At The End of Times

The wars and the natural disasters that cover the earth are signs that the end of times has come. Everything is backwards. No clean people with knowledge are left. Man has been honored by the greeting of peace from his Lord and he has forgotten. His only aim in these times is to dishonor and degrade others. Ask for forgiveness because the punishment of Allah that is coming is severe.


Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (Qs), Sohbat of the 25th of October, 2013

As-salamu alaykum O Yaran/lovers of Shah Mardan. O holy ones. Let’s be happy, let’s be joyful. Let’s be joyful. Go ahead Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. What joy, our Almighty Mawla created us. Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. Shah Mardan’s beloved friends, clean servants, pure servants, beautiful servants, honorable servants, servants raised high. Welcome to our assembly. Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. How beautiful you are, those who are attending Shah Mardan’s assembly. How beautiful they are, how pure they are. O holy ones. Ay Yaran Shah Mardan, watch over us so we can be pure servants. So we can be clean servants. That is what is desired.

What is required from people?

Go ahead O Shah Mardan, inform us – what is required from people? To be an honorable servant. That is what is requested from us. To be an honorable servant. To eat, drink, run around – these give no benefit. That is why, O Shah Mardan, we want to listen to you. How can we be honorable? How can we be honorable? Allah Almighty has decreed mankind honorable. The Lord of Glory has made the children of Adam honorable. He gave mankind honor, Divine Honor. What a great rank. What a great honor. There is an addressing to mankind to “be honorable”. Be honorable, be clean, be pure, be beautiful. Be beautiful. Allah’s addressing to mankind – Be beautiful. Be honorable. How nice. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Your Yaran admire you. Our Lord wants us to be honorable. He wants us to be beautiful, to be honorable. He wants us to be pure.

Salamun Qawlaan Min Rabbin Rahim” (36:58)

Then let’s say – as-salamu alaikum O attendees, those who are attending. Masha’Allah. Divine Salam/greeting of peace has been given to mankind. “Salamun Qawlaan Min Rabbin Rahim” (36:58) Aman ya Rabbi. What magnificence, what a great dress of honor our Almighty Mawla has dressed on us. “Salamun Qawlaan Min Rabbin Rahim” (36:58) For whom is this honor? “Qawlaan Min Rabbin Rahim”. “Salamun Qawlaan Min Rabbin Rahim.” Our Lord, “Salamun Qawlaan Min Rabbin Rahim”. This is Salam/peace to you from Allah whose Mercy knows no bounds. What more do you want, O foolish ones? Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Everything has been forgotten. The heavenly addressing of honor has been forgotten. “Salamun Qawlaan Min Rabbin Rahim” (36:58) To whom is this Salam? The Merciful One, Allah Almighty, dressed us with the honorable dress of His Mercy. Then He is saying – “Salamun Qawlaan min Rabbin Rahim” Who is He greeting? He is giving Salam/greeting you, O foolish man!

We are now living in the end of times.

Don’t be foolish, look at the addressing. “Salamun Qawlaan Min Rabbin Rahim” (36:58) Peace be upon you from Allah whose Mercy has no limits. Aman ya Rabbi. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. In the past, there were those who knew, but now no one knows, only ignorant ones remain. It is the time of the last days. All that is happening is a sign – We are now in the last days. It is the last days. Everything that is happening is a sign. A sign for what? They are signs that the world is coming to an end, the signs that are appearing. It is the time of the last days. That means there was a beginning. It started with Prophet Adam. Then what happened? There is a beginning of times and an end of times. We are now living in the end of times. What is the sign of last days? The signs that are taking place, all this fighting.

There is a war on earth for people to take the Divine Honor away from one another. “Let’s take the honor from clean people so they can be dishonorable creatures.” And that is why we are in the time of last days. When we say “last days”, it is the time when everything happens backwards, and everything loses its value. In this time, the honor of people has been lost, there’s no honor left. The honor that Allahu Dhul Jalal dressed on mankind is gone. It has been taken. Men have become enemies to one another and people are fighting to take that honor away from each other.

Mankind has been dressed with a dress of honor from heavens.

