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Don’t Imitate Them

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan Sheikh Mehmet Adil Al-Haqqani (QS), sohbat of the 13th of May, 2015.

As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Audhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. As-salatu wa s-salamu ala Rasulina Muhammadin Sayyidi l-awwalina wa l-akhirin. Madad ya Mashaykhina, dastur, Sheikh Abdullah Faiz Daghestani, Sheikh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani. Tariqatuna as-sohbah, wa l-khayru fi jam’iyyah.

“Man tashabbaha bi qawmin fa huwa minhum” says our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). If you imitate a nation or group of people and want to resemble them, you will become one of them. That’s why our Prophet says to be a little different from non-Muslims. Let your Muslim-hood be seen. It was clear before where people belonged from their clothes and attitudes. People nowadays show it too but some people want more to imitate others. That is not good. Your identity should be seen. Resemble the beloved servants of Allah. The religion of Islam is the most perfect religion.

Imitating is not only by clothing. They are making up laws not existing in Islam. And our people like them. We don’t like that. They are bringing up an idea and we want to imitate that idea. This also is not nice. Allah has made the religion of Islam the highest and greatest. This religion is the highest from all aspects. There is no better than this. Because Allah Azza wa Jalla made it perfect. You can’t see any incompleteness in it. How is it that Islam doesn’t resemble others? There is tolerance in Islam; everyone can live as they wish.

You can’t make a non-Muslim to be Muslim. If he wants, he can become Muslim. If he doesn’t, he can keep his religion. He can live among Muslims. They say they swear at Muslims. Of course, if they did other than that they would have become Muslim themselves. Their lack of love towards Muslims is quite a normal thing. Muslims should accept them as they are because if they loved Muslims, if they loved our Prophet, if they loved us, they would have become Muslim. Therefore, these people are against Muslims all over the world. But when honored with Islam, whatever the man has done, it will be as if he didn’t do it. Because Islam starts from that moment keeping his account and recording his book. Before that, he has already committed the biggest of sins by making shirk, not recognizing and not wanting Allah.

Therefore, there is no issue of him loving or not loving us. There are much bigger issues. But if you say a non-Muslim is doing this and that to us, that’s normal for him. We are not like him. No Muslim could live for hundreds of years in their countries. Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants couldn’t get along with each other. They didn’t tolerate it. They didn’t leave any Muslims there and exiled and sent them away. In our Islamic state during the time of Khalifat, in the Ottoman Empire, thousands of nations were living. They had hundreds of religions according to their minds. No one could interfere them. They didn’t interfere unless they were Muslims. And Muslims had certain principles for not making fitna. This is it. “Don’t imitate anyone.” it says.

Muslims don’t go out into the streets to march and scream. Sheikh Effendi used to be very angry at this. Muslims can’t go out into the streets and shout and scream, if something happens. You should go to the mosques and pray. As we say, there are many things. Whatever people, who have lost their way do, sometimes our Muslims are imitating them. Then, as we said, like in hadith of our Prophet, you become one of them. If you say you are Muslim and shout, you’re not counted as Muslim, you’re  counted as one of them. A Muslim follows with adab the way ordered by Allah and shown by our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam). He doesn’t imitate. A Muslim is a dignified person with adab, not a loose one. You shouldn’t resemble them – not only by clothing, but actually by sense of logic and behaviour.

“Don’t resemble non-Muslims and those who have lost their ways” it says. Beware don’t imitate them and don’t like what is theirs. And there’s no need to act against them. We don’t accept, don’t like and don’t want it. Most people feel disgusted when they come across and see screaming and yelling somewhere. Whoever it may be, people don’t like it. Therefore, it’s wrong to scream and shout. It is said in Qur’an as well “Don’t raise your voices”. “Don’t raise your voice above our Prophet’s.” When you scream… Our people sometimes shout out takbir too much. This is not nice either. Act with adab. It’s not good to do it everywhere because you will put yourself under the bad tongue of people and cause others to hate or curse you. What we preach is the way of adab, this is the way of tariqa.

Allah Azza wa Jall He said in Qur’an … no. Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) in hadith he said, Man tashabbaha bi qawmin fa huwa minhum. Who look like some nations, or some people, who try to be like them, imitate them, he is from them. Of course this before it was for outside looking. Many people in the old time, every nation, every people from their custom you know from where they are, which religion, which country. So, it was not good to imitate [those] who are not from Muslim people. There must be a difference between you and others. But these days it is more important for not imitate them or not like them – to [not] look like them, inside, innerly.

How they have bad ideas for whole human beings They thought they are doing good but their ideas [are] not good. So, we mustn’t listen to them or to imitate them, to make some idea like them. Especially, people [that] they are angry. These people they are making many trick about Islam. They are making, they are swearing for Islam, for our precious, holy, holy thing for Islam. They are saying bad word about this and we, our people they are attacking them. They are doing [the] same thing. They are imitating them and they are coming in trick for what they done these people. In Islam it is [a] religion for, the best religion of Allah. “[The] last religion [is] Islam” He said ‘the complete religion.’

So these people, when they are saying bad thing about Islam, bad thing about Muslim, bad thing about every holy thing for us, it is normal. It is normal, we mustn’t be angry. Why? Because if they are accepting and they are loving our holy things they must be Muslim. So, when they are not accepting, they can do what they do. So we are not [to] imitate them, and be make the same thing for them. Even [if] there is many crazy people, they are swearing for some Prophet also. We accept all Prophet[s]. So when these people they are doing every[thing] they can do, every bad thing, they can do what they like because we are not responsible for them. Only we are responsible [for those] who are in Islam. But other people they are, they are making the biggest sin to be, [to] put partner with Allah or not accept Allah or they are doing, worshipping idols. They are doing anything outside of Islam they are, this is the most important and the biggest sin.

