Ask To Reach Mahdi (alayhi s-salam)

This earthly life has become unclean. When you make dua you must ask to reach the blessed time of S. Mahdi (as), the time of paradise on earth, the time when the earth is clean again.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (QS),

Sohbat of the 13th of June, 2002

Clean your body, outlooking [outward] of your body. Then clean your physical body from bad desires. Bad desires, they are dirtiness. If you are not trying to clean, you must enter to fire for cleaning. Therefore, to be clean it is heavenly order from beginning up to today for whole nations, for whole mankind. But they lost it. And those Antichrist thirsty dirty ones, they tried, they did their worst to make dirty first of all youngsters. For their dirty desires they should be taken away. 

Cleanliness that Mahdi, alaihi salam, coming to clean everything on earth that belongs to our physical being, not to fall [into] dirty life. And then Naqshbandi, most distinguished Naqshbandi order, cleaning hearts. Cleaning hearts, not to leave there anything that it is not belonging to Allah and His divinely love. Taking away and cleaning, making dhikrullah, remembrance of the Lord, Almighty Allah through Naqshbandi order. Because 40 tariqats they are using their tongues’ dhikr. Only Naqshbandi using their hearts. And hearts can’t be cleaned without that dhikr. Dhikr. 

Now the sources of colors, seven. That time you can’t count it. Countless. Countless colors through everyone’s power and dhikr coming lights, when he is moving. 

Mahdi alaihi salam should clean everything. You can’t see any dirtiness on earth at that time. As now you can’t see anywhere on earth clean, all dirty. That time can’t be seen any dirty place on earth, when Mahdi alaihi salam coming. Then most distinguished Naqshbandi order who should be there, he’s giving full power of Naqshbandi order and making clean everyone’s their hearts and coming lights. Therefore, if you are looking nighttime at such a person, it is going to be seen through lights. He is walking, he is running with his lights. And lights so many different colors. Now the sources of colors, seven. That time you can’t count it. Countless. Countless colors through everyone’s power and dhikr coming lights, when he is moving. 

Paradise Time For Earth

That time it is paradise time for earth. Who should reach must be most luckiest one of mankind. “Afdalu l-ummah, akhyaru l-ummah, ashrafu l-ummah.”(the most favoured ummah, the best ummah, the most honoured ummah) they should be as the cream of milk they should be. They should be well-known the Day of Resurrection that those the final ummah that they are with Mahdi alaihi salam. Therefore, everyone must ask from Allah Almighty when they are making dua “O our Lord, let us to reach to Mahdi alaihi salam”. I am the limit of my age now but I am asking from Allah Almighty therefore to grant to me some more years to reach to Mahdi alaihi salam and it is ok. I am… No hope for me for this dunya. Finished. But I like to be with Mahdi alaihi salam with his service and most lovely servanthood that should do his nation in his time. 

May Allah accept this and you also who is hearing, listening and they are getting happy to be with us, they should reach inshaAllah. May Allah bless you and forgive me. For the honor of the most honored Prophet, RasulAllah () amin, Fatiha. 


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