Chasing Your Shadow

Allah did not create you to carry dunya. He made you to be His khalifa, the sultan of dunya but you haven’t understood what that means. The ones who don’t understand are in the streets, the few who do understand are hidden. The Prophet (ﷺ) taught his companions the true value of dunya by means of their shadows. You made a pledge to Allah that He is your only Lord and you have broken it.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi ق , Sohbat of the 13th of August, (6th Shawwal) 2013.

As-Salamu alaikum O yaran of Shah Mardan, O hadirun. Let us say “dastur”, dastur O Shah Mardan. Your yaran admire you. May we be dressed with the barakah/ blessings of the holy month of Eid. Who respect this holy month are dressed with a great deal – (this holy month’s) grants are abundant. Its grants are abundant. Let us see what will come today from the holy words of Shah Mardan to his yaran. We don’t know. 

We say “let us learn”. What is our learning for? To build a garden, to build a house, to do this thing, to do that thing… A person whose concerns are only these has no value. Who is not aware of what he was created for, has no value. A sack – Man turned into a strange creature that carries a sack over his two legs. Hasha, Who created us did not create us to be a porter. Dastur O Shah Mardan. Really, Janab-ur Rabbu-l Izzat Who created us did not create us to be a porter in this world. It is such a shame that there is no one left who can comprehend this reality, and those who can are hidden. Janabu Rabbu-l Izzat didn’t create us to be a bearer of dunya. Look, this is an important word from the words of the holy ones – from Shah Mardan Hz. 

May a power come to me & come to you also. May we become powerful, may we be filled with love. Don’t bear the burden of dunya, be filled with the Divine Love. Allahu Dhu-l Jalal did not create Man to be a bearer of dunya. Who is left that can comprehend this? Go ahead O Shah Mardan. It is a shame that today’s people see themselves as bearers of dunya. Everyone is in a rush, everyone carries a burden – carries from dunya. If they carried from akhirah, it would be ok but there is no akhirah bearer. There is no one who has a concern for akhirah – they all run to bear the burden of dunya. Dastur Ya Rijal Allah, madad Ya Shah Mardan. Your yaran admire your speech. 

Recite the Bismillah & the hidden secrets open for you.

Really, was Allah Almighty in need of a porter, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, that He sent us to dunya to be a porter? What kind of a thing is this? Janab-u Rabbu-l Izzat- Jalla Jalaluhu, Jallat Azamatuhu wa la Ilaha ghayruhu – He Who made the angels prostrate to us in such a ceremonial occasion sent us to dunya to be porters after all this ceremony & protocol? Shame on you. After dressing this honour of being Caliph on Adam did Allah Almighty send us to dunya to be porters? We have so many wrong doings. What was our rank? Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Recite the Bismillah & the hidden secrets open for you. Shame on those people who neither understand this nor explain it. 

Welcome to you, our yaran- you are yaran of Shah Mardan, you are his ahbab, his children. The holy one is getting happy. Don’t paint your lips, don’t put makeup on your eyes either. Don’t wear fashionable clothes. These don’t give you any value. “This one has such a diploma, such a rank…”. What is the value of these? AstaghfiruLlah. Tubna wa raja’na ilaika Ya Rabbi. Did He (swt) create us for this? If Allah Almighty created us like this, we have no value. “‘Inni Ja’ilun Fi l’Ardi Khalifatan”(2:30). Did He say “Who is the Caliph on earth should be a porter?” He said “I will make them Caliph/ Deputies on earth”. He didn’t say “they will be porters”. “Inni Ja’ilun Fi l-‘Ardi Khalifatan”. It is such a rank that all the great angels wanted it for themselves with love & longing. But we turned out to be the opposite – with the tempting of shaytan – it turned to the contrary. What was our rank? To be Sultans. We came to dunya and are we fulfilling our Sultanate? Or did we become the laughingstock of shaytan? 

