi, I couldn’t find that servant You told me. Only You know where that servant is. So Allah Almighty will say to him – there is a certain place in hell where there is a river and it’s fire is very intense. There is a well inside that river. Inside that well, My servant is imprisoned. He is being intensely punished but he is calling My Name, Ya Hannan, Ya Mannan. 

And Malik (alayhi salam) goes to the place where Allah Almighty instructed. There is nothing hidden from Allah Almighty. He sees that the person is tied with chains and is inside a coffin. Because of the fire, he was imprisoned inside the coffin. Malik (alayhi salam) takes him into his hand once and breaks those chains. After breaking the chains, the top of his body, is everywhere covered with either scorpions, or snakes or big spiders, or poisonous snakes and all types of poisonous insects. Allahumma ‘afina. Everywhere on his body they were poisoning him and tormenting him. Malik (alayhi salam) took him and with one shake, all those creatures fell off. He took him… is he black or white, rock or wood, is he human, it isn’t clear. He takes him out of there. 

At the gate of paradise, there are 2 rivers flowing.

At the gate of paradise, there are 2 rivers flowing. He throws him into one of the rivers. Before entering paradise, until arriving at the gate of paradise, everyone comes with their worldly appearance. Then at the gate of paradise, they will be put into one of the rivers. All those who go into that river, the men will become handsome like Yusuf (alayhi salam) the ladies will become more beautiful than Huri women. Everyone’s bodies will be changed. The worldly bodies of men and women will disappear. No one gets fed up from looking at them. A man will not get fed up from looking at his woman. A woman will not get fed up from looking at her man. Love and longing will increase and never decrease. Once he throws him in there (river) his ugly appearance disappears and a person appears who is 33 years old like Isa (alayhi salam) and handsome like Yusuf (alayhi salam). 

There is a second river. And everyone will drink from the second river. Whoever drinks from that river, badness, envy, hate, enmity, malice, arrogance, pride, jealousy… none of these bad characteristics will remain in his heart. He will become clean. His heart will be pure. That person who came out last, washed in that river and became 33 years old and handsome like Yusuf (as). Whoever drinks from this river will also have a clean heart. An addressing from Allah Almighty comes saying to enter paradise. That person will approach and when he comes close to the gate of paradise, it will look as if the whole of paradise is full. There is no place. He becomes ashamed and steps back. He is addressed again to enter paradise. He approaches again and looks inside paradise. He sees that the whole of paradise is full. He steps back again. He becomes ashamed and steps back. 

Allah Almighty addresses that person a third time – enter My paradise. I am giving you a paradise that is 10 times bigger than this world. That is for the last person entering paradise. Three quarters of our world is water. And three quarters of the one-quarter of land is useless: Deserts, icebergs, mountains, rocks – three quarters of the land is like this. But what is meant is that if you flatten the whole world and put 10 of them side by side. And there are no deserts in paradise. There is no ice. Not one little area in paradise is desert or dry or useless. It is full of blessings. Everywhere is like that. If you hold out your hand, you will find blessings. There are no empty/useless places. If you take this world 10 times and spread it out on one surface, and decorate it with endless decorations – that is the paradise that the last person to enter will get. 10 times this world. 

I made My 8 heavens halal for you. He said – I only make one tree haram (forbidden) for you.

All these millions & billions of people and the nation of Muhammad (ﷺ) will enter. You cannot even imagine the vastness of the paradises given to them. Allah Almighty created Adam and Eve there, He created them in paradise. And He made all the paradises halal (permissible) for them. Everything belongs to you. You can eat and drink as you like. I made My 8 heavens halal for you. He said – I only make one tree haram (forbidden) for you. Just one tree. There are countless, endless trees. Among all the endless blessings and favours, just one is forbidden for you. Do not go close to it. All the other ones you can go, eat, drink, do what you like because I gave you permission. But don’t come close to this one. Those are My orders and I forbid you to eat from this tree, He said. 

But the nature of mankind is to run to the thing that is forbidden to him. Why was this made forbidden for us? Does it belong to Him? Why did He make it forbidden for us? They were saying this and they left all the other paradises and came and stood in front of that tree and looked at it. They insisted on eating from that tree. But you were told not to. But we must eat. That is how people are. They do not accept advice. If you tell them for their own good, they turn against you. They don’t like it and deny it. Then they fall into that trouble and then they regret it and cry. But then there is no benefit, it’s too late. 

