Believe in the Unseen

Believe in the unseen until the curtains of the ego are lifted and you see what you believe. Pass through the desert to find the Ka‘bah. Your station is according to your love for Allāh. Qur’ān is more than just words. The meanings of Fātiḥah would load 100 camels with books. Look at the Aṣḥābu l-Kahf who loved Allāh so that He loved them and the dog who loved them gained paradise.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqsibandi (QS), Sohbet of the 1st of April, 1996   

A‘ūdhu biLlāhi mina sh-shayṭāni r-rajīm. Bismi Llāhi r-Raḥmāni r-Raḥīm. mā shā’a Llāh lā quwwata illā biLlāh. 

We are Naqshbandī. The most important thing is to carve Allāh Almighty’s name in your heart. That carving is done by the dhikr of Allāh Almighty. When the heart says Allāh, that carving is made in the heart. If the name of Allāh is carved in someone’s heart it isn’t possible to leave this world without īmān. May Allāh make us from the ones doing dhikr. Shāh-i Naqshband, may Allāh raise his maqām always – both his maqām and the Sulṭān in whose presence we are. May He (jj) raise the stations of Sulṭānu l-Anbiyā’ also. “Ṭarīqatunā ṣ-ṣuḥbah wa l-khayru fi l-jam‘iyyah” he said. “Our way is the way of ṣuḥbah. And blessing is in gathering” he said. Awliyā’ take these pearls from the oceans of wisdom of the Prophet (ﷺ). 

Our Master (ﷺ) said happily: “Ad-dīnu naṣīḥah. Ad-dīnu naṣīḥah. Ad-dīnu naṣīḥah.” Religion is advice. So both the foundation and essence of religion is in advice. Religion lives with advice, stands with advice. When the foundation of advice doesn’t function people go astray. They don’t know which way to go. People can’t find their way by listening to a khuṭbah from Friday to Friday because unfortunately we are in the end of time, everything has become official – official imām, official preacher, official shaykh. When it is so, the original is gone, it has no benefit. What can we do? Our duty is to remind, remember.

Now we are standing in the presence of a big sulṭān of ākhirah. They gave us permission. The Sulṭān here allows and permits us to be here. May Allāh raise his maqām. He consents to listen to us because we take from him. He listens to what we say in our language. Sometimes they make me listen to myself from a tape. Just like that, the Sulṭān listens to us, what he makes us to say. Because the manifestation of every age isn’t the same. Today’s manifestation is special for today. Don’t think that every day the same sun rises. Another sun is rising? It looks the same but a stream goes through this channel, when you look it seems that the channel is the same. It isn’t the same every minute. It constantly changes. The waters in the channel seem as though they are stable. Constantly changing. The sun is setting everyday but yesterday’s sun is different, today’s sun is different. Because we are approaching the Day of Judgement, according to that, its movement and inactivity are under that manifestation. Today what we are saying, what they make us to say, even if we said it 40 times, 100 times before, today’s manifestation is different. Nobody finds it strange when they eat the same provision that they ate last summer, they don’t say “I ate this this last summer”. They are different. Each time with a new manifestation, a power is given to our spirituality. Now there is a table that he set up for us. 

By believing more and more in the unseen the curtains of the ego are opened.


The moment we sit here, like you pressing these buttons, rābiṭah (connection) is given to our hearts, we are translating his words to you. Translating is our duty. If you move out of the way, what kind of manifestations you’ll see. It is as if there is a fort in front of you. When we stand in front of a fort how will we see beyond the fort? That’s why Allāh says “Believe in the unseen”. We believe in the unseen. By believing more and more in the unseen the curtains of the ego are opened. When dark curtains are removed the unseen will be clearly seen. When the curtains are opened, what you believe will be seen. Yes, everyone, who took this way, started by believing in the unseen. They said there is a Ka‘bah over there, walk and see if you reach the glorious Ka‘bah. In the old times they went to the desert. The camels and ḥujjāj passed through the desert, sinking into the sand up to their knees, believing in the Ka‘bah that they didn’t see. They passed through the desert with love. Finally they would find the Ka‘bah. 

