Remember Me; I Remember You

“So remember Me; I remember you. And be grateful to Me and do not deny Me (2:152) -فَاذْكُرُونِي أَذْكُرْكُمْ وَاشْكُرُوا لِي وَلَا تَكْفُرُونِ “. Those who forget Allah and leave His way, have no Adab. The worst sign of lack of Adab is forgetting your Creator. Mawlana reminds us of the saints who have the secret of “Be and it is”.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Allahumma Salli ala Muhammadin wa ala ‘aly Muhammadin wa Sallim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (ق ), Sohbat of the 15th of January, 2013

We may say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. May Allah (Jalla wa ‘ala) not make us without religion, may He not make us without understanding either. Our tongues should say “Allah”. Our tongues should say Salawat for the pure Prophet Ahmad-i Muhammad Mustafa (ﷺ). Our tongues should always recite Salawat for the Beloved of Allah Almighty, recite the Salawat al-Sharif. 

The glory of the believer is in doing beautiful actions, doing beautiful service, doing beautiful deeds, doing beautiful servanthood.

And we may say: “Kullu amrin dhi baalin lam yabda’a fihi bi Bismillah, fa huwa abtar”. For every matter… The saying of “dhi baalin” is for teaching us. What is the meaning of “dhi baal”? An important, valuable matter. What suits the believer is to perform beautiful deeds, good deeds. “Dhi baal” is the matter which has value. Allah Almighty orders us this: “Do beautiful acts, perform good deeds”. “Dhi baal” which means something that has a value. What suits the believer is to do clean things. The glory of the believer is in doing beautiful actions, doing beautiful service, doing beautiful deeds, doing beautiful servanthood. Because servanthood requires beautiful service. A servant is who makes good service. Who strives to do foolish, meaningless things is far away from servanthood. The things a servant does are solid and firm. He doesn’t do a rotten thing. Why? Because he will say the Bismillah. When he says the Bismillah, the service he does is clean, it is firm. A believer’s work can’t be corrupt. It will be clean. He has Nur on his face and joy in his heart. A believer does not live a sad life. A believer is happy. A believer is the owner of good deeds and he is in the first class when making service for Allah Almighty. 

May Allah not remove us from His servanthood. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. O our Lord, may You forgive us. Don’t make us to forget! Don’t make us forget to remember Your Holy Name. “Nasu Al-Laha Fanasiyahum” (9:67). They forgot Allah and Allah leaves them forgotten. Who runs away from Allah becomes forgotten. A person who Allah forgot cannot find goodness. A nation which doesn’t accept Allah cannot find goodness. A person who does not keep the Order of Allah before everything else cannot find goodness. What does he become? He becomes the animal of shaytan. Shaytan bridles and mounts that person. When you say Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim shaytan can’t put a bridle on you. Shaytan wants to make Man animal to himself. One he makes man an animal, he makes him do all kinds of dirty things. Men who do dirty, dishonoured things is the animal of shaytan. A person with a dark face is the animal of shaytan. A person who has a clean face with Nur is the servant of his Lord, is from the nation of our Prophet (ﷺ). You should be careful with this. 

This should be taught: With which deed does Man’s face shine? Which deed darkens the faces of people? The faces of people today; 99 percent of them are dark. They are dark. Who looks at their faces finds no goodness.  Who works for them has no goodness. Aman Ya Rabbi. Aman Ya Rabbi; may our Lord save us from being animals to shaytan. Allah Almighty sent us His Most Beloved so that we know our way, our street and attain to the acceptance of our Lord Almighty. They are strong: Whenever a nation kept Allah, then Allah kept them. Whosoever does not keep Allah, Allah Almighty leaves them. “Nasu Al-Laha Fanasiyahum”. Who forgets Allah becomes forgotten. 