There is hadith: It is no sin behind ‘kufr’ (…) unbelief. Unbeliever, it is the biggest sin. It is the biggest sin because when these people, if they doing the worst thing before Islam and [then] they accept Islam, only Allah asking for them after Islam. Before Islam all this [is] forgiven for them. So for this these, our people, they are imitate them and they are try to do same what they do. We know they are not, they don’t have any ‘musamiha’ (tolerance). No tolerance. We know this, and we see everywhere in the world they are doing the worst not taking nations from earth. They not leaving any Muslims in Europe after 100 years. Not leaving any, only this last century the Muslim come to Europe also. But before, No!

But also, it is not, not bad for us, because it is normal. We cannot say “how they can do this, how can they do that?” It is normal because they are outside of belief. So we are only must imitate – not imitate them. Only following Islam. Islam, because it is accepting in our country [for there] to be people with another religion. They are, they have right, they have to be in safety in our country to work and worship what they like. Only we saying, we invite them to Islam. If they accept, OK accept. If not accept it is, they are free. It is not, now it is this. Since Prophet (saws) – same. It was like this. In Iran there was worshipping Majusi, they worshipping fire. And there was Jewish, there was Christian there was many thing. In Ottoman time, same.

Even, once when Fatih Sultan Mehmet who conquered Istanbul, he was going through Europe and opening. There was a Serbian king and he was between Ottoman and between Hungary. Hungary it was Catholic and the Orthodox – Serbian. And he sent some messenger to ask how maybe, because Orthodox and Catholic, it was like enemy, more than Muslim! And he try to ask maybe if he [can] help this Hungarian against Turk. They will be, there is peace between them. He sent for this king. He said to him ‘If we help you, how you will be treating us?’ He said, “We will try to finish all this Orthodox and then crush all your yes, everything for [the] church and..” And he asked for Sultan Mehmet. He said, “We are, the religion, Islam. We invite people to Islam. If they accept, accept. If not accept, they are free. We will leave their Church and what they worshipping. We can be in the mosque.”

It was like this, but we are, what we say from beginning. It is normal for non-believers. We cannot imitate them. They must imitate us. We have the adab of Prophet (saws) and teaching of Allah Azza wa Jalla and tariqat they are teaching this. These days there are many people they forget this. They try to imitate what they done, the worst thing. Allah make us safe from these people.

Wa min Allah it-Tawfiq Al-Fatiha

The Divine Trade

Sultan ul-Awliya

Sultan Sheikh Mehmet Adil al-Haqqani (qs), sohbat, August 20, 2014.

As-salāmu ‘aleykum wa rahmatullāhi wa barakātuhu. A’ūdhu Billāhi min ash-shaytāni r-rajīm. Bismillāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm. Madad ya RasūlAllah, madad ya Sādātı Ashābı Rasulillāh, madad ya Mashaykhina, madad ya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nāzim al-Haqqāni, dastur. Tariqatuna as-sohba, wa l-khayru fī jam’iyya.

May Allah always keep us busy performing good works. May Allah keep us busy with actions He loves. May He make us love such actions. May He make us cherish the straight path, for if He does not, our nafs will never like and never want any of those things. If Allah wills a thing, man cannot do anything but that. Thanks to Allah for having created us in this way, for compelling us towards performing good works, for making us like goodness, and appreciate the company of good people. These are very good things, which we must take good care of. These are things that we need for the afterlife; that we deposit in our storehouse for the trade of the hereafter, as supplies, transport and so on.

They serve as trading goods in the afterlife. Do not miss out on any opportunity that presents itself. Even the slightest bit of good, try to do it. Every act that you perform, do it for Allah’s sake. Even animals, if you feed an animal living in the streets, feed it for the sake of Allah’s good pleasure. Whatever you do, do it for the sake of gaining Allah’s good pleasure. Do and collect for the afterlife. We collect good deeds, but now in the world it is not so easy to store up such goods. There are thieves, or things may rot, a mouse may get into it and eat it up, it may get damp and turn mouldy; these are things that need to be safeguarded.

Once there was a man – in the old days, people here used to do their harvesting not as it is done nowadays. Now a great big machine, in a couple of hours or half a day, does the work a man would do in a month. Then he is free and can go off to do all kinds of improper things. Harm will come from lazy men. Man should not remain lazy. So this man went about his harvest, piling it up like this. It took quite some time, and when he was done he was in good spirits.

“Oh,” he said, he did not say thanks to Allah, he said, “now I can go and have a drink”. So he took his bottle, sat down with his wine and began to drink, pondering his work. He had completed a big task, and was happy it had turned out well. “Oh, now I am rich,” he said, “now I will begin to enjoy myself”. By the evening he was quite drunk. Night fell and it grew cool. He said, “I’ll light a little fire to keep me warm”. But a drunk man doesn’t know what he does. He lit his fire, as well, set his harvest ablaze. All his great harvest was destroyed.

The next day there was no harvest, and winter was coming, so he began gathering up from the ground little bits of corn that hadn’t quite burnt to ash. These he tried to collect. This story is about our life in the hereafter: we go on collecting good deeds, but finally, we cannot hold out any longer and we yield to our nafs and we ruin everything. Therefore, we must be careful that everything we do, it is for Allah, that we guard it, so that it does not fall prey to our nafs.

Do not fall into heedlessness. Heedlessness is not a good thing. You are on a difficult road, at the edge of a cliff. Any moment your foot may slip and you will fall and perish. You must take great care for that. Don’t say: but I have done all this, I am an accomplished person. Don’t say: I have spent all my life doing this. Be careful! Shaytan has many tricks. He intends to ruin you, to bring you down. If he finds even the slightest opportunity right away he will drag you down.

