Hz Adam and Azazil

When you pray at the Ka’aba it is as if you have embraced the Divine Throne. Leave this rubbish dunya and embrace the Divine. We have been so honoured by Allah to be His representative and called Hz Insan. Azazil was so jealous of the honour that he disobeyed and became the cursed shaytan. Honour and be honoured. Show honour to even the smallest of Allah’s creation. Now is the time to sit and pray in your houses, not to go out and join the battle.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi ق ,

Sohbat of the 23rd of September, 2013

Let us say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Shah-i Mardan, may the Divine Gifts coming to the Beloved, to Allah’s Beloved, bring joy and comfort to us as well, may we be cheered. Lā ilāha illa-llāh, Sayyiduna Muhammadan Rasulullah, salla-llāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam. Come to us, O Shah-i Mardan, your Lovers are in awe of you. Your words are so lovely, they are a source of wisdom, a source of strength and of honour. 

Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar. Let us say Allahu akbar, let us glorify our Lord. Let us praise our Lord, let us venerate Him, Allahu akbar. O Lovers of Shah-i Mardan, you have given honour to our assembly. You give us honour. You receive honour as much as you give it. There is no weakness. A believer knows no weakness. Shah-i Mardan says: For a believer there is no weakness! A believer is strong, powerful. The believer has the quality of the lion. Be as a lion! Don’t be a pussy cat. 

Our assembly’s key word, its honour is Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. With these words, when you strike the ground it will split apart.

As-salāmu ‘aleykum, O Lovers of Shah-i Mardan. Welcome to you, welcome to the excellent assembly of Shah-i Mardan. Let’s find welcome, let’s find friendliness and contentment. May worldly sorrows and worries be far from us! Let us be refreshed. Our Lord has created us. What a great honour! What a great honour! Let us say this. What is the key word of honour? Its key word is Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. The key word for the assembly of honour is Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Come, O Shah-i Mardan. Your Lovers are in awe of you! Our assembly’s key word, its honour is Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. With these words, when you strike the ground it will split apart. Allahu akbar. The Greatness of God, Allah’s Greatness. Say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim! Therein lies the secret. Therefore, O Lovers of Shah-i Mardan, let us say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. 

Marhaba, O Beloved Friends! Marhaba/Welcome is from the heavens, it comes from the heavens. What a very great blessing. Our Lord has made us to be of the Children of Adam. He gave us this honour. Such honour as Allah Almighty gives us, no one else can give us. “Let My servants say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, and I will relieve them of all their burdens. I do not take any burdens, but My Divine Favour takes away all their troubles and worries.” One little drop of Divine Favour makes them go away. O our Lord, O our Subhān, our Sultān! O son of Adam, search for honour! Do not look for rubbish, don’t be a rubbish collector! Be a collector of precious gems, collect what is precious! Allah Almighty is giving it. 

O Shah-i Mardan, come to us! The field is yours. You are the Sultan. May strength and honour be given. It has been given, strength has been given to the sons of Adam. “My representative on earth”, Allah Almighty has called him. What a great honour, to be the representative of Allah Almighty! But what times are we living in now? As the saying goes: Ignorance has taken hold of the world; even if they ask, no one knows about faith. The world has become ignorant, it has entered the valley of ignorance. They do not enter the valley of light. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar Allahu akbar. 

O Lovers of Shah-i Mardan! Send us your support. Help us to say a few words, so we might find refreshment. So we might find joy and honour. Look to the magnificent Ka‘aba. How it puts on its robe of honour. I turned towards the qibla, I kissed the Ka‘aba. As a symbol of Your House, the Holy House, I kissed the magnificent Ka‘aba. Let us kiss it. Let us fall down in prostration. Do not prostrate before the Ka‘aba, but before the Lord of the Ka‘aba. Find in it refreshment. Be not ignorant. Come, O Shah-i Mardan. May our assembly be an assembly of spiritual knowledge! Let us find ease and contentment. This does not mean weakness. If one gazes at the Ka‘aba, his heart begins to shine. It finds honour and contentment. It (your heart) experiences a wondrous state. When we turn towards the Ka‘aba, saying Allahu akbar, a robe of honour is dressed upon us.

One who has spiritual strength knows about adab. Learn about adab. When you say Allahu akbar at the Holy House of the Ka‘aba, it is as if on earth you had embraced the Throne of the Almighty Lord.

Come, O Shah-i Mardan. Speak to us! Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, wa li-llahi lhamd. What can we do? From Shah-i Mardan we manage to take just a little bit. We want to grow stronger. We ask not for animal strength, but for spiritual strength. Animals know nothing of adab/good manners. One who has spiritual strength knows about adab. Learn about adab. When you say Allahu akbar at the Holy House of the Ka‘aba, it is as if on earth you had embraced the Throne of the Almighty Lord.  May this be given to us, too. O Shah-i Mardan, your Lovers are in awe of you. May our strength not decrease, may it grow. We ask for this, we ask according to our condition. 

In the Almighty’s Presence, man passes for the “sacred human being”.

