How Can The Muslim Nation Reach A Straight Way?

After Fajr prayer Mawlana said that the tajjali of Laylatu-l Israa was very strong and there is no place for irresponsible attitudes any more. “How Can the Muslim Nation Reach a Straight Way? – كيف يمكن للأمة أن يستقيم أمرها؟”. In this sohbat Mawlana posed the question and provided the answer.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (QS)

27 Rajab, 1432 A.H. Tueday, June 28, 2011

Allah Allah … Laylatin mubaraka! Blessings insha-Allah for the whole ummah.

Whoever does not know his limits, they will be thrown out from the society. This is an order that must be followed. Whoever is useless, a bad person among people, will be thrown away. If they are not thrown away, the situation of the whole world can never be corrected. Now the time is close, and Allah will change [things]. Allah will change [things] and they will be removed, insha-Allah Oh our Lord … May Allah grant us to be among those who are beneficial to human beings. May He (swt) not let us be among the ones who harm people. We must be on the side of those who are beneficial to people.

May Allah spare us from this plague.

People are in two parts: one part brings benefit and the other part brings harm. Until the ones who are harmful to people are thrown away, the matters of the ummah cannot be straightened out. This is a constitution that never changes. Any person you bring [to lead], if you do not make use of this rule, nothing can succeed. Even if you were the owner of a golden mountain, it will have no result. You need to see who is beneficial for people and who is harmful for people. Open the way for whoever is bringing benefit. Shut all the ways for whoever wants to harm people. Lock them. If they are among the society, throw them out, because they are more harmful than that disease, what is it called? … plague. Naudhu Billah … May Allah spare us from this plague. Plague may catch a person in the morning, and by night time he may be dead. When it comes to a man, it doesn’t leave him. These harmful people are the same. Whoever harms people is worse than the plague. So they must be thrown out; or train them and teach them a lesson. May Allah forgives us!

It is not up to our mind and our desires. If you see people now following their egoistic desires, they are following their whims. Finished!

Mawlana sheikh nazim qs

Oh our Lord for the sake Your beloved Prophet Mustafa, correct our situation and the situation of Muslims. Oh our Lord, send us righteous ones who may correct the situation. We are tired of these rotten ones. Take them away from the ummah Ya Rabbi! Take them away, Ya Allah Anta Allah, so the Shariat Muhammadiya may control and rule this world from East to West. These Muslims still do not have any mind to think that with Shariat Allah, He (swt) is the owner of Justice. It is not up to our mind and our desires. If you see people now following their egoistic desires, they are following their whims. Finished! We have to stop this. We want the Heavenly system, not the system of shaytan. This is not a system. We want the system from Heavens, Heavenly. If they don’t accept and do not stop, there is an angel appointed to them. They will die one after the other. They will eat each other. They will destroy each other. Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba astaghfirullah. We ask forgiveness.  We repent to Allah Almighty. Fatiha.

How Can The Muslim Nation Reach A Straight Way-Sohbah-27Rajab-MawlanaSheikhNazim-SufiQalam

The most magnificent system is the Heavenly system.

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, this is an important matter for the morning after the blessed night, Laylatul Mi’raj Al Sharif. This is a warning for all people. This is a warning from Heavens, from Heavens. It is not from earth this warning. No. It is from Heavens. So be warned, oh servants of the Lord! Return to the Heavenly system, the Lord’s orders. If you do not return to the Lord’s system, you will eat one another, and not even one of you will remain. All of them will be taken away. They will disappear. A handful will remain and they will be enough. All those who became dirty and filthy will be taken away. Therefore be careful. Come and clean up your situations.