May Allah keep us safe from them. May our good works be continuous, insha’Allah. May they be guarded and protected. We do not trust our nafs. All our good works we entrust to our Shaykh, insha’Allah, so that he may keep us safe. We are doing what Allah likes, alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah, we are following Allah’s order, Prophet’s way and way of Awliyaullah.

We are happy because Allah, He is doing what He likes to do. And alhamdulillah, He put us in this way, He liked to put us this way. Few people, they are coming to right way, we are happy. And when you are in right way, you are going for Akhira. You must do whatever you can do. Don’t be lazy. No, everything you do for Allah, with intention for Allah, Allah rewards you and makes your good-doing count more and more.

A trader, he not saying this is not good, this good. When he see some benefit for him, he can put everything. Quickly, he take and make it double, or triple, more and more. Never mind. He is happy. So we are happy and Allah rewards us more than ten times, hundred times. Don’t say it is enough. No, because Allah’s favour is coming to you. You must be happy for everything. For spiritual favour or material, or what Allah give for you from halal and good thing. You must be happy, you must accept. Don’t say it is too much, it is enough, no.

What you can do, do, because we are going to a place, there is nothing you can do there, only what you bring from this side. It is big favour. So you must take this to other side. But in this dunya also, you must keep this in right place. Don’t destroy it, because in dunya, when somebody bringing goods he must be careful. When you put it in some place, it must be strong place. To be away from fire, to be away from thieves, away from insect or from mouse, rat. Everything you must keep carefully. This trader, he puts it very carefully, keeps it very carefully.

We also, we must keep our doing from thieves. Thief, he is shaitan and ego and other things. They are all trying to take this, what you have, to leave you without anything. There is one story about farmer. Old time farmers, they were cutting wheat by their hand. And to cut one field, maybe, he need one month to cut it. Not like these days, nowadays, in 2 hours you can cut for one month. What they were doing? Cutting first by hand, after, they dried it, they crush it and take from inside. So it was long and heavy work but it was good because Allah gave baraka for them.

Mawlana Sheikh saying after reaping, ploughing earth with cows. More baraka, more better, it was. And it was to keep people busy. Now they do what they do in one month, in 2 hours. After they are empty, they are going to make every bad thing. But this man, also he was happy. That year it was too much, so much wheat. And he was making like small hill and he was looking, and he was very happy. And he said “I’m very happy today,” he bring one bottle alcohol. He was drinking.

He drink and drink and become drunk. And it was little bit cold. And he said “I must make fire because too cold, I will be more enjoying myself.” And when he made fire, it was all firing this wheat. All hill, it was finished, at once. And next, when he woke up, he said, “What we will do? We must look for something for winter”. Bringing one small bag and looking for no burning thing. Putting, to collect for his winter.

So we are also like this. We are doing very good thing, we are filling our whole depot. After we doing something wrong, all going away. But this man, only for one winter maybe, he will be half hungry. But for us, we are going to Akhira, it will be too bad for us. When you are going with all good things, Allah rewards you, but when you finish everything, there’s many thing to finish everything also, so it will be terrible for people.

For this, you must be careful from our ego and from shaitan, to not follow them and destroy what we are doing. Allah keep us away from our ego and our shaitan. Don’t say: I have too much thing. Allah, He can do everything. All at once you may not have even one gram from good things. Allah keep us and we are doing this and inshaAllah, we are not happy about ourselves, our egos. What we are doing, we are just trying to put in another place, safer place. We are putting with Prophet salallahu alaihi wa sallam, with Awliya inshaAllah to keep this for us because we are weak, we cannot keep it. Allah accept this from us, inshaAllah.

Wa min Allahi tawfeeq Al-Fatiha.

Aynu-l Fijah

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (Qs), Sohbat of the 11th of July, Ramadan 2013.


As-salamu ‘aleykum, ayyuha l-hadirun. Come closer, seat yourself comfortably, be easy. Allah has commanded us to be at ease. Formality; He has not imposed formality on us, no. We are not animals. An animal carries its burden, but it is happy to do so. We are human beings; mankind has a special kind of honour. Man is not a beast. Man has honour.

Dastur, ey Shah-i Mardan. Ey Yaran Shah-i Mardan! How lovely you are! Be beautiful. When we can be beautiful, why should we be ugly? Allah has created us to be beautiful. He has not created us to be ugly. inna-llaha jamilun yuhibbu l-jamal – Allah is Beautiful and He loves beauty. Masha’Allah la quwwata illa bi-llah. There is no power but with Allah. qawwi dhafi fi ridak, O Lord, strengthen me in my weakness for Your Pleasure.

Marhaba. Ey Yaran Shah-i Mardan. A greeting comes to us, and we, too, give a greeting, to the Lovers of Shah-i Mardan, to his beloved friends. Mashā’Allahu kān, wa mā lam yashā’ lam yakūn. Welcome, O head of this gathering, travelers of the way, and people in general. Welcome! May you be happy and joyful. Thanks be to Allah. May our assembly here be blessed. May our assembly be the assembly of Shah-i Mardan. A pure assembly. Let us at least be listeners in the assembly of that Lion. Come to us, ey Shah-i Mardan. Come and speak to us. Awaken us, Wake us up. To awaken, that is Shah-i Mardan’s task, al-hamdulillah wa shukru-li-llah, wa salātu wa s-salām ‘ala Habībillah, Sayyidi l-awwalin wa l-akhirin.

