Where Is the Key?

The Prophet (ﷺ) asked, “Where Is The Key?” and was told that the key is with him (ﷺ). When life enters, the embryo’s heart starts beating with the zikr of Allah. O Pope, do you still remember the message of S. Isa (alayhis-salam)? Is it from his (as) teachings to run after Dunya and kill people? O believers remember the way and look after the key.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Where Is the Key?

Sultan ul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (QS),

Sohbat of the 28th of June, 2013


O beloved brethren of Shah Mardan. Destur, O blessed one, Lion of Allah! Who keeps company with lions becomes a lion. Who keeps company with donkeys becomes a donkey. Who keeps company with honorable humans finds honor. Who keeps company with dishonorable people remains dishonored. O our Lord, for the sake of the most noble Beloved, grant us an honorable life! 

For seven days there are seven robes of honor. Amongst the seven days the robe of highest honor is that one dressing the day of Jum‘a, here and hereafter.

Today is Friday, Yawmu l-Jami’a, the day of Jumu’a, the most honored of days. Of all creations man is the most honored one and Allah Almighty granted man the most honored of all days. You, O man, listen! Here you go, O Shah Mardan. You must know that you are the masters of creation. Allah Most High dressed you in the robe of honor. What is it you want? Here you go, O Shah Mardan, Your brethren admire you lovingly. Let’s hear! Let’s take our fill! Let’s learn! May our value be high because Allah Dhū l-Jalāl has destined for us the highest life. Here you go, O Shah Mardan, let us understand. For seven days there are seven robes of honor. Amongst the seven days the robe of highest honor is that one dressing the day of Jum‘a, here and hereafter. 

Knowledge is a tremendous ocean, an enormous ocean without shores.

Let’s wake up. O people, listen to Shah Mardan, to what he tells his brethren! Knowledge is a tremendous ocean, an enormous ocean without shores. Alhimnā rushdanā yā Rabbī (Inspire us with right guidance, O my Lord!) May they dress us by Shah Mardan’s tongue, through his blessed sayings, in robes of honor. Today is Jum’a, the holiday of believers, the day on which the inhabitants of earth and heaven are dressed in robes of magnificence. Huuu. From the heavenly kingdom the sons of Ādam were dressed in robes of such importance that have no equal. Here you go, O Shah Mardan, Your knowledge amazes men and jinn. What Allah wills happens and what He doesn’t will does not!  

We want greater strength and capability, so that the robes of servanthood, in which our Lord clad us, may fit us as dresses of highest honor. For the majority they don’t fit. Donkeys are unworthy of the robes of servanthood. Here you go, O Shah Mardan. The honorable robes of servanthood were given to the sons of Ādam as their dress. Man was dressed in them. Here you go, listen, O beloved brethren of Shah Mardan! Let us strengthen our breath, let our love and our longing increase. Let’s not be from those who, after living a few days in this world, turn into stinking corpses in their graves. May our graves be gardens of paradise!

Teach the children the Noble Qur’ān and your world will turn into a rose garden.

The barley straw you give to an animal is not what makes it move. It’s not barley straw that moves an animal, and it is not his food that makes man move. He possesses the magnificent robe of humanness. That is the reason, we are on our feet. You must learn about this honor! You must learn it! Destur, O Rijāl Allāh, O Shah Mardan! That being so, let’s say Bismi-Llāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm. How wonderful. It is the greatest honor! It was revealed to the Prophet of the End of Times, after having been revealed previously so that Balqis, the queen of Sheba listened to these words when the noble letter of the prophet Sulaymān came – upon him and upon our prophet be blessings and peace! 

Men and jinn were under the command of Prophet Sulaymān, that prophet, whom Allah Most High had granted to reflect His own Majestic Greatness. He showed majestic greatness, he was dressed in robes of majestic greatness, Prophet Sulaymān was clad in robes of majestic greatness. Huuu, O blessed prophets! His Lord had dressed Prophet Sulaymān in robes of honor. In view of the magnificence of his honor, men and jinn fell down in prostration. Listen, O son of Ādam! Don’t read newspapers. Don’t read novels! Read the Noble Qur’ān! That’s what you must teach these ignorant people. Teach the children the Noble Qur’ān and your world will turn into a rose garden. Otherwise it will become hell. 

