Be Straight!

Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Surat Hud turned my hair white – شيَّبتني سورةُ هود “. It carries the command: “Be Straight like you’ve been ordered (11:112) – استقِم كما أُمِرتَ ” Why did Islam spread so widely? Because of the order, Be Straight.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (QS), Sohbat of the 19th of May, 2013.

As-salamu Alaykum Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. O those who love Shah Mardan, those who listen to him, those who are on his way, may you be in safety. Go ahead (speak) O Shah Mardan. Let’s listen to you. Your Yaran are countless. Let’s say, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim – how nice, the key that opens the doors to all treasures – Miftahu r-Rahmah, the key to the doors of Rahmah (Mercy). Let’s say – Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Go ahead O Shah Mardan, Sahib Dawran, Habibu r-Rahman. O Shah Mardan, go ahead (speak). Shah Mardan is saying – Let’s say a few words, let’s say a few words that will benefit these people. Go ahead O Shah Mardan, Sahib Kiran, (who smashes Kufr) Sahib Zaman. What are those words? A saying for all people – Be straight! Don’t be crooked! He is saying – be straight

MashaAllah, O Shah Mardan. This is giving all people such a power that you cannot know its limits. It’s an order from heavens, Habibu r-Rahman, Sahib Dawran is saying to all people – Be straight! Don’t be crooked. Snakes are crooked/ curved. Be straight! “Fastaqim Kama Umirta” (11:112) Prophet (ﷺ) said – “Shayyabatni Surat Hud” The surah Hud aged me, it made me get older. Why? Such an order came – “Fastaqim Kama Umirta” (11:112) Be straight the way you were ordered to be! The meaning for all people – Be straight! Go ahead O Shah Mardan, I am waiting for your explanation. What a nice saying – Be straight! Don’t be crooked! Don’t be crooked, be straight. The order from heavens for the Prophet salawatullahi wa salamu alayhi – “Fastaqim Kama Umirta” (11:112), Be straight the way you were ordered, O My Habib. Allahu Akbar! This is enough and more than enough for all people: One saying, one advice, one order from heavens – be straight. Is there anything wrong in Islam? Islam is not crooked. Islam is ordering people to be straight. Don’t be crooked! Snakes are curvy, not straight. They will crush you. Be straight! 

“Wa Dhakkir Fa’inna dh-Dhikra Tanfa’u l-Mu’uminina” (51:55) Remind, because to remind gives believers strength. They get power.

Go ahead O Shah Mardan. How nicely you said it. Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. Those listening to Shah Mardan, today a saying came for all mankind. If someone says it is wrong, they can boil in hell with satan. Islam has no faults. The order of Islam for all people – Be straight. MashaAllah. Is there anything wrong in Islam? This is the order of Islam. Shah Mardan is informing us. “Wa Dhakkir Fa’inna dh-Dhikra Tanfa’u l-Mu’uminina” (51:55) Remind, because to remind gives believers strength. They get power. Wa Dhakkir – Remind Fa’inna dh-Dhikra Tanfa’u AlMu’uminina – because reminding benefits believers. And so Shah Mardan is telling us. Shah Mardan, Sahibul Maydan, he is saying – O people be straight. It is one saying. If it’s wrong, let one person stand up and say that this saying of Shah Mardan’s is wrong. Let them say that this order of Islam is wrong. Let him come out into the open. Let the Christian world come out and say that Islam is wrong. Let the Jews say that Islam is the wrong way. Allah (swt) will ruin them. Islam is giving an order and Shah Mardan is repeating that order for us. 

What is Islam ordering people? Be straight. Allah Allah! You can write many books, and talk about being straight, true, right. Don’t be crooked. MashaAllah O Shah Mardan. Your saying is beautiful. With one saying you said the summary of all orders and teachings of Islam. Islam is telling people – be straight. If it’s wrong, let the Christians & Jews & Indians & Chinese say. Let the Chinese people and their scholars say that this way is wrong. Every way other than this way is wrong. This is the order of Islam. Islam is not saying anything else to people. Be straight. What does straight mean? Be true! Don’t twist and turn like a snake. Be like the arabic letter Alif – a straight line. What do we want? Why does the Christian world attack Islam? Or what didn’t the Jews like about Islam that they refuse to accept it? Everything in Islam is straight. But those whose characteristics are to twist and turn like a snake, they are not accepting. Because everything they do is twisted/ crooked like a snake. 

There is one way to be saved. What is it? It is Islam. What has Islam ordered? Be straight, be straight like the Alif.