Thanks to Allah. It has been granted to us once again to live to see this blessed month. We are in the blessed month of Ramadan. May our faces shine with light, may our hearts be filled with light. This is what our Lord Almighty wishes. Allah is Beautiful, inna-llaha jamilun yuhibbul jamal, Allah Almighty is the Master of Absolute Beauty. Allahu Dhu l-Jalal, He says: I love what is beautiful. He created everything in Beauty. Allah Almighty created us to be beautiful. He did not create us to be ugly. O our Lord, You who possess Absolute Glory and Sovereignty, the servants of such a glorious Lord cannot be contemptible. You must know this. Jalīl Allah, Jalla Jalāluhu.. The servants of Allah the Glorious, Subhānahu wa Ta‘āla, cannot be contemptible. He is such a Sultan that He does not dress His servants in contempt. God forbid! Impossible!

O our Lord. You have dressed us in the loveliest dress, for which even the noble angels envied us, but He told them, No! This robe of honour is not for you. I will dress you in another one. This one is My khalifa, My representative. Amān, ya Rabbi. What an honour! Then the angels fell silent. Come, O Shah-i Mardan, your words have power. The saints are dressed with the attribute of Shah-i Mardan, every saint possesses this attribute. Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, every saint must have some of Shah-i Mardan’s awe-inspiring quality. He cannot be piteous and detestable. Those servants who are spiritually linked to Shah-i Mardan can never be contemptible. Allah created the sons of Adam, and He did not make them despicable. Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, God forbid! Allah did not say: I created him to be pitiful and he is My representative, God forbid! masha’Allahu kān. Allah, Allah. What Allah has willed came to be. Would Allah say: This is My deputy, and I have made him despicable?

O ignorant people, you simply will not learn. Learn from Shah-i Mardan, what beautiful speech. Allahu Dhu l-Jalal says: wa la-qad karramna Bani Adama (17:70) The children of Adam have been given Divine Grace, He said. O our Lord, dress us too in that grace, said the angels. No. I have given it to them. Come, O Shah-i Mardan, the news you bring is exactly suitable for your beloved friends. Let us say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. If you forgot the Basmala, you have forgotten everything. If you forgot the Basmala, they also will forget you. When you speak the Basmala, they will not overlook you.

Come, O Shah-i Mardan, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. O Lovers of Shah-i Mardan. He came with the Basmala, the source of adab. The face of one who says Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim will be beautiful, it cannot be ugly. Allah has not created the sons of Adam to be ugly, God forbid! Our Lord has not created the sons of Adam, whom He named as His deputy, to be ugly, God forbid! What makes us ugly, and what wishes to make us ugly is the evil devil. The evil devil and our own nafs are what make us ugly. O Lord, thanks be to You, praise and glory be to You for the Lights that descend in this blessed holy month of Ramadan. Let us love, O my listeners, O Lovers of Shah-i Mardan who are assembled here. Let us rejoice.

What do they say when looking into a mirror? Allahumma ahsanta khalqi fa ahsin khuluqi. How lovely You have created us. Look in the mirror and speak these words. How lovely You have made us to be, O our Lord. For the sake of the Beloved of Allah You have given us, You have dressed us with a drop from that Beauty Ocean, O my Lord. To reach that great honour, to give thanks, that is our duty, our very first duty. Look into the mirror, and say: al-hamdulillahi lladhi ahsana khalqi Praise and thanks to our Lord who has created us to be lovely. Praise Him. The Lord says, I will increase the blessing.

Come, O Shah-i Mardan. Speak of the enemy of man. When Allah Almighty raised and seated man upon the throne of grandeur, on the throne of majesty over all creation, shaytan flew into a rage. For shaytan harboured jealousy in his heart, it seems. He had maliciously tried to seat himself on that throne. When it was given to another, he rebelled against the Lord. Aman ya Rabbi. Make us not of those rebellious ones! He said, I was going to occupy that throne. I have filled all heavens and earths with my worship, and it was my wish to settle upon that throne of authority. Word went out to him: No, this is not for you. I have given to My deputy this robe of dignity and grandeur which is made of beauty from My Divine Beauty, majesty from My Divine Majesty, from My Divine Perfection and My Divine Glory and Honour. Him I have seated upon this throne; Man, the sacred human being.

Thanks be to our bountiful Lord who has made us to be of the sons of Adam who have been honoured. wa la-qad karramnā Banī Adama (17:70) The Sultan of Awliya, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, Grandshaykh used to mention this verse in every assembly: wa la-qad karramna Bani Adama (17:70) For the sake of My illustrious Glory, I have placed mankind at such a high station as no other creature may ever reach. Thanks be to Allah. He does not give us weakness. Ey yaran Shah-i Mardan. O my beloved friends, O my companions! Mark my words. What we are given to say, what comes from above, it is from the words of Allah’s Beloved, from the word of authority of him whom Allah created as the Prince of Creation. He was given the ability of addressing people, our noble Prophet (sallAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam). He was seated upon the throne, Haji Mehmet.

Abu Bakr, you don’t know him, you never knew him. Did you? The daughter of Abu Bakr, she had a child. He sat like this, in the assembly. This is a story. But I, we saw this. There were flies. This child, maybe he was a little stupid, or simple? He was a slow child. There were flies buzzing all around. His mother said to him, Drive them away. Wave your hand to drive the flies away. The child went like this. He wouldn’t raise his hand any higher, only up to here. Like a fool, a simpleton. Allah has not created us to be fools. God forbid! God forbid! Man is not stupid. He is not a fool. He does not go about aimlessly, nor is he shameless. Man is the Sultan of that throne. Man is decorated with the rank of authority conferred upon him by the Lord of Might and Glory.