Now our way is also like that. We walk by believing in the unseen. That’s why we are obliged to believe in the unseen. If it were already visible there would be no need to say “believe in this”. You should believe here and go into the desert. You’ll pass those deserts and find the Ka‘bah. You’ll be the guest of the Lord of the Ka‘bah. You can’t be a ḥājjī as if choosing a lottery ticket. This is a sign of the last days. Going to the Ḥijāz by drawing lots is a sign of the last days. It will be free to go to the Ka‘bah, in shā’a Llāh. Anyone, who has hope, will go to the Ka‘bah. Whoever cuts the road to the Ka‘bah, Allāh cuts his life. They will be judged as unbelievers. Allāh orders everyone, who has financial and physical power, to go and visit the Ka‘bah. No one can set conditions. When you do, you’ll be judged as an unbeliever. It isn’t an easy matter. We believe in the unseen. We have peace inside that we will reach what we believe day by day. That’s why a believer thinks of the day he will reach Allāh (jj) and feels an endless peace that the unbeliever is deprived of. We will meet Allāh. We are going to Allāh. We are going to Allāh. We are approaching day by day. 

Ok. This is a ṣuḥbah. Ṣuḥbah of the saints gives life refreshes the soul. O mankind your honor is according to your desire and longing for Allāh. This is the reality of these big words of this big saint. Your station is measured according to your love and aspiration for Allāh. You take your place in the divine presence, you reach His (jj) presence. There are ranks in Allāh Almighty’s presence. And behind the first rank there are countless ranks. But in the first rank stand the Anbiyā’ ‘alayhumu s-salām, the Prophets ‘alayhumu s-salām, ‘alá Nabiyyinā ‘alayhi s-salām. After them come the ones, who follow in their footsteps the first row. 

Qur’ān ‘Aẓīmu sh-sha’n is an ocean, whose shores nobody can reach, endless oceans.


Qur’ān ‘Aẓīmu sh-sha’n is an ocean, whose shores nobody can reach, endless oceans. Hz. ‘Alī ‘alayhi s-salām, may Allāh bless him, may His (jj) salām be upon him, he was sitting and saying that “if the community is present here, without decreasing and I explain to them the holy Fātiḥah, 100 camels could be loaded with the books and it wouldn’t be done, I wouldn’t be able to finish.” Would 100 camels fit here, ha? 100 camels won’t fit here. 100 camels’ load is enough to fill this mosque. If there were bookshelves everywhere it would be full of books but Fātiḥah’s meanings wouldn’t end. The load of 100 camels – how to praise the words of Allāh. It is the truth. Don’t think that the word of Allāh is like the word of people. Don’t think that the meaning of Fātiḥah is; “Bismi Llāhi r-Raḥmāni r-Raḥīm, In the name of Allāh, most Gracious, most Merciful, al-ḥamdu liLlāhi rabbi l-ʿālamīn, All praise is to Allāh, the Lord of the worlds”. If this is the meaning, how can the glorious Qur’ān be a glorious book? And Fātiḥah, how can it be glorious? Allāh descended 104 books. These 104 books including the Bible, Old Testament, Psalms, pages given to the other Prophets, are all in the glorious Qur’ān. The whole meaning of the glorious Qur’ān is inside Fātiḥah. If we don’t recite Fātiḥah in each rak‘at, our prayer isn’t accepted. When you recite Fātiḥah it is as if you read all the heavenly books that Allāh (jj) sent. Its greatness comes from there. 

That’s why Hz. ‘Alī said: “It would be a 100 camels loaded with books”. I have no doubt. “I’m the city of knowledge, ‘Alī is the door” said the Prophet ‘alayhi ṣ-ṣalātu wa s-salām. Enter from that door, it is knowledge. The glorious Qur’ān, which declares everything, also tells about our situation and glory. It tells us who to follow in Fātiḥah. When you stand in My presence. Ihdinā: O our Lord guide us” says Allāhu Dhū l-Jalāl – “Ihdinā, guide us”. To what? Ṣirāṭa l-mustaqīm. Aṣ-ṣirāṭa l-mustaqīm. Ṣirāṭa l-mustaqīm (the straight way). Grant us, guide us to that way. He is declaring: “Ṣirāṭa alladhīna an‘amta ‘alayhim.” (1:7) Guide us to ṣirāṭi mustaqīm. Allāh Almighty declares that also – Those, to whom You (jj) have granted Your divinely Grace, keep us on their way. So He (jj) is advising, warning us to walk on the way of the Anbiyā’, awliyā’, ṣiddiqun, ṣāliḥun. Keep their way, follow in their footsteps. Don’t leave their way. Because there are also “maghḍūbi ‘alayhim” – the ones, on whom the wrath of Allāh descends. If you follow those, the divine wrath crushes you, sweeps you away. You’ll be helpless. Don’t turn to the unknown. Don’t change your qiblah. Our qiblah is in the south east. Don’t change your qiblah. Mercy descends on that side. If you change the qiblah to the south west, the ones, upon whom Allāh’s wrath descends are on that side. With “maghḍūbi ‘alayhim” Allāh is referring to Jewish unbelievers, the “ḍāllīn” (astray) refers to Christian unbelievers. If you follow them, divine wrath will destroy you. You won’t be able to stand up. You won’t survive. Beware! 