Angels brought Adam (alayhi salam) to Sarandib, or Ceylon. They brought mother Eve to Jeddah.

And they walked around and came and stood in front of that tree. Should we try or not? Should we eat or not? Our mother Eve said – let me try it. I’ll try first then you can try. First she, then Prophet Adam (alayhi salam) ate from it and all blessings become haram (forbidden) for disobedient ones. Allah Almighty said – you have been disobedient to Me. All the blessings of paradise which were halal for you have now become haram. You can no longer eat one bite from here. Finished. You must leave. And the first people, Hz. Adam and Hz. Eve were sent down to earth. The angels brought them down. When they were brought down, Angels brought Adam (alayhi salam) to Sarandib, or Ceylon. They brought mother Eve to Jeddah. They were separated. Imagine – they were taken from paradise and brought down to earth which is dark and full of wildness everywhere. Imagine their condition at that moment. How difficult it was for them. There are no people on earth. There are animals but no people. 

The morning prayer (Fajr) started from Hz. Adam.

Earth has no joy without humans. That is why each person has a role in making earth more joyful.

Earth has no joy without humans. That is why each person has a role in making earth more joyful. For example if you decorate a place with a thousand little light bulbs, each light bulb contributes to that decoration. If one is missing, the decoration is less. And each person is a decoration for this earth. Imagine Istanbul without people. If you went by yourself, it would seem like a wild place. How can it be without any people? That means the presence of people on earth gives this world life and decoration. Without people, it would fade away. They were sent down all by themselves, and sent far apart. They were sent down into a dark earth at night. They were continuously crying. Finally at dawn, there was light. When he saw that light coming, Adam (alayhi salam) got up and prayed 2 rak’ats of prayer because the darkness was fading and light was starting to come. And that is why the morning prayer (Fajr) started from Hz. Adam. 

Whoever is careful to pray Fajr prayer, whether it is before or after sunrise, there is no harm. It is good to pray when the Adhan is called, but there is no harm if you cannot pray at that time. Those who wake up after sunrise, can pray 2 raka’at whenever they can. Fajr prayer is most the precious & valuable among the 5 prayers. After Fajr prayer is the time when daily provisions are divided and shared. Those who have limited provision should pray Fajr prayer, their provisions will increase. Many people complain that their share of provisions is limited. It is not. Pray Fajr prayer on time and it will open, without a doubt. Someone who prays Fajr and still complains should come to me and I will tell him something else to open up his provision. 

Allah Almighty ordered the nation of Muhammad to pray those 2 raka’ats as a gift from Prophet Adam.

He prayed 2 raka’at when the light first shone. Allah Almighty ordered the nation of Muhammad to pray those 2 raka’ats as a gift from Prophet Adam. They will be saved from darkness. Those with troubles in their heart will be saved from those worries. Those with darkness in their hearts will be enlightened if they pray Fajr prayer. They were send to earth and Allah Almighty said to them – I have now ordered for you to be sent to earth. Because you cannot stay in paradise. Those who are disobedient to Me cannot stay in My paradise. I have made My paradise haram for disobedient ones. Go down to earth. Repent for your disobedience. I will send you those who will show you the way to paradise. 

I am not banishing you the same way as satan who Allah Almighty banished with His Divine Wrath. He was angry with satan. Why? Satan became proud, stubborn, arrogant and that is how it disobeyed Allah Almighty’s order. It said to Allah Almighty – If You didn’t will it, I wouldn’t be disobedient. And there are some confused people who say this. They do bad things, and are disobedient then they say – that is what Allah wanted; That is what He wrote for me and that’s why I did it. Well then when you go to the court, why don’t you say – this was Allah’s will that I do this action. Why do you want to imprison me? Why don’t you imprison the One who wrote my fate. Astaghfirullah. Yes. Satan was guilty but it felt powerful at the same time. It was disobedient yet it wanted to blame its disobedience on Allah. It said – You made me disobedient like this. Hasha. And Allah banished it and punished it.

What value does it have to believe after seeing?

