13 Rajab-ShaheMardan-Sohbat-Quotes-MawlanaSheikhNazimQS-SufiQalam- sufiqalam.com

13 Rajab Mawlid of Hz Ali (RA) – Shah Mardan

13 Rajab-ShaheMardan-Sohbat-Quotes-MawlanaSheikhNazimQS-SufiQalam- sufiqalam.com
The City Of Knowledge, 12th March, 2013

Mawlana calls on “Shah Mardan”, “Sultanu-l Maydan”. Mawlana gives a very strong warning to Alawis and all the shi’it sects who claim to be followers of S.Ali (Karram Allahu Wajhahu) and do not keep his way or Adab.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Shah Mardan

Sultan ul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Mohammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibendi (QS)

Sohbat excerpts – 10th March, 2013

The Shah of all fields

Madad Madad, Madad Madad, Madad Madad Ya Sahiba-l Imdad.  You have many servants O Lord, who can shake the world.  If You order even an ant, an ant can shake the world too.  AsSalam Alaikum Ya Shah-e Mardan.  O Shah-e Mardan! If Shah-e Mardan kicks the world, he can throw it like a ball.  He is also the Shah of all fields: Hz Ali ibn Abi Talib, RadiyaLlahu Anhu, KarramaLlahu wajhahu. Masha Allah.  O Shah-e Mardan! There are the servants who will throwaway shaytan and the dirty things he does and make the earth clean.

He is the lion of the lions

My Lord (jj).  Allahu Akbar! May we remember Your Name first, O Allah.  Stand up.  May we expand, may we find strength.  Being lazy is for the unbelievers. Fear is for the unbelievers. Marhaban O Shah-e Mardan. He is the Shah of the brave ones and also the shah of the fields. He is the shah of the field of bravery: Sayyidina Ali, Shah-e Mardan. Men and jinns tremble hearing his name. Shah-e Mardan. Hz Ali ibn Abi Talib, RadiyaLlahu anhuwa KarramaLlahu wajhah. Masha Allah.  Masha Allah. Subhan Allah. Madad Ya Shah-e Mardan! Reach us. We will destroy the unbelief! Shaytan is trembling. When he hears the name of Shah-e Mardan Sayyidina Ali shaytan’s all 32 bones tremble. Shaytan’s claim is that “I am the shah of this field”. Who are you? Even if there are 1 million shaytans like you, you have no value. O Shah-e Mardan. Hz Ali ibn Ab Talibin (ra). He is the son of our Prophet’s uncle, he is the lion of the lions. Allah Allah!Allah Allah! Marhaban O Shah-e Mardan, and the Sultanu-l Maydan. He is the Shah-e Mardan and Shah-e Maydan also. O our Sayyidina Ali Effendi, lion of the lions! Ya Shah-e Mardan, Masha Allah. Dastur Ya Rijal Allah, dastur. We are remembering the name of Shah-e Mardan who our Prophet loved. Pull yourself together! May today be a holy day.

He will appear at the end of times

AsaduLlahu Ghalib! Hz Ali, ibn Abi Talib. Ah that holy one! What a beautiful, what a majestic lion is he! He will appear at the end of times and finish all the false Alawis and others. Marhaba O Shah-e Mardan. Ali ibn Abi Talib, the son of the Prophet’s(ﷺ) uncle.

Mahdi is my son.

O Shah-e Mardan. May you send us from your holy line, from your children who will make us walk in your way. I just received an annoucement from Shah-e Mardan now: “Mahdi is my son. He will do the things you said”. Take measures, prepare your shroud. If you don’t correct your way, you won’t even be able to find a shroud. It won’t be like the cannons they fire, if Sayyidina Ali calls out loud from East to West “Ya Allah! “Jalla Jalaluhu.

O Shah-e Mardan! How majestic are you.

Don’t say “We are Alawi”.  Sayyidina Ali’s sword stands on your neck, KarramaLlahu wajhahu. The lion of Allah.  O Shah-e Mardan! How majestic are you. How majestic are you. Allah Almighty invited the Prophet (ﷺ) in His Divine Presence on the Night of Mi’raj, the Divine Presence of the Lord of Heavens. Allah Almighty said “O My Beloved! O My Beloved.  You went around My Malakut all this time and came here. Did you get any majesty come to you from anything?” “O our Lord Who knows everything. I didn’t see anything majestic but only when I was called to Your Presence, I saw a lion there. I trembled with one look of that lion “said the Master of Both Worlds. “O My Beloved, do you know who he was?” “O Lord, You know”.  “That is the son of your uncle, Ali ibn Abu Talib. He is My special servant. It is the majesty that belongs to him! “His one look can destroy seven worlds! Our Prophet saw his majesty.  He said “I saw a majestic lion. I had goose bumps in fear”. “Did you know who he was? He is the son of your uncle. Sayyidina Ali”. Sayyidina Ali did not go inside. He was at the door. Who was accepted in the Presence is our Prophet. O who say “we are Alawis”, pull yourselves together! Or the sword of S.  Ali’s can make the heads fall from East to West in one swing.

Be like Shah-e Mardan.

This is for everyone: Turks, Kurds, or Arabs. This is an address for all of us. O our Lord, may You forgive us. Shukur Allah.  O beloved ones, O who love Shah-e Mardan. Get ready and attend. Be like Shah-e Mardan. Shah-e Mardan did not even hurt an ant of Allah. Is there anyone left that you didn’t hurt? Is there anyone left that you are not enemies to? Then you claim “We are Alawis, we are Kurdish, we are Turkish” This has no value.  Keep the way of Sayyidina Ali. It is the way of the Prophet.  The way of the Prophet is the way of Allah.


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