Wa Thiyabaka Fatahhir (74:4) and purify your clothing (Qaribullah)

This means to arrange your situations with a Heavenly system. That democracy, hypocrisy, is a shaytanic production and is made to destroy people and the world. People eat one another because of this democracy. Democracy, democracy… It is the dirtiest, the filthiest of systems. Democracy is the filthiest system. The most magnificent system is the Heavenly system. People don’t understand this? Arabs don’t understand this? La hawla wa la quwwata illa Billah! Ya Rabbi Ya Allah, if you do not accept … We are Your weak servants. You are the Lord. We are Your weak servants. People have become like toys in the hands of shaytan, shaytans from people and jinns. May Allah wipe them away, destroy and remove them. May Allah punish them. Fatiha. Oh Allah, don’t let us to be from them. We believe in Allah and in what comes from our Lord. We believe in Allah and what is sent to us from Al Haqq. And we are accepting. We are innocent from anything that is opposing the Shariat of Allah. This is the Truth of Al Haqq.

Astaghfirullah! Oh Allah don’t leave us to our egos, not for a blink of an eye. And save us from the hand of shaytan, from its hands. Ya Rabbi! Take them away, destroy them, wipe them away. You are the Absolute Almighty all Powerful. We are Your weak servants, oh our Lord. Allah Allah Allah, Fatiha.

[Shaykh Mawlana takes out and shows some paper bills.] If they gave people paper money with the value … say, money the size of a hand, what is this? This is the value of our efforts? Everybody is working for this? Where is the gold and silver? For true balance, to save humanity from the humiliation of this life, you have to bring back gold and silver. If you put gold and silver into the hands of the people, there will be no problems. There would be no problems, no problems. If you bring gold and silver coins and give it to the people, and have them use it, they will work and there will be no trouble. But on this paper money, it is written 100 Liras or 100 Egyptian Pounds. It is all paper! For what reason do you play with the people? You are printing [money] and cheating them. You cheat the people. This is what democracy does – cheat. The Sultanate has gold. Humans must have gold and silver. Islam brought gold and silver. Islam did not bring paper money. People have no more mind. They don’t think and they have no honor since they left the Shariat of Allah that was giving everything its due right and justice.

Now, what is this? You go to buy something and you may bring one basket full of paper [to pay]. Is that logical? Is this what Allah likes? Allah gave value to gold and silver. Gold and silver are accepted in dunya and in Akhirat. But this paper … This is their democracy. Are they not ashamed – people and their scholars and their presidents – to cheat people with paper? They say that the gold is safe in the banks and “We are giving you this paper money”. For what? Give the gold to the people! Give it to the people! Why are they hiding it in their safes in the banks? For what? For what? So they can control people? So shaytan can control people? They put it all away in boxes in the banks, and they piled it all up. For what? Give to people!

They never give. They bring paper, only paper. What is worse than this are the cards – credit cards. These are even worse than paper money. With this paper money, for example, you spend a 100 Lira. But with the credit card, you can spend thousands. For what do they cheat the people? And people are drunk and ignorant! They are traitors! They don’t know their right from their left. They don’t know what is harmful for them and what is good for them. How can the world situation be straightened out? They will eat one another. They will kill millions of people. They will not kill 100, or 200 or 1000, or 2000 no!! Millions! Even billions people will die. They will be wiped away from existence and there will remain a handful of people on the face of the earth. La hawla wa la quwwata illa Billah, Aman Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi!

Our Prophet (ﷺ) was a Prophet and a King! He was a king and every one of his caliphs were kings and sultans.

Tawba astaghfirullah, we repent and come back to You Oh Allah! Oh our Lord, send us a king that he may correct our situation. Our Prophet (ﷺ) was a Prophet and a King! He was a king and every one of his caliphs were kings and sultans. From where did they bring this democracy? … from shaytan. They left the orders of Allah and they followed the deception of shaytan. May Allah defeat them! And whoever follows shaytan, they are defeated. They are defeated and they have no honor Astaghfirullah. We repent and return to You. Fatiha.

Send this to the Shaykh Al Az’har. Let him see. Let’s see what his opinion is  about this. If he says what I said is wrong, Allah Almighty will take my soul. If he says, “Our way is democracy”, Allah may take their souls and kill them with the different ways of death. Astaghfirullah, Fatiha.


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