Shukr and Sabr

Mawlānā speaks about patience and being thankful. Mawlānā also speaks about the civil wars that are happening and are going to happen in the world.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi ق

Sohbat of the year 1986

He (Allahﷻ) asks for gratefulness when He gives comfort/ease. He (Allahﷻ) asks for patience when He gives problems/troubles. The grateful ones are given a reward for their gratefulness, and patient servants are also given a reward for their patience. For the grateful servant, Angels write his accounting, but not for a patient servant; Jenabi Haqq writes it Himself. So what to do? The situation in the world is like this: Man is either at ease or troubled. If he is given Favours from Allah, he has to say “Shukr, Alhamdulillah, we have no worries.” And gratefulness, Shukr, makes Favours increase. If he doesn’t say “Shukr” that which he already has will also disappear. May Janabi Allah protect the Favours we have now. But the condition for them to be protected is in the servant’s hands: If he says “Shukr”, it will increase. If he doesn’t, it will disappear. 

We are traveling a lot. Janabi Haqq makes us travel; He makes us travel in His Kingdom/Mulk. Of course the people of a certain place always prefer their own place/country; they like their own place. But our place (Cyprus) is probably more likable than theirs. Where we go (Ceylon) there is only one season; summer, winter, autumn and spring are all the same. In our place – Shukr to Allah – there are 4 seasons and according to each season there are different Favours and Grants of Janabi Haqq. In that place they know no summer and no winter, no spring and no autumn. It is all the same; it is always hot. I am saying to them: “Ya Hu, Janabi Haqq has created for you a Paradise. You have no worries about firewood or coal; you don’t get cold. There is no piece of dry land. Your mountains and valleys are all green.” In no season does this green disappear. And the people are simple; most of them live on a handful of rice and it is enough for them. Their clothing is very simple; most of them wrap a loincloth around themselves. Most of them have no shoes; they walk barefooted. And they are content with their situation. They have no complaints. 

But they also have a test from Allah: there is not much peace there. The reason is that shaytan is not idle, he doesn’t stay unoccupied. Whenever a place is quiet, wherever there is peace, comfort, and safety, shaytan sends his soldiers and agents to break that comfort. He sends his agents and makes the nation revolt. When people are content, he doesn’t leave them in peace. Shaytan’s agents say: “This should be, that should be, this must be, that must be…” They are present everywhere and especially they disturb those, who cannot control their ego. It cheats them. And then comfort becomes forbidden to them and they get restless. 

I have landed on this island of Ceylon. Around midnight we landed and they said “There is a curfew in the whole country. So you have to drive slowly, because the road patrols control who is coming and going. You have to pass with lights on. And they fire at any car that doesn’t stop.” In short, there were so many places where armed patrols were standing, waiting. There is a Hadith Sharif of our Prophet, which I have heard from our Sheikh, Sultanu l-Awliya: “At the End of Times the people of every nation will fight one another.” They will fight one another. They won’t fight an outside enemy, but among each other, the saying of the Prophet goes. 

The organization and equipment of the soldiers I saw is appropriate for a war. If there is no war soldiers don’t dress like this and they are not that careful and attentive. I said: “Against whom are these well equipped and well-organized soldiers directed? Against whom do they stay in this war situation? Is there an attack from outside? Is there an attack from China, India? What is going on?” They said: “No. They are waiting for their own people. There is a group among the people that attacks and shoots at the soldiers. They are there to fire back at them.” I said: “That is a miracle of the Prophet ‘alayhi s-salatu wa s-salam. 1400 years ago he said that 1400 years later exactly this will happen. 

This nation is on guard against their own people; they have their finger on the trigger to fight one another. This is not just the characteristic of this country. Here we have also become a nation that fights one another. The Arabs fight one another, the Turks fight one another, the Persians fight one another, the Afghans fight one another. Whom are they fighting? Apparently Russia came out, but the Afghans have prepared it from their own side, so now the Mujahid fight their own nation. They make war inside (their own country). They call it now ‘civil war’ – a made-up thing. It is war within. In almost every country, be it of small dimensions or big, there is this unrest. With the statement of our Prophet there is this miracle that they found a chance to make a war inside of each nation. It is about to break out and in many countries it is already going on. In America, in Europe, in Asia, in Africa… In every continent there are inland wars. Riots and unrest, they say. Unrest means that the nation’s people are getting up against one another. 

I am just coming from Pakistan. There also people are rising up against each other. In Ceylon they rise against each other. In short, peace in this world is finished. Dunya is now in a state of war. If they don’t fight outside, they make war inside, among themselves. There is war in the houses, there is war in the streets. In the houses they fight each other inside the family. In one house there is no agreement between mother, father, children and siblings. The mother opposes the father, the father opposes the mother. Husband and wife oppose each other. Children argue with their parents and oppose them and among themselves children also differ and oppose one another. In short, at the table you see people sit and eat who are all against each other. Maybe they are all enemies and are still forced to eat all together at this table. But they don’t like each other. The wife doesn’t like her husband, the husband doesn’t like his wife. Children don’t like their parents; they don’t agree with them. Parents don’t agree with children. Siblings don’t agree with each other; one brother is not happy with the other. It is a strange situation. 

The Prophet Zishan had spoken about this time. Shaytan immediately goes wherever there is a little peace, comfort, and safety, to make it upside down. There is no place in peace now. And even if from outside it looks peaceful, inside the same fasad/corruption is being produced. If not today, tomorrow, if not tomorrow, next week; if not next week, next month or next year. Definitely somewhere this fire will break out and go on. And we seek refuge in Allah! 

“O Turner of states, turn our state into the best of states.”

There is one transmitted Dua: “Ya Muhawwil al hauli wa l-ahwal, hawwil halana ila ahsani hal.” (“O Turner of states, turn our state into the best of states.”) O Allah Who turns the years, and Who changes the states of the servant. None of our states resembles the other. In 24 hours, how many times do we change our state? In 24 hours there are 24.000 Tajallis, Divine Manifestations, coming from Jenabi Haqq over His servant. One condition of a human being doesn’t resemble the other one; it cannot be. We don’t reach the evening in the same state we woke up in the morning. Up to nighttime our states of meeting, talking, doing, change a lot. We don’t stay in the same state in which we were in the morning. In the evening our state is different. 

And tomorrow is hidden to us. Tomorrow, when we reach tomorrow, it will start to open again – the ambitions or delights of tomorrow, or the regrets… In short, up to the evening it will all have opened. When the evening comes, we put the events of the day on the scales. If a lot of incidents have happened, the ups and downs, we perceive the ups as joy and the downs as sadness. And this evening also, when we see all our states of this day, we will lie down with regrets, or we will lie down happy. The One Who changes each hour of the 24 hours is Janabi Haqq. This is a beautiful Dua for the changing states: “O Allah, Who is changing the states of the human beings from one to the other, make our state the best of states.” At the end of the day make us reach a state that makes us pleased. When we reach the evening, may we reach it pleased. 

Because there is the Station of Happiness and the Station of Sadness. Who reaches the Maqam of Happiness should say Shukr, who reaches the Maqam of Sadness should be patient. Therefore, the announcement of all the Prophets to the servants of Allah is this: “Say Shukr, give thanks for the Favours Allah gave today and, for the disliked things, repent to Janabi Haqq, ask forgiveness and be patient with them.” 


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