One order. Let the whole world say. Let their scholars say that Islam is wrong. What is Islam ordering you? The Prophet (ﷺ) of the last days, the Beloved One of Allah (swt) said: “Innama bu’ithtu li’utammima makarimal akhlak” – I was sent to people to teach them to be straight. Islam says – be straight, don’t be crooked. Crooked ones are satan and snakes. One saying. O Shah Mardan, MashaAllah. You gathered all people; it is enough for all people. But those who follow satan they don’t want to be straight. The world today has fallen into a tornado. They are looking for a way to be saved. Why are you looking? There is one way to be saved. What is it? It is Islam. What has Islam ordered? Be straight, be straight like the Alif. If this doesn’t suit you, then you’ll be crushed. No help will come to you from heavens. Storms and tornados will come. You will be afflicted with killing one another with oppression. Thousands of satans will come to make you lose your humanity. 

Being straight didn’t please satan. It said – I can’t come, I won’t accept. It said – I won’t accept being straight. Then go to hell. Those who are not straight will go to hell. And people today are not appreciating this. There is one Creator. There is one Order. That is why the Prophet of last days said, because Allah (swt) said to the Prophet of the last days – “Fastaqim” – O My Habib, be straight. How beautiful. Be straight, I don’t want anything else. Who is not straight? satan. And people of today have become like satan. There are no people, no nations left who are straight. They all want to be crooked and because they are not keeping one order, the whole world has fallen into such a dead-end. They are bewildered. What is the reason? Why aren’t they asking what the reason is? The whirlpool that people have fallen into today… they call it whirlpool… it turns like this in the sea… what is it? In the sea there is place that is turning, they call it whirlpool. The sea water is turning there. If it catches anyone, they sink & drown. They don’t come back up. 

This is the advice – one saying. What Islam wants from people is one thing – Be straight, don’t be crooked. Snakes are twisting and turning. Be straight, what a beautiful saying.

And now the whole world has fallen into a whirlpool because of one reason. Go ahead O Shah Mardan, Sahib Dawran, your Yaran are listening to you. The whole world has to listen. They have fallen into a whirlpool. There is a place in the sea where water is turning, even if a big boat goes inside, it will be sunk. It’s called a whirlpool. They have fallen into a whirlpool. Satan made people fall into a whirlpool. They are turning & turning, They are being pulled down and cannot go back up. One order will save mankind. Go ahead O Shah Mardan, Sahib Dawran, Asadullahi l-Ghalib, Allah’s undefeated lion, go ahead speak. Give mankind some advice. This is the advice – one saying. What Islam wants from people is one thing – Be straight, don’t be crooked. Snakes are twisting and turning. Be straight, what a beautiful saying. 

Be straight so you will be saved. If you’re not straight, the whirlpool will pull you down and you can’t go back up again. This is the advice. O Shah Mardan, Sahibul Maydan, Habibur-Rahman, Ali Ibn Abi Talib (Karram Allahu wajhahu). Why has Islam reached to this day? Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Because Islam is straight/ true, it has continued until this day. Today half the population of the world is Muslim. If not, one third is Muslim. Why? Islam is giving you an Order. It says – Be straight, “Fastaqim”. To be straight means to not be crooked. But this is not to satan’s advantage. Satan says – follow me. I’ll take you to such a place that you will love. And then it will bring you and throw you into a whirlpool. And people today have fallen into satan’s whirlpool. Why? Because they weren’t straight. They didn’t accept to be straight. They each brought a made-up system – we will be saved with this. They brought disbelief in front of Islam. Can disbelief stand against Islam? What have you become? You became monkey people. Shame on you. 

And those claiming to be Muslim have fallen into satan’s whirlpool also. Satan said – you will be saved with this. All the people in charge say is really Dirt-ocracy. Why do you say democracy? Was it sent from heavens? Or is it from satan? Satan’s made-up system is democracy. Demos, in Greek means crazy. Craci, means ruling. Demos, in Greek means satan, means crazy. The crazy one’s, oppressors’, mindless peoples’ made-up ruling system. It is a whirlpool, satan’s whirlpool. They say – democracy. Even those claiming to be Muslim are saying democracy. Shame on them. May their degrees be ruined. One order that Allah (swt) sends is enough. Be straight. Every trick and every type of cheating that the fox doesn’t know, you can find in democracy. Leave that! 

