Al Maqam Al Mahmud

Rabī‘u l-Awwal has come. Show respect for the Prophet ﷺ who was commanded to step with his shoes on the Divine Throne, who was given the Station of Praise. How can you not praise the one Allāh ﷻ praised? Allāh ﷻ created everything for him ﷺ. The Christians and Jews are jealous and cannot see – the orphan from unknown deserts who is now known around the world.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Allahumma Salli ala Muhammadin wa ala ‘aly Muhammadin wa Sallim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (ق ),

Sohbat of the 23rd of January 2012.

Ya Latif, Ya Latif –  The Subtle, the Gentle Ya Latif, Ya Latif. All of them are tyrant nations, there is no Muslim nation. Ya Latif, Ya Latif. Everyday 100 times Ya Latif. Ya Latif, Ya Latif, Ya Latif, Ya Latif. 1000 times, Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad wa ala Ali Muhammad wa Sallim. 100 times Astaghfirullah Al Azim, Astaghfirullah Al Azim.. 

It is coming terrifying, with majesty- this Rabi-ul Awwal, our Prophet’s (ﷺ) month. The chance given to shaytan has come to its end now. First He will wipe out shaytan & those who are with shaytan. Then He will clean and raise the flag of  Islam. I have the flag hung here. Any flag that has Holy Verses written on it belongs to Islam. Verses from “The Mirajiyah of Sulaiman Chalabi, the poet of the Mawlid” “Calinip tabl-i besaret- The drums of good tidings beaten. “basti ars uzre kadem- He (ﷺ) set foot on the Arsh. “Gulgule doldu cihana- He entered with chants of joy. “geldi sah-i Enbiya- came the Sultan of Prophets” Allah Allah. The glory & honour of our Prophet (ﷺ). How can we know it,  how can we know? How can one know, how can you know it? 

“Calinip tabl-i besaret- The drums of good tidings beaten. 

“geldi sah-i Enbiya- came the Sultan of Prophets” 

“Gulgule doldu cihana- He came with the chants of joy. 

“basti ars uzre kadem- He (ﷺ) set foot on the Arsh.

Before the Arsh-Divine Throne, he(ﷺ)  wanted to take off his shoes(Miraj night) but “step with your shoes on” the address came. He (jwa) said to Prophet Moses: “Fakhla` Na`layka – So take off your shoes” (20:12) when he was on earth (in the sacred valley, Tuwa). For our Prophet (ﷺ), he himself wanted to take off his shoes but He (jwa) said: “Leave them on, let My Arsh be honoured, step on it”. Allahu Akbar! “basti ars uzre kadem- He (ﷺ) set foot on the Arsh”. 

O you gypsy herds, who consider the respect for the prophet(ﷺ) over done. Leave that! Allah Almighty said, in His Presence “Step with your shoes on, that My Arsh may find honour with your step”. And these ones make a fight in front of the Holy Maqam of the Prophet (ﷺ) (when one wants to say salawat): “O you gypsy herds, o jackals, o you howling dogs! What can you say about His (jwa) Glorious Prophet (ﷺ)? Allah Almighty has sent him (ﷺ) to Maqam Mahmud (Station of Praise). What is Maqam Mahmud? Say! Who will be in the Maqam Mahmud? “`Asa ‘An Yab`athaka Rabbuka Maqaman Mahmudan – It may be that your Lord will raise you to a Maqam Mahmud” (17:79). For whom is “Maqam Mahmud”? To whom was this honour given? You want to lower this Prophet’s (ﷺ) honour here? May they boil in hell- Wahhabi, Salafi & Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood-group), all of them! They can’t see the face of our Prophet (ﷺ) unless they repent. Can they see the face of Allah Almighty if they can’t see the Prophet’s? Aman ya Rabbi, Tawba ya Rabbi. 