Say, Allah! How should we say? Say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. When you get up, when you sit, when you work, when you do your every thing say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Put the Bismillah signs inside your home. Put everywhere Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim signs and don’t fear. Neither stones rain on you nor do you get stuck under snow or are taken prisoner by the enemy. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, we should hang its signs everywhere. And also the “Adab Ya Hu” signs. Adab; the value and honour of Man is measured by however much adab he has. When it says “Adab Ya Hu!” be ashamed O Man. Don’t forget your Lord. This is what adab is. Who forgets his Lord has no adab. He is zero. He or she is ugly. No matter how much makeup she puts on her face, she can’t be beautiful. The beauty Allah Almighty grants does not fade off a man’s face. The beauty on the face of those who don’t forget Allah is the same until they go down to their graves. 

In the grave when angels come, they recognize them. They recognize their Nur and question accordingly. There is Nur on the faces of those who don’t forget Allah and there is joy in their hearts. There is happiness. Their every work succeeds. Aman Ya Rabbi. Who moves away from adab are all fighting each other. What they do is only to oppress, to kill, to burn, to destroy each other. May Allah forgive us. Allah did not create us to kill each other but to be believers. When we become believers, the sword is lifted off us. Otherwise Qahar (Wrath) sword comes and the sword of wrath ruins the people. O our Lord, may You make us from those who always remember You, who never forget You. 

How can you forget, how can you forget Who created you? Why don’t you recite the Bismillah? Why don’t you teach the Bismillah? You put portraits and make people show respect for the portraits. You don’t remember Allah Dhul Jalal and don’t recite the Bismillah but you put portraits, statues, idols, stones everywhere, stand in front of them and worship them. This is a shame for the people; to forget the One Who created them is not suitable for the mankind. Man’s honour is for his Lord Who Granted him the honour, Who Created him. May Allah make us from those who always remember their Lord. Don’t forget the Bismillah. Otherwise he has no value. Everything he does goes wrong. They always fight each other. These are who forget Allah. 

Allah Almighty says “Fadhkuruni ‘Adhkurkum” (2:152). Don’t forget me and I will not forget you. I don’t forget you but some of them I feast with My blessings, I don’t leave them. And some of them I leave forgotten. I forget those who forget Me; I don’t forget but leave them as forgotten”. Because he doesn’t accept Who created him, does not remember His Holy Name. They don’t recite the Bismillah even once. They don’t ever make sajda. Shame on them. We are not able to teach these things. They distort the minds of our children with all kinds of unnecessary, stupid, complicated things and drive them to shaytan’s way. Shame on those people that they don’t make the children walk towards Allah. They cannot teach the life that Allah accepts. They make them wander far away from it. A person who forgets his Lord has no value left.  Therefore let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Don’t forget: O son, don’t forget Allah or else you will be forgotten later. 

If you seek Allah’s help, say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim and Allah helps you in your every work. “This one may help, that one may help…” It is not true. Say Allah and He (swt) sends you His servants who will help you, sends you His honoured servants. He (swt) sends His majestic servants, He (swt) informs you about His awliyas and your every work becomes right. But they don’t teach these things and whole world has fallen into a madness. It is the year of 2013 in their calendar. Dunya today has fallen into its darkest era ever. Why? Because people don’t say Allah. They make people forget Allah and they whip the horse of shaytan! Shame on you, O people of the 21st century: Allah knows how many centuries passed but it is in the calculation they know. The people of the 21st century, collect yourselves, pull yourselves together. Know the purpose of your life. Know Who brought you into existence. Don’t forget about His servanthood and you won’t be forgotten, in dunya as well as in akhirah. 

May You send us from Your servants who will teach us Your ways. Send us Your sincere servants who will defeat shaytan O Lord. If they say “Be!”, it will be and will not be if they say “Don’t be!”. Allah Almighty has such awliyas. If they say “Stop!”, it stops and carries on if they say “Carry on”. They forgot the awliyas. They forgot the Prophets. Yahu this man even forgot Allah! How can he ask about the Prophet (ﷺ)? How can he ask about the awliyas?  The one they follow is shaytan. Therefore each country established a building without a foundation and now it has collapsed over their heads. It collapsed on the whole world because what they built is a rotten building. In one quake all of them collapsed, whole world. Because unless Allah Almighty keeps you, no matter what you build, it will collapse on your head. And the world collapsed, they call it the 21st century. Dunya collapsed on the people of this century. They can’t pull themselves out from under it either. Of course you can’t. What will pull you out is the Will of Allah Almighty. When He (swt) said “Fall down”, whole world fell down: fell down over these disobedient, denying and unbelieving people. And now, they are trying to remove that debris. No, you can’t. Because the debris is like a mountain and your power is like that of an ant. What turns the ant into an elephant is the power of Allah. What makes an elephant like an ant is again Him (swt). 