What is it that you have, O Man? What is your honour? They don’t know about their honour. “Inni Ja’ilun Fi l-‘Ardi Khalifatan”- I will make, I will send a Caliph who will rule on earth on behalf of Me”. Angels said “Let us be that one”. “No, you can’t be”. This point- Shah Mardan is always asserting this point, this matter. Wa dhakkir! He is reminding: what you were and where did you fall down? For what did you fall down? How did you fall down? What are you doing? Allahu akbar Allahu akbar Allahu akbar. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. What we are doing is being the bearer of the dirty dunya. This is what the people run after, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi. Kun hurra wa la takun abdan. Be free, don’t be a slave. You came to dunya & be free. You came to dunya as free men. Allah Almighty sent you as free men from Paradise. And then? He (swt) says “I sent you as free ones to dunya, not as slaves, O Man!” 

O our Lord, what do we know? What do we know? “Inni Ja’ilun Fi l-‘Ardi Khalifatan”- the attribute of being Caliph above being sultan. Allah Almighty says “I didn’t send you to dunya to be a porter. I filled you with glory and honour, sent you as sultan who represents Me. You left it & became the dirty slaves of the dirty dunya; became the ugly followers of the ugly dunya. But it won’t be left to you, O Man!”. Even if you write books about this, you can’t finish it. For how many days, Shah Mardan Hz is speaking about this holy word, to teach us our identity. O yaran of Shah Mardan, listen. What is desired is not the sultanate of dunya but to be as a Sultan in dunya. He (swt) made you Sultan but you couldn’t understand this fact. You couldn’t understand what kind of a Sultan you are. You couldn’t understand Who made you Sultan. You couldn’t understand what kind of a Sultanate He granted you. You became bewildered, became the bearer of the dirty dunya. Leave it. Leave it- leave dunya & it will run after you. 

Run away from dunya and it comes after you.

When he was coming from Uhud- S. Mehmet Effendi knows about it- when Prophet alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam was coming from a visit with the Companions, he stood like this. He stood like this & when the sun was coming from this side (behind) our Prophet’s shadow was in front of him. He (ﷺ) said to the Companions: “Look, is there anyone among you who can catch his shadow? Run!”. He (ﷺ) said “Run!”. They ran, they ran after their shadows. Finally they stopped getting tired & exhausted. Prophet alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam said “Leave it now”. None of them was able to catch his shadow. He (ﷺ) said “Now turn back & run towards me”. When he said “run towards me”, he said to the Companions: “Look at where your shadows are now.” “It is running after us”. Here, this story shows people what their mission is. Meaning, if you run after dunya you can’t reach it. Run away from dunya and it comes after you. Run after dunya & it dishonours you. Whoever runs after dunya becomes dishonoured. Whoever doesn’t consider dunya became honoured. Whoever considered dunya, dunya enslaved them & they became useless. 

We gave bay’ah (allegiance), & gave an oath in our bay’ah- the children of Adam- but they didn’t keep Our oath.

Otherwise Allah Almighty SubhanaHu wa Ta’ala sent Man granting him a Sultanate. He (swt) said “I made him My Caliph on earth”. The meaning of Caliph is, whatever creatures there are should follow him. We gave bay’ah (allegiance), & gave an oath in our bay’ah- the children of Adam- but they didn’t keep Our oath. Allah Almighty says “Alastu bi Rabbikum- am I not your Lord?”(7:172) “Qalu bala, (7:172) You are our Lord”. If I am your Sultan, what can concern you?” “Idha akhadha mithaqakum. Alastu bi Rabbikum” He took an oath from us on the Day of Promises. “Am I not your Lord?” “Qalu bala”. Here, they broke it. Shaytan corrupted mankind- turned them into its slaves while he plays sultan. Whatever bewilderment, whatever unrestrained behaviour and oppression there is on earth it is because Man abandoned this way. They said “Qalu bala, You are our Lord” and later broke it. O our Lord, Alhimna rushdana. This is dua: “Alhimna rushdana wa ‘idhna min shururi anfusina”. Inspired us with guidance and keep us from the evils of our egos,” to keep the oath we gave on the day of “Alastu bi Rabbikum”- the oath we gave for being servants to Allah. If you don’t, you will be dishonoured & mankind is all dishonoured now. 