So let us say, Bismi-Llāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm. It was granted to the Nation of the Beloved, this holy Basmallah. Its power – Shaykh Mehmet – its power and greatness. While he – blessings and peace be upon him – was inspecting the heavens together with Jibrīl, the trustworthy, he saw a place, a certain door, which was beyond anything you can imagine. The door was closed. “Does this door not open?”, he asked. The Prophet of the End of Time, Allah’s Beloved, the Sultan of men and jinn, our Master, he asked Jibrīl, “Does this door not open?” “It is closed”, they said. “Can’t it be opened?” “It can be opened, it can be opened.” “Then I want this door opened”, he said, our Master – ‘alayhi s-salātu wa s-salām. “So, where is its key?” “The key is with your honorable being, who is with us, it belongs to you. Its key is Bismi-Llāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm. Say it and open it!” 

Look at the majestic greatness of the noble Basmalah! He told our master, “The key is with you.” That magnificent door, what is behind it? Open it, let’s see! With what shall I open it? It is in you hands, say, Bismi-Llāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm. It opened. Who can open this door? Who has the key? The key is with you. What is the key? I want to see it. Say, O Beloved, Bismi-Llāhi rRahmāni r-Rahīm. That door in all its greatness, it opened, and a whole world of magnificent greatness appeared. He – blessings and peace be upon him – looked at this world, which was opening when he pronounced the noble Basmalah, saying Bismi-Llāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm. Allāhu Akbaru l-Akbar, Huu. It is an awe-inspiring sight, beyond all description. The trustworthy Jibrīl said, “Look, O Beloved one, see and behold, this door is for you. So that your Nation may enter from here.” 

Saying Bismi-Llāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm it opened. That majestic door opened and a world of majestic greatness appeared. Huu, Allāhu Akbar, Allāhu Akbar. This, the robes, in which Allāh Dhū l-Jalāl dressed the son of Ādam, its beauty can’t be found anywhere else, it cannot be. He – ‘alayhi s-salātu wa s-salām – saw how he was being dressed. How many things are there in this world! What’s there and what does the Majestic Qur’ān teach? Had we only started from the day we were born to study its alphabet! Shame on you, O ignorant people, if they had only heard the words Bismi-Llāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm as a newly born child, during birth. 

When a newborn comes into this life, his heart begins to work. With what? With Bismi-Llāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm, Bismi-Llāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm. Until it receives this initial impulse, the heart does not work. The doctors are searching for the moment it happens. At a certain moment it starts, the child’s heart inside its mother’s womb starts, saying Bismi-Llāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm. These doctors are searching so much for this moment, asking when it happens. When the blessed soul, coming from heavens, enters the son of Ādam, in that moment the heart begins to beat. What’s called the beginning of the heartbeat is the coming of the soul into the child from the world of souls. Get them used to that, these people! But Shaytān has made these people forget everything. May Allah shelter us from its evil! 

O our Lord, we were created for an honorable life, You have declared this to us. Shah Mardan says, that we exist for the sake of Allah. Hasn’t the time come for the initiating impulse for that piece inside the breast to start coming alive by saying, “Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah”? Get them used to that, these sons of man! The son of man should know his own honor as well as how it came about. Allāhu Akbar, Allāhu Akbar, Allāhu Akbar wa li-Llāhi l-hamd. Allah Most High, Jalla Jalāluhu, dressed the son of man in robes of honor. With these robes man makes his appearance in the universe. “Yā Muhawwil al-hawli wa l-ahwāl hawwil hālanā ilā ahsani l-hāl!” O You, who change one state into another, our Lord, open for us such a door, that we may comprehend our honor. Your honor, which a child in its mother’s womb comprehends when you say, “Allah!” This is what makes shaytān crack. 