Alexander The Great

Let’s talk about Alexander The Great and how he became great. He kept the orders of Allah. Alexander the Great was following the order to be straight. He strived to keep this order. Alexander The Great tried as much as he could to keep the orders of Allah. And his teacher who taught him, Pokrat, Aristokrat the wise ones during his time, those who accepted their Lord said to him – Keep the orders of Allah and don’t listen to ignorant people, or else the world will be upside down. That was Aristotle’s advice to Alexander The Great. They (Democrats) give the right to speak to ignorant ones. Well, these people’s democracy means crazy in Greek (demos). It means jinn. Demos means afrit (satanic jinns). Afrit means the ones who are satan’s representatives. How did satan enter among people? He entered by means of these mindless ones. According to their way, there is no straightness. 

To be straight is an order from heavens. Allah (swt) gave one order to mankind. They have so many rules, this and that… they are occupied with constitutions…foolish ones! What do you know about constitution, didn’t one come from heavens for you? Didn’t the rules to show you your way come from heavens? Yes it did but… It is one order. The order coming from heavens that was given to all Prophets – Be straight. There were no Prophets that didn’t tell their nations to be straight. People today are not accepting to be straight. They want democracy. Democracy is the sultanate of Afrit. Afrit means the sultanate of satans. Democracy is the sultanate of satans. The whole world today is under the sultanate of satans. They are making people suffer, because satan’s sultanate means to be crooked… politics and democracy. 

They cannot accept the one order, the order from heavens – Be straight. That means – Be true. Nothing else. Alexander The Great came from Macedonia. As a young man, 19 years old, he was taught by the wise ones of that time. He had teachers who knew the orders of the heavens. They said to him – O Alexander, be straight and go on your way. No force can stand against you. He went until the iron door. It was the iron door, right? He found a chain in the province of Van. They said – the road is closed, you cannot cross to that side. I can’t cross? He had an order to be straight. To be straight. Be straight and don’t fear. It is said that the one who cannot break this chain can’t pass to the other side. Whoever can open this knot can pass. He drew his sword and with one blow he broke the chain open. Why? Because he walked straight. 

Now the whole world has become satans. They can’t keep even one order. The order from heavens to people – Be straight. Is there anything else? But people have become the students of satan. They continuously follow him. Leave him! The order is saying to be straight, to be true. Because he was straight, he went all the way to India. Where is Macedonia and where is India? And those places that he went, Allah (swt) allowed me to go and see those places. The countries he went to, neither cars nor horses can pass through those roads. He went there and stopped. He reached his goal. He followed what his teachers said and went. What did his teachers tell him? Be straight. And all Prophets told their nations one order – to be straight. Don’t be like a snake. Be straight like an arrow. This is history. That is what Alexander’s teachers taught him. Be straight and true. And that is what Shah Mardan is saying. 

O people, if you want to save yourselves, Islam has one order: Be straight. If not, whatever you do will collapse.

O people, if you want to save yourselves, Islam has one order: Be straight. If not, whatever you do will collapse. It is like trying to hammer a post into hay. It won’t hold. The foundation is this order. Shah Mardan, Mashallah, He gave such a lesson today that is sufficient & also a healing for us. Islam has one order – Be straight. Is it wrong? It is wrong for those who don’t profit from it because they want to enter into every dirtiness. Islam is the religion for clean ones, the way of pure ones. It is the way of heavens. All other ways are satan’s ways. And satan has thrown them into the troubles and afflictions of today, because they aren’t keeping one order. The one order of Islam – O people be straight and don’t fear. They didn’t accept being straight and so they fell into this situation. They will finish each other off. Let them do that. They are greedy, shameless, rude, immodest, unashamed, and without virtue. They jump into every dirtiness that they call democracy, satan’s trap. It isn’t a system, it is satan’s trap. And people today are in that trap. They can’t escape. 

There’s only one solution. Shah Mardan (alayhi ridha r-Rahman) is telling us one thing: O people, be straight and be saved. Being straight doesn’t work to the advantage of satan or its followers. That is why they fell in such a whirlpool, they can’t get out. It will turn and pull them to the bottom of the sea and finish off mankind. Why? One Order of Islam, and all Prophets taught that also, Be straight! Leave tricks and cheating. Leave tricks. Satans are tricking people into traps and there is no chance to escape. Why? Because they are not straight. There are no straight people left. All of them follow satan’s instructions – do all dirtiness, don’t be straight. Shah Mardan is informing us – O people be straight and be saved. Since you are not straight, you won’t be saved. 

