Al-Hamdu Lillahi Rabbi l-Alamin

Allāh ﷻ honours and praises you when you praise Him; Al-Ḥamid. “Al-ḥamdu liLlāhi Rabbi l-‘ālamīn” opens His endless Favour Oceans, endless Mercy Oceans. Each atom appears by His order from Power Oceans. Everything manifests from our Lords Holy Name; Rabb, He is Creator. He created and conditioned you by His Name. You are not only your name but, you are a whole universe from the Light Oceans of Beloved Muhammad ﷺ, who was created from His ﷻ Light.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi (ق)

Sohbat of August 1980

The Lord of Universes the most Beneficent and most Munificent. He Almighty, giving His attributes when He was saying, “Al-Hamdu Lillahi Rabbi l-Alamin”. Whole praisings and whole thanks must be given to Allah Almighty. As much as He is not in need from His servants to give Him praisings or thanks so that He is going to be more glorious or praised but He is ‘Hamid’ (He Who is Praised). Whole praisings and whole thanks qa’imun bi nafsishi (standing by Himself), bihi Ta`ala. Whole of them standing by Himself, in Himself. 

We are only looking in Him and saying whole praisings and whole thanks, We are not going to give anything. No, because He is Glorious and Glory is His essential attribute. Not given from other to Him, no. He is owner [of] Absolute Glory in Himself. Therefore we have been ordered to give our thanks, whole thanks and whole glory, praisings, to Him Almighty and the really Absolute Owner for whole Thanks and for whole Praising, so that He is Hamid, the Absolute Owner for every Thanks and for every Glory and for every Praise. Whole. 

When we are giving our thanks to our Lord, saying “Alhamdulillah”, [there is an] opening from His endless favours and pouring on His servants.

When we are thanking to our Lord, Allah Almighty and giving our praisings we are going to be honoured, we are going to be praised from our Lord. Praising, because: “al jazau min jinsi l-amal” (the reward [from Allah] is in accordance to action). That is a measure in Islam: “al jazau min jinsi l-amal”. When we are giving our praisings and thanks to Allah Almighty, then from Allah Almighty coming as reward to us, thanks and praising. And Allah’s thanks is not such servant’s thanks. When you are doing a favour I am looking, I am taking from you one favour, I am saying ‘thank you’. This thanks in the side our Lord’s thanks, nothing. 

When we are giving our thanks to our Lord, saying “Alhamdulillah”, [there is an] opening from His endless favours and pouring on His servants. Therefore He is Hamid, from pre-eternity up to post-eternity, but He ordered to His servants to say for thanking to Him and to give their praisings to Him Almighty so that He is pouring on His servants as much as we are thanking and praising from His Mercy Oceans, from His Favour Oceans. Pours. Astaaidhubillah: 

“wabtaghu ilaihi l wasila” (5:35) 

Our Lord is saying, Allah Almighty: O My servants you must ask every time, you must seek means for His favours, for His mercies to you. Therefore first order saying, say: “Alhamdulillahi Rabbi l-Alamin”. It is easy, but, opening Suratu l-Fatiha, opening our Lord’s endless Favour Oceans on ourselves. Opening His endless Mercy Oceans on ourselves. Therefore it is opening surah and Allah Almighty giving His divinely attributes to His servants and He ordering to His Prophet for saying that: “man lam yashkuri n-nas lam yashkurillah” (who doesn’t thank people doesn’t thank Allah). Ordering also for thanking people to each other. 

This is the highest point of politeness. Very good manners to give everyone your thanks because after thanks, respect comes. After respect, love comes among each other. He says, “Who is not giving his thanks to others he is not going to be thankful to his Lord. Therefore when we are saying ‘thank you’ it means I am thanking to his Lord because He is Creator for that person. And I am thanking to him it means I am thanking to his Creator, to his Lord, the Lord of the Worlds. And He is giving some of His attributes but through that attribute endless attributes coming. 