Know yourself, O mankind. If you know who you are, you will have adab. It is when you do not know yourself, that you lose your adab. Come, O Shah-i Mardan. The human being, Allahu akbar. khalaqa l-insan; ‘allamahu l-bayan. (55:3,4) Is it not so, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi? ar-Rahman. khalaqa l-insan; ‘allamahu l-bayan. (55:3,4) Shah-i Mardan, the Prophet’s inheritor, who was given of this knowledge, the legacy of the father of the Prophet of the Last Times, Sayyidna ‘Ali, Shah-i Mardan, it was given to him. Addabanī Rabbī, said the Prophet, ‘alayhi ssalatu wa s-salam. My Lord has taught me adab. Who is there? Who could be more advanced in adab than he?

Who makes man to be lacking in adab? It is shaytan. Shaytan tries by all his means to separate people from the honour of humankind. Even now, and up to the Day of Judgement, shaytan is working to take away men’s honour. You cannot take it, He(swt) says. What We have given, you cannot take away. He makes them act as he wants. If the Sultan’s son behaves in an unruly manner, nobody can interfere. He is the son of the Sultan. Everybody says, He is the Sultan’s son, we won’t get mixed up in this. Being the Sultan’s son is one thing, but to be the servant of the Lord of Glory is another.

Look into the mirror. You should see the Light on your face. If you are not blind, you must see it. Allah, Subhānahu wa Ta‘āla has given Light to every human being. Ya Rabbi. Do not leave us without Light, O Lord. For the sake of this holy month, O my Lord. Send us, O my Lord, a Sultan who will bring down shaytan’s number to zero, so that we might walk in Your way. O my Lord, increase our love and longing, so that we might know what we must do. Nowadays mankind does not know what it must do. People think that they are in this world in order to kill each other. My throne is higher than yours, yes, or my country is bigger than yours, or it should be larger. These are the worthless aims they are pursuing. Whereas compared with the Divine blessings, which Allah Dhu l-Jalal has bestowed upon us, what is this world? It is rubbish.

O our Lord, our Lord who makes us speak. Ey Shah-i Mardan. Come to us, O Lion of lions. Send us one of your pure descendants to teach and to train us, so that mankind might be disciplined and trained. Otherwise, He(swt) says, I will make them fall upon each other and attack each other. If man does not realize the potential of mankind, I will destroy the dominion of man; I will let it be destroyed, He says from on high. Man must know what the human being is worth. What is the value of Man? When man does not realize what it is to be human, he falls down to below the level of four-footed beasts. Whereas Allah, Jalla Jalāluhu, granted us Divine gifts and glories, you go ahead and slaughter men, you beat and destroy them. For the possession of land you cause pandemonium to break loose. You have no humanity, if we may say so. Therefore, the world has lost all its adab; they crush one another. Adab has been lifted from us and calamity has landed instead. May Allah keep this far from us.

Let us say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. The throne of the great prophet-king Sulayman had the noble Basmala written upon it. A throne of gold. You did not see this, Mehmet, there was this ‘Ayn ul-Fija, far away, but then you were not yet born, in Sham. Water gushed forth from there, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, for a distance from here to the upper mosque, such water sprang from there. The people of Sham used to say, this spring, the water springing forth from here, is the water of the Queen of Sheba. Allahu Akbar. The Queen of Sheba, the Prophet Sulayman asked, Who is this? They said, it is she, the Queen of Sheba. Water flowed from below her. You have not seen this, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi. From here as far as the upper mosque, water gushed out, like this. Now they have shut that off as well. Allahu Akbar ‘ala man takabbara wa tajabbar..

The arrogant tyrants have it coming. Those who do not know the value of man to whom Allah has given greatness, who do wrong and oppress men, they will be punished. In this world they will meet their punishment, and in the hereafter their place will be in the fires of Jahim. Aman ya Rabbi. Be mindful of justice. Come, O Shah-i Mardan. Kun adilan, wa la takun zaliman. Be just, do not be unjust. I am not an unjust oppressor, says Allah Almighty. I have restrained Myself from injustice. fa la tazalamu – so do not, you, act unjustly. This news, has the Muslim world not heard it? Has it not heard of this? I am not a tyrant. Injustice does not please Me, says Allah Almighty. I will speak up for the rights of the oppressed. I will crush, I will crush the tyrants, He says. Allah Almighty’s order from above. This is Shah-i Mardan’s address. I will crush them, He says, I will leave none of the oppressors. I will not leave innocent victims to cry. I will exact My revenge on the tyrants, I will crush them.

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar innahu min Sulaymana wa innahu Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. (27:30) Speak this and rub it over yourself seven times, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, and all your pains will be gone. No grief or anxiety will remain. No want or neediness will remain, O my Lord. Give us strength, we are so weak. We haven’t even the strength of an ant. The ant, when it warned its fellow ants – qalat namlatun, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi. ya ayyuha n-namlu udkhulū masākinakum (27.18) O you ants, said the leader of the ants, enter your dwellings! This is an order, do not come out! Do not come out! la-yahtimannakum Sulaymānu wa junūduhu. (27:18) So that the armies of the prophet Suleyman will not crush you. Go into your nests. You are not ordered to come out into the streets. The order is for you to stay at home, to remain in your houses. In times of fitna, do not go out.

When we were very young, Haji Mehmet, I was very young then. There was a preacher, an old preacher who spoke very nicely. “I look forward to the afterlife”, Allah, Allah, he used to say that. He would say: You must not stick your head out of your house. Whoever sticks out his head and then wants to pull it back in, horns will have grown on his head, he said. He can’t get it back into the house. Do not leave your house. Allahu Akbar. O you women, wa qarna fi buyūtikunna. (33:33) What kind of Muslims are you? You fill the streets. Have you no shame? No chastity, no good name? Do you have no honour? No virtue, no chastity? Where do you stand?

