Beauty And Ugliness

Your only job in this world is to protect the light and the beauty Allah gave you at your creation. Follow the friends of Shahi Mardan. They present to you a rose garden that never wilts or decays. Beauty is from Heaven not from fashion or make-up. Allah makes every day beautiful and a brand new sun to rise in the sky. The servants of such a Lord could not be other than beautiful. Keep your beauty.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi ق

Sohbat of the 18th of September, 2013 – Dhul Qi’dah

As-salamu Alaykum, O Yaran/lovers of Shah Mardan. Let’s be invigorated with Shah Mardan’s holy sayings. His Yaran/lovers admire him. O Shah Mardan, the beloved friends, Yaran who are attending your assembly, let’s be happy and joyful. It is a new day. Let’s wear a new dress of honor, a dress of good health, a dress of joy, a dress of pleasure. Go ahead, let’s listen to Shah Mardan. Shah Mardan. Ay Yaran Shah Mardan, the beloved friends of Shah Mardan. The ones angels love on earth are the Yaran of Shah Mardan. How beautiful they are. They have nur/light on their faces. They are known. They do not suffer any distress. It is open for them. 

Go ahead O Shah Mardan. The field is yours. The same way that bees rush to the honeycomb, people’s spirituality rushes to Sultan Shah Mardan’s assembly to take, to find joy, to get honor. There are 2 different assemblies on earth: The first is an honorable assembly, the other is a dishonorable one. The honorable assembly is Shah Mardan’s assembly. We cannot find higher. The dishonorable assembly is the assembly of animals. You are man who has been created honorable. Know your value. Protect your majesty. Don’t have any other job. Our job is to follow Shah Mardan. Our job is to walk on the path on which he steps. Those walking on the way of lions, those following the footsteps of lions, are lions and stallions. Masha’Allahu Kan. He who is making us speak, who is addressing us, O Shah Mardan, may dunya/this world be your animal. 

Search for the rose garden of akhira/hereafter.

Search for the rose garden of akhira/hereafter. Is there a rose garden of akhira? Does the rose garden of akhira exist in dunya? There is on earth also. Rose gardens have blooming roses. The rose garden that You look at, doesn’t have withering roses, O Allah! An addressing from our Lord to His Messenger. An addressing from the Messenger to us through Shah Mardan. The rose garden that Shah Mardan looks at, doesn’t have wilting roses O Allah! How nice he is saying it, O Shah Mardan. That rose garden, the garden that he is looking at, doesn’t have withering roses. The roses are always shining. They don’t become old or withered, they don’t fade or fall apart. May Allah grant us a garden like that – Shah Mardan is saying. 

Say – Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, so that roses and rose gardens will bloom in your heart, so you will find joy and be beautiful.

O Yaran, let’s listen and be invigorated. Those in dunya, who are serving the Sultan, are never in difficulty, never in distress, never sad. They are enlivened. We must keep those ways – Shah Mardan is saying every day. Marhaba Ay Yaran Shah Maran. There is marhaba/welcome for us. What is above marhaba, say O Yaran. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim Allah Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah. Say – Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, so that roses and rose gardens will bloom in your heart, so you will find joy and be beautiful. O those who love beauty, those who are searching for beauty, listen to Shah Mardan so you can be beautiful. So your beauty will last forever. Beauty is the beauty coming down from heavens. There is no beauty with coloring (make-up) or eyeliner, or with fashion. Those who look at your face should be delighted. 

Search for the honey of your soul 

Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Be beautiful. Everyone loves the beautiful. Be beautiful. Well, what is the way to be beautiful? The way to be beautiful is not with make-up. What are you doing? They say, “I am painting the outside of my house.” Well, what happened? They say, “so my house can be nice, I am painting it.” Well, you are painting your house, but there’s no point in making the house beautiful. Did you make yourself beautiful? There is nur coming down from heaven. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Your Yaran are yearning for that light. There is beauty coming down from heaven. The same way that bees rush to the honeycomb, the spirituality of mankind is yearning and eager for that spirituality coming from heaven. Bees won’t leave even if you scare them. They come back again to the honeycomb. Well, the bee is aware of the honeycomb. You are the great man, why don’t you search for the honey of your soul? 

Go ahead O Shah Mardan, your Yaran admire you. They are painting the world to no avail. The world does not become beautiful with paint. And man does not become beautiful with paint (make-up). Beauty is what comes from heaven. If it is dressed on you, then you are beautiful. Paint (make-up), red blush, face powder, don’t make you beautiful. Search for beauty. Search for beautiful ones. The people of this time have become ugly. Why? They are running after ugly dunya. The most beautiful on earth is mankind. Search for the beauty in mankind. Where is it coming from? Know, so that the beauty coming from heavens will come on your face. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. May our power increase. 

Be beautiful. This is the order, the order coming from heavens to the Prophet Adam and our mother Hawwa/Eve – Be beautiful. Satan comes – “put this make-up, do this, do that.” The beauty of mankind that came from heaven is gone. And they are not searching for it. Beauty comes down from heaven. Allah’s order to man is – be beautiful. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Go ahead Ay yaran Shah Mardan. Be beautiful. Say something to everyone. Say, “how beautiful you are.” Won’t they be happy? “What a beautiful person”, they will be happy. And we are being dressed with that beauty every day, a new dress of beauty. I am standing in the Presence. I stood in the Presence and asked for love & longing. Those who stand in the Presence will be dressed with beauty. I stood in the Presence and faced Ka’aba. Turn toward the Ka’aba, so you can take beauty. And all troubles will leave you and ugliness will leave you. Say – I stood in the Presence, I faced Ka’aba. Allahu Akbar. O our Lord…that is beauty. 

