Olive Oil

Our Master, alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam, says, by the command of Allah, to use olive oil in food. Olive is a holy tree. He tells us to eat it and apply it on our skin for health. This is the news that comes from heavens.

Olive Oil Benefits Natural Remedies

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi QS, Sohbat of the 26th of March, 2014.

Marhaba, O lovers of Shah Mardan. Those ready for the assembly of holy ones, dastur, madad. Madad. Welcome, my son. Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. 

Our Lord has created this world. He created everything that is necessary and required for the children of Adam. There is no need for mankind to create with their own hands medicine for their ego. Everything is already there. MashaAllahu kan, mashaAllahu kan. Our Lord Jalla wa ‘Ala created mankind and sent them to earth. Whatever is necessary for mankind, He created that too. He didn’t create anything unnecessary. Everything has something useful in it. JanabAllah has created it that way. “Rabbana ma khalaqta hatha batilan Subhanaka faqina adhaba n-nari” (3:191) Allah Allah. 

You are Subhan, ya Rabb. You are Sultan. For the honor of the Habib-ul Kibriya, You favoured us with everything. Salat-us-salam to Sultan-ul Anbiya, to the Beloved of Allah, then also to those who are on his way. Welcome to our assembly, my son. We want. And we don’t know what we want. Our Master, the Master of Universe says: “I’tademu bi z-zayti wa d-dahinu bihi fainnahu yakhruju min shajaratin mubarakatin.” Allahu Akbar. Our Master, alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam, says this by the command of Allah. “I’tademu bi z-zayti.” He tells to use olive oil in food. Did you understand? “Fainnahu yakhruju min shajaratin mubarakatin.” Olive is a holy tree. He tells us to eat it and apply it on the skin. This is the news that comes from heavens. 

Our Master, Sultan of Prophets, is revealing it to the prophets: “I’tademu bihi zaytun.” He says to eat it and apply it on the skin. Olive oil protects the body. It will leave no need for any doctor. “I’tademu bi zzayti.” Apply olive oil on your body. Isn’t that it? “Wa tadimu bihi.” Both eat with bread and apply on your body. “Fainnahu yakhruju min shajaratin mubarakatin.” Allahu Akbar. “Because it comes from a holy tree.” Allah Allah. Allah Allah. It is the olive tree, Mehmed Efendi our son. Apply it, no illness will come. They give a thousand types of imitated medicine to people. None of them is helpful. And what is the word of the Prophet, alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam? “Kulu z-zayta wa d-dahinu bihi. fainnahu yakhruju min shajaratin mubarakatin.” He tells us to eat olive oil with bread and apply it on the skin. 

Because it is obtained from a holy tree. It has blessings. Therefore, I always used to add olive oil in every salad. It protects the body. Get used to eat and learn. I said hawthorn. We call it hawberry/ hawthorn. This tree is different. A hawthorn tree has many different amazing uses. Animals don’t get sick. Animals eating from a hawthorn tree, eating hawberries and its leaves, don’t get sick, Mehmed Efendi our son. Shaitan has spoilt people. La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahi l-‘Aliyyi l-‘Azim. Aman ya Rabbi. Your Beloved said everything. “Kulu z-zayta wa d-dahinu bihi. fainnahu yakhruju min shajaratin mubarakatin.” My Allah. How beautiful. That’s why, they used to keep olives together with olive oil in old times. They both ate the olives and the oil; their bodies were strong and fit. 

Hawthorn Berry Tree

This is the news of heavens, not just invented. They give us thousands of types of medicine. Hospitals. May Allah keep us away, my son. If you go to a hospital, they give so many types of imitated pills, injections and I don’t know what else. It’s no good. So “I’tademu bi z-zayti.” – Put olive oil on bread. Isn’t that it? Why? “Fainnahu yakhruju min shajaratin mubarakatin.” Olives. Allah. They say olives are harmful. Why? They have salt. Who has seen any harm in salt? Why do you forbid it? Salt of olives, why do you forbid salt? Who has seen any harm in salt? However, shaitan has put the order of this world upside down. He destroyed the order and the system brought by the prophets both for people and their assemblies. He ruined it. It is the word of the Prophet, alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam. “Kulu z-zayta wa d-dahinu bihi fainnahu yakhruju min shajaratin mubarakatin zaytunatin.” 

We used to have olive oil in our homes in the old times. Our olives were inside their oil. We used to eat them together. Illnesses of the body would go away. And what do they do now? What they do is harm. That is why I want you, Sheikh Mehmed Efendi my son, to tell that whoever plants an olive tree, he will be paid a sum as a reward; whoever plants one will be paid a sum as a reward, because olive is a holy tree. May our Allah forgive us. May our Allah forgive us. How much there is in one olive. Mankind used to eat olives not in one bite but sometimes three, up to seven bites, putting olives in bread in the old days. Animals would eat its seeds, or a holy tree would grow out of them. It’s not a proud tree, it grows wherever is planted. Plant olives as much as you want, Mehmed, sheikh Mehmed Efendi. 

All of these imitations brought up by European unbelievers will be gone. Pills as large as this; what is there when you look inside it? “Kulu z-zayta.” – Eat olive oil. “Wa d-dahinu bihi.” – And apply it. It will protect you; what a holy tree. Shajaratin mubarakatin zaytunatin. Our Allah. Tell whoever plants an olive tree, I will pay him a reward. Whoever plants that holy tree, tell them that I’ll pay a double reward. Allah Allah. No need, my daughter, there’s no need for these imitated pills. It’s written on it “this is for this”. And I say leave it. Mankind used to eat olives in old times. Village people used to eat olives and always used olive oil as well. Also wrestlers used to apply it, they were like lions. 

