Our Lord! You Have Not Created This In Vain (3:191)

Allah has created nothing in this world without purpose.(3:191) Man must understand his honorable place in creation. Nothing in the world was made except to serve him, be useful to him. In the mountains of Lebanon alone there are 700 different plants, all of them with a use for man, for his physical being and his spiritual being. But men today are ignorant and they invent poisons they call medicine and they kill and they destroy. They have forgotten Allah so He has forgotten them (9:67).

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi ق ,

Sohbat of the 16th of September, 2013

Bismillahi-r Rahmani-r Rahim. How nice, how honorable. Go ahead Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. Let’s say – Bismillahi-r Rahmani-r Rahim. Shukr/thanks to Allah. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Kabira, wal hamdu Lillahi kathira, Subhanallahi Bukratan wa Asila. Say this, don’t be afraid. O Yaran/lovers of Shah Mardan. The assembly of Shah Mardan is an assembly of nur/light, an assembly of wisdom. Thanks and praise. Go ahead Ay Yaran Shah Mardan, your words are a cure. It will make our physical bodies beautiful, and allow our spirituality to reach the rank of perfection. Dastur/asking permission O Shah Mardan. Gaze upon us. Give us a few words so we can listen. 

Every good thing was opened up with Basmala Sharifa by the Habib of the Lord of heavens and earth, our master, Master of the universe.

If that is so, say, O our Yaran, say – Bismillahi-r Rahmani-r Rahim. Any action without Allah’s Name is ruined. This is a talk/association. O Shah Mardan, your words are Haqq/truth. Any action without Basmala is the worst action. It is rubbish. What can you gain from rubbish? Every good thing was opened up with Basmala Sharifa by the Habib of the Lord of heavens and earth, our master, Master of the universe. May the blessings of his honorable name come on us. O Shah Mardan, your Yaran admire you. Let’s listen to whatever kinds of jewels there are. Madad/support O Shah Mardan. Why ask for support? We need help/support due to our lack of understanding. Our understanding is limited. Say – Bismillahi-r Rahmani-r Rahim so your understanding will expand. 

Allah Almighty created this world. This earth is a home for the children of Adam so they can roam and wander for a short while. So they can find something useful. Allah Almighty has decorated the earth. What kind of decoration, my son Sheikh Mehmed? The earth is covered with many types of plants. There are the mountains of Lebanon. They have amazing forests. I went there, they took us there. We stood at the gate and the guard gave us a written and stamped letter. There was a guard who doesn’t let everyone inside. You must pay something so you can enter. Those mountains are famous mountains. Anti Lubnan – is that what they were called? The amazing mountains and forests in Lebanon. They gave a letter. What was in that letter? It said – there are 700 different plants on the mountain. Can you imagine? Your mind can’t comprehend. It said – there are 700 different plants on this mountain. 

“Rabbana Ma Khalaqta Hadha Batila” (3:191)

“Rabbana Ma Khalaqta Hadha Batila” (3:191) You are Subhan, You are Sultan. “You don’t create anything without a purpose.” Go ahead O Shah Mardan. These words are beautiful jewels. These people are supposedly looking at the moon with telescopes or they are looking at the planet Mars. It doesn’t have any water, or plants, or trees or ants. Allah Allah. On our earth – we have so many forests, trees, plants, animals, and on top of that, there are humans. Allah Almighty’s addressing – “Rabbana Ma Khalaqta Hadha Batila” (3:191) Say – Our Lord! ‘You have not created all this without purpose.’ You are Subhan, You are Sultan. It is not befitting of You to create something that doesn’t have any benefit. The Earth’s surface is covered with hundreds of different types of plants. Each one of them has its own wisdom and benefit. 

“Rabbana Ma Khalaqta Hadha Batila” (3:191) Ya Rabbi, You did not create this plant without a purpose. Go ahead O Shah Mardan, to teach these mindless people. The earth is covered with many types of plants and Allah Almighty says – “Rabbana Ma Khalaqta Hadha Batila” (3:191) Mankind is saying – You didn’t create this without a purpose. These people are the most excellent creatures on earth. They are not paying attention to this verse. Whatever Allah Almighty is showing, it has a benefit. In that mountain alone, there are 700 types of plants, and each one has its own benefit. Pay attention, pay attention. Know the Magnificence of your Lord. O our Lord, You have granted us to be the most honorable creation by creating us human. Allah Almighty is saying – if something didn’t give you benefit, I wouldn’t have created it. 