O Shah-i Mardan, the world will collapse from your majesty. We will show you, he says, our dignity will show you. They think it is easy to live as a Muslim. We will destroy the Muslims, with guns and cannons. You will see how you yourselves will be destroyed by cannons and guns! May Allah make us of the junūdullah, the Lord’s armies, my son. Let us be among the fighters of Allah. O our Lord, we are at Your service, we should say. To serve the dunya is worth nothing at all. It is rubbish. innahu min Sulaymana wa innahu Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim (27:30) Vroom, it fell down, the palace of Balqis.

So there was this spring, at Fija, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, it flowed over a stretch of about 100m, water welling up from below like this. There was a building of old stone there too. The people of Sham used to say, This water which springs from below Bilqis’ throne gives Sham its blessed abundance. No other place is as blessed as Sham, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi. innahu min Sulaymana wa innahu Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. (27:30) There are forty holy saints there, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi. If one of them were to let out a shout, Sham in its entirety would collapse. What is this rubbish of theirs?

Come, O Shah-i Mardan, let us be revived in faith, may the blessing of this holy month descend on us. Show them what lies hidden within Islam! What the Muslims have in store – let us see and know it. Let us live within Islam. Let us live as servants of our Lord. Let us have no other worry than that. O our Lord, all we care for is to be Your servants. It does not matter if our house, our land, is burnt or destroyed. The only important thing is that they do not destroy the faith in our hearts. That they cannot destroy. This is what Grandshaykh told me: Sham will be destroyed, it will be destroyed. However, in one night all the rubble will be taken away and thrown in the sea. On the second night, instead of the Sham they destroyed, a new, identical Sham will be built up by troops of Jinn. Long may he live, kiss your master’s hand. Kiss your master’s hand.

I wish for the blessed Sham. It will be the same as before, a new one will be built, he says. Thanks be to Allah, what a blessing to give thanks. Anta l-Qawiy, Anta l-Qadiru l-Muqtadir, ya Rabbi. la taqnatu min rahmati-llah. Those tyrants will all go away. That water will be seen again, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi. What sweet water, once I saw it, below some old stone buildings. In the old days the water gushed up from underneath them. From here maybe for 50 metres the water bubbled up from below. The people of Sham said that this water comes from underneath the royal palace of Bilqis. Yes, indeed, it comes to Sham and makes it so blessed and fruitful. Such a blessed place is the much-honoured Sham.

Ah, Sham-i sharif, aah, Sham-i sharif. Because of our injustice this punishment has come upon it. They followed the latest fashion, the latest fashion. The ladies of Sham – we will make the girls into soldiers, so they made soldiers of them. They left no religion, no faith, no chastity. But vengeance will overcome all of them. I will not let them be, speaks the Lord Almighty Allah, Allah. Allah Allah Allah. Subhansın, ya Rabbi. Sultansın. He will let them suffer the same and even more than that. Not one of the cruel and unjust ones will be left in Sham. May Allah save us from being cruel and unjust.


What a sense of ease I am feeling, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi. He also loves Sham more than any other place, my son loves it; my other son also, may Allah protect him and give him life. Both of them are of the generals of Sham, I am informed. They are viziers to the rest, as well as generals. They belong to those who support Sham, they bear great weight. Kiss his hand. Ruqiya resembles him a lot. She is severe. This one, and that one, too. Bahauddin is not like that. Bahauddin and Naziha, they are not so much like that. Especially Bahauddin, not at all. But this one has that quality of wrath, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi. And in that one also.

O my God, let us see those good days. Allah Almighty has said, I will take My revenge on the tyrants He will send it, He will cleanse that place. Who wishes for the old Sham, the old Sham will be rebuilt in one night. In one night all the concrete will be dumped in the sea. Would that I could see it in those days, jāmi‘u l-Mahdi, maqamu ‘Isa. That place has so much blessing. I wish they would lay me to rest there by the feet of my Shaykh..



Where Is Our Grave?

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (QS), 8th July, 2013. Ad-dinu nasiha. Religion is advice. It is a ghanimah/spoils for Man. Angels greet us with Salam. O Ahbab who are on the way of Shah Mardan, yaran-u Shah Mardan – Welcome to this day of ours. May this day of ours … Continue reading Where Is Our Grave?

You Only You

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

In the Presence of the Sultan it is shameful to ask for anything but Him. Would you ask for the palace and not the Sultan? “You Only You” should be our prayer. But people today have forgotten what is important, what to ask for. You carry nothing with you when you leave this world but the love you have for Allah and His Beloved. So ask that your love increases.

Sultan ul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi ق, Sohbat of the 1st of September, 2013.

Welcome to Shah Mardan’s pure assembly, to his lovely assembly, to his grand assembly. Come along and listen. O Lovers of Shah-i Mardan, let us listen to Shah-i Mardan, so that those attending his assembly may be dressed in robes of honour. O Lovers of Shah-i Mardan, come and be welcome. In the assembly of Sultans, Shah-i Mardan says so many things. Thanks to Allah Almighty that He has granted to us to be among those who are Lovers of Shah-i Mardan. May our assembly be an assembly of ‘irfan/spiritual knowledge. O Lovers, O Beloved Friends, let us enter the assembly of spiritual knowledge. Nobody just walks into the assembly of the Sultan, there must be an invitation. Those invited will follow the invitation. 

Come to us, O Shah-i Mardan. We want to follow your summons. Therefore, come along, O you beloved friends and lovers. Let us express the sign of the Sultan: Lā ilāha illa-llāh, Lā ilāha illa-llāh, Sayyiduna Muhammadun Rasūlullah, Habībullah, Safī-ullah/the Beloved, the Pure One of Allah Mā shā’ Allāh, thanks to Allah. Thanks be to our Lord Allah who has granted us this great honour. This honour is given to us from the honour of His Beloved. How glorious are those people who are able to take that honour! Look for such glory, try to be glorious. You will receive glory from attending the assembly of the Sultan, not from spending your time in stables. Come to us, O Shah-i Mardan. Your Lovers are in awe of you.

