Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (QS)

Sohbat of the 21th of November, 2012

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Everyone now should put in their homes food supplies that will last for at least 1 week. They should not waste their money, or later they will fall in difficulties. 

There are holy ones that are responsible for those who keep these orders & they protect them. For others, there is fear for all of them.

Mawlana sheikh nazim (qs)

Who smokes should quit. Who drinks should quit. Who wanders around in the streets should stop doing so. If something happens to them, I am not responsible. There are holy ones that are responsible for those who keep these orders & they protect them. For others, there is fear for all of them. There is something to fall on the heads of those who don’t make sajda to Allah. There is something to come on them that they won’t like – they will either lose their life or their wealth. 

This one is my cat. It is from the other group (jinns). 

They should not be without doing the prayers, there is danger for all of them. They should quit smoking, should quit hashish & drinking. They should go to mosque to perform prayers with jama’at, at least once a day & Allah will keep them protected. Or all of them are in the hands of shaytan and what will come on them is their punishment. We are ordered to declare this, don’t have the power to perform it. May Allah forgive me & forgive them. O Allah, O My Lord… 

Before there were special rooms in the mosques & hodjas would teach there. Now they built big schools & they send the children from one place to another. This is not right. They should educate them in the nearest mosque and leave the other schools. Because I am very upset with this. Also the awliyas kept quiet, the awliyas in Egypt, because they don’t like it- Putting a 5 year old in a car & send to school. This is foolishness. And after it happens they cry. Aman ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah. May Allah forgive us. May Allah forgive us. 

Be careful with your prayers!

Be careful with your prayers! If something happens to those who don’t pray, they are responsible for it. The declaration is this, for all the Muslim World. Because this punishment to come doesn’t favor the Princes or the government officials, does not favor the president or the wazir, it will just hit & finish. There are many lightenings to fall. We seek refuge in Allah. 

All who don’t make sajda are in danger.

All who don’t make sajda are in danger. There is death in front of them- those who don’t pray. It will wipe them out first. Who has no sajda will be taken, they should make sajda at least once a day for Allah Almighty. Don’t ever drink! They should stop the night life-  From the mosque to home & from home to mosque only. It is barakah for them & also Allah Almighty protects them. O Lord, may You forgive us. Fatiha. 

Put this in Turkish & in Arabic also. Put it in (Saltanat). This is an advice. Who hears it is saved, or else they will be very upset later. They will cry too much but it won’t help anything. All who don’t put their foreheads down even once for sajda will be taken away. What those who don’t make sajda eat & drink is haram. This is the advice coming to us from the Heavens. We are responsible to declare it, but not responsible to make them do it. 

O Allah, O Allah.. We should know Allah. We should know our Lord. We should make sajda for Him. There are many terrible things to come on those who don’t make sajda. Don’t smoke. Don’t drink. Don’t go & wander around in dirty places at night. Keep your daughters & sons at home, prevent them (from such actions) or it is you who will cry later. Allah, it is the order of Allah. O Allah, Your Order is the most high & who keeps it are Your servants. 

Crying later doesn’t help anything. Stand by the side of our Prophet (ﷺ). Don’t go after the false men. Neither will they be saved nor can they save anyone. They will sink & others will sink with them. Don’t follow anyone who doesn’t pray. O Allah, O my Lord.. 

Here the 10th of Muharram is coming. We may see what will come, what will appear, what kind of things will happen. Many people will be taken away. Allah… Maybe one in a hundred, maybe one in ten only will remain. Maybe not even that because this is the Revenge of the Heavens- the Heavenly Anger for the things that the Yazids on earth do. May Allah forgive us. Aman Ya Rabbi. May You not leave us to our egos. Aman ya Rabbi, may You not expel us from Your servanthood, Allah… O Allah, may You send a Master for the nations of Your Beloved.  Fatiha. 

It will reach the whole world, especially the Muslim world- Muslims. If 1 whip comes for non-Muslims, 10 whips to come for who don’t keep Islam. Don’t fight, don’t say “I am Kurdish, I am Turkish, I am Arab, I am Egyptian, I am Hijazi”. Say “We are servants of Allah” & try to do His Worship.

If it wasn’t for Umm Hiram Sultan Hz, O two-legged ones of Cyprus, so much would happen to you but fortunately she is a Mercy, she is preventing. Allah..Fatiha..Allah… 


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