The Love For Allah

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi ق

Sohbat in English – 30 Nov 1988

As I heard from Grand Shaykh, I am saying this Hadith of the Pride of the Creation (ﷺ): One day Prophet (ﷺ) was speaking on the minbar – khutba, on Juma Khutba (or any speech) – and one Badawi coming to the door of Mosque of the Prophet (ﷺ), shouting from door to Prophet, calling him, “Ya Rasul Allah, O Prophet, when is last day coming?” Prophet was not answering. Secondly calling, “O Prophet, Ya Rasul Allah, when is last day coming?” Prophet also no answering. Why he was not answering? He was waiting for command of Allah Almighty because only Allah Almighty knows that day. Which day is last day? Only Allah knows and Prophet was looking for an answer to Allah Almighty. 

Thirdly, that Bedouin asking, “O Prophet, Ya Rasul Allah, when is the last day?” Just then, Gabriel (as) came to Prophet by command of Allah Almighty because he was waiting for an answer from Allah Almighty, and Allah Almighty sent Gabriel (as). Gabriel (as) was saying to Prophet, “Ya Muhammad (ﷺ), O Muhammad (ﷺ), ask the one who is asking. Ask him what thing he did to be ready for the last day. Ask!” And then Prophet asked to that Bedouin. He said, “O Muhammad, Ya Rasul Allah (ﷺ), I love you and I love your Lord Allah Almighty – nothing else. Love of God Almighty and love of you.” Gabriel (as) was coming to Prophet and saying to him, “Give him this answer, O Muhammad (ﷺ): that Bedouin, he will be with you as two fingers near to each other. He will be with you and his Lord because of his love for Him.” 

“Al mar’u ma’a man ahabb”. Prophet (ﷺ) saying this Hadith, “Everyone will be with his beloved friend.” When Prophet (ﷺ) was given this Hadith by command of Allah Almighty, Abu Bakr Al Siddiq asked to Prophet, “O Prophet, Rasul Allah, is not [good] action necessary? Is it enough … Is it enough – only love? Is it not necessary – action?” Answered Prophet to Abu Bakr, saying, “No, O Abu Bakr, it is not necessary – actions – but important is love. Everyone who loves one another must be with him in last day.” 

G: Is it possible, Mawlana, to love..? For example, to love the Prophet and Allah sincerely but in actions to be against what they have ordered? Is possible that somebody is loving the Prophet but not listening? 

M: Yes may be because a person may love his Lord Allah Almighty and His Prophet, but his nafs – ego – is strong and he is not pleased with his ego but he has been conquered. Therefore that love gives him benefit if his actions are not suitable [according to the] command of Allah Almighty or his Prophets’ commands, but he likes… Perhaps he may be a man with bad actions, but he likes good people. He may even do badness, but he is not agreeing with his nafs. He didn’t like bad people but was obliged, forced by his nafs, and making no good actions. But he likes good people. There are so many people making badness and defending for badness and liking bad people. But there are some others, they may do bad actions but they never like bad actions or bad people. They like always good people. This is we are saying now. Clear? Understand? 

This is Prophet saying, “Al Mar’u ma’a man ahabb – Everyone will be with his beloved friend.” When Abu Bakr heard this Hadith and this answer from Prophet (ﷺ), he was coming up and praying two rakaats, thanking to Allah Almighty – Shukur namaz, salat al-shukur. 

G: Prayer of thanks? 

M: Prayer of thanks. He did two rakaats prayer of thanks to his Lord, and he said also, “O Rasul Allah, O Prophet, I never heard till now abshar/most good news as this Hadith – ‘Al Mar’u ma’a man ahabb’ – that every person should be with his beloved friend. I have never heard such good news like this news, [never] better than this news.” This is the humbleness of Abu Bakr. Humbleness… No one can reach to his station. But he was saying, “O Prophet, O Rasul Allah, till now my heart was burning”. 

This is another answer to your question for actions. Look at what is his highly good manner in Abu Bakr (ra), Allah blessing him. “Until now my heart was in trouble, in knots. This hadith is opening every knot. I couldn’t untie those knots till now. Your hadith is untying all knots in my heart now. Now I am satisfied. I just … I reached to absolute peace and calm in my heart because I was thinking that, here in this life, I can’t be patient – even one moment – without you. I can’t find any rest or peace without your looking and my heart was burning. In paradise, if actions are important, where are my actions and my worshipping and where are yours? How can I reach to your station to be with you? It is impossible. If actions are a condition to be together in Paradise, it was impossible for me …” (humbly saying this) “… to be with you. But when you are saying only love is most important to be with each other, nothing is more lovely to me than you. That is sweetest words that just I heard from you, O my Prophet, O Rasul Allah.” 

You are understanding? Then where are our actions? If you are asking if it was a condition (to be with our beloved friends) to do the same actions such as we ourselves do, people they are never reaching to them. But Prophet (ﷺ) is giving us sweetest and most easy way to be with him. Therefore in Islam, as in all religions, love is the highest degree for servants. No other thing may pass on love. Love is the important. “All knots untie from my heart, O Rasul Allah.” 

Understanding now? Now this is the first step for us, for calling people. This is the first step: to call to love for Allah, for their Lord. Yes! We can meet with everyone, in every religion on that point – Love of our Creator, love our Lord, love of our God, love of our Allah Almighty. We may meet with everyone who has faith, who has a belief in God Almighty. We may meet them on that point. If we can meet with them on that point, it is enough. Then, we may do agreement step by step with them. But if we can’t find any base for all [some] people, they are an army of devils, leave them! But we can find from every nation, from every religion, people that they may meet with us on this point – Love of God Almighty. 

G: Mawlana, is it possible that some people claim that they love Allah and the Prophet but they are hating the inheritors of the Prophet (ﷺ)? They are fighting always against the inheritors of the Prophet. Can they really have love in that case, for Allah and His Prophet if they’re making war on his inheritors?

M: Now, if a man loving his Lord, then we can touch them [with] that al-Hubb fi Allah. It is an order that we must love people for Allah. We may meet them on the love of Allah Almighty and His Prophet. This is the first step. Secondly we are saying as Allah (swt) saying: It is command of Allah Almighty to love all good people. Who can refuse this? Is it not true, to love every good person? He may say no, but if a man … Generally they must love all good people, but if they are not accepting individually that person, or that person, this is another [case]. But commonly [generally] they must love because Allah Almighty ordering to all people that they should like Prophets (as) and Saints and good people, and ordering them to hate from devils and their inheritors. This is also the main rule in every religion. How can they say, “We like devils”? They are foolish at that time. Commonly this is the way, but individually you may say, for example, that Abdul Qadir Jilani is a great Wali. You believe him, you like him as he is an inheritor of our Prophet (ﷺ). If someone coming and saying, “No, leave him”, individually we can’t force them, but commonly we can force them. They never have any rights to refuse… 

..Allah Allah Allah Allah Aziz Allah. 

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Karim Allah.

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Karim Allah. 

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Subhan Allah. 

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Subhan Allah. 

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Sultan Allah. 

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Sultan Allah. 

Hasbuna Allah wa Ni’mal Wakil.. 

For the honour of Your Beloved O Lord, for the honour of the Prophet of Mercy may You make Your Mercy rain on us.

May You open the Mercies that will delight our outer and inner beings. 

Allahumma Salli ‘ala Sayyidina Muhammadin Nabihi Ummihi wa ‘ala A’lihi a Sahbihi wa sallim. 


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