 Let us say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Let us pronounce the seal of Him to whom all Glory belongs. Subhān Allāh. His seal. What is the sign that marks His Absolute Dominion? It is Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. O our Lord, honour us with that honour. It is Shah-i Mardan who distributes and gives this honour to us. You are looking for honour? Where are you going to find honour? Shah-i Mardan teaches it to you. Let us speak that honour: It is Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Honour comes to you from that. What do you want? He says. When you say Bismillahi r- Rahmani r-Rahim, what is it that you are requesting, My servant? What do you want? In the Presence of the Sultan it is shameful to ask for things of this world. The rubbish heap of this world, it is the greatest shame to be asking for it. 

The poet Yunus sings: I have no need of anything but You. I wish not for this world, nor for the adornments of the world to come. You are all that I require, You alone. It is You that I desire, O my Lord. Your Countenance is so lovely, why do You cover it with a veil? Your Beauty is what we desire, but there is a veil covering it, he says. It is shrouded, hidden. If Shah-i Mardan were to speak of those topics, people listening would faint. A community has now arisen that does not know what is desirable. They do not know what they should ask for. O our Lord, since Your Face is so lovely, why do You cover it with a veil? Your Countenance is so lovely, O our Lord, why the veil? It is not lawful for everybody – the Sultan’s supremely beautiful Face. His Beautiful Countenance, His Beauty, the Beauty of Allah is not lawful for everyone. Allahu akbar.

 O our Lord. What am I to do with this world? What is there in this world? This world is only dung, manure. What is there in this world? This world is a stable. You are asking for a stable. You have no mind, no good taste, no enjoyment, you are an altogether strange creature. You don’t know what it is you want. Come, O Shah-i Mardan. Let us ask for, let us say: Bismillahi rRahmani r-Rahim. Let us unburden ourselves and find relief. Let our face also acquire heavenly beauty, let us be radiant. Let us be filled with love. One does not fall in love with the earth, with the gardens and vineyards, no one falls in love with that. No one falls in love with the palace, but one falls fervently in love with the Sultan within the palace. Him he desires, not the palace. He desires the Sultan of the palace. People have become confused. 

Come, O Shah-i Mardan. Let us be full of vigour. Let us be vigorous, strong. Let us be filled with love. Love for whom? Love for whom? It is this that Shah-i Mardan is speaking about. He brings love and longing to you. Ask for the Sultan. Ask to see the Divine Beauty of the Sultan’s Face. Do not look at His palace. This world: one does not fall in love with the mountains, or with the trees. You do not fall in love with what you eat or drink. You do not fall in love with your horse or your decorations. Love is for the Sultan. Let us fill our hearts with love for Him. O our Lord, You are Subhān/ possessing Absolute Glory. You are Sultan/possessing Absolute Sovereignty. Come, O Shah-i Mardan. This is what conveys human dignity to mankind. Enthusiastic love. Without love, without ardour, man is not worth a penny. Man falls in love with what is beautiful, he does not fall in love with ugliness. The Beauty of beauties, Allāhu Dhū l-Jalāl. He is the Posessor of the Oceans of Beauty. Allah. You fall in love with His Beauty. 

Nobody falls in love with the food on the table. This ardent love is not for the food on the table but for the Owner of what is laid out on that table. Him you should love, not His table spread. Allahu akbar. We have strayed very far. Those who do not know what they want move about in this world like drunkards. They seek something in this world. What do you seek? Do you seek for destitute, downtrodden beasts in this world? There are many beasts. If you are looking for fourfooted animals, there are many. Nowadays man has become such a two-legged animal. He runs after two-legged ones, and he runs after four-legged ones. Don’t go after those! Look for beauty, do not look for ugliness! How shall you find beauty? By practicing beauty; by performing good works you slowly become perfect. 

Come, O Shah-i Mardan. Teach us adab/good manners, hayā/modesty and ‘irfan/spiritual knowledge. Seek assemblies of spiritual knowledge. Don’t sit around in coffee shops. You will become a beast. Enter the saray, the palace. Seek the Presence of the Sultan. So that you might become one of the Sultan’s beloved friends, whom He invites to be with Him. Look to the Sultan, look for the Sultan. Madad, ya Sāhib-i Dawrān, Shāh-i Mardān. Let us therefore say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Allah Allah. Speak the Basmala, so the gates might open. May they open, so that you may inwardly be filled with joy, so that they may robe you in the manifestations of Beauty. Go! 

Those manifestations of Beauty, what do you desire, and where will you find them? You will find them at the Bayt-ullah/the Ka‘aba. The House of Allah is not empty, meaningless. Do not be like those four-legged beasts who go round and round pulling a water wheel, trying to raise water in the well. There is the Bayt-ullah, and from it, from the House of Allah a gift comes to you. A gift – what is this gift? What is this lovely gift that comes to men? The gift of Beauty. In that way he is dressed in beauty. O our Lord, zid baitaka hādha ta‘zīman wa tashrīfan wa takrīman, wa mahābatan wa rif’atan wa birran. Such du’as are spoken at the Ka‘aba-i mu‘azzama, at the House of Allah. May you be robed in such honour, in the honour of human dignity. 

