Adab Ya Hu

In the very important sohbat “Edeb Ya Hu” Mawlana spoke to Shaykh Muhammad Effendi after Fajr instructing him to teach the people adab. Good Adab is the path to knowledge, Nur and nearness to Allah.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (ق ),

Sohbat of the 2nd of January 2013Safarul Khair

May He (swt) dress happiness, wellness & majesty on you. May He increase our lights of faith & Islam, may He dress us with these. May we not be ugly. May we not be ugly. Allah Almighty created us in “‘Ahsani Taqwimin” (95:4). Is it not so? He created us in the best form. What makes us ugly is that we dress dirty, rusty dresses on our clean bodies. May Allah save us from those shaytani dresses. They make us dress clean everyday in the fajr prayer so that our outer & inner beings are pure, enlightened & happy. 

Countless praises & thanks for our Lord’s endless grants & generosity. It is not that we wrote a petition to come into existence. This is the grant of Allah Almighty to us- He created us from the children of Adam. And about the children of Adam Allah Almighty (swt) said: “Wa Laqad Karramna Bani Adam” (17:70). Our GrandShaykh, Sultan al-Awliya Hz said that this is, the oceans of meaning of this is… What Allah Almighty knows is different & what He (swt) lets be known is different. What He (swt) knows are the oceans. What He (swt) informed our Prophet (ﷺ) is however much it is that He (swt) granted from His Generosity. Then “ala maratibihim”– according to their ranks, prophets & awliyas dressed. But “wa laqad”…Lam, is it not the lam of the oath (lam al-qasam)? Qad is for emphasis- meaning “I swear an oath on My Glorious Divinity”, karramna. How do I honour? When He(swt) says “Bani Adam”.. On the Day of the Covenant- the day of “Am I not your Lord? Yes, we testify”, where no time or space existed, the matter which is impossible to understand.”Wa laqad karramna BaniAdam”. Idh Qala “Alastu BiRabbikum?” Qalu Bala. Since when are you Muslim? We are Muslims since “Qalu Bala”, shukur Allah. 

May Allah not separate us from this faith. May He(swt) not separate us from this good manners also. That is how Yunus said, may Allah sanctify his secret: “I asked in the gatherings of the people of irfan/wisdom. Knowledge comes the last- only good manners, only good manners..” Teach good manners, Sh Mehmet Effendi. What do they seek in the assembly of wisdom? They don’t seek knowledge. They seek adab/good manners. It is the adab that makes people achieve nearness to Allah & His Prophet (ﷺ). They come near with adab. The ones who have no adab are expelled. The people of wisdom, the assembly of wisdom- People don’t seek it, don’t ask for it. They consider themselves as 2-legged animals instead of 4-legged ones, these people. Our attributes have become like this. We are free from it insha Allah. “I asked in the assemly of the people of wisdom. Knowledge comes the last. Only adab, only adab..” 

We should be taught adab, we should find the holy ones who can teach us adab. O holy ones. O holy ones, to us also, may your heavenly support reach to us also. Don’t leave us unattended. We tried to learn adab for all these years in the presence of our Sultan al-Awliya Hz. They taught us adab, not with “nasara yansuru…” (Basic Arabic grammer rules) What is asked in the assembly of wisdom, in the assembly of wise ones is adab. It is adab. Who has no adab is turned away from the door. O Lord, we address here only at Your order. The same for His Great Prophet (ﷺ) also. May we meet with ones who have the first level of adab & learn adab from them. May we not be without adab. 

On the Day of Judgement, the ones with adab & without adab will be set apart. The ones who have adab will be put in paradises & the ones who have no adab will be thrown into the darkness which belongs to them. 

Allah sent us Nur. Nur. How is it in the Holy Verse? Nur. Nur brings the surur/pleasure. When Nur falls upon a person, he becomes pleased- He is filled with joy, filled with love. “May you have Nur come to your face & pleasure to your heart.” Make dua like this. Invite people to the Nur. Every word of the Prophet (ﷺ) is an invitation to the Nur. See the Nur in it & speak of this Nur. Dastur Ya RijalAllah, O holy ones, may you send us support. For this, all the people in the old times had in their homes “Adab Ya Hu!” signs. Make copies of this & say “everyone should hang this in their homes”. Inform them. Knowledge comes the last, only adab, only adab… 

Who follow the awliyas that are upon the Sultanate of our Prophet (ﷺ) are the ones who have Nur, who have love. 

O Lord, O Allah.. What can we do? What can we do.. We have been in the time where no great scholars & rulers are present but Allah Almighty granted us the GrandShaykh, the Sultan al-Awliya Hz. His Great Prophet’s (ﷺ) honour is reaching us through the great divine support of Sultan ul-Awliya.  Fill the people with this love. Have no fear. Have no fear.. O Lord, may You not leave us without Nur. Nur.. May You not leave us without Nur. O Lord, may You not make us from those who are in darkness. Those who run after dunya are in darkness. Who follow the awliyas that are upon the Sultanate of our Prophet (ﷺ) are the ones who have Nur, who have love. 