Step firmly! Step into the stirrup of the horse like a man! Rule over your ego fully so that Allah helps you. Allah Almighty knows where you are going and knows that you are following shaytan too. He (swt) leaves you and shaytan makes you ragged. Today’s mankind is ridiculed by shaytan and they have become the animal of shaytan. Come to yourself O Man! Say “I am Man” and if you are man, don’t do evil. All the people in whole world learn evil, want to do evil and they sink themselves sink as well as make others sink also. O Lord, tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah. “Fadhkuruni ‘Adhkurkum”: Remember Me and I protect you with My Mercies and remember you. “Fadhkuruni ‘Adhkurkum Wa Ashkuru Li”: Be grateful (make shukur) to Me, “Wa La Takfuruni”: Don’t deny Me” says Allah Almighty. 

What kind of a man are you that you don’t know what you do. Who doesn’t know what he does is an animal. How can it be that man doesn’t know what he does? But your doings are like this. Before they would say like this: “You do too much but because all you do is evil tie up your pants and then do it. It comes down between your legs! What is it that you are doing?” So this is what the whole world is doing. And everyone keeps quiet. But this, my voice will be heard, in the East and in the West! Because I have the intention to serve Allah and am determined to destroy the sultanate of shaytan, even in this old age of mine. Allah supports us, His (swt) Great Prophet (ﷺ) guides us. 

How beautiful is Islam. What a clean path Islam is. Every clean, pure act is in Islam. Every dirty life condition is in unbelief and in forgetting Allah. O our Lord, may You forgive us. I am weak O Lord. I am weak O Lord. Qawwi dha’fi fi ridaq. I am crying; I am crying to myself. I am sad & crying because of the troubles that those who misguided the people caused, loaded on the nations. I am sad and crying because of what mankind is suffering through. But mankind has fallen into such a state that they are welcoming what shaytan makes them do and they forget Allah Almighty. Aman Ya Rabbi. Tawba Ya Rabbi,  we ask tawba  O Allah on their behalf also. Tawba Ya Rabbi. We started with Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim and we finish with Bismillahi r-Rahmanir- Rahim. May our grave be filled with Nur and may our destination be paradise. O our Lord, may You forgive us O Allah. Wa Al Hamdulillahi Rabbil ‘Alamin, wal ‘aqibatul lil muttaqin. Fala `udwana ‘Illa `ala az-zalimina. May You not make us from the oppressors. Don’t leave us in the hands of oppressors either O Lord. 

It is Rabiul Awwal, the holy month of Mawlid al-Sharif. It has been three days since it started. May our strength and joy be more. Allah Almighty is with the true ones. Allah Almighty is not with the people who are twisted. Twisted people are with shaytan. How do you tell if one is twisted? Because he is without the Bismillah! The way of a person without the Bismillah is twisted, it doesn’t succeed. It is a dead end road, it is dead. They will be finished, destroyed. O Lord, send us the Master. Send us the ones who will teach us our religion, who will teach us our servanthood for You, who will make us keep the adab of our Prophet(ﷺ) O Lord. You are Subhan, You are Sultan O our Lord. You are the Subhan, You are the Sultan. Say this and don’t fear. Ya Rabbi, tubna wa raja’na ilayk. O Lord, may You make our end a good end. O Lord, I am weak. Send us the Master O Lord, send us the Master who will execute Your Order. You sent a Sultan but now the dunya is left without a Sultan. Send us a Sultan. 