It is impossible to know His attributes except we are knowing from attributes’ names that belonging to that divine attribute. He is signing after saying ‘Alhamdulillah’, you must give your thanks and praisings to Allah. People asking “Who is Allah?” And He is saying “Your Allah He is the Lord of Universes”. Rabb. Who is Rabb? What is the meaning of Rabb? Lord of Universes. In the word of ‘Rabb’, rabb is more comprehensive. 

Endless comprehension from the word of ‘Lord’. Rabb. Coming in the word of ‘Rabb’ Creator also. Coming in ‘Rabb’, tarbiyah, educator, upbringing, given conditions. Everything in universe must have a conditioner. You may enter in a car factory, every piece must be educated or conditioned. Must be conditioned by the hands of some craftsman or master. Yes, fashioned. Also fashioner, conditioner. Everything in universe in need a conditioner, from smallest atoms. 

Now we are looking in universe and firstly, we are understanding that must be One who gives conditions for whole universes. But we are surprising, we are surprised from beings, endless kinds of creatures in whole universe. Therefore people going to be surprised. But they’re surprising to be One Conditioner. Wondering, but Allah Almighty saying “I am the Conditioner and Fashioner and Upbringer and Shaper and Maker and Creator. Cherisher for all”. 

Then in our time (Ibrahim), science looking after temel taşı (foundation stone). Structure, this whole universe is a structure. In this structure what is the main stone? It is atoms, elementary stones, building stones structure. They finding atoms and the structure of atoms they are same. Therefore verily they must accept, they must understand that whole universe coming in appearance, the Maker using same stones, therefore must be one conditioner but from His endless science giving endless conditions for universe. 

Now it is just told that that the Lord of Universe is one because we can’t see any atom and its structure going to be different, but they are coming, the first one hydrogen, 1 – 1. Then growing. Then the Conditioner giving His science on it and making 2 – 2, 3 – 3, or more. Growing, but the first building stones is 1 and 1, signing his Lord’s Unity. Unity, that everything growing up from one and increasing. Therefore you can’t find any number which can not be in need with one. 

Every number becoming, if existence by one. Two is not going to be two without, unless one. Thousands is not going to be thousands without one or it is nine hundred ninety-nine. And it needs one to be one thousand One thousand and one it is not in existence if no one. What it is only thousand it needs one to be one thousand and one. Signing that the Lord is only One. And from one increasing everything, by His endless Power Oceans and from His endless knowledges, using endless science. Man’s mind stopping when they are looking after atoms. 

Yet it is an unknown thing. It is impossible to be known. But they may say finally that is only a appearance of power. They are saying that atom going to be changing in power and going through Power Oceans. When the Lord, Allah Almighty saying, “Come”, they are coming, appearing. Appearing, manifesting from Power Oceans so that whole universe going to be by His order. He is saying only “kun”, “Be!” By that order everything from Power Oceans appearing as universes. If He is going to say, “Not to Be!” they are going to be melted in Power Oceans. Disappear. Finish. 

Therefore, eternal endless Power Oceans under the command of Allah Almighty appearing, and appearing as creatures. Endless creation, from beginning pre-eternity, eternity, coming to post-eternity. And Rabb conditioning, giving everything its creation then going to be their conditions, their qualities, their attributes. And everything taking its attributes from one holy name of his Lord. So that you, and you, and you, everyone, we are saying now generally and then particularly, sons of Adam, everyone carrying and manifesting from our Lord’s Holy Name. Manifesting. You can understand. 

That is giving to sons of Adam most high respect. Therefore sons of Adam most highly respected among creatures because everyone representing one holy name of our Lord and manifesting from our Lord’s Holy Names. Then till you knowing your holy name that you have been manifested by that holy name you can’t understand, or you can’t know about your Lord. That is the key which makes us to know about our Lord. 