Shaitan has ruined everything now. Who is ruling in the world now? Shaitan. Shaitan is coming against the science which came down from heavens in front of the testaments of Prophets. He (shaytan) is increasing illnesses, he is not curing them. Why? For whom? Nobody listens now. Tell it to the wall. Milk is like this. They mess up milk completely. It has no taste, no salt, no strength. These few words, they call it tibb an-Nabi (medicine of the Prophet), it is the way of treatment of the Prophet. How beautiful. They bring me food, let’s make an example, they don’t add a drop of olive oil to it. Do they? They don’t. If they add, they add just a drop. Don’t lessen olive oil. It serves all parts of the body; it renews, refreshes and empowers them. It doesn’t have an imitation. That’s why olive oil came first in our homes. Allah Allah. 

Now they have taken olive oil away. Pepper, tomatoes, onion, cucumbers – when they are all together, you add salt and eat. “Oh, don’t eat salt.” Oh, Allah give what you deserve! – I get angry at them. They say “Don’t add salt, don’t eat salt.” These are the teachings of shaitan. Don’t obey shaitan. “Wa la tattabi’u khutuwati sh-shaytani” (2:168) You know that hawthorn? Even a hawthorn tree removes illnesses, Mehmed Efendi my son. What we do is say a few words in order to wake you up. But people have gone beyond waking up. Nothing like belief exists, there is only imitation. What will this many pills do to them? What is inside them is unclear. That’s why, I ask for strength so that they teach this especially in the schools, they should get used to it. 

May mankind live comfortably. May they live in health. It has no wastefulness, no imitation. When you crush an olive seed, it’s useful for the body too. Now what? They give imitated pills. Why do you give it? “Kulu z-zayta wa d-dahinu bihi. fainnahu yakhruju min shajaratin mubarakatin zaitunatin.” Allahu Akbar. Aman ya Rabbi. How beautiful. Eat olive oil. Dip it, have it available because it comes out of a holy tree. No harm comes from a blessed thing. Have it planted. Have olive trees planted. Plant them and let them be planted, my son. Allah. There’s a cypress tree here. Even its cones have oil. It’s useful for us too. And when there is imitation, how will people deal with this? They won’t. That’s why people have become miserable. The children of Adam have become miserable. They have lost their strength, they have lost their health, they have lost the work they should do. Have olives planted. Carob, have carob trees planted. They grow in the mountains. Milk. They messed up milk as well. You can’t find clean ones. In everything, sheikh Mehmed Efendi, look for clean ones. Each plant has a benefit. 


Eat it with the intention of remedy. 

Whichever doctor you go to, they say surgery is required. Where? To the heart. Where? To the brain. Where? To the butt. Cut it and leave. They have taken the humanity out of humans. They’ve made them like the meat of animals. Aman ya Rabbi. May Allah not let us be caught in their hands. It is being caught in shaitan’s hands. “Wa la tattabi’u khutuwati sh-shaytani” (2:168) “Don’t follow the steps of shaitan”. Aman ya Rabbi. Olive oil is especially ordered and requested. Use olive oil in your salads, eat, eat from its olives. Don’t throw salt away. Salt has Allah’s wisdom in it. If it was forbidden then prophets would have made it haram. It is not. It is not. Eat it with the intention of remedy. 

Ya Rabbi, forgive us. May He send us a Sultan so that holy ones teach us. O holy ones, you have hidden, and we are left in the bushes among donkeys and oxen. Yes. They are giving imitated feed to animals. It is no good. Whatever there is look in the feed factory. What they add to it is unclear. Do they add stones? Do they add sand? Do they add soil? It is unclear. See how much there is to be told. People have lost their humanity. Return to humanity. Who teaches humanity is the Sultan of Prophets, alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam. Keep on his way, don’t fear. How beautiful, how beautiful. 

O our Lord, forgive us. O our Lord, forgive us. May we be like lions on Your way, ya Rabbi. May we not live on medicine, with their imitated medicine. No. May we live with the strength given by Janab-ul Mawla. Where is strength found? There are olives in the mountains, there are cypress, hawthorn, oleaster (Russian olive). Let them plant these too, my son. Fill up, one stick is one tree. Your late grandfather planted them. Plant as many as you can. Don’t look anywhere. May our strength remain pure on the way of Allah. May we not live on pills. People of this time live on pills. What can we do? 

O our Lord, You are Subhan, You are Sultan. You sent our Master, You sent our Master. Olives – “Oh, they’re salty, don’t eat them.” Something else – “Oh, it’s salty, don’t eat.” Don’t make haram what Allah made halal. Leave it. Ya Rabbi, send us the Sahib. Send us the Sahib who will show the way of Your Beloved. Send us the Sultan, ya Rabbi. Fatiha. 

There is a plane tree. It has chestnuts. They have amazing benefit too. Have it planted, or have it brought, my son. And from those trees, pick and eat. They will make decoration and be useful to people. You will escape from their medicine, pills and injections. Won’t you? It is so. They are spoiling even milk. Our sohba today is like this. But it is beautiful. 

May our Lord send us the Sahib. May He send us the Sultan. For the honor of the Habib-ul Akram, may we be sent the Sultan. Fatiha. 

That’s why they would always put salad on the table, with olive oil and vinegar. Vinegar kills insects. Don’t eat without it. 

And pray for me, read on me, Mehmed. May I live and may you live a hundred years. They would ride horses and donkeys; they would come and go. They were like dragons. How much and many. May Allah forgive us. Read on me, Mehmed. 

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