The Ocean Of Anguish

Everywhere people are suffering. Why? Because they lost their identity. They no longer know who they are. They do not know their value, role nor mission. All they know now is “The Ocean Of Anguish”!

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi ق , sohbat August 12, (Shawwal), 2013

Madad Ya Shah Mardan. He is saying that… Listen! Everywhere, mankind is in distress and difficulty. No place on Earth is left peaceful. Madad Ya Sahib Farman, Shah Mardan, teach us something so that by your grace, we may understand, so that we may search for a reason, kullu shay’in lahum sababa. Is that right? Go ahead. Welcome O our Yaran (beloved friends). May our assembly be nice and joyful. Go ahead O Shah Mardan, let’s listen to you. First let’s say, let’s mention Allah’s name, first, this is Wajib (obligatory) for everyone, before any action. These two verses were written by the holy Sulayman Chalabi. Dastur Ya Rijal Allah. He expressed everything within 2 verses. Let’s mention Allah’s name first, it is a must for everyone, before any action. 

Mankind has fallen and cannot rise.

Dastur Ya Rijal Allah. Madad. Today, there’s no one left who remembers to mention Allah’s name. Masha’Allahu Kan. With a saying, as summary, our world has fallen into neverending troubles. Mankind has fallen and cannot rise. They are struggling with confilict. Mankind is struggling. Madad Ya Shah Mardan. Mankind today is struggling. From the east to the west, the whole world has lost itself in conflict and they are struggling. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. What is the reason? There is only one reason, Sheikh Mehmed Efendi. Madad Ya Sahib al-Imdad. The reason: Man has lost his identity. All punishments are because of this, Sheikh Mehmed Efendi. They lost their identity, they don’t know who they are and this is the punishment. 

Mankind has forgotten its identity and suffering is because of that.

People have fallen into oceans of anguish and they don’t have any peace or comfort. Go ahead O our Yaran, let’s start first by mentioning Allah’s name. Let’s say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. People of today have dived into the oceans of suffering. From east to west, all nations, all classes of people have dived into an ocean of anguish. They are suffering, they are in distress. The rich, the poor, the educated, the uneducated. All mankind now is swimming in an ocean of anguish. Mankind today is swimming in an ocean of suffering. Which nation is not suffering? Go ahead O Shah Mardan. All of them are swimming in the ocean of suffering. Why? Because they forgot their identity. This is the whole problem. 

Mashallah, look how Shah Mardan expresses it. Mankind has forgotten its identity and suffering is because of that. Mankind wants to recognise itself as Bey (sir), Pasha or other ranks in order to say, ‘I am this, I am that’. What is afflicting mankind? Go ahead O Shah Mardan. They forgot their identity. They forgot their identity. All suffering is because of this. Strange. Who are you?

They don’t answer. They don’t know. If they knew the answer and pursued the path, there would be no suffering in dunya (this world). People would be comfortable. But mankind lost its identity and has invented one instead. 

British subject, Russian subject, Chinese subject, Turkish subject, Greek subject. These don’t give satisfaction. They are not satisfying. America says, “mine is the best identity”. Very well, if it is the best, are your people satisfied? Are they comfortable? Did you tell your people, “O Americans, we are the best nation. Our identity is the best”. What is it? What is your identity? American subject, British subject, is that it? That identity does not give you any benefit. It doesn’t benefit you. You are enmeshed in dispute and conflict, which means you haven’t found your identity. You are not satisfied with being an American subject. You are enmeshed in conflict. 

What then, is the benefit in being a United Kingdom, UK or US subject? Does it make you happy? No. Ad-dinun nasiha; religion is advice. Religion exists to inform you about your identity… religion teaches you your identity… Without religion, people are ignorant of their identity. They are surrounded by chaos. All holy ones have stated this. The people of the 21st century have lost their identity. “How can we lose our identity?” You have an identity but what benefit does it serve? A donkey too has its identity, but does the donkey’s identity give it honour? No, it doesn’t give it honour. It remains at its level. 

Know your identity.

People are not searching for an honourable identity. Who are you? Say, “I am a servant of the Creator of the Heavens and Earth, Rabbul Izzah”. Know your identity. They have lost their identity and become confused. They don’t know what to search for. The streets are full of people. Who are you? “I am Argentinian”, ” “I am American, “I am Chinese”, “I am Russian”. These don’t give you honour. What is your real identity? Go ahead, O Shah Mardan. All these storms, all the confilicts in the world are because of people losing their identity. They lost it and are finished. 

Honourable mankind is two-legged and they stand like the letter Alif. Each person’s Qiyam (standing) is witnessing Allah’s oneness.

