Mevlana Hz.

Mawlana speaks about S. Jalaluddin Rumi Hz. and the Mevlevi Tariqah.


Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (ق ),

Sohbat of the 18th of September, 2013

Hazrat Mawlana (Rumi) who is well known all over the world. Today his way unfortunately has been changed. Their rights have been taken away and they are banned from being with the people and the believers. Apart from this reason or that reason the ones who are in the Mevlevi Tariqa (Rumi) are being heedless. Instead of serving this tariqa (Sufi order), sadly they do acts which lessen the worth of this Lofty Tariqa. They are bringing harm to it and they are clouding its honour. Consequently there are loyal servants of Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi and these matters bring sadness to their hearts. But we saw a hadith sharif and in this hadith sharif, the glorious Prophet Hazrat ‘alaihi ‘afdalu s-salat wa attammu taslima, mentions and declares the signs of the last times and the status of the believers, living at that time. He declared that “the Believers’ hearts will melt like salt melts in water.” When they asked: Why O Rasulullah? Because they won’t be able to correct all the madness and badness they see; in weakness they will have to watch what happening. For this reason their hearts will melt. 

Therefore, Hazrat Effendi emphasizes the expression of a real deep sadness. Yet there is heavenly wisdom. When the Last Times arrive the work will be left to those who are unable; it will be entrusted to the incapable. Then everything will get completely mixed up. For none of their issues & problems will they find a solution. They will be insolvable. The more they try to solve them, the more they will get messed up. Then when it gets messed up, it will be a deadlock. We are in this state now, the state he mentioned. We are there. And now Hazrat Effendi is informing us about the condition of this Tariqa, that was born in Turkey, in Konya. 

Unfortunately because of our unending carelessness, this great personality who has won the whole world’s appreciation and love, today we are not able to present him to our own people. We aren’t able to present him. We aren’t able to take from his spiritual powers. Only his whirling, ascension to the Divine love, this we are imitating or allowing people to imitate, here and in Europe or for our intellectual folk. We are making a show. The spiritual ceremony, the spiritual ceremony of the Mevlevi, we are presenting as a show to Europe to the USA. Let the tourists watch it and get happy like a folkloric dance. It is sad. Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi did not bring this Tariqa from its source to make it a folkloric dance or show. Maybe it is for getting rid of the Asfala Safilin (95:5) and to bring Man to his high station in the Malakut. The time when Hazrat (Rumi) was whirling himself, he was surely not turning like a propeller on the ground. After some time turning on the ground making “Sama'” he was ascending to the heavens & when they hit the drum, its voice would awaken his physical being & he started descending to the ground. 

This Lofty Tariqa, is like that. It is addressing the spirituality of Humans. It addresses both the enlightened spiritualities and the ordinary physicality. Nevertheless in reality everyone is attracted by this Tariqa. Sadly it remains in the hands of the incapable, as a show. I feel sorry for our Country whose people today are especially in need of spiritual training. They are feeling this. And because this lofty Tariqa came from our country and it is good for our nature also, their neglect of it is an inexcusable mistake. 

Because all start with the “Adab Ya Hu” inscription. All Tariqa’s, and also the Lofty Mevlevi Tariqa, their first instruction is “Adab Ya Hu” They are reminded to have manners. The first thing we have lost is also manners. A nation’s worth and value is known by how advanced are its manners. Not with its richness, money, activities and trade. With manners is Man’s value. And society’s, community’s, nation’s values and reputations are known by the good manners they have. Sadly we are known as Eastern people but the Eastern people are those who teach good manners to all the world. Europe never has been in the circle of “Adab” and it still isn’t. Before they become Islamic and learn the Adab of the Eastern nations who were taught by Islam, they won’t be able get into the circle of Adab. And all the Tariqa’s come originally to bring the nations, Ummahs, communities, people, to the circle of Adab. 

All right, Hay Hay Bal Tariqatu Kulluha ala… 



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