Shadow Play

Like in a shadow play, shayṭān is the puppeteer and all people, East and West, follow his lead without knowing. People run for the hungry of Abyssinia when they should waste less food. Religious people must be patient and tolerant. If they can save one person from shayṭān that is enough. The only shelter is with the Awliyā’.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi (ق)

Sohbet from 1986

Only if when we are going to be with our Lord Allāh Almighty, there we are rest. When living, leaving Him going in … like a well, well? Huge well, dark well – too many snakes scorpions, spiders? Yes also. When you are going with your Lord you feel rest, when you are returning everything harming you. Therefore one person, Grand Shaykh was saying, Allāh blesses him, too much he was unrest and he said “I must leave this place and I must go up to mountains so that no one coming to me and making me unrest, no one disturbing me.” Going far away for a mountain, finding a cave and getting in it sitting, saying “no in this place, no one knowing if here I am. I am of rest.” After a while, one person coming. Looking round and there is a huge rock on that cave. Saying “what a beautiful rock, go cut it. Must cut it and coming and grrm, grrm grrm. He said, that person, “O my Lord I am escaping from everyone and sending this one to take rock. So many mountains and coming to take this rock.” And he said, “This is impossible. What You sending?” 

So that if anyone asking rest during this life, maybe in the big cities or through villages, impossible. This life, live for disturbance, unrest. And we have been ordered to be patient. Who are going to be patient, going to be victorious finally. As much as we can carry our, according to our capacities, Allāh Almighty sending for carrying. Everyone carrying something, must carry. No one unloaded through this life. Everyone loaded. But according to their faith power, Allāh sending for them. Lā rāḥata fid-dīn, lā rāḥata fid-dunyā. No one resting through this life. And particular was saying Grand Shaykh for us it is.. For those whom they are religious, asking to keep their religion, no rest. 

His saints, Awliyā’, they are shelters for believers for everyone, whom asking to escape from troubles through this life. They may run to those shelters, awliyā’.

Particularly in our days, they are signed by devils targeted, yes by devils, so that unreligious people which they are too much, they are they have been appointed by devils not giving them any rest. “As much as you can give them trouble, give troubles.” – that is daily order from headquarters of shayṭān kingdom, who is… followers, to his helpers, to his assistants, and to his soldiers, and volunteers. “As much as you can give more trouble, give them more trouble.” And they are huge crowding people. Therefore Allāh Almighty saying, “When you are going to be in a narrow, or bad condition surrounding you, run under My shelter.” Who is our Lord’s shelter? His saints, Awliyā’, they are shelters for believers for everyone, whom asking to escape from troubles through this life. They may run to those shelters, awliyā’. If you can’t find, or you can’t find shelter, shelters on earth are awliyā’ the inheritors of Prophets. They are not going to be absent on earth till last day. 

And that is divinely justice. If anyone getting to be in troubles and asking a shelter to where? “‘Ayna l-mafarru” (75:10) – “to where I may escape”? They may escape to Lord’s beloved people, awliyā’. Therefore everyone in our days, particularly religious people, in more difficult conditions that ever found from the beginning up to end. It is just our times. You can’t be able putting more than this through centuries. And we are more in need to ask a shelter for ourselves. Therefore, as Shaykh Osman saying “you are living in a little village.” Little or big, same now. East and West same now. Islamic world, Christian world same now for giving trouble for sincere and religious people. And as much as we have difficult conditions for keeping our faith, no one can be reached through centuries that these people reaching in Divine Presence, from high stations. So that the Day of Resurrection people should ask to be as they are that day. For our time’s believers, because they carry more than everyone that carried before from difficulties for keeping their faith and keeping the ways of Prophets the way of the last Prophet (ﷺ). 

Now we are in need to make mudārāh. Mudārāh with people. Mudārāh means, don’t come to them, from front because if you are showing for them enmity and hatred, they are growing more than this to you also. Therefore, through their meetings if we have been obliged to be with them, you must use a method that no one hating to you. As much as you may be tolerant, tolerant – it is useful for us now. And we have been ordered to be tolerant as much as we can now. Even Grand Shaykh, Allāh blessings him, was saying “you may be with your friend 99 steps with tolerance – come here, come there, go here, come here, you may follow 99 steps with him. And we hope that perhaps that person may step with us one step. Don’t be tired, as hunters never tiring from morning up to evening from going around deserts or mountains or jungles for hunting, yet never feeling tired. 

And you, now it is a time for every honoured religious person to hunt, from common people or to save people from the hands of devils. Maybe a hunter from morning up to evening with difficulties may find some hunts but you may find on every step and around you, yourself, you are making like this, you may catch, like this you may catch. It is so easy to be in contact with people whom they are, without knowing or knowing, they are helping to shayṭān kingdom, devil’s kingdom on earth. You may hunt one of them. Even if everyone hunting one, and that one hunting one, it is enough for a person to hunt one or to save one from the hands of devils. And mankind they are suffering from devils. They are miserable by shayṭānic works and deeds. They are miserable through fights and millions or billions they are saying that no more fighting, they are asking peace. But they’re only saying that for one side, they are not saying same words to the second side. And that is also from devil’s deeds, from devil’s deeds in our time. 

