One’s effort to earn rizq/provisions

Mawlana has been seeing many people as usual. He gives some instructions, especially concerning the month of Safar. He describes S. Mahdi’s time and his longing to see him. Then Mawlana explains a very subtle point. Is one’s efforts to earn one’s rizq (provision) in accordance with one’s submission to, and acceptance of, Divine Will or not? “It is We who divided among them their livelihood (43:32)

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (ق ), Sohbat of the 4th of January 2012.

…Angels don’t let (calamities) touch you. We can’t stand against what comes from Heavens. Therefore when angels see the green, if something comes, they ward off the calamities. Therefore be careful about this. Don’t wear pants. Wear lady clothes. Whoever follows fashion, faces difficulties on the Day of Judgment. We are not ordered to follow fashion. We are ordered to follow Shariat. Everybody removed Shariat & follows fashion. No, this can’t be! Therefore, people are in pain. They are in troubles. May Allah (swt) make your end in a good way.

We seek refuge in Allah (swt) from the heaviness of Safar. “Say 3 Shahada & 300 Astaghfirullah daily” our Grandshaykh would say. It protects your hearts from (Safar’s) heaviness. Aman ya Rabbi. Aman ya Rabbi. Fatiha. May it pass away with goodness. No garbage can remain anymore – the flood will sweep everything in it’s way. ..He (S. Mahdi) will pile golden coins & say “whoever wants may come & take”. May Allah (swt) make you reach these days. I am trying to reach also. It is 70 years that I have been waiting – 70 years! Thanks to Allah (swt), love for him & desire remains in our heart. I pray so that they don’t take it (this feeling) from me. What can we do? Now, I have become of no-use. I think, I will fall-from here to there. “Falhukmu Lillahi Al-`Aliyi Al-Kabiri – So the judgment is only with Allah (swt)” (40:12). As He likes. We are only servants. We have nothing else. Only we are praying to see his holy face (S. Mahdi) & kiss his hand. Allah (swt) bless you. Pray, so that we, and you, all of us may reach him. Fatiha. Aman ya Rabbi. Tawba ya Rabbi. Ya Rabbi Shukur Alhamdulillah. 

This is the month of Safar al-Khayr. May it come & pass by with goodness.

O our Lord, send us from Your pure servants who will guide us to Your Way. Make us be close with Your pure servants who will teach us Your Way. May they remove the ones who lost Your Way. May those who want to block Your Way disappear! O our Lord, may our faces be full of light & our hearts be pure with Your Grant. May Allah (swt) Almighty grant Heavenly lights & joy to our hearts. This is the month of Safar al-Khayr. May it come & pass by with goodness. May the Heavenly grant reach the Muslim world. Every month has a special Heavenly Grant in it which belongs to that month only. We may protect ourselves. May Allah (swt) save us from the bad ways & the greed of dunya. Dunya has not been left to anyone. The lifetime of dunya is 7000 years. In the 7 thousandth year, dunya will be finished. And now, we have reached the end of this last thousandth year. Now, it is 1433. Is it not? This is our calendar. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. 

Being rich in dunya has no benefit. Try to be rich in hereafter.

Dunya does not belong to anyone. No one was able to own it. In Turkey – they call it Turkey now, before we used to call “Anatolia”. Whatever had been appointed as of your rizq-provision in Anatolia, you will get the same in Europe. Meaning, your provision doesn’t increase by going to Europe. This is an important point. Because our people have been left ignorant. “What is written for you will be yours. And what is for someone else, will never be yours.” (poetry) Allah Allah . Allah. Allah . But to whom? The Holy Quran clarifies everything ..But now not many are left who can recite the Holy Quran correctly. “Destiny over powers so keep quiet.” (poetry) What has been portioned out to you “Nahnu Qasamna” says the Holy Quran. “Nahnu Qasamna”(43:32) (We portion out). We have portioned out everyone’s provision. One can’t receive more than this portion. You find what has been portioned out for you, available before you. 

But, now it is the end of times. People have become ignorant ones. They think that their provision increases by going here, there. No, your provision doesn’t increase. You are going only because your rizq-water was written to be there. One can go for water. Food comes to you but one must go for water. The water he will drink from was written to be there. Allah Allah.. Ignorance caused people, and Muslims, to lose their religion & faith. It made them greedy for dunya. Whole people run after dunya: “we may earn more, save more, get rich..” Being rich in dunya has no benefit. Try to be rich in hereafter. 

Therefore now, if you slowly start returning to your homelands it is better. Leave Islam for Germans, in Europe. They may get accustomed to it & advance. Leave it in Holland. Leave it in France, in UK. You have them accustomed to Islam. From now on, back to your places. We can’t keep our religion & faith in Europe. Don’t work for the government. Become farmers. Be shepherds. Be craftsmen. Our Prophet (ﷺ) says, “Seek your provision from the earth”. Thanks to Allah (swt) your country is beautified with turbas-tombs, Maqams, Awliyas, mosques… They were deserted when you left (your homelands), destroyed. Be careful to restore what is left from your old ones, in your homelands – what they called “relics of ancestors”. Read Holy Quran. Teach people Holy Quran. Read from the old books. When we say old books – make people accustomed to the Ottoman language. These low ones made our religion & language all messed up. 

Books in your country, such as Anwar al-‘Ashikin (by Kara Dawud), Ahmadiyya, Muzakkin Nufus (by Ashrafzada Abdullah), Muhammadiyya. These books satisfy us. The books these (new ones) wrote – they are sending me. I look at them, they can’t satisfy people. 

Give me my stick. Fatiha. Allahu Allahu Allahu Haqq. Allahu Allahu Allahu Haqq. Allahu Allahu Allahu Haqq. Hasbuna Allahu Wa Ni’mal Wakil Ni’mal Mawla wa Ni’mal Naseer. Allahumma thabbit’hum ‘ala Al Haqq. Allahumma thabbit’hum ‘ala Al Haqq. Allahumma thabbit’hum ‘ala Al Haqq. Bi Jahi Man Anzalta alayhi Suratul Fatiha. This is the month of Safar. Daily, say 3 Shahada & 300 Astaghfirullah. 

This month, Safar, has a heaviness. This heaviness may be lifted from us – we may repent for our sins: 300 Astaghfirullah, 3 Shahada. 300 Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah… Then, you may give one cent, or 5 cents – according to the currency in your place. Everyday put it in a place, for calamity to be lifted from you & your children. Don’t give your charity there. There is no one asking for charity in Europe. They went bankrupt. They may but you don’t go bankrupt. Who keeps Islam does not go bankrupt, not in dunya nor in akhirat. Send it to your village, your town – for your people, relatives. It may be a joy & happiness for them. Or if you like, using what you saved you may have our old turbas repaired & cleaned. And our hearts may be awakened with dhikr. Fatiha. Allah (swt) bless you. Try to show respect. G. Allah (swt) bless you. May your station be high & may you be from the ones who are praised in the presence of our Prophet(ﷺ) M. What can we do? Dunya was not even given to Suleiman the Magnificent. Without putting too much effort for dunya, work more for akhirat – Haji Bayram. Allah (swt) bless you. May your majesty go up! Return to the old – turn back to Ottomans. 


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