Today the honour of mankind is lifted off. There is no honourable man left in this big world, none left. “You didn’t keep the honour I granted you – when asked “Alastu bi Rabbikum” you replied, “You are our Lord” but you didn’t keep that honour in dunya”. You wasted it. And how did dunya treat you then? Dunya puts its burden on you, meaning dunya made you donkeys. Today on earth, there is no man or woman, young or old, left who is not a donkey to dunya. There is a totally humiliated & dishonoured humanity on earth today. Allah didn’t send us to dunya to be humiliated. He sent us to be aziz/precious. 

You are Subhan O Lord, You are Sultan. They ran after the shadow, couldn’t catch it & finally left it. They are put in a litter (tahtirevan/ carriage) & taken to be buried inside a hole. O Shah Mardan, your yaran admire you. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa liLlahi l-Hamd. Say when you are traveling, walking “qul RabbiyAllah, qul RabbiyAllah. RabbunAllah, hasbunAllah. RabbunAllah, hasbunAllah”. Say this & see what kind of miracles you will be granted. This is the door of miracles. A person for whom the door of miracles may open, says Shah Mardan, should say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. They removed the Bismillah and turned into dirty slaves of dunya. Qul RabbunAllah, qul hasbunAllah. Why do you scream in the streets like animals? Do you not have One who created you? Do you not have One to take care of you? Even if you have an old car, with a piece of rag, a piece of cloth in your hand, you wipe it, clean it so that it looks nice. And this is only a car. You are the servant of Allah! Why don’t you say to Allah “RabbunAllah hasbunAllah RabbunAllah, hasbunAllah” and see if His help- Allah Almighty’s help – reaches you or not. 

We can’t say it but one of His servants comes and corrects your doings. He is Allah, Jalla Jalaluhu, He does not deal with the doings of servants. Subhana bi l-‘Izzati bi l-Qudrati wa l’Izzat. Azamat! Allahu Dhu-l Jalal. Aman Ya Rabbi. Mountains & stones tremble with it! Shaytan made us its donkey for dunya. It threw the burden of dunya on us and we either run or we scream, or we wait for a result to come out of this or that… But no result comes from any of it. There are some empty seeds- sometimes there are spikes on the plants but they are empty ones. If you plant it, it doesn’t grow. But there are some that are firm & when you plant, it grows. “Sab’a Sanabila” (2:261)– seven ears grow from one of them. It is the Power of Allah Almighty- you plant one & how many come? Seven ears grow out of one, they multiply. With the Order of Allah Almighty to Whose Glory & Greatness there is no end one grows seven ears. You plant one and get seven. Men cannot think about it because they lost their humanity. Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah. Take your step with Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah. Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah. Say “RabbunAllah hasbunAllah. RabbunAllah, hasbunAllah” and the help of your Creator reaches you. Yet they can’t do it. La hawla wa la quwwata illa biLlahi l-‘Aliyyi l-‘Azim. 

The disciples of Prophet Jesus, the great Nabi, said to him “May a table come down for us”. There already is a table on earth! Is it not sent down from Heavens anyway? Why do you still ask for it: “Let there be everything on the tray & we see it, our yakin/certainty of Allah increases and we accept Allah”. Tawba astaghfiruLlah. Jahala/ignorance is sealed in Man, sealed in Man’s ego- he is ignorant. Allah Allah, wa la taj’alna min al-ghafilin, wa la taj’alna min az-zalimin, wa la taj’alna min al-jahilin. May Allah not make us from the ignorant ones, nor make us from the servants of shaytan. Look to the service of Who created you, but they don’t. 

Egypt is the center of knowledge yet people are screaming in the streets “this man, or that man”. Call to Allah! They say “We have weapons, cannons, so we are to rule”. One can’t rule with cannons or weapons! If Allahu Dhu-l Jalal does not appoint you for it, you can’t be the head even with your weapons. Return to your Lord. He (swt) is the Sultan. Ask from Him and He grants you. Why do you scream in the streets “this man should come, or that one…” Does that man not go to the toilet too? What difference do they have? They say “Let this one come, or that one come”. What is it, does he not go to toilet too? He does. Then he is a man like you. Look at Who Allah appointed, who is the Ulu-l Amr? Who keeps the order of the Prophet(sas)? These animals invented a democracy and put aside the Shariatu Gharra-u Ahmadiyya. They said “We don’t want it, we will do this instead”. Well, it puts you into the barn! It puts you into the barn so that you kick, destroy, crush each other. It takes away the honour of humanity from you & leaves you sealed with animality. 