Day before I am looking also in newspaper. Everyday to look from the signs of Mahdi, Allāh blessings him. Day before it was Sunday perhaps, that I was coming. And I am looking on whole way, putting some signs and policemen, boyscouts, and soldiers, nurses so many people waiting. I am surprising. For what they are waiting? I went and then I am coming from dhikr I am looking that perhaps thousands of people passed through that signed way, so many sponge, sponge thrown on the road and that people cleaning them with brushes. And some people like people escaped from mental house with shorts but more than me older, I don’t know running or walking also. But they said thousands quickly passing those people behind this group they are. They can’t move more than this, walking. “What is that?” I asked. They said, “Race. Race for peace.” Race? And then I saw in newspaper also, from Turkey there is a huge bridge on Bosphorus. I am looking, whole traffic is stopping and Turks also too much mind now. They are following every step – we are following Europe. That is honour now, for Muslim world that is going to be honour for them to imitate everything that European people make. 

Thousands of people on that bridge running race? Race, trot-horse race, man-race. They are asking to pass horses, but they can’t. And what is that? They are saying that this race in every big city they are doing and billions of people running and they are saying it is for Abyssinian hungry people. And Abyssinia government they are denying the Lord Allāh Almighty. They are throwing away the emperor that it was the, one of the oldest kingdom on earth. And the red ones coming and making him rezil (humilated) with every lies, and throwing him and putting red rules there and Allāh angry with them. Taking rains. Finish. If not those people running bringing something there, then they are turning to their Lord and asking to repent, and asking forgiveness – then rains. If no repentance or no asking forgiveness, it is impossible to return to that Abyssinia favours from Allāh Almighty now. Everything they may send, but it is not going to be enough, never going to be anything. 

They are doing this and going and support to that red rulers. And you must think about it. But they are not using same race, even I am not saying European people but Muslim world that they are running on bridge of Istanbul, they are not doing this for Afghani people mujāhids. Same and more, they have refugees and they are in need for everything. Why not doing that? Devil’s kingdom ordering, and we are not enough looking to see which thing is truth and which thing is falsehood. I am sorry that I am looking Islamic world also running after, as Europe runs, as devil’s kingdoms orders them. No meaning, and they are saying “this one, this one, this one.. before you are running you are putting 1000 Turkish pounds.” It means one pound – I don’t know here how much. I am saying yā Hū, for what this rezalet (disgrace)? If money for what this? Give one pound, for what they are running like mad people? What is the meaning? 

But devils laughing to people, making people nonsense and foolishness. For what this? Running on ways, to where running? Give one pound, what you are doing? And everything that, when Allāh Almighty asking to destroy nations or people or someone, first taking their minds. Then they are going to be destroyed. Now people, foolishness going wholly to people. I noticed 80 years person such a short[s]….and long way. Give one pound, finish, what is this! Therefore everything behind a big screen it is arranged. We have, before centuries, like cinema, shadow play. Man not looking but karakuz, puppets, but you can’t see the person they’re… Yes, now people. shayṭān making every people, yes under his command, never thinking “what, what I am doing?” Without meaning actions, that gives honour to mankind? Stopping traffic and people running? mā shā’a Llāh. 

Q: They think if make big propaganda of this action and big movements and all people will pull their attention. 

SN: No more attention with people! Attention finish. If they are running everyday no one looking, taking attention If they are taking care they may keep. Food they’re throwing, or pouring in the sea or pouring on dustbins they may look for that. Millions of pounds everyday, every year, every month, Europeans, modern people throwing away. Why they are not looking after that? They must give attention for that purpose, everyday, everyday. May be enough not for Abyssinia – for whole countries. To be in high life that European people throwing away from favours of Allāh Almighty. Wasting! Wasting. In Europe in western countries going to be the level of junūn, madness. Wasting, wasting everything! 

It is not only Abyssinia, in Sudan also. In other countries why they are not sending? Same climate. But mostly to Abyssinia. There is Eritrea, there is Somalia. Why not? Because they are not red. Red people too clever to make this attention. But others not knowing, they’re too much knowing advertising for themselves. And because those people also must be suffer because they saw that, that person taking away perhaps 4000 or 3000 years emperor. Taking away and they are never saying that this was a person through 1000 years with ourselves. What thing was wrong with them? Nothing. And Iran also on same level. They were complaining from Shah, now they’re saying “where is Shah?” Abyssinian people now asking where is emperor? 

Because today coming worse than before. Tomorrow coming worse also. Today is better. You must say al-ḥamdu liLlāh. We are saying that mankind following shayṭānic ideas, leaving their Lord’s rules and ways, they lost. They are not in need to follow red rules, no! No any religion accepting that red rules. As I told it is the time that devil’s kingdom on East and West. Everyone as… 


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