Ask to be given from Allah Almighty’s boundless stores of treasure. Do not ask for anything of this dunya, God forbid! This world has no value. Let us embrace the Baytullah, Baytullah, the Holy House that Allah has consecrated and made glorious through His very own Name, the Ka‘aba-i Mu‘azzama. With His exalted Name let us say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Let us destroy shaytan’s – we won’t call it a kingdom, but his junkyard, his scrap heap; this world is shaytan’s rubbish dump – shaytan’s rubbish dump, this world. Do not look at the dunya! Take from the Holy Ka‘aba, take from it, so you might be refreshed! So you might find strength and honour! If you trample on the dunya, you will wreck it. In the Almighty’s Presence, man passes for the “sacred human being”. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa takabbar wa tajabbar. 

O Shah-i Mardan, your Lovers are in awe of you. They are asking, they want to see and they want to hear. They wish to love their Lord. Love! Love! Love! The Love of Allah. Love, the Love of the Beloved. Love, love those who are in love with them. Do not give your love to the world! Leave it be! So you might be gladdened. So many good things Allah Almighty has granted us! Kulla yawmin huwa fi sha’n. (55:29) “All His doings in this world are different [every day].” Ask! Ask to draw near to the Lord whose Existence is of Necessity, in order to find more joy, in order to take on even more love; to take on more respect and reverence. O man! Try harder to draw close to your Lord, not to this world. You are Subhān, O our Lord! You are Subhān, You are Sultān. Subbūhun Quddūs, Rabbunā wa Rabbu l-malā’ikati wa r-ruh. They all praise Allah, mankind, jinn and the angels. 

Come, O Shah-i Mardan. Let not your cares, your worries and anxieties be concerned with the dung of this world. Be refreshed. Come, O Shah-i Mardan. How lovely are your words! Let us be refreshed. He will see no worries in this world, and no trouble in the afterlife, man, Hazret-i insan. the sacred human being, for he has this quality of sanctity. Shaytan was jealous of him. He was referred to as Hazret-i Adam, why was he called that? His own name was Azāzīl. “It was not given to me, it was given to Adam”, he says. Out of anger shaytān disobeyed. Whereas he had been Azāzīl, he now turned into shaytān. 

O people! Do not follow the way of shaytān! Rather the pure way, the totally pure course – come to us O Shah-i Mardan – the way of the prophets. When he was yet Azāzīl, from his grudge and anger he disobeyed. He did not say: “This is my Lord, He acts as He sees fit.” He did not say this, instead he rebelled. So he became shaytān. There are two ways: there is shaytān’s way, and there is the way of the Sultān. Adhere to the path of the Lord of all Creation. What is the way of the Sultan of Prophets? Stick to it. It consists of being a servant to one’s Lord, that is his way, his path. That is all he ever wanted. Therefore we say: ‘abduhu wa rasūluhu, His servant and His messenger. “I want nothing more than this”, said the Holy Prophet, salla-llāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam. Shah-i Mardan says this as well. We do not wish for the stuff of this dunya, we want no part of it. What we ask for is to hold to the path of our Holy Prophet, the Pride of the Universe, the Prince of both worlds, who is His servant and His Messenger. 

The wine of Love, he who says Allah today, may he drink of it. He will be filled with love and ardour. Let us remain pure.

How lovely are the words of Shah-i Mardan! May our hearts be gladdened. The wine of Love, he who says Allah today, may he drink of it. He will be filled with love and ardour. Let us remain pure. We have not come here to this world to fill up the toilet,. May love and ardour and joy, and the ranks and oceans of beauty that are beyond this and yet further beyond, be opened to us. Let us say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. That opens up the oceans of beauty. Forget about earthly beauties. The key to heavenly treasures, enjoyments and delights: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim is given to that servant. You, too, are sultan, he is told. 

Come, O Shah-i Mardan. O Shah-i Mardan, since this is the case, the light of those lovers is brighter than the light of the sun. We have not come to this world in order to fill up toilet bowls. You must know this and make this known. For what have we come into this world? Did we come in order to fill up toilets? Far from it, God forbid. Allah Almighty did not send us to earth for us to fill up toilet bowls. He has sent us, so that our hearts would fill with love and longing. “Let them come and take from My Treasures. Let My servants take from My Emanations of Beauty. That is what I have sent them for. Not to fill up toilets, far from it.” God forbid. Man, the sacred human being. 

O our Lord, open this up for us. Whatever is our lot, however much is allotted to us, that is how much we are given. The words that Shah-i Mardan speaks to us are according to our level. Allah Almighty addresses His prophets in a different manner. The address of the prophets to their sultan, to the Pride of Creation (ﷺ) is yet another. Their rejoicing is different, as is their beauty. Their joy and their pleasure are of a different kind. Go for those enjoyments, do not run after this world. Run after the source of divine joy, of divine delight and bliss, so that your might attain higher ranks, and so your hearts might be refreshed. So that your spirituality might be uncovered. Whoever pays no attention to his spiritual being is a beast. 

