Kiss The Hand

Allah created nafs/ego to serve Man, and did not create Man to serve his ego. Serving Allah gives you satisfaction and pleasure. Serving the ego leaves man always hungry. No matter how much he gets, like Hell, its never enough. Do not look at earth, look to Heavens. The love of saints is the way to the love of the Prophet(ﷺ), and the love of the Prophet(ﷺ) leads you to the love of Allah.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi ق ,

sohbat, Aug 11, Shawwal 2013

Here you are, O Shah Mardan! Your friends admire you. Yawmun jadīd, rizqun jadīd. Madad, Ya Sahib az-Zaman. Madad, Ya Shah Mardan. Dastur! O Rijal Allah! Janabu l-Mawla gave us hands, may we raise them. Let’s look up to the heavens, and say, “O our Lord!” He created us, favoured us with faith. Favour; He honoured us with faith. From the honour of Al Habibu l-Kibriya, You granted us too, Ya Rabbi! Shukr to Allah, shukr to Allah, shukr Ya Rabb. Sahib az-Zaman. O Holy Yaran! May we listen to Shah Mardan! May we understand his holy words! Allah! 

Dastur! We are not those who know something, but, from the knowledge of holy ones and Shah Mardan, may we receive our share of benefit. Let’s learn adab! We are asking for it, so he favours us. Shah Mardan, Habību r-Rahmān. His face is beautiful, he is beautiful. Who received beauty from our Prophet, who is the most beautiful, among the beautiful ones. Marhaban! Ay Yaran, let’s listen! What is Shah Mardan saying? He is preparing a morsel for us. 

Madad comes for the ones who watch their adab.

May we be on the way of adab. Madad comes for the ones who watch their adab. Madad comes. This is an important point, Hajji Mehmet! Watch your adab, madad comes! What shall we do? We would like to keep adab according to our state and we ask also, for adab to be granted to us from Janabu l-Mawla. He sent us to this world, Janab Allah dressed us with honour from His Divine Sultanate. May we give our shukr, may we give our shukr! 

Madad, Ya Shah Mardan. Marhaba Ya Hadirūn, marhaba. With this ‘marhaba’ comes a power to us. Marhaba descends from the heavens. Let’s say, “Marhaba!” Marhaba, Ay Ali Sultan! Who is Ali Sultan? Rasul Kibriya, the honour of this universe, our Prophet! Shukr to Allah! Please go on, Shah Mardan! According to our state, we are being shown the ways of adab. Adab gives honour to people. Those without adab, lose their honour. Allah Dhū l-Jalāl gave us honour. We must observe adab in honour of Allah Dhū l-Jalāl, and His Habibu l-Kibriya. We must respect them and respect the holy ones who are on their way; it is their privilege. They are privileged. 

Love takes you to higher levels.

How to honour that privilege? -That cat when it wants to be loved, draws near with love and shows its love – complimenting, clinging to you, happily caressing your hand. The cat kisses your hand. You should kiss the hands and the feet of Shah Mardan to show your respect; as a gesture of admiration, as a compliment. Bow low and present your love. Love takes you to higher levels. Please go on Shah Mardan! Wa fauqā kulli dhī ‘ilmin ‘alīm. The more you learn, the more you know. There will always be knowing-ones, exceeding in knowledge above yours, wa fauqā kulli dhī ‘ilmin ‘alīm. 

‘Alīm (All-Knowing) is Janabu l-Haqq. No one can surpass Him (in knowledge). Impossible! Tauba Ya Rabbi! Tauba Ya Rabbi! Qūrbiyyat, seeking His nearness should be our service, Sheikh Mehmet Effendi, Mehmet! In this world, attaining nearness to Rabbu l-Izzat, striving for nearness is the greatest honour of men. Please go on Shah Mardan! May he give strength to our bodies. The robe of honour comes from heavens. O our Lord! Owner of earths and heavens! We are failing in our servanthood. We wish to but, we are failing in servanthood worthy of Janab ar-Rabbu l-Izzat. 

Show nearness and love, at least, like that of a cat. Kiss the hands and the feet! Kiss the hands and feet (of the holy ones)! Those who are not humble enough to kiss their hands and feet, and those who say, “No, we won’t kiss them”. There will come a time when they will have to kiss the (…) of the lowest of creation. They will be made to kiss or kneel in order to receive what they ask for! Learn adab! Please go on, Shah Mardan! -Some words, to give us strength and power. We are not asking for animal power but asking what is offered to mankind from the heavens; we ask for heavenly power! 

Your gaze should be upon the heavens.

Don’t look to earthly power! The work of earthly ones is related to animal power. Your gaze should be upon the heavens. Don’t value earthly things. Not its gold or its treasures; everything around the world, don’t hunger for it! They give you no benefit. What gives benefit is as we say, “to cling” to the Awliya, like cats that caress those they love, those to whom they show affection. Show affection and nearness to the holy ones so that they don’t distance themselves from you. Allah Dhū l-Jalāl’s servants are like Shah Mardan; cheerfully chirping, roaming around the world: “Is there someone looking for us?” “Is there someone asking for us?” Holy, spiritual ones saying this and flying around continually. May Allah keep our assembly with them, not away from them. 