If you replace a donkey for a human, does that give it a human identity? Can a donkey be human? Can a donkey do what man does? The donkey claims, “I am number one”. Well, of what benefit is that? You are four-legged. Honourable mankind is two-legged and they stand like the letter Alif. Each person’s Qiyam (standing) is witnessing Allah’s oneness. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. The witnessing of four-legged animals is according to their level. The witnessing of mankind… Mankind was created to witness. 

They witness the Oneness of the Divine. He is One. He is only One. He is Rabbul Izzah. We have forgotten that we are a witness. Who are we witnessing when we stand up? Where is our suffering coming from? The distress mankind is suffering was not given by Allah Almighty for them to carry. Their only requirement is to witness His Oneness. La ilaha ill’Allah – they say when standing up. Man has forgotten his identity. What is your identity? You don’t have it. Those without an identity are animals. To stand on two feet represents the letter Alif. The  existence of Man, – observe the Lord’s magnificence. He is making us walk on two feet and other creatures on four. They are four-legged. Look at the honour granted to mankind, they are in Qiyam (standing up). 

Those standing up are confessing to Allah’s Sultanate and are presenting their servanthood. That is how honourable mankind’s creation is. You are Subhan Ya Rabb. Yes, they are running on two legs. Other creatures are running on four. You are running on two feet and couldn’t recognise your identity. Four-legged ones are not proceeding to the Sultan’s presence to be a witness. What is our identity? It is to be a witness to Allah Dhul Jalal’s Existence and Oneness, His Power and Magnificence, and to His Habib’s honourable message. Such is the identity given to you. The one who cannot witness it has no value. 

Allah Almighty is accepting us as witnesses. He is saying, – witness one matter. He accepts the witnessing of one man, and, two women witnessing is equal to the witnessing of one man. That means, everyone should know what their identity is. The identity given to men is different from that given to ladies. And Allah Almighty is saying – Ar-rijalu qawwamuna ‘ala an-nisa. (4:34) Men are protectors/maintainers of women. Well, men have lost their identity, they have turned into ladies. Ladies have lost their identity and become like men. The world is in disorder. What is the reason? Well, the reason is that they lost their identity. 

Kullun muyassarun lima khuliqa lak. What you were created for doing should be easy for you. A lady cannot do a man’s job. The identity of a lady is different. A man cannot do a lady’s job. It is not possible. Everyone has their own identity. They have an identity but they don’t recognise it. Were you to call those who don’t know their identity, “donkey”, what would they say? They’d say ” what can we do? We are donkeys”. No, you are not a donkey. Your identity is different. Is it acceptable for a lady to claim manliness? No. “Ar-rijalu qawwamuna `ala an-nisa” (4:34) The duty of managing/arranging dunya is given to man who has been created stronger. 

Today, ladies are ruling. Men have lost their identity. They are allowing ladies to rule over them. Ladies cannot do man’s work. They must recognise their identity. “Wa Qarna Fi Buyutikun” (33:33) O ladies, stay in your homes. Your identity, your creation is not that of a man. Men belong outside. The management of the home belongs to ladies. But you have confused it, you have lost your identity. People have no identity. Ladies say “men” and men say “ladies”. Why was the Prophet of the last days sent? To bring confused people to the right way. A’ti kulli Dhi Haqqin Haqqa. Give everyone their due rights. Don’t burden the ladies, “La Yukallifu Allahu Nafsan ‘Illa Wus`aha” (2:286). 

Why do you employ ladies for men’s jobs? It is wrong. Their identities are not suitable for doing a man’s job. Nor can you employ a man to do a lady’s job. If you do, there will be corruption everywhere. For this reason ladies are given a distinctive characteristic. A lady is elegant. They are created elegant, and they are attributed with Jamal (beauty). It is not their lot do harsh, heavy jobs. Their work should be gentle, suitable to their capacity. For a lady to carry a man’s load is like burdening a cat with the load of a donkey. “Ar-rijalu qawwamuna `ala an-nisa” (4:34) Men are the ones who must rule over, serve and protect the honour of ladies. Don’t employ ladies for men’s jobs, otherwise everywhere, corruption will ensue. 

A’ti kulli Dhi Haqqin Haqqa. You must give everyone the rights they deserve. Ladies are not to be used for men’s jobs. It is forbidden. Their identity is destroyed. Ladies will lose their value. A lady does not befit the rank of “servant”. Ladies are a creation that should be respected; they are worthy of respect. They are the embellishment of this world and the pleasure of the heart. They are gentle and because they are gentle, they are better placed for service in their homes. Those ladies in the streets can’t be called real ladies. Satan is enticing them into that state. Adab Ya Hu

All punishment is due to forgetting identity.