Here you go, O Shah Mardan. The world is amazed by your words. Allāhu Akbar. Allāhu Akbar. So let’s say, Bismi-Llāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm. May our strength increase, may our honor increase, may our self-esteem increase! Otherwise man is stuck in piles of ignorance, in piles of dirt. What we want is to be aware that it is our Lord Who created us. So let’s proclaim it. Let’s say Bismi-Llāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm. That’s where our honor is. If the son of man leaves this honor he chases after excrement. Well, really your place is in a palace, the palace of a sultan, so why are you running after a stable? What is there? What do you think you’ll find in a stable? In a stable you’ll find barley straw. Leave that! In a sultan’s palace, what is there? Is this universe without a sultan? Let them say it, those adhering to the Torah, those adhering to the Gospel, those adhering to the Psalms, let the 124.000 prophets say it! Is this here the place for man? Shame on you! 

This is what they couldn’t teach and man plunged into manure, excrement, searching around inside this dirt. What are you looking for inside this excrement? Let’s expand our hearts, let’s revive our humanness with self-esteem. Let’s not attack each other! Every human being was granted an honor. Every human was assigned his own palace. O our Lord, we have remained so weak, we have remained so ignorant. Here you go, O Shah Mardan, the realm is all yours, your brethren adore you lovingly. Allāh Allāh. They don’t teach us, children of Ādam, the things we need to learn. All prophets came for this. They came to teach man the meaning of humanness, to explain it to him. 

Prophet ‘َĪsā said ” Allāhu Akbar, Allāhu Akbar, Allāhu Akbar wa li-Llāhi l-Hamd.”

The great prophet ‘َĪsā brought this description, still his disciples asked, “Can your Lord send us down a laden table?” That’s why I am asking the Christian world as well as the Pope: Was it a tray of food, the disciples asked for from the great prophet ‘َĪsā, so they could eat from it? Was prophet ‘َĪsā’s teaching to them all about food? What was it, that ‘َĪsā gave to the disciples? They don’t know it themselves! But he didn’t teach them to ring church bells. They’ve stuffed the whole Christian world with church bells. What’s the significance of church bells? Man is not an animal that carries a bell strapped to its neck. Can you turn man into a real human being? Wake up, O Christian world, wake up! Face the reality! What is written in the Holy Gospel? Look, understand, if it says so in there, then ring the church bells! May the church bells fall on your heads!

O great prophet ‘َĪsā, the disciples said, “We want a laden table!” What are you going to do with a laden table? A laden table descending from heavens is already coming down for you from above. So what do you want? Is that what you’re asking for? Is that what the prophet ‘َĪsā taught his disciples? “Let a table come down from heavens, so we can eat!” That’s not it, but they lost it. Tell us, O Pope, what was it the disciples were asking for? The disciples did not ask from heavens for any of the blessings belonging to this world. But there is a table spread, a laden table in heavens. “We’re asking for something from that”, is what the disciples said. It wasn’t like two disciples sitting in some place waiting for a laden table to come down from heaven, no! They were not the kind of people waiting for a laden table to be brought. They were Prophet ‘َĪsā’s disciples.

“Allāhu akbar, Allāhu akbar, Allāhu akbar wa li-Llāhi l-hamd”, say it! O Christians, when are you going to say it? Allāhu akbar, Allāhu akbar Allāhu akbar wa li-Llāhi l-hamd. When are you going to say this, O Christian world? You’re still ringing the church bells. Prophet ‘َĪsā didn’t ring church bells, he never did! What he was calling, they don’t say at all. That Prophet ‘َĪsā said ” Allāhu Akbar, Allāhu Akbar, Allāhu Akbar wa li-Llāhi l-Hamd.” That this is what he said. The Christian world today can’t say it. If they did, what would happen? Muslims. Well, being Muslims, aren’t we servants of Allah? Isn’t that showing veneration for Allah? Why do you get angry with me? Instead of saying ‘Allāhu akbar’ you drew your sword against the Muslims. Shame on you, who claim to be the nation of such a great prophet. 