Adam (alayhi salam) ate even though he wasn’t supposed do but he said – O our Lord, we have been unjust to ourselves, said Hz. Adam. That means he accepted his sin. If a person accepts his sin and says – Ya Rabbi, I have been disobedient, I am a sinner, I made a mistake, then Allah Almighty is ready to forgive him. But if he is stubborn and says – no we don’t have any sins. What are we doing, what sins do we have? If he says that, if he cannot be modest enough to say – Ya Rabbi, Tawba Ya Rabbi, our faults are many, we are disobedient. If he is not modest enough to ask for forgiveness, then he is is also satan. Adam (alayhi salam) said – Ya Rabbi, we have been unjust to ourselves, we made a mistake. If You don’t forgive us, we will be destroyed. With this Adab, when he pleaded with Adab (manners) to Allah Almighty. O Adam, I forgive you and I forgive those of your descendants who repent to Me like this. And I will send them guides who will show them and guide them to the ways leading to eternal paradise, My paradise, My eternal paradises. And when they go astray, I will send them those who will send them to the way of faith, O Adam. 

And that is why Hz. Adam was first a Prophet for his own children. And when he said – O my children, your mother and I came here from heavens. Some of his children accepted, others didn’t believe it. Hz. Adam was brought down from heavens, some of his children didn’t accept – no we don’t believe it. We saw you on earth. When were you in paradise? Where is paradise? How can it be? We didn’t see it, we don’t believe it. And they became kafir (disbelievers). These were Hz. Adam’s children. Mankind is stubborn. They only believe after seeing. What value does it have to believe after seeing? When you are being examined, if they give you the answers next to the questions, then that exam has no meaning or logic. Of course it must be hidden to see if you will accept or not. Allah is saying – there is paradise and hellfire. If you insist – I must see before believing… The concept of faith/belief disappears after you are seeing. 

Is there gold or silver in my hand? What is it? Or is it empty? Or I closed my hand and there is gold inside. I am asking if you believe. Well, open your hand so we can see and then answer. If they say that, then there is no value left (in their answer). Allah Almighty is testing His servants.

He is saying – I created you. They say – No. Then who created you? Our mother and father. If our mom and dad created us, that means they have the power to bring us into existence. If they have this power to bring us into existence, they why can’t they protect their own existence? Why do they die? If they bring us into existence, then why don’t they protect their own existence? Why do they surrender to death and leave? And a few years after dying and being buried in the grave, their bodies disappear from there also. That means, our existence is not from our mother and father. The mother and father are just a means. The father gives the mother a drop of water. And with the mother’s it becomes 2 drops. 

After that, what contribution do the mom and dad have? Who is the one who is constantly working to prepare it and give it a human appearance? He(subhanahu wa ta’ala) does everything. Who is the one who brings that baby in the womb into existence? Is it by himself? That means there is someone who gives us existence. You can call it whatever you want, but that One is Allah. And Prophet Adam had some children who didn’t believe. They said – we don’t believe that you and our mom came from heaven. Because we only saw you here on earth. They say they don’t believe. And the other children said that they believe. The issue of believing or not believing started from the first people until now. It will never end. This world was never inhabited entirely with believing people. There have always been those who believe and those who don’t. And the argument between them has always continued. 

Many people are now complaining to me that they are speaking with others. Students don’t believe, their teachers don’t believe, those educating us don’t believe, so and so doesn’t believe. Those who don’t believe will never finish. There will always be those like Abu Jahl and those who think like him. And satan and those like him will never finish. Pharaoh and those like him will never finish. Nimrod and those like him will never finish. You can find them, since the beginning of this world until the end it will continue like this. And Allah Almighty sends a prophet after Adam (alayhi salam) whenever corruption increases on earth. And that prophet brings power and authority and miracles. And pulls the servants to the way of paradise. O people, this is the way to paradise. You have gone astray, this is the right way. The right way takes you to happiness. Those who believe and follow them find happiness. 

And 124,000 Prophets have come like this and the last Prophet is our Master alayhi salatu wa salam. And since he came, 1400 years passed. It has been 1400 years since the last prophet. 1400 isn’t a short time. And no other prophet will come. Salat and Salam to all those prophets. We are living in these moments that we are in now. We are constantly speeding towards the future and towards the end that was written for us. Everyone has an appointed station, a stop. Everyone will find their own stop and everyone will get down at their own stop. But the rest will continue. Some will get off at this stop, others at that stop, others further down. They will be dropped off. And we are living in the moments, seconds, minutes that we are found in now. 