Here he is, Shah Mardan, condescending to us, offering to relate these words for his yaran. Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. Show nearness! Nearness to the Awliya Allah means nearness to Janabu l-Haqq. Love and respect for His Habib-i Kibriya carries you to the love and respect of Allah. The rank of man rises, his nūr (light) increases. O our Lord, for the sake of al-Habib al-Kibriya, don’t distance us from the door of Your Generosity. Ya Rabbi! Give us strength, Ya Rabbi! May our faces be light, may our hearts be purified! May our inner selves be cleaned! Don’t toil after this world! Don’t run after dunya! Let dunya run after you! What beautiful words, Shah Mardan! Don’t run after dunya! Leave it, then dunya will run after you. 

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar wa liLlāhi l-hamd! It gives health and wellness to our bodies, and our heart is purified, cleared like a mirror. The Majesty of Rabbu l-Izzat; You can see the signs of His Majesty. Who sees the signs, gets a sign. Who doesn’t see, is blind. He doesn’t get a sign. If you want a sign, the sign of Janabu l-Haqq’s Majesty, see it in an ant, see it in an elephant. Janabu l-Haqq will give you from that honour! Ay Yaran Shah Mardan! Say, shukr  Allah, He let us reach this day, He gave health to our bodies. He granted us His servanthood. Janabu l-Haqq offered us His servanthood. He accepted us. 

Spiritual power is given to the one who can dominate his ego.

What a great honour to be at the Sultan’s service! Can one who serves in a barn be equal to one in service of the Sultan? Most of these people are serving their evil ego. No service for their Lord! What is the reward of serving the evil ego? One day, your evil ego will kick you away, not only you, but them as well! Ay Yaran Shah Mardan, don’t serve your evil ego! Bridle your nafs (ego) so that it can take you from west to east, no need for a plane or a car! The nafs has that power too! Spiritual power is given to the one who can dominate his ego. His ego serves him. 

The nafs is appointed to serve us. We are not appointed to serve our nafs. We are appointed for the servanthood of the Lord, not for slavery by the nafs. In this is majesty.

However, people became the slaves of their evil egos. They became slaves. His own ego won’t leave him, it won’t serve him. And this is the case. The nafs is appointed to serve us. We are not appointed to serve our nafs. We are appointed for the servanthood of the Lord, not for slavery by the nafs. In this is majesty. Notice what Shah Mardan says, if you serve your Lord, your station rises, you increase in your degree. Your heart gets refreshed, your body strengthens, your honour elevates. Ya Rabbi! The honour appointed to us – we are asking for the honour appointed for mankind. 

Then, you should learn! Learn and gain that honour! Where are people, where are humans? Insān! The exalted Human Being! Exalted (Hazrat), it is said. Don’t struggle after your poor bodies! A morsel can satisfy you if you keep your Lord’s servanthood! If you are serving satan, despite all the wealth of dunya being given to you: “hal min mazīd” (50:30) – you would still say, “Isn’t there more?” Greedy! Shameless! – A chacteristic that is never satisfied, which belongs to the evil ego, the bad nafs. 

Of all of Allah’s Creation, Sheikh Mehmet Effendi, the ugliest is the nafs because the nafs has no light, no spirituality. So, it is the ugliest that was given to mankind. People are running after it! The ego is the ugliest but they are running to satisfy it! The most dirty, the most filthy, shameless, the ugliest creation is the human ego, the nafs. “Inna n-nafs al-ammaratun bi s-sū” (12:53). What is this nafs for? It wants every badness. It doesn’t keep clean at the Diwan of Haqq. Dissatisfied in being the Lord’s servant, it struggles to satisfy its evil greed. This is the situation of the people of this world – satisfying their bad egos. 

Please go on, Shah Mardan, the Sun who rises in the East and sets in the West. Make sajda to Rabbu l-Izzat, ask His forgiveness and mercy. Ask for His grants. Allahu Akbar, our strength… Ya Rabbi. We have strength. For making this service we have strength, Hajji Mehmet. Their masculinity is not clear, their femininity is not clear, those people! What are they called? They are useless. A man must be like a lion. One who serves Allah is like a lion. One who serves Allah is not ugly, nor is he ill. May Allah remove our heaviness! The holy ones will take it! The holy ones will take it. 

Let’s say “Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim!” May our faces be beautiful! May our bodies be healthy! May our deeds be righteous. May our intentions be righteous! Don’t be crooked! Let’s be righteous! If you are righteous you will find salvation. Those not following righteous ways, will not find salvation. They will fall. They will fall. Acrobats who used to walk on tightropes, toppled easily with one wrong step. That is! “Ihdina s-Sirāt al-Mustaqīm” (1:6). Our Prophet is asking the Lord: “Help us on Sirāt al-Mustaqīm, Ya Rabbi!” 

The way to Allah is in righteousness. You must be clean. This can be seen on your face. You are filled with love and ardour, with the love of Allah, and the love and longing of His Rasul Kibriya. Your face cannot be ugly. Ay Shah Mardan, your words are admired by the yaran. Let’s walk on their way. It is the way to Paradise. Other ways are the ways of hell. May Allah keep us away from the ways of hell. O Shah Mardan, we want strength. We want energy. We want to learn adab for our Lord’s servanthood. 

Addabani Rabbi – our Prophet was given it. Our Prophet said, “My Lord taught me adab.” May we be with the ones who teach the adab of that Sultan. Their association can make us like lions. Those accompanying donkeys, become donkeys. One in the company of a lion, becomes a lion. Wa min Allah at-tawfiq. 



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