The Glory of Praying

After Fajr Mawlana spoke about the secrets of prayer. GrandShaykh, through his karamat, displayed to all those on the battlefield the secret and power of prayer.

The Glory of Praying

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (ق ), Sohbat of the 24th of December, 2012 – Safar ul Khair

A Muslim can’t be dishonored. Allah does not make a Muslim dishonored. The soldiers… These are the instructions coming now. No bullet or torment will come to the soldiers who pray, it says to me. Whoever prays from the soldiers, even if he goes into the most dangerous zone of the war, there is an angel that protects him. Those who don’t pray, even if they are Pashas or Generals or Admirals still something will hit them. 

There is fear for all of them. It is likely that some die & some survive in these battles. Who die are the ones that don’t make sajda. Who survives are the ones that make sajda. He should stand with his gun in his hand, make tayammum on the earth, say “I turn towards the Qibla” & make at least 2 rakats of sajda, then angels from Heavens descend & protect him. If not, there is fear for all the rest. Keeping his boots on his feet, he may do tayammum with the earth- on his face, on his arms saying “I make niyah for tayammum O Lord. May You accept” & then he prays 2 rakats. There is no need to take off his boots. Even if it is with his gun, he can bow & make sajda. Even if it is only 2 rakats a day, he should still put his forehead on the ground for sajda. He is under protection. If not, if not, there is fear for all of them. 

Our GrandShaykh, the Sultan al-Awliya Hz told me a story, that he was in Canakkale (Gallipoli). “One day, I was standing to pray the duha prayer. A 37.5 mm bullet came on me from the sea” he said to me, & hit the place exactly where he was praying. It came right towards GrandShaykh. He was praying the duha prayer. He stood up & sat a little further. Inside that mess & dust clouds… The battalion commander came & looked: “For the love of God, O Shaykh Abdulllah what are you doing?” He asked under the dust cloud “Are you alive?” He said “I am safe”. Astonishing. That one he said, 37.5, is the heaviest bullet. “I didn’t fall down like this, or like that. I was in sajda, I sat” he said. “Fa wa Allahi…” The battalion commander said, “this prayer saved you. I order you, wherever we go, the battalion should have a mosque and my soldiers pray”. 

It was the heaviest weapon at that time. Shaykh Effendi Hz was inside the dust & bullets. The battalion commander said “Pity, Abdullah Effendi is gone!”. And he looked, Shaykh Effendi is sitting a little bit further away, sitting after sajda. This is the first one, the first… The victorious commander of Canakkale.. What was the name of that Pasha? I forgot his name. That Pasha, he was the commander of Canakkale. His sword in his hand like this, he would go back & forth to the shelter. “O veterans, O ghazis! Don’t fear that the enemy will kill you. Whenever his Lord wants to take a man, He (swt) takes him at that time. Have no fear!” His sword in his hand like this, he would go back & forth in the shelter, that Pasha.. What was his name? We forgot. I forgot the name of the Pasha. He is the real victor of Canakkale. He is the real commander of Canakkale. Allah Allah.. 

Therefore my will for the army of my nation is that a battle will take place. It won’t be left without that war. Even if there are all kinds of weapons, they should not fear the weapons. They should fear Allah. They should pray at least 2 rakats & make sajda. May they not fear then, nothing touches them. But those who neglect & don’t take this seriously, we won’t interfere with whatever comes on him. 

Sabis Pasha, what is his name? This is his last name. Ihsan Pasha, Ihsan Pasha.. He was the commander of Canakkale. Ihsan Sabis Pasha, they call him? That Pasha, he would go back & forth like this with his sword. “O my lions! These enemies won’t kill you. If the order comes from upstairs, your pure soul is taken & you go to paradise” Ali Ihsan Pasha.. Sabis.. There was such Pashas there.. The prayer is the pillar of religion, the guarantee of paradise. Who doesn’t pray does not enter paradise, finish! This is the order, the instruction: “Who doesn’t pray can’t enter paradise”. If there is a man who says “He can enter”, he is lying. Wa min Allah at-tawfiq, this is enough. Fatiha. 

How is this subject? 

H.F. Perfect. 

M. Is it not perfect? He says “Don’t you fear at all”. Whoever prays may have no fear. All who don’t pray will be in fear. May our day be good & at rest. May our door be open. This is certain, certain.. May our homes be in safety O Lord. A house where they pray is in safety. If something comes on those who don’t pray, we won’t interfere. A person who doesn’t pray is in danger. A house where people don’t pray is in danger. The house whose inhabitants go out exposing their bodies is in danger. We are ordered to say this. Whoever wants may listen & whoever doesn’t want suffers what comes to him. 

May Allah grant us understanding & faith so that we may believe. Faith will save us, having no faith makes you humiliated. Aman ya Rabbi, tawba ya Rabbi. May You send from Your holy servants one who will show us Your beautiful ways & Your Beloved’s honour. May the doors of glory open. May the oppressors fight one another. Amin. Fatiha. 

This is also important. The Honour is the honour Allah granted. The honour servants give to each other is rubbish. Tawba ya Rabbi tawba astaghfirullah. 



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