Show respect for him (ﷺ). Praise him (ﷺ) as much as you can. Have no fear. Because your praise…”‘Inna Al-Laha Wa Mala’ikatahu Yusalluna `Ala An-Nabiyi- Allah sends His Salat on the Prophet (ﷺ) and also His angels too” (33:56). Who are you? That they always attack the Prophet (ﷺ)- Wahhabis, o wolves, jackals, foxes! Jackals & foxes will eat you. Those who have ill feelings for the Prophet (ﷺ) & who consider the respect shown for the Prophet (ﷺ) excessive, jackals will eat them. They will see! Aman ya Rabbi, may You not let us be misguided. How can you ask not to praise who Allah Almighty praised & glorified? 

You say “shirk” (Association a Partner with Allah)! What is shirk? What is shirk?  “O My Beloved, I have created everything for your honour” says Allah Almighty. “All creation, creatures I created for your honour. And I am not in need of what I created, I granted you all of them . It is all yours!” Allahu Akbarul Akbar! His Beloved Prophet, ya Sayyidi ya Rasul Allah (sas). If He gave us a small power, even like an atom, it can destroy everything! It can make all upside down! 

Pull yourselves together, O Wahhabis, O Salafis, O secular people, O unbelievers, O liar Christians & Jews! Come to your senses, pull yourselves together! Think about the glory & greatness of our Prophet (ﷺ), think about how he was. fakkaru waheed yateem- An orphan in unknown deserts, an orphan who lost both his mother & father. How he was living? How has he been known out of deserts, out of deserts? Hundreds of millions, billions of people lived. They had children. They died & were forgotten. What kind of a person was he (ﷺ)? Neither Christians, nor Jews have any mind left to think! Say this! How did it happen? How did an orphan, who lost both his mother & father, an orphan boy that he didn’t go to any school. He didn’t know how to read or write. He was illiterate. How come did it happen, that for 23 years he said: “I am the Prophet of Allah & reading the Holy Quran He has sent you”? 

Even if a person wrote a poem by himself & if you ask him to read it, he can’t read correctly!  is it so? The number of Holy Verses in Holy Quran? S.M. It was about 6000. M. 6666 Holy Verses How can this be? If it was not a Holy Book, how can an illiterate one read & say it to people? He reads & says it from the beginning to end by heart. He reads it correctly with all it’s punctuations & letters. It means, these people who cannot think of this are below the level of animals. 

Look at his glory & majesty! What does the Prophet (ﷺ) say? “O my companions, one day will come when my name will be known throughout the whole world” This is Hadith-Tradition of the Prophet. “My name will be mentioned everywhere”. This is a miracle of our Prophet (ﷺ). He says this from out of the Arabian deserts: “When the last days come my name will be mentioned everywhere”. Yes! Sayyidal Awwalin Wal Akhirin (ﷺ). Ya Sayyidi ya Rasul Allah. We ask for your affection & intercession. We ask for power. Even an ant can crush them, destroy them. What kind of a thing is this? Look now, everywhere our Prophet’s name is mentioned, as he said.

It is said in the first place! In the first place! Jews because of their lack of faith and Christians also, because of their lack of faith & their jealousy they don’t accept our Prophet (ﷺ). Let them not accept! They are not so many in number. As you say, he (ﷺ) has a nation- there are 2-3 billions of people- Ummah, who say “La ilaha illa Allah  Muhammad Rasul Allah”. Can you make that many people say? Let them try if they can do it! 

You have put Sayyidina Isa in the place of a farce, comedy & you are making theatre with him. They put crosses, cross themselves.. What are these? Did Prophet Jesus come & tell you: “Take this cross & carry it, it is my sign”. If it was his sign, he would have it written  on his forehead & walked out like this. They have no mind. 

Jealousy is the attribute of shaytan. Shaytan got jealous of Prophet Adam & he has become shaytan. Whoever is jealous of our Prophet (ﷺ), they are also shaytans. “Calƒ±nƒ±p tabl-i besaret- The drums of good tidings beaten. “kondu ol sahib alem- The Master of the Creation has entered upon the universe” “Gulgule doldu cihana- He came with chants of joy. “came the Sultan of Prophets.” We ask for your intercession, ya Rasul Allah. Our language is enough only for this. This is enough. Fatiha. 


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