Mankind has been dressed with a dress of honor from heavens. Dress of honor – There is a dress of honor. People are fighting one another to take this dress of honor. The dress of honor has been dressed by Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty has dressed the dress of honor on mankind. What are you trying to do? You are fighting to take that dress of honor from each other. Shame. To take from each other the dress of honor that was dressed on you from heavens, to fight one another – that is not the order of heavens. Then what have people become? Excuse the expression. They are trying to remove the dress of honor that was given to mankind. What have they become? What is their characteristic? They became manure, filth. Those who are fighting to take the dress of honor given from heavens have lost their honor. And the people today are fighting for the dress of honor that was dressed on man from heavens. “That honor is with you” – someone says that, and the other says “No, it is with me”. The dress of honor is dressed from heavens, not from earth.

What is provoking Allah Almighty’s anger, the Divine Wrath?

SubhanAllah. Sultan Allah. What is provoking Allah Almighty’s anger, the Divine Wrath? They are fighting to take away from each other the dress of honor that was given to them from the heavens. Shame on them. They became dishonorable creatures. They were honored and they lost that honor. That is why in the past they said – “it has become the last days, all that happens is a sign.” Our time now is the last days. Everything is backwards/wrong. Every dirtiness is out there. People are throwing every filth on one another. This is not humanity. It is not humanity. Mankind is the one for whom Allah Almighty said – “Salamun Qawlaan Min Rabbin Rahim” (36:58) This is the most honorable dress that the Lord of Glory dressed on mankind. The dress of humanity, you are trying to take it away from each other, trying to put each other down, trying to destroy and burn each other. This is not humanity.

Go ahead O Shah Mardan. What is the punishment for this? It means that Allah Dhul Jalal will strike those who try to take away people’s dress of mightiness and greatness. Heavenly wrath is coming now. There are earthquakes, there are floods and tornadoes. Mankind is bewildered. They don’t know what to do. Because you are trying to take away and destroy the honor that the Lord of Glory gave to mankind. Treat people with honor. Don’t be afraid of anything. Since you didn’t (honor them), take the punishment. Some have floods, some have fires. Forests are burning. Some have floods, some are punished with earthquakes. The heavens are sending punishment because they lost and want to lose the honor of honorable mankind. The heavens are sending floods, floods, earthquakes, earthquakes, fires. Fires that don’t go out and cannot be extinguished. Earthquakes that cannot be stopped. Aman ya Rabbi. And these are the signs that the Holy Books from heavens have informed us about.

Protect your humanity, so that the heavens will protect you.

Pull yourselves together O people. Protect your humanity, so that the heavens will protect you. If not, floods will take you away. Earthquakes will take you away and you will be finished. Because there is Divine Anger. In return for what they are doing to mankind, who has been honored by Allah Almighty, fire is being sent, floods are being sent, tornadoes are being sent, earthquakes are being sent. Try to stop it, O mankind. You can’t stop it. It is finished. Come back, come back to humanity. Come back to the honor of mankind – “Salamun Qawlaan Min Rabbin Rahim” – Allah Almighty has glorified mankind with this.

That means we are now in the last days, everything that happens is a sign. Fires are starting, no one knows where they started from. Floods are coming, no one knows where they came from. Earthquakes are happening, no one knows where they came from. Tornadoes are coming. Hafazana Allah. May Allah protect us. Come to the right way. O Yaran Shah Mardan. Let’s return to the right way because the heavens are addressing you of that way – “Salamun Qawlaan Min Rabbin Rahim” (36:58) “Salamun Qawlaan Min Rabbin Rahim” No earthquakes or floods or hurricanes or fires that appear from nowhere will harm you. They can’t touch you. Know your humanity. Return to your humanity. Teach this. If you don’t, they will teach you.

“Salamun Qawlaan Min Rabbin Rahim” Allahu akbar. O our Lord, forgive us. Send us a master O our Lord. “Salamun Qawlaan Min Rabbin Rahim” Fatiha.

There are fires burning, no one knows where they came from. Mountains are burning, forests are burning, houses are burning. Continents are colliding with one another. The ice is melting. Floods are sweeping everything away. Hurricanes are coming with such great force. Aman ya Rabbi. Tawba ya Rabbi. Tawba Astaghfirullah, forgive us our Allah. Tawba ya Rabbi, Tawba ya Rabbi, Tawba Astaghfirullah. These are nothing. “Inna Batsha Rabbika Lashadid” (85:12) “the punishment of your Lord is severe.” You cannot stand against it. Aman ya Rabbi. Forgive us. “Wa ‘fu’anna Wa ghfir Lana Wa rhamna.”(2:286).


A kookaburra perches on a branch in a fire-ravaged forest.

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