Come, O Shah-i Mardan. Show honour also to the bee, the ant. Say that Allah created this ant and honour it. “He has shown honour to the creatures I have created” – therefore you will receive Divine Honour. Akrim! Tukram. Right? Show honour, so that you might be shown divine honour in return. Honour Allah’s Creation, so that you too might receive honour. If you show honour to what is on earth, honour will descend on you from heaven, you will be honoured from above. Allahu akbar. 

Let us be lions. How lovely, how lovely, the Holy House of the Ka‘aba. Who is it for? He made it for His Beloved. Thus He commanded: wa idhā yarfa‘u Ibrāhīmu l-qawā’ida masjidi l-haram. (2:127) When Ibrahim raised up the foundations of the Holy House. What is this? It is a tremendous sign of respect that Allah Dhu l-Jalal bestows on His servants in that He dresses them in robes of honour. Whoever turns to Him, Allah Almighty dresses him with that respect, that honour. If you turn to Him once, you get it once. If you turn to Him five times, you get it five times. With each sajda Allah Almighty dresses a new robe upon you. Whoever comes to stand respectfully before his Lord – come, O Shah-i Mardan – will not be robed in the same dress, in the same gown. Each time he stands and recites Allahu akbar, he will be robed in a new robe of honour that descends from the Divine Throne. How lovely, how very lovely! 

But these foolish people do not run after this. They are running after the rubbishy world. They leave off their honour, and busy themselves with rubbish collection. Allahu Allah, Allahu Rabbi, mā lī siwahu. O our Lord, give us refreshment. Refresh us, so we might be cheered. Let us say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Say this and find refreshment. Every task is recorded. What is your task? Have you any other task than the service of our Lord? Which task brings you honour? What honour is there besides the service of the Lord? These people are mad. What is the greatest honour? The foremost task? The service of our Lord. Other than that, what are you busying yourselves with? Formerly there used to be gold, now they have done away with the gold and replaced it with paper. Now they are chasing this paper as a fox chases chickens, and running after this wicked world. They have lost all honour. You must know about your honour.

Come, O Shah-i Mardan. Shah-i Mardan has news of everything. Allahu akbar. Recite this and remain in your seat, don’t do anything else. Your provision will descend from heaven, straight to your door, to your house. Allah. From on high a table will be spread before you. Allah Almighty does not cause you any trouble. It comes down in front of you, as does the sustenance of the people of paradise; pure provision comes to you also – without any struggle, without fighting, without cursing and swearing, without quarrelling it comes to you. It comes, He sends it. Allah Almighty, to Whom belongs all that is in the heavens and the earths. He sends it to you. 

Concern yourself with your own state, and stay at home.

O our Lord, forgive us. May our hearts be refreshed and filled with good cheer. May all worry and grief depart from our hearts, may gladness enter into them. Let us be cheered. O Shah-i Mardan, your Lovers are in awe of you. Let us say: Huuuu, Huuuu. Our Lord sends us from His boundless stores of treasure. What sort of things are there? Shah-i Mardan tells us about them. What kind of things? A time will come, when the people will run after them as the fox chases chickens. This is useless. Ehh. There will come a time when people will be confused. For such a time, what does Shah-i Mardan advise? hādha z-zamān zamānu s-sukūt wa mulāzamati l-buyūt. “A time will come for mankind, when the best way of life will be to speak nothing except the praise of the Lord, and the dhikr/remembrance of Allah. wa mulāzamati l-buyūt. Meaning: Stay in your houses.” Do not go out. You cannot control things, you will be caught up in mischief. Therefore, hādha z-zamān zamānu s-sukūt wa mulāzamati l-buyūt. In these times, don’t speak out! Do not engage in fighting with anyone! He tells us – Concern yourself with your own state, and stay at home. 

Now this is advice coming from the Prophet. Shah-i Mardan informs us of it: stay in your homes, and do not speak out. Let your talk be readings of the Holy Qur’an. Sit and read. That way no harm will come to you in this world or in the hereafter. Hādha z-zamān zamanu s-sukūt wa mulāzamati l-buyūt. Now such a time is coming. At this time the best advice to people is for them to not speak out. Do not deal with worldly speech. Wa mulāzamati l-buyūt, stay in place in your houses, do not venture outside. Busy yourself with the remembrance and dhikr of your Lord. Don’t go beyond that. You will find peace and comfort in it. You will be prosperous in your afterlife. All grief and sorrow will depart from your heart. Allah and His Messenger will send down honour upon you.

O our Lord, may our troubles be taken from us, if it be Your will. Stay in your home, busy yourself with dhikr. Be quiet, do not get involved, and you will be at peace. O our Lord, Say: hasbun Allah wa ni‘ma l-wakīl. Say: hasbun Allah wa ni‘ma l-wakīl. hasbun Allah wa ni‘ma l-wakīl, ni‘ma l-Mawla wa ni‘ma n-nasīr. Say this and have no fear.



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