O Lord, for my children, my sons, for Bahauddin also, for Rukiyya also, for all of them- may we be granted from Your oceans of Nur also. I am not even saying “an atom”. Because even an atom from it can make the creation upside down. The ocean of Adab, bahr al adab. Allah Allah.. How beautifully he said, “I asked in the assembly of the wise ones. The knowledge comes the last. Only adab, only adab..” “Addabana Rabbi, fa ahsana ta’dibi” (ﷺ). O our Lord, what can we do? What is it that can we do?.. What can we do? What can we do? What should we do? Into the assembly of awliyas, we entered Alhamdulillah through our GrandShaykh Sultanul Awliya. Allah Almighty did not deprive you- you have been in the assembly of Sultan al-Awliya. I took this holy son of mine to him since the first day he was born. The other is holy too, all of them. Therefore they accepted, they accepted. 

This son of mine has the attribute of “Effendi”. May Allah make this grandson of mine, and Baha also, and our other children too, from the people of adab. May He (swt) make them from the people of adab. Allah… Addabana Rabbi, fa ahsana ta’dibi. We are left in the middle, in a state where adab is finished. Aman ya Rabbi. Read for me too Hj Mehmet. May Allah increase your faydh, Allah bless you. Allah bless you. Allah bless you. May we see good days. May the khair/goodness of Safarul Khair be on us & its afflictions go upon the mountains. May it not descend on people, but go to the mountains. 

Every person lives his own manifestation- All these people, we can’t interfere. It is upon a wisdom. Because some run away from the Nur difficulties come on them. If we ran to Nur, our situation would be different. People pulled themselves away from the Nur, they left the paths of Nur- the Islamic World, all of them, they left the paths of Nur. They followed the darkness paths of Frangistan (Europe), the unbelievers. Therefore they have no rest, no peace. They have no taste in their lives, they keep struggling. But (if they said) “Fa’lam annahu La ilaha illa Allah, La ilaha illa Allah, La ilaha illa Allah La ilaha illa Allah..” 

Take it on! Have no fear. Have no fear. May your service be accepted. Shukur Allah Almighty, I send salatu salam on His Beloved & Great Prophet(ﷺ). A sahaba like Abu Ayyub al-Ansari who is from the great Sahabas, accepted him & let him speak there. I am very happy, I am proud. His station is high, therefore I wanted him to speak there. Whenever you want, the door is open for you. He is given permission. You can speak anywhere; since the Great Sultan-Abu Ayyub al-Ansari Hz gave you the permission to speak there, you can speak anywhere you want. You can speak everywhere. Say dastur & start. Kiss the skirt of the Sultan’s coat. May Allah increase your majesty & increase your knowledge, increase your honour. Our honour is with offering our service to these holy Sahabas.. Allah, Allah Allah.. I couldn’t even imagine you giving sohbat in Abu Ayyub al-Ansari Hz. It has been a great honour for me. It is not an easy thing to speak in Abu Ayyub al-Ansari Hz’s maqam. If the holy one doesn’t give permission, you can’t even say two words. O holy one, honourable one.. Abu Ayyub Sultan Hz, may you accept this son of mine as your servant. O Sultan, may you accept. May you increase his faydh/spiritual energy & he will shake the world, serve the nation of Muhammad (ﷺ). His service is not for receiving ranks but for pleasing Allah & pleasing His Prophet (ﷺ). 

May the Nur of your face & heart increase, O son. This one also, very capable & gifted-this Mehmet Nazim. He is growing strong insha Allah. May you train him also, Mehmet Effendi. Wa min Allah at-tawfiq. 

May our day be khair, may our doings & end be khair. May the troubles & accidents be far away from us. May we be far away from the evil of unbelievers, from the evil of shaytans, from the evil of who does evil & who follows their egos. May He (sw) protect us also from following our egos. Wala takilna illa anfusina tarfata ayn. Speak what is inpired to you. Speak. There is no one there who can stand in your way now. Fatiha. 

May our day start good & end with goodness. May our Nur increase. May our love increase. We worship & serve as much as we can. We live for the honour of the Beloved (ﷺ) of the Lord of Heavens, with the blessings of our Umm Hiram Sultan Hz, Shukur Allah. Shukur Allah. May  our today be better than yesterday & tomorrow better than today, O son. Have no fear. The Prophet’s (ﷺ) addressing to Siddiq (ra) in the cave, “La tahzan Innallaha ma’ana”. He said “Don’t fear. When Allah Almighty is with us, why should you fear them? If they enter from here, look..- He (swt) showed him an ocean (of jinns) fully prepared & ready to take the Prophet. He (ﷺ) said, “No need, they will go away”. A group of jinns came there to take him, he (ﷺ) said “no need”. Abu Bakr as-Siddiq Hz trembled. “La tahzan Innallaha ma’ana”. Allahu Akbar! Shukur Allah, Shukur Ghani Sultan. Salatu salam, endless salatu salam to our Prophet (ﷺ). I can’t stand up. I want to stand up, want to stand up for the glory of the Great Prophet (ﷺ). May You grant me power & strength. Fatiha. 

May dunya run after you. Don’t look to anything, go on like a lion. Your permission reaches from East to West. I may kiss your hand also. 

S.M. Astaghfirullah! Astagfirullah! La ilaha illa Allah, illa Allah, illa Allah! 

Ok Mehmet, you read for me also. The manifestation of your father (S.Baha) & uncle(S Mehmet) is different. Your uncle has the attribute of Jalali/ majesty. He has majesty. Your father is jamali/beauty. And we are left in the middle having no jamali nor jalali, nothing at all.. 


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