People are searching for beauty. So be beautiful, stand in the Presence. Take beauty so you can be beautiful. Don’t stay ugly, don’t break & destroy, don’t burn and destroy, don’t kill and oppress. Be beautiful, be beautiful. May the beauty coming from heavens show on you. O mankind! Go ahead O Shah Mardan. They think beauty is by painting. Are you a house that you can be painted? This and that make-up. Beauty comes down from heaven. Allah Almighty, who created you, gave you beauty. You are making yourself ugly. He sent Prophets and said – O My servant, don’t lose your beauty. I created you beautiful, don’t lose your beauty. O Allah, You didn’t create us ugly, You created us beautiful. May that beauty be forever. Turn toward the Ka’aba, say “Allahu Akbar” so you will be dressed with a dress of beauty, a dress of light, a dress of honor; so you will be beautiful. Turn toward the Ka’aba. 

Every day a new sun rises.

O He who raises the sun in the morning and sets it in the evening, and brings it back to its place. Give thanks to Allah. Someone said, “O Shah Mardan, this sun is setting, is it the same sun that rises the next morning?” Do you think this is a store that sells used things? The Owner of heavens, what is His authority if it is only one sun? He makes a new sun rise every day. With a new sun He gives light, with a new sun He gives beauty and light, Allah Dhul Jalal. Allah Dhul Jallal’s suns are not just one. Every day a new sun rises. Allahu akbar Allahu akbar. These simple matters are to wake people up. Wake up! This terrible dunya/world will make you ugly. The nur from heaven will make you beautiful. Satan will make you ugly. Prophets will make you beautiful. 

Go ahead O Shah Mardan. You won’t be sick, you won’t be downtrodden, you won’t be rubbish. O mankind, every day a new sun rises. It is a new sun, it isn’t the old one. The Owner of heavens and earth, Allah, doesn’t use the same one twice. That sun rises and makes sajdah/prostration. At the end of the day, it lifts its forehead from prostration. It praises Allah Almighty, it gives thanks and exalts Him, and gives its highest respect, then leaves. The next day, a new sun, with Allah’s order, an order comes “to rise” and a new sun rises. He doesn’t use the old one. Did you ever hear this? Well, where can we hear this from? Every day a new sun comes. There is no count or measure to the suns of Allah Almighty. Don’t sleep, wake up. Each sun dresses the universe with a new beauty. It goes, it takes what it brought and goes. A new sun rises over the world. Search for that. Prostrate to our Mawla. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. May our hearts be enlivened. You are teaching us with our Lord’s love & longing, O Shah Mardan. Your Yaran admire you. Mankind doesn’t get old. Mankind doesn’t get ugly, mankind doesn’t get lost…mankind. Wa min Allahi t-tawfiq. 

Let’s prostrate to our Mawla morning and evening – bukratan wa asila. Fatiha. 

O how nice, how beautiful. O Shah Mardan, your Yaran admire you. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa lillahi l-hamd. Fatiha.  Our Lord doesn’t have a store of old, used things. Those stores sell old, used things every day. No, everything Allah Almighty creates is new. It is beautiful and has more lights. Know this and take more light and honor. O heedless man, Allah Almighty wants you to smile. Allah wants you to be beautiful. Subhan Allah. He doesn’t want you to be ugly. Be beautiful. Allah Almighty wants to make you beautiful with new beauty every day. Prostrate to your Mawla. Be beautiful. Prostrate to your Mawla and be mighty. The servants of such a Sultan cannot be ugly. Say, “O how beautiful you are”. Say it to one another. What a nice lady, what a nice man. Say it and don’t be afraid. Fatiha. 

Carry the nur of Allah. Allah loves those who carry His Light.

Allah Alighty loves the beautiful, be beautiful. Ugly and rough are not beautiful. Be beautiful! Be elegant. Carry the nur of Allah. Allah loves those who carry His Light. Allahu Allah Allahu Allah. Let’s see each other like that. Look at Shah Mardan’s mirror and see. O Shah Mardan, your Yaran admire you. May our distress leave us. Let’s find new strength and mightiness. Let’s be beautiful. 

Allah loves the beautiful. He doesn’t love the ugly. People love cats, they are gentle animals. Does anyone like rats? Do people like rats? They hold cats in their lap. They hold cats in their lap. Rats, mice. Does anyone put them in their lap? No, Allah is sending down His Nur. Shah Mardan is saying – take from that light. You are given new lights every day. And we are speaking according to our capacity. The Creator created beautifully – say this and don’t touch (harm); don’t harm or crush what Allah created. Love and be beautiful. Be loved. 

Allah Jalla wa A’la isn’t keeping beauty for Himself only. Allah Almighty created beauty for His servants. Be beautiful. Love the beautiful. Haram/forbidden things are ugly, not beautiful. Halal/permissible things are beautiful, love those. 



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