Those (plants) covering earth are a cure for everything, look.

Say – “Rabbana Ma Khalaqta Hadha Batila” (3:191) You are Subhan. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Let’s teach these foolish, ignorant ones something. There is nothing useless or without purpose. The earth is covered with many types of plants. Each one has a benefit. Because they don’t know this, they invented so many types of made-up poisons that they call ‘medicine’. “People should take this, they’ll feel better.” They won’t! Allah has sent the remedies down to earth along with mankind. All of the plants covering earth, each of them has a benefit. They give strength to man’s physical being and strength to their spirituality. Say “Allah”. Say “Allahu Akbar”. Why are you struggling? Are you struggling to destroy the world? 

Allah Almighty has shown ways to build the world. He said – “Wa As-Sulhu Khayr” (4:128) It’s a holy verse, right? Peace is best, He said. To make peace, to get to know one another. wa khalaqtul khalqa li yata’arafu. Right? I created man. I created many different people. wa khalaqtul khalqa li ta’arafu. So they can meet with each other, and get along, and love, and be loved. Allah says – I sent you to earth for a short period of time. Well, we understand the opposite. There is so much fighting. Allah Almighty says, “I made oppression forbidden for Myself. for Myself, wa la tazalamu – Don’t you oppress.” The people of today have become oppression machines to overwhelm one another, kill, crush, burn, and destroy. This isn’t humanity. But among the people of this time, there are no smart ones left. Everyone is running after being a great one in dunya. They are only one meter tall. They say – “I will rule the world.” You can’t. Peter the Mad said he will rule the world, but he couldn’t. The Russian commander says he will rule. You can’t. One day the chair you are sitting on will break on your head and they’ll throw you into filth. Is it okay? They are not teaching and not learning. 

Those (plants) covering earth are a cure for everything, look. You don’t need to plant anything else yourself. Without planting them, they have all grown. This is, for example, wild onion. This is wild lentils. This is wild artichoke. This is wild garlic. All the different plants have filled up everywhere on earth. By the order of Allah Almighty they grow everywhere. There are no plants growing on earth that don’t have benefit for mankind, Haji Mehmed. They don’t know. Satan is tricking them. They say – “I will take medicine.” Satan has poisoned mankind with every poison. Their bodies are poisoned with made-up medicines. Their minds are ruined with false ideas. False beliefs, they call them ‘theory’. With different theories, they have ruined their minds. It has taken them far away from the actual realities. They are looking at theory. They are not looking at books coming from heavens. 

The plants covering earth are a cure, a medicine, a strength, a treasure from Allah’s favors.

Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Your sayings are a cure. Those (plants) covering earth, each has a benefit. It is made clear in books. Those searching can know and can find it. Man jadda wajad. Whoever searches, will find. That means the whole surface of the earth has been created to serve mankind. For example, stinging nettle. What happened? They say, “it stung my hand.” But it has something (a benefit). Nipplewort, it has a benefit. Wild onions, they have a benefit. Wild celery, it has a benefit. So many types. Allah Almighty didn’t create them for nothing. There is a wisdom. The foolish ones of today call the earth, ‘nature’. They are denying the plants covering nature and they are inventing fake medicines. Real medicines are the plants growing on earth, nature. I am asking – who was the first living one? “We don’t know.” Then what do you know? Who planted the first date tree? “We don’t know.” Don’t know. Do you know how to eat? Yes you do. The plants covering earth are a cure, a medicine, a strength, a treasure from Allah’s favors. Take from that. But they got rid of them. “These are old women’s remedies, don’t use them. The medicines we make are first quality.” 