Come to us, O Shah-i Mardan. Your beloved friends are in awe of you. Do not be obsessed by things to eat and drink, or by fancy dress and adornments. Your enjoyment lies not in the robe you have received, but in the fact that it was the Sultan who sent it to you. If your contentment lay in the robe that was sent to you, you would be worthless. Who sent you that robe? That is what you must think about. From that you must derive contentment. From the House of Allah you receive a gift. Do not rejoice in that thing, that gift; but in the one who sent you the gift. Do not rejoice in the dress, this robe, the Robe of Glory, as it is called, but instead rejoice and find enjoyment in the One who dressed you in this robe. O our Lord, mā shā ‘Allāh, lā quwwata illa bi-llāh. 

This is Shah-i Mardan. His loving friends are in awe of him. Why is that? The Robe of Glory, it is he who dresses upon us the Robe of Glory. For this you must love and honour him. Let him come and dress upon us the Robe of Glory. How many different kinds of robes of honour there are! We can mention only a small number of different robes. But there is no end or limit to these robes. The most honourful robe is the one dressed upon you by Allah Almighty. Have you tried to wear the robe of honour which the Lord of Might and Glory has dressed upon you? Have you ever wondered about it? You have not. If you have not done so, you are a beast, worse than a beast. Give us strength, O Lord. Shah-i Mardan belongs to the assembly of spiritual knowledge, may he teach us what we should request. 

What is the value of seeking this vile world? This vile world is just about worthless. Rabbī, ishrah lī sadrī (20:25) (Expand my breast) wa yassir lī amrī (20:26) (Ease my task for me) wa-hlul ‘uqdatan min lisānī (20:27) (loose a knot from my tongue) yafqahū qawlī (20:28) (that they might understand me) Right? You must ask for whatever you want, you must ask for it. These silly people have fallen in love with the cesspool of this decaying world. Don’t ask for that! Do not desire this shabby world! Kulla yawmin huwa fī sha’n. (55:29) Every day His Glory is revealed anew. Glory belongs to Allah Almighty. Each day brings different manifestations. Ask for a new one, request new beauty. Ask to be given new gifts. Request new honours. 

O my Lord! Shah-i Mardan is laying it out for us, let us not grow tired, O Lord. Don’t make it wearisome for us, O Lord. You are our Lord. Kulla yawmin huwa fī sha’n. (55:29) The Glory of Allahu Dhū l-Jalāl changes with every moment. What are you living for? For what are we living? The same thing everybody else lives for, we live for that too. Everybody is living for this dunya. Eh, so we are also living for it. And what have you gained in the end? You will have gained a shroud of ten cubits’ length. With that you will depart and go. You will take nothing else with you. O man, try to become Allah’s honoured deputy, a sacred human being, says Shah-i Mardan. The rank of Allah’s deputy on earth is a rank that Allah Almighty bestows only upon His special servants. Seek to become that honoured deputy, that sacred human being. Oooo.

What ceremonies they engage in. What clothes they have tailored. It is all a fake show. They dress up in special clothes, saying, we are such and such a one. Eh man, you are neither this nor that. You are just a worthless person who is in love with this world of rags. You didn’t know what it was you desired. What did you bring along from the world? When they are placing you in your grave, two grand, majestic angels will come to you. They will ask you: What have you taken with you from this world? What will be your answer? What did you bring with you? You were the owner of mansions and of gold. You had pairs of oxen and farms. Did you bring them with you? You did not bring anything. That means you wasted your time in the world; you did not understand what to take from this world.

 I have come full of ardent love for my Lord, and for His Beloved, I have come full of love for Shah-i Mardan, I have come full of love! O you angels, tell this to my Lord Who has sent you! I have come full of love and ardour for my Lord Who created me and gave me life, and Who today has lowered me into this grave, saying, “O My servant, this is your final resting place.” I have come here full of love for the supreme and most glorified Divine Being I have brought my ardent love for His Beloved, and I have come robed in Shah-i Mardan’s awe-inspiring words and majestic grandeur. Mā shā Allāhu kān. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar. People will learn, they will be trained. They will learn the way to humanity. Come to us, O Shah-i Mardan. 

Life, life. Man is looking for eternal life, but he cannot find it. In his grave they will stand at his forehead and ask: You did not find what you looked for. You did not know what you were seeking. You came to be buried in this earth like a bunch of rags. O our Lord, grant us ardour and love for the sake of our faith. O our Lord, make it easy for us to travel on the ways that Shah-i Mardan has shown to us. So that – Shah-i Mardan is one who brings us light from the heavens. You must seek those who bring light. Do not seek those who bring fire. Do not seek those who bring you flames. But people living nowadays are running after the ones who bring fire. They do not seek the ones bringing light. Light can be found on the lovely ways of Shah-i Mardan. 

O Lovers of Shah-i Mardan! Mā shā’ Allāhu kān, Whatever Allah wishes, that will come to be. Besides that nothing can be. Run after that. Run to Allah. Run to our glorious Prophet. Run after Shah-i Mardan. So you may rise in rank, and your worth and value may be increased; so you may gain in honour and dignity. O our Lord, send to us Shah-i Mardan who will teach us these things, O Lord. O Glorious Prophet, The good things you have brought to us. You have sent Shah-i Mardan to teach us these good manners. O Allah, Lord of the Holy House, the Baytullah, send us the robe of health, the robe of grandeur, the robe of excellence, the robe of honour. May we receive these! O our Lord and Master, Shah-i Mardan comes to us and speaks. Let us believe in him and act accordingly. Let us thereby gain honour. wa min Allāhi t-tawfīq. 

Let us say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim – This is what opens the gates to all the levels of Paradise. This world is worth nothing. Let us say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. May our assembly be perfect. May our assembly be an assembly of spiritual knowledge. May we be honoured, O Lord. May we be strengthened and relieved, O Lord. He who recites the Basmala has no sorrow. If a person says Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim he will not be sad; he who does not say it, will have sadness. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allāhu akbar wa li-llāhi l-hamd.