When Prophet says, peace be upon him, “man arifa nafsah faqad arifa rabbah” (know yourself, you know your Lord). That knowledge for ourselves, if I am asking you “Who are you?” You are saying, “I am Sheikh Ibrahim”. Only this too much Sheikh Ibrahim we may find. Then you are saying “Sheikh Ibrahim, the famous”. Or you are saying “Sheikh Ibrahim, Shukrullah”. Yes. Only this, your description. Only saying ” Muhammad Knight, Sheikh Muhammad Knight”, you know about yourself only 2 names? “I am Abdul Haqq,” Sheikh Abdul Haqq says. No other, only this one name about yourself? 

You are one universe. Sayyidina Ali said, “O People, you are thinking yourself a little, a small object, but really, you are a whole universe”. Whom Allah Almighty opening their hearts, to look at sons of Adam, or to look this universe, looking to ourselves with another eye, with another look. And don’t be angry when I am saying you are looking yourselves sheep-looking, sheep-eyes. You understanding? ‘Sheep-looking’ people they can’t see that a Man, he is a full universe and representing a whole universe in himself. Therefore we are only knowing “I am Sheikh Abdul Haqq, living in Chicago”. Yes. Not living in New York, or Santa Fe. 

Whole knowledges that mankind knowing now, it is only one drop in the sight of awliya’s knowledges. Only one drop. They are knowing about themselves, then knowing about others. You are one, like galaxy, he is one galaxy, which things you are contained. How many stars and suns and worlds you have, yet you are seeing your star only one point of light but you are so big, and big and gigantic your reality. Your reality, you are containing so gigantic worlds in yourself. But now, concentrated, you are not seeing one atom piece, how much power containing? Yes. 

Rabb, when He is going to be known? When you, are knowing your Rabb, under which Name you have been conditioned. You must know this. By which of Holy Names you have been conditioned then that should be key for the Lord’s knowledge. He is Rabbu l-Alamin. Rabb who from nothing we are saying now, but it is wrong. From nothing, manifesting whole universe. But it is a wrong word. Allah Almighty creating everything and He has in His endless Power Oceans for universes, “yantaqu shayyan zahir” (says to a thing: appear!) They were in ‘batin’ (hidden). If we are in manifesting, or we are in appearance, [it is] when He is going to give His Divinely Light on us. Therefore we are coming, that everything going to be in lights, nur. 

Nur, no material, no substance. No space for it. No, only appearance. When He Almighty wills to create, creating from His Lights and whole universe has been created from the lights of Muhammad, peace be upon him, because he is the first creature. Allah Almighty catching one palm, one handful, from His Divinely Lights and saying “Be! Beloved Muhammad” and beloved Muhammad appeared, peace be upon him. And from that Light Oceans Allah Almighty ordered to appear whole universes. And it is going to appear and you are one from those endless creatures, but you have been distinguished among others. 

You have some distinguished lights from your Lord making you distinguished creatures among others. He is Creator. They are sending us highly. So high level words coming now, therefore when I am going to say for Creator, we must come down to say that universe in need for a Creator because creation is in existence. If creation in existence, Creator must be. Must be. That is logic. Logical, because no one up to time may claim that he is a creator even for a smallest piece of soil or anything. No one can claim. 

We said Nimrod claimed, “I am lord of Earth”. He was disputing with Abraham, peace be upon him, asking, “What your Lord doing?” Abraham saying, “My Lord can give life and take away”. He said “If His attribute to give life or to take it away, I may do this”. So ‘kabak kafalı’, stupid person. He thinks so easy to give life because he called 2 slaves one killing, one sending away, making him free. And he saying that, “Oh, I am like your Lord, 2 slaves, one making him free, giving him life, one taking away from him life”. So stupid, ‘dört köşe kafa’. Blockhead person. 

He thinks so easy to give life or to take away. But Abraham peace be upon him, not going to discuss or dispute for that stupid person, quickly bringing another hujjah, (another proof) and saying, “Yes, you are doing this, but my Lord brings sun from East and making it to set in West”. Can you bring sun from West and setting in East?” 

“fabuhital ladhi kafar” (2:258) 

So the disbeliever was overwhelmed. 


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