He stands in Allāh’s presence and teaches us: “Ihdinā ṣ-ṣirāṭa l-mustaqīma. Ṣirāṭa l-ladhīna an‘amta ‘alayhim. ghayri l-maghḍūbi ‘alayhim wa lā ḍ-ḍāllīn.” (1:6,7) O Lord! Send us a shepherd, in shā’a Llāh, who understands these verses, Your words, in shā’a Llāh, in whose way we will go. Change the shepherd our Lord! It is Fātiḥah. This is the meaning of Fātiḥah. This is what it tells us. It shows us who to follow. Clearly Allāh is telling us who to follow if we are Muslims. “The prophet I sent you is the Prophet of the end of times. I sent My most beloved, most precious Prophet, for whose honor I created the whole universe. Do you praise him? Do you respect him? Do you say his words? Do you keep his way?” No, no, no. “If not, I’ll destroy” says Allāh. “I sent you My greatest grant. Beings in heaven and earth are saluting, praising him (ﷺ). Personally I (jj) am praising him (ﷺ)” says Allāh. Wahhābīs aren’t sending ṣalātu salām to the Prophet. “I personally send ṣalātu salām to My beloved. How can you prohibit O villains?” The mu’adhdhins, who don’t send ṣalātu salām after adhān, a bomb to them also. The [ office of ] religious affairs doesn’t want it. Is this an unbeliever religious affairs? 

Allāh Jalla wa ‘Alā, “Inna Llāha wa malā’ikatahu yuṣallūna ‘alá n-nabiy.” (33:56) When He (jj) says “Yuṣallūna” – When I, Allāhu Dhū l-Jalāl, personally, and all the big Angels are sending ṣalātu salām to the Beloved, anyone not saying ṣalātu salām after adhān” should disappear. I sent him to you and you don’t praise him (ﷺ)?” The ones in Ḥijāz will not end well. Their ends are not good. I don’t think they’ll survive until next year. Shortly, it tells you who to follow. 

Look, this sulṭān, ‘Aziz Maḥmūd Hudāyi Hz., is a sulṭān of ākhirah. He is a gentle one but he is angry today. He has the attribute of majesty, all Prophets are dressed with the attribute of majesty, because of the inappropriate manners of the ones, who work for this religion, because they don’t praise the Prophet (ﷺ). He (jj) told us what to follow. Allāh sent the glorious Qur’ān for you to read and understand, so that you read, understand and follow. There is a surah in the glorious Qur’ān, Surah Kahf. Did you hear it? Ḥājjī?

 G: Now we heard. 

M: Allāhu Akbar. Surah Kahf. Surah Kahf describes the condition and glory of Aṣḥābu l-Kahf seven valiant young people, seven young ones, whom Allāh loves. They loved Allāh so Allāh loved them. Who will you make love you? Who did you make love you? Why would you make an ant love you? Make yourself beloved to Allāh. Is there anyone beyond Him? Make yourself beloved to Allāh. See when Allāh loves you what He will grant to you, give you? . So. Those seven valiant men ran away from Daqyānūs – they called him Daqyānūs, an unbeliever king. Because of their belief in Allāh that unbeliever Daqyānūs was probably intending to kill them. They left that land secretly. They left everything. They left everything. Whatever is belonging to this world, mother, father, brother, wealth, jewellery, position, status, they left everything. They left. They said “Allāh. We’ll go to Allāh. How nice it is to come to You O Lord”. 