For now, our community is set up here. After a while, that community will also disperse. It will be among the millions and trillions of assemblies from the past. And the assemblies of today will also close. It will close like those in the past. And tomorrow’s assembly will start. And tomorrow night, tomorrow’s assembly will disappear like those in the past. And like this, we are reaching closer to a goal. And one day we will come to our last stop, and they will take us and say – it is your turn, come. And that person will be transferred to an eternal life. Every person will definitely be moved from this temporary life to the eternal life. 

Our personality manifests in our spirituality.

The important thing is that during this short life, our personality will be assigned. When we say personality, people have 2 types of personalities on earth. Either they will be moved to the eternal life with an acceptable personality, or they will be cursed and moved to the eternal life with a bad, personality that is not acceptable. You are free. If you want to decide how your personality will be moved to eternal life, then you have to be careful. Now there is a new fashion that people are doing on tombstones. For those people who have no titles written on their tombstone, like sir or pasha or governor, or any other title, what are they writing for them? They write “A Good Person”. MashaAllah. I’m congratulating you. If that person is really what they write on the tombstone, then that’s good. To write “A Good Person” on tombstones has become a tradition. Let’s see if your personality really was good when they are moving you from this world to eternal life. 

If he really is good and his conscience is clean, then how happy for him. But don’t think that a good person means someone with money, wealthy, educated, or someone with high ranks. That is not it. Your personality will be determined by your spiritual rank. To which spiritual rank did you reach? That is the way it is. You have a soul. You are a human. You are not from other creatures. Therefore you have a spiritual level. And you are the one who has been invited for spiritual ranks. Which spiritual rank did you reach that they are writing “good person” on your tombstone? What is wanted of you is your level according to spiritual ranks. Look at yourself. In 24 hours of your life, which service did you do to make yourself reach spiritual ranks? Your service for 24 hours is only for your body, which will rot away. Unfortunately it is like this. Everyone is working for their bodies which will rot away. Working to make their bodies live well. To feed & water it well, dress it well, entertain it well, and letting it live well. 

What other purpose do people have now? Who is working to reach spiritual ranks? The prayer we are praying now is not true. Those who are busy with this world are trying to squeeze prayer into their busy schedules, they quickly pray to get it out of the way. Our personality manifests in our spirituality. And you are responsible for that. And within 24 hours, you must do your service to gain higher spiritual ranks for yourself. Within 24 hours, you should assign some time in order to bring your personality to a full and perfect level. If you show a little himmah (intention/aspiration) for that way, then Allah Almighty will support you with His Care. If you make one step, He will bring you closer to your goal 10 steps. That’s why the world is now about to finish its journey. Or it’s about to finish its days. And every person is coming closer to finishing their days as the days pass. But are they able to fulfill or perfect their spirituality as the days pass or not? They must pay attention to that. 

If you don’t cheer up your soul, you cannot overcome spiritual depression.

All these people, most of them are in depression. And the only reason for this is because they neglect their spirituality. As long as our souls are not content / satisfied, we become depressed. No doctor or judge can find a cure. Neither with pills nor medicine is there a cure. It is impossible to treat it because it is our soul that is troubled. If you don’t cheer up your soul, you cannot overcome spiritual depression. The joy of the soul, spiritual service is the joy of worship. Without the joy of worship, the soul cannot have joy. And that is why I am telling our daughter here to pray at least 2 raka’at in the morning and it will definitely enlighten the soul. And we will not say no to those who want more. And we are recommending everyone to try / strive to bring their true personality into the open and to increase their spiritual ranks within the 24 hours. And after the individual sees the benefit, the whole community will have their troubles lifted as a result. It will allow the community to be better, and for the troubles of the community to decrease, and for the afflictions of the community to lessen. 

Okay, this much is enough for you, InshaAllah. Wa min Allah at-tawfiq. May Allah Almighty make you successful. You listened to us, Inshallah there will be spiritual strength & connection to your hearts.

 Bi hurmati l-Habib Bi hurmati l-Fatiha. 


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