So the world is like this now- prime minister, bottom minister, foreign minister, filth minister… There are plenty of ministries. Why do they need it? Well, they say “it is like this, we will be the head”. Ok you may be a head but do you not go to the toilet? He does. Then how can he be a head? O Shah Mardan, your yaran admire you. Your words are simple but full of wisdom. The meaning of the 4 Books can be found in them. Pay attention to them & you find comfort. Aslim taslam. Aslim taslim. Surrender to Allah Almighty. Surrender and you find safety. The Prophet-alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam, sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam- sent his holy letter to Heraclius, to the Byzantine Emperor. And its beginning was “aslim taslim”. Aslim taslam- enter Islam, accept the Truth and you find safety. He didn’t find, didn’t do & lost his crown as well as his throne. 

O our Lord, may You forgive us. O Shah Mardan, how beautifully you explained it- you explained beautifully the honour of mankind as well as the fact that they keep to the wrong path. If you put in front of people, not one but even a thousand worlds they still will fight. Their greed never ends. It is the best if you just surrender to your Lord’s Order & you will find safety in dunya and akhirah. These animals leave His Order and say democracy. What is democracy and what is Allah’s Shari’at? Why did Allah send a Prophet? To inform us of His Order. You throw it away and say “we will invent”. Teach what you invented to the animals in the barn; the ones in the barn can learn it. They can’t be free men. Allahu Allah, Allahu hasbi, Allahu Allah, Allahu hasbi, hasbunAllahu wa ni’ma l-wakeel. 

Today is the 6th day of the holy month of Eid. May it be mubarak for the people who can understand it. May the Lord make us from those who understand. Go ahead O Shah Mardan, for this your yaran admire you. The words that are spoken are Haqq, real and can’t be rejected. Allah Allah, Allah Allah. Put a bucket of gold and straw in front of an animal & set the animal free. What does the animal take? It takes a look at the gold, leaves it and goes to the straw. The understanding of today’s people is at this level. They leave the golden jewels that are Divine & say “we will do it ourselves”. Do it on yourself and they may throw you into the toilet! Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba AstaghfiruLlah. We sometimes laugh and sometimes cry about our situation. 

O Shah Mardan, your yaran admire you. Bi l-quwwah, the animal does not leave its animal behaviour without seeing the whip. “Addibuu awladakum”- teach your children adab. If one has no adab, he is in the animal category. Leave him. And what happened when they left? Whole word is screaming. For what? “Well, our straw is finished, we want straw”. Is there anyone from you who asks for gold? No. Ok, take the straw and fight each other. Allah granted us the Nur of faith. May Allah protect that Nur in our hearts forever. O Lord we have faith in You as well as in Your Habib You sent. Their ways are correct. The disciples of the great Prophet Jesus said “We want a table”. What will you do with the table? It is straw. They couldn’t say “we want gold”. Prophet Jesus constantly gives you gold. They left it & said “a table for us from Heavens”… 

What a mentality. This is the poor quality of people. The people of today also don’t look to the Heavens. All they think about is the factories, or their fleets, or with the way they put it, they say “these are the foundations of civilization. This is civilization. We do everything. We are not in need of Heavens or earth”. They claim like this. They fell into it and can’t get out. Well, ask for a table from Heavens. 

O Shah Mardan, you offer us a table everyday. May Allah make your level high. May we receive from those grants too. May our bodies be healthy and our work be straight. May our service not be for dunya but for Allah. Don’t fear. Why did these people become like animals? They forgot their service for Allah and are running after the service of their egos. And for this they will never be able to recover- neither their stomachs get full nor do they, themselves, get satisfied. O our Lord, may You accept our servanthood and send us Your Generous Grants, for the honour of Your Habib Shah Mardan who will teach us the ways of servanthood Ya Rabbi. 

May our faces shine, may our hearts expand, may our majesty increase. O our Lord, we can’t do what is suitable for us. May You send us Your holy servants who will teach us these things. May You send us a Master Ya Rabbi. May You not make us leave dunya without seeing those happy days. O our Lord! You are Subhan, You are Sultan. Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah. 


Recite the Bismillah & the hidden secrets open for you.


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