While they were going, a dog started following them. A dog, their dog was running after them. They saw that poor dog was following them. They said “Why is it following?” They told him off, so that he would leave. He returned and followed them again. They threw stones. He turned back, ran away then came back again. They hit him with sticks when he came closer. He followed again. He didn’t leave them. Until finally Allāh Almighty made that dog speak. Allāh makes everything speak. Let’s call them “Mind merchants” – weak minded people! When this device talks, it talks like a human being. Does it speak like a human, ḥājjī? Yes. When we say the dog spoke, people lose their minds. How can a dog speak? If this device that you invented, speaks like a human, is it too much that a dog speaks? This is weak mindedness. “Is it possible that a camel speaks to the Prophet?” “Is it possible that a deer speaks to the Prophet? Is it possible that a tree talks to the Prophet?” 

This device is invented by unbelievers, it speaks like you, same voice as you. It copies you. Allāh Jalla wa ‘Alā makes everything speak with His (jj) power. He (jj) made that poor dog speak and say. That poor dog was yellow. He said “O the heros, the awliyā’ of Allāh.” A hero is full of Allāh’s love – that is a hero. Not muscle power, a hero carries the love of Allāh in his heart. “O heros, awliyā’ of Allāh, O heros of the way of truth no harm will come to you from me. Let me be.” They walked carrying him on their necks until they entered the cave. They fell asleep. That dog lay at the entrance. He was looking like this. If you saw, you would be frightened. The Prophet (ﷺ) said that you can’t look there – they had that much majesty. In shā’a Llāh I hope that seven of them get up also the year of 2000 because 1000 years is completed. They should get up. I heard from Sulṭānu l-Awliyā’, my shaykh, that they would be from the ministers of Mahdī (alayhi s-salam). the light of their presence (?) their majesty. So that poor dog followed them. Allāh gave permission, “Let him follow you.” There are ten animals, which will enter paradise. That dog is among those ten animals. Actually a dog is considered dirty. Even so, Allāh will make him clean and put him in paradise. He will have a special place. Wherever he turns, he will see the Aṣḥābu l-Kahf whom he didn’t want to leave. 

O people, O hāfiẓ, who read Qur’ān, O scholars! By following the awliyā’ that dog gained paradise. They reject awliyā’. They reject awliyā’. They say it is shirk to obey and follow awliyā’. The world has become mindless and ignorant. How can the people, who follow them, go to hell? Allāh says “Ask to be in the way of the Prophets, the Awliyā’, who gained Allāh’s favours. Follow in their footsteps. If you do, you’ll be saved. If not, do as you wish.” 

Visualize that countless angels, countless sons of Ādam, with countless jinn, are all in qiyām, rukū‘ and prostration in the Divine Presence.

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (Q)

So today this is the gift of the sulṭān of ākhirah Haḍrat Pir ‘Azīz Maḥmūd Hudā’ī. It happened with the manifestation of Sha‘bān Muaẓẓam. Holy Ramaḍān is approaching. We hope that Allāh keeps us with His beloved servants also in holy Ramaḍān. We pray, adding our prayers to their prayers. Don’t think that just 100, 200 people are in this masjid praying, standing in qiyām in the presence of Allāh, doing rukū‘ to Allāh, prostrating to Allāh. Countless angels, countless men, the creatures in countless worlds, are standing in qiyām in the presence of Allāh. Keep in mind that you are going for servanthood. Think of it when you prostrate. Don’t think we are praying with two to three people. Don’t count. Visualize that countless angels, countless sons of Ādam, with countless jinn, are all in qiyām, rukū‘ and prostration in the Divine Presence. Be careful with the abundance coming at that moment. You’ll drink that divine abundance. O Lord don’t deprive us. 

Allāh Allāh,  Allāh Allāh,  Allāh Allāh,  Azīz Allāh.  Allāh Allāh,  Allāh Allāh,  Allāh Allāh,  Karīm Allāh.  Allāh Allāh,  Allāh Allāh,  Allāh Allāh,  Subḥān Allāh.  Allāh Allāh,  Allāh Allāh,  Allāh Allāh,  Sulṭān Allāh. 

There is a group of angels, this is their dhikr. Countless abundance. We did a couple of times and stopped. If your ears opened and you heard them you would say “Allāh” and pass out. Yā Rabb You are the Sulṭān, You are the Sulṭān here. The army of the real Sulṭān is limitless. There is no measure, end to His majesty. There is no end to our smallness O Lord. Treat us with Your grace. For the honor of Your Belovedﷺ, 



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