Who is Sultan? The man who starts with Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim is Sultan. Who worship the portraits, statues, they become soldiers to shaytan in the way of shaytan. Who say Allah are the soldiers of Allah (swt), of His Beloved (ﷺ). May the Great Prophet (ﷺ) forgive us. He is AlShafi’ and Al-Mushaffa’ in the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty; He (ﷺ) intercedes and his intercession is accepted. Read the Mawlid al-Sharif in this holy month. Read so that Mercy rains on you. If not they will suffer much more. May Allah not make us from those who go astray. Who go astray are animals to shaytan. O Lord, You forgive us. You send us the Master, send us a Sultan O Lord! Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah. 

We repent for ourselves too. We repent for everyone and for ourselves also,we should say tawba Astaghfirullah. We should say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. We should make sajda even if it is two rakats. Don’t drink! Troubles come on your head. Don’t smoke! You catch a disease that can’t be cured. Don’t eat the dirty things! They suffer troubles that can’t be cured. O our Lord, may You forgive us. Send us a Sultan O our Lord. For the honour of Your Beloved, for Your Beloved may You send us, that we see him also. Our children see him also. May our homes be joyous. May you recite the Holy Quran in your homes. May Nur come and calamities go away from our homes! May Nur rain on us. O people, pull yourselves together! Or else this wheel of life will chop you up, finish you and throw you away. Aman Ya Rabbi, forgive us. Send us the Master. Wa min Allah at-tawfiq. We may say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. 

“Whoever remembers the Name of Allah first, Allah makes his every doing easy for him”. How beautiful! How beautiful! Allah straightens the work of who says Allah. The work of who doesn’t say it is all corrupt. When Sultan Mahmud one day was passing through a place, he saw two blind men sitting together. One of them was saying “Ya Ma’bud! Ya Ma’bud!” And the other one was saying “Ya Mahmud, Ya Mahmud, Ya Mahmud”. Both of them are blind, and both beg from the people. They live with what people give. So Sultan Mahmud said “Fill a chicken with gold and send it to that one who says Ya Mahmud”. And they sent. He was saying Mahmud and the other saying Ma’bud. He said to give it to the one who says Mahmud. And they gave. He looked at it and said “O friend, they brought me something but I am full. It is something like a chicken but I am full. Give me a few coins and I give it to you, you eat it”. He also struggled to understand what it is and found out it is chicken. He gave a few coins and took it. Then he saw that it is full with gold inside. 

He took it to his house and came back again and sat. The other one was saying “Ya Mahmud, Ya Mahmud, Ya Mahmud”(in a weak voice). The other one’s work succeeded, so he  was saying even more “Ya Ma’bud! Ya Ma’bud! Ya Mabud”. He was saying it strongly. “What happened to them?” the Sultan  asked. “One of them, that one who says Ya Mahmud, agains calls Ya Mahmud”. “What about the other one?” “The  other one calls in a strong voice”. He filled a duck with gold inside and sent. Again he had it prepared and sent. To that one who calls “Ya Mahmud” he sent. Again that one looked, “O my friend, again they brought me something similar but I am full. Whatever you can give, give me its equivalent and take this”. He was ready from last time so he checked: it is full. He took and said “Take this, I give you more this time”. He took and left that place, went to his home. 

Sultan Mahmud was investigating what happened. They said “The situation is the same”. He said “Ok. Bring me that one who says Ya Mahmud”. So they brought him. He said “O poor servant of Allah, you are calling to me and I granted you gifts so many times but you are still begging there”. He then said “Take this one to my treasury and put a shovel in his hand so he shovels the treasury. Whatever amount he shovels, give it to him”. So they took him to the treasury, and the Sultan was watching. They said to him “Take a shovel and shovel”. And that poor one cannot see so he held the shovel from the wrong side and when he shoveled like this, only a few things remained on it. 

At that time Sultan Mahmud said: “If Ma’bud does not grant, what can Mahmud do?” (famous saying) These ones now too, strive like this but they hold the shovel by the wrong end. No one has money in his pocket. For 40 years the Sultan of the Ottomans ruled a state which was seven times greater than Turkey is now and every one had gold in his pocket. Now people have paper in their pocket. This is the power of Sultan and this is the work of other imitated states. They don’t even have paper in their pocket. They can’t even provide enough paper for the people, let alone gold. Because that Sultan was with Allah. These are with shaytan – whole world. 

May Allah forgive us. Fatiha. 


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