Al-Muqtadir Jalla Jalalahu

Mawlana watched the sunrise and said, “Subhana Al-Qadir Al-Muqtadir!” Mawlana said that Al-Qadir (The All-Capable) is an Attribute of Allah for which we can find a reference but Al-Muqtadir, how can we even imagine it? Mawlana said that GrandShaykh (q) stopped at the interpretation of the Divine Name, Al-Muqtadir.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (ق ), Sohbat  of the 15th of December, 2012 – Safar ul Khair

He stopped, couldn’t bring an illustration to it. An astonishing thing has come to us to explain; Al-Muqtadir. It has more emphasis than Al-Qadeer, Al-Muqtadir. Muqtadir, what does His capacity reach to? Till where? GrandShaykh didn’t answer, made it stop there. Now an illustration of it has come to us – He is Muqtadir/Omnipotent till where? He (swt) can make all this creation sit on an atom. 

Does He have the power, capacity for it? Finished! Allah is capable of making the whole creation sit on an atom. Look at the Greatness! The least illustration came to my heart. This is very strong- Al-Muqtadiru. Till where does His capacity reach? GrandShaykh didn’t answer, made it stop there. Later again he gave it to us now, our GrandShaykh- an atom. He (swt) can make all the creation get on an atom. 

Do you have a doubt? He (swt) makes all creation get on an atom. Who can do this? Allah can do! He is the Muqtadir- Omnipotent. Kun…“‘Idha ‘Arada Shay’aan ‘An Yaqula Lahu Kun Fayakun” (36:82) “Get on this atom, whole creation!” It immediately gets on! “‘Idha ‘Arada Shay’aan ‘An Yaqula Lahu Kun Fayakun”. May He reach us before Qaf reaches Nun, Our Allah, Our Subhan! Our Allah, Our Subhan, O our Lord! Tawba Ya Rabb. 

Who are we? Allah Almighty granted us comprehension also. Granted man comprehension because “Wa Laqad Karramna Bani ‘Adama” (17:70) We have the Divine Honouring whose limits you can’t know. Our happiness, our Lord sent us His Beloved (ﷺ) for our happiness. Our happiness is from our Glorious Prophet (ﷺ). May we raise the flags of our Glorious Prophet. May you give us power, may you give us power Ya Sayyidi Ya Rasulullah. We ask power. We ask strength. May we open, may we open.. May we be from the ones who receive the ma’arifats, O Lord.. Allah Allah. Allah Allah. 

In every moment, Allah Almighty creates universes in places where our numbers can’t reach. You understand? There is this universe now, right? There is this world. In every moment Allah Almighty, Khalaq al-Azim, doesn’t finish & sit like this. He has the Holy Name “Khalaq”. He continues, doesn’t stop. Allah Almighty being Khalaq cannot be cancelled. Therefore continuously universes, universes, universes… He doesn’t consider them as His Dominions/Mulk. It is what He created. He, Himself is the Malik ul-Mulk

You are Subhan O Lord, what can we understand? We can’t understand anything. Allah..If He opens, you get drunk. You get drunk.. They say “you do as an ant, little”. So your understanding is like an ant. What can an ant understand of man. Its understanding is on the lowest level. It doesn’t have comprehension, an ant can’t comprehend man. “Ma Qadaru Al-Laha Haqqa Qadrihi” (22:74) What capacity does man have to understand Allah Almighty? What capacity do we have? None. We are at zero level, always at zero level. Khalaq al-Azim, Azim. 

Khalaq is a Name with emphasis in it. There are so much, so much… For this they are rushing to listen to the awliyas, there is One who makes them speak. There are words Ibn Arabi didn’t speak of- He is also such a holy Sultan. He said words that no one understood. But all of them are understood. If there was no one to understand he wouldn’t have said it. But he is made to say them. 

Tawba ya Rabbi. Fatiha for all of them. Allah..Allah.. Our Subhan, our Sultan, our Allah, all Praise be to Allah from pre-eternal up to eternal. Shukur, Allah Almighty brought us into existence. What a great blessing for us, what a great blessing for us. What a great blessing. Aman Ya Rabbi, Tawba Ya Rabbi. Tawba. 

May we become more powerful. May the flags of Islam rise. All of these servants will understand something, the ones who will die as well as the ones who survive. Fatiha. 

In the distance from here up to the sun He (swt) can put 1 million suns like our sun. Can He (swt) put? All around it where the rays come out, Can He (swt) create a new sun inside each one of these rays? A new creation opens continuously. Khalaq al-Azim. Allah… Aman Ya Rabbi. Tawba Ya Rabbi. Tawba Ya Rabbi…Allah.. Tawba Ya Rabbi. Tawba Ya Rabbi. 

Our Subhan, Our Sultan, this is all we can say! Subhan- no one can know its meaning. Sultan is known a little bit but it is like an ocean, no one can know how He is Sultan, how He is Subhan. Is there anyone who can explain these? The Prophets are also helpless on this, except for our Prophet (ﷺ). We can’t judge him. Hasha! We don’t judge anyone, we don’t judge anyone.. Fatiha. 

The knowledge S. Khidr (alayhi s-salam) had, that “`Allamnahu Min Ladunna `Ilmaan” (18:65). What it says as knowledge of “ladun” is from the ocean, we can’t speak of it. An atom from it is opened to the Sultan of the Prophets (ﷺ). What is opened beyond this, we can’t speak of. No one can know the rank of the Prophet (ﷺ), no one can know what he knows. No one can know the capacity of our Prophet also (ﷺ). SubhanaHu wa Taa’la, Allah Jalla Jalalahu granted him so that he can understand & explain to people as much as they can understand. Aman Ya Rabbi. “`Allamnahu Min Ladunna `Ilman” The knowledge of ladun is an endless ocean of mercy and knowledge … 


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