Democracy means the ruling of the crazy ones and afrit. They don’t teach this in schools. Why not? Because it doesn’t benefit satan. And it doesn’t benefit those following satan. And no one is looking for a straight person. All the ones with tricks and cheating are gathering and attacking each other with claims of arrogance. This world has come to the edge of the cliff. “Wa Kuntum ‘Ala Shafa Hufratin Mina An-Nari Fa’anqadhakum Minha” (3:103) Allah (swt) is saying – O ignorant people, you were right on the edge of the cliff, you were going to fall and Allah (swt)… Hablullahi l-Mateen…He sent down His unbreakable rope from heavens you held it and were saved. That is how you were saved. For 1500 years Islam is standing strong and firm because it has no tricks. Islam has one Order for people. O Shah Mardan, go ahead tell us what it is – Be straight! Finished, all problems are solved. All dead-ends open up. Like when Alexander struck with his sword and his way opened. Why? Because he said – I am going on the way of the Lord whom I believe in. Alexander had no tricks. That is why he became Alexander the Great. 

All those who went crooked, fell into whirlpools. The whole world today is in a whirlpool. Neither Obama, nor Europe, nor Putin can save you because they don’t have principles. Because there is one Order – Be straight. Politics is the curse that drowns people in the river of every type of dirtiness. Get rid of politics and look to keep the order/system that Allah (swt) sent. To summarize – Be straight. These people didn’t accept to be straight and fell into this whirlpool. Let them struggle to get out. Armageddon is coming for them to finish each other off. Wars are coming that will take away maybe half the world’s population. Why? Because they weren’t straight. If they were straight, they wouldn’t fight. O our Lord, forgive us. 

The order of the Prophet of the last days – Be straight. Be like the letter Alif, a straight line.

Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Your dua (prayers) are accepted and considered. May the good tidings of Habibu r-Rahman come to pass. May a Sultan come for us. A Sultan is shari’ah (islamic law). And the one who keeps the shari’ah is the Sultan. And the Sultan is the shadow of Allah (swt) on earth. Allahumma haqqiq. O our Lord, send us a Sultan soon. There is one saying that will save us from the whirlpool – Be straight. That’s it. If you don’t accept, you will be drowned and finished. Even if only 5 people are left in the world, they will be finished off. The order from heavens is – Be straight. All Prophets explained this, they also said to be straight. The order of the Prophet of the last days – Be straight. Be like the letter Alif, a straight line. O our Lord forgive us. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Habibur-Rahman…please make dua for us, for your Yaran. Your dua is accepted, we are waiting. We are waiting for divine help/support. Be straight and be saved. If not, you’ll be finished. 

Allah Ya Rabbi, You are Al-Qadir Al-Muqtadir (All Powerful). For the sake of this holy month – the month that is associated with Your Great Name, Shahrullah – send us help/support Ya Mawla. Ay Sahib Kiran, Shah Mardan, we are waiting for your prayers for Islam and for people. We want a Sultan who will protect us from satan’s evil. Who is a Sultan? The one that is straight. The one that is curved is a snake. In all countries, snakes are ruling. And those they bite never succeed. Tawbah ya Rabbi, Tawbah ya Rabbi, Tawbah astagfirullah. And make us from Your straight servants. Islam has one Order – Be straight. That means – Be true, be straight. Allah (swt) won’t humiliate you, just be straight in every thing you do. Be straight, your Lord won’t humiliate you. Success is from Allah (swt). 

Send us a Sultan who will save us from this weakness. Those who will destroy the armies of satan, who will come from heavens, Rahmani. We are waiting for those angels. They should rule according to Shari’ah Gharra’un Ahmadiyya (White Islamic Law). Let’s be straight. This is Islam – be straight. The ones who are bent are snakes. And people are imitating snakes. Aman ya Rabbi Tawbah ya Rabbi, Tawbah astagfirullah. Ya Rabbi let the Master come who will raise the banners of Islam ya Rabbi. Let Your lions come, ya Rabbi. Go ahead O Shah Mardan, your prayers are never sent back unanswered, they are accepted. Please pray for us, so that we will be straight. One saying – Be straight. Everyone understands to ‘be straight’ in their own language. 

May the banners of Islam be raised. We want to see it, ya Rabbi. Grant us for the sake of Your beloved Habib (ﷺ). Zid Habibaka izzan wa sharafa, nuran wa surura wa ridwanan wa Sultana. The sultanate of those who are with him (ﷺ) is forever. They will come and rule. Let us be with them, to serve with them, ya Rabbi. Fatiha. 

A very interesting sohbah. Be straight! So many interesting things. Those who are straight have been raised up like flags. Those who are not straight have sunk into the ground. And the sultanate of satan will also sink. The Sultanate of Haqq (truth) is forever. It is supreme, in heavens and earth. 


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