But medicines are not enough either, they all have knives. They want to cut, open up, and close again. Those who are far from humanity are living in this era. They don’t say – Allah Jalla Jalaluhu. “We will do, we will destroy.” They are poisoning everything they do. They are not satisfied with what the earth is giving. They give chemicals so plants can grow, so the color will be better, so the taste will be different. No! It can’t be, it is poison. They say, “We grew so much. We made medicine.” Instead of 10, we get 100. They are not using the plants that Allah covered the earth with. What does nettle have? It has a cure. What does yellow flower have? A cure. What does nipplewort have? A cure. So many different plants. That is why people now are denying everything and they became a stupid group of people. “We will make everything. In the future, we will make babies in the mother’s womb.” They are claiming that. That is how much people have passed the limit. 

“Nasu Allaha Fanasiyahum” (9:67)

They forgot Allah. “Nasu Allaha Fanasiyahum” (9:67) “They forgot Allah and Allah left them.” Suffer the consequences. The onions and garlic we grew at home… Holy ones used to say – there are 7 types of cures that doctors don’t know. Onions, garlic are even stronger. They would hit one onion like this, and put salt one it. And that salt was sea salt. They dip barley bread in it, and they were like lions. And people now, “where did you buy it from?” “We bought it from the market.” What is the brand? Its brand is the collar that is tied around a dog’s neck. Did you like it? The entire world is filled with Allah’s blessings. Leave doctors, forget about doctors. Look to the Creator. There is a cure in everything the Creator made. In order for you to be comfortable, so many types of blessings, delicious blessings, abundant blessings. So you can take and eat. They ruined everything. Why? They want to collect money, paper money, and put it in the banks. They will say, “He has this many millions.” What benefit do those millions have, they are in the bank. 

People must know their humanity. The knowledge that teaches people humanity and teaches them what is around them, came with Prophets. The Holy Quran came to the Prophet of the Last Times. No one is looking or reading. They read loads of books, but know nothing. They don’t know anything about medicines or lights. In the past there were candles, lanterns. They changed the air and improved it. The electric ones they use now swallow the air and poison it. These have poison. The waves coming from this are poison. This is a good lesson. But who listens? 

O our Lord, Tawba. You sent us the Prophet of the Last Days and Shah Mardan is passing along his words to us. Look, when I say this, I don’t get tired, strength is coming. They forgot to say “Allah”. There is no goodness left. They left the sayings of Prophets, and became far from humanity. As-sulhu khayr. “Peace is good”, Allah Amighty is saying. Not fighting, but peace is good. Don’t fight, don’t make war. This world is enough for you and enough for 100 times more people. They left the Holy Quran, they left the sayings of Allah, and they ran after satan’s fabrications and humanity has become disgraced. Shame. 

Go ahead O Shah Mardan, your words are wisdom. Masha’Allahu kan, wa ma lam yasha’ lam yakun. May our inside be bright with light. Allah Allah Allah Allah. The organization and system that Allah Almighty Jalla Jalaluhu has made for this world is beyond their comprehension. How is my son looking at me? Inside the eye, the size of a lentil, there is what they call the pupil. It is as small as a lentil. And even smaller than the pupil… With that pupil they watch the whole universe, heavens and earth. Well, think! Where is this from? Who created this power? Did anyone make a copy of a human? Search. 

It is said – As-sulhu khayr. Be peaceful. Don’t fight. Those who fight will lose. Those who fight and make wars for unjust reasons and join with satan and stand against Haqq/truth, their home is hellfire. Leave them, don’t deal with people, don’t deal with them. Each person has his own rights. Keep justice on earth. So Allah will defend you. His orders are carried out in heavens and His rule on earth. Keep justice, my son. The people of this time have no humanity other than their name. 

How nice, how beautiful. Everything is created in its place with order. Think, O 2-legged animals. Your only job is to kill people, destroy cities, and destroy families and homes? Is this your civilization? Shame on you. But there is a punishment for you. Our Almighty Mawla who covered earth with this beautiful cover, He opened up this earth for us. “Inna Ardi Wasi’atun Fa’iyaya Fa`buduni” (29:56) “My earth is wide (so worship Me)” set out and you won’t find the end. Allahu Akbar. They can’t say, “This is the end”. They go and go and reach a place. They say – “This isn’t the end” and turn here, there. Turn to Allah, turn to the Creator. Pay attention to your servanthood and be comfortable in the world and the hereafter. 

Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Your Yaran admire you. Draw your weapon, O Shah Mardan. Reach us with your armies who will punish the Munkir/disbelievers. 


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