Go ahead O Shah Mardan. All punishment is due to forgetting identity. Ladies have forgotten their identity. They are wandering in the streets which is not right. This system will change. Allah’s decree will come to pass despite their will. Whether they like it or not. Ladies will return to home life, such will be the scheme of the world. Ladies are not meant for the streets so that they get ‘pinched’. There is a thing such as honour. People now have forgotten their identity. Men have forgotten their identity. Ladies are weak. They are crushed under the fists of men. No. Ladies are in a position of respect. That means an esteemed position. If you take that respected person out of her home and put her to sweep the streets, will any value be left for her? 

The summary is that people have lost their identity. Men have lost their masculinity, and ladies have lost their femininity. Their identities have become confused. They say, “like a storm, like the wind, they are searching the world. They’re searching for something”. What is it? They are seeking their lost identity. “Ar-rijalu qawwamuna `ala an-nisa” (4:34) Men were given strength/power to provide protection and safety and ladies were made elegant. Not to go here and there and be “pinched”. Men must undertake men’s jobs, ladies must engage in work for ladies. 


This is also written in the Bible. Lady Mary and Jesus are not the same. They are both sacred, however, our Mother Maryam didn’t have the might of Prophet Isa. They show her holding her child like this. But Isa is a Prophet, he is like a dragon. He might seem mild and peaceful, but were he to kick this earth, it would move from its axis. He is a dragon-like Prophet. They claim he is slow like a lamb. Tuh! Shameless ones. You are calling a great lion, a lamb. Prophet Isa was lifted up to the heavens. Were they going to sacrifice the lamb and make kabab in the heavens? His station is there. He has perfect manliness. Isa never married. 

And all Prophets have the perfection of men. “Innahu min Sulayman” (27:30) Prophet Solomon. Men and jinn trembled at his power and strength; it is only with men. Balqis fell to the floor; fell because of a letter. Say, O people of the Bible, the story of Balqis. Say, O people of the Torah, relate the story of Prophet Sulayman. All are Prophets who knew their identity. Allahu Allah, Allahu Allah, Allahu Rabbi ma li siwahu. Don’t run in the streets, O Muslims. O our Lord, You sent us the Prophet of the last days, who is also the Prophet of all prophets, the Master of Beginning and End. Follow him. “Wa Attabi` Sabila Man Anaba ilayya” (31:15) Follow the one who follows My way correctly. But these people are foolish. Neither are the ladies feminine, nor the men, masculine. 

Like this, all are in pursuit of satan. They forgot their identities. This is the reason for the suffering. The world does not flourish with weapons and fighting. Ad-dinun nasiha. What improves the world is the advice of the Prophets. Listen and set out. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Masha’Allahu kan. Masha’Allah. Men should know their manliness. Ladies should know their identity. They disgraced the ladies in the streets. Satan. The honour of ladies is not from being “pinched” in the streets, their honour is in their own home; their palaces, their houses. O our Lord, You are Subhan, Sultan. 

Allah Almighty is making us relate the advice of our Master, and what all Prophets have said is this: Power and greatness is given to men, gentleness and beauty is given to ladies. Ladies should preserve their identity not to be tossed at people’s feet and men must protect their might. Only then can we save this world from becoming the laughingstock of satan. If not, it will be the laughingstock of satan. They will fight with each other. “Wa aslihu dhata baynikum” (8:1) Correct matters among yourselves. Walk in the way of Allah. 

O people of the Bible, O people of the Torah, Let’s say – Hu. O Muslims, Wa jahadu fi sabilillah (2:218) Who should we fight against? Satan. Fa yuqatil ‘aduw Allah. Qatilu ‘aduw Allah. Fa yuqatil ‘aduw Allah. It is a verse. Don’t give Allah’s enemies an oppurtunity to harm you. Everywhere is rife with Allah’s enemies. Fayuqatil a’da’Allah. Fight the enemies of Allah. Go after Allah’s enemies. If you don’t go after them, you will suffer. If you do, an honourable life awaits you, hayatun tayyiba (a good life). O our Lord, send us a powerful Sultan, one who represents Your power. Without a Sultan, there is no real order in the world. This is enough for now. Whoever listens, will be saved. Who doesn’t will be disgraced, shamed and wretched. 

Ladies in the streets… to make ladies run and shout in the streets doesn’t lend glory to Muslims. O Muslims, keep your heads straight. If not, a whip is coming. A whip is coming. It will teach you a lesson. May Allah forgive us. Fatiha. Mashallah, O Shah Mardan. Your Yaran admire you. You granted us a nice expression. There is a saying (…) The holy ones granted us exactly what was needing to be said. Don’t leave Haqq (truth). If you deviate, a bullet will hit you. Don’t abandon the truth. Speak the truth or you will suffer. May Allah keep us on the way of the Prophet of last days. Fatiha. 


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