Come, O Pope, let’s make peace then! Did the religion you represent order you to go to war or to make peace? Say it, tell us, O Pope! Did heavens tell people to kill, to destroy and annihilate each other? Or were we ordered “Kūnu ‘ibāda-Llāhi ikhwāna”, “O servants of Allah, O servants of Allah, be brothers!”? “I have created you not to be enemies of each other.” Russia says, “Let’s burn and destroy!” What is their religion? Christian. You are telling lies. O Germans, what do you say? “Let’s burn and destroy!” Well, did Allah create you to burn and destroy? Say it! Say it and let your popes say it, too! Let them pull themselves together! “Muslims”, they say, “are not human beings. Hit them and finish them off!” “And then, what shall we do?” “Let’s hit them and finish them off, then all that lamp oil will be ours.” 

This world has eyes for petrol only. Shame on you! Explain to them, O Pope, that your religion is not the religion of petrol! Tell them, “Our religion is the religion of Allah, but today petrol has become your religion; you’re only after petrol!” O our Lord, the Beneficent Protector, whose Greatness is without end, clad the Prophet of the End of Times in robes of magnificence when he was a boy of seven years. He said, “I will destroy your unbelief, until you declare ‘Lā ilāha illaLlāh Muhammadu r-Rasūlu-Llāh’.” If you refuse to declare it, you will devour each other. You will go under, drowning in your petrol. Racing after that stinking petrol from the depths of this earth you will go mad. This world has gone mad, mad for petrol. And then there is uranium, more valuable than gold. “Let’s fight about that”, they say and attack Africa. 

Did the prophet ‘َĪsā say, “Look for uranium!”, when he exhorted you? Or did he exhort you to find Allah, Who created you? O my Lord, what has shaytān done to these people? Shaytān has turned humans into his dogs. Because he couldn’t bear the honor granted to man he turned people into slaves of stinking petrol wells. Throughout the mountain rocks they dig for uranium ore, which stinks as well. They’re raiding the whole world for it. Really, Prophet ‘َĪsā did not make you slaves to uranium. What is it with uranium? If only they’d run to Allah! If only they would run to Allah! What do these uranium mines give to you? So run to Allah who created you! Why doesn’t your Pope pull himself together to say that? All your popes cannot speak about that. “Don’t speak about it!”, they say. 

Shame on you too, you mindless Arabs and Turks, who forgot Allah, impressed with the ways of those who have made up a false religion. Shaytān will disgrace you on the Day of Gathering (Mahshar). Don’t be disgraced! Be servants of Allah the Majestic clad by Him in robes of magnificence. Stay sound! O our Lord, O Beneficent Protector, whose Greatness is without end, don’t let us be from those who are confused regarding their way. O my Lord! “I am not”, He says, “but you are following shaytān.” Because in one country in Africa there is uranium ore, for one stone, from East to West, from India and China, people are flocking there. “What are you going to dig out there?” “Uranium.” May it fall on your heads! Did Allah send you to search for uranium? If only you’d find out who is the real owner of that uranium! Who created it? Who is the one, who gave you this mind? You don’t want to listen, but you’ll be forced to listen! You’ll be made to listen. May Allah keep us far away from shaytān’s evil! 

Let us say, Bismi-Llāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm. I will make the whole of creation say it: Bismi-Llāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm. I am a weak servant, but even mosquitoes have something that destroys people. We also have some power. Through people’s unbelief the true religion of Prophet ‘Īsā is going to appear; it will appear clearly, what the prophet ‘Īsā brought. He is coming, he will come.

So don’t run after stones, don’t run after that stinking petrol! Huuu Rabbī, You are our Lord, You are Exalted! We will be victorious over shaytān. Certainly we will bring shaytān under our feet, we, the true believers; those who believe will do it! Others make shaytān the crown on their heads, but we will bring shaytān down under our feet. We have power. Not just for one world, for a hundred worlds. We hold the power in our hands: Islam. The Muslims have it, not those who worship shaytān. 

O our Lord, let the blessings of this holy day of Jum‘a cover us! Send upon everyone who wants to crush Your servants or wants to kill or annihilate them Your armies from heavens. O our Benevolent Protector, finish them! Show your pride, be proud to be Allah’s servant! What is the Christian religion? Eating, drinking, playing. Is that Christianity? You are screaming and shouting in the streets, saying, “we are hungry!” Allah doesn’t let anyone starve! What is this disgrace? Whose teaching is this? Shaytān’s.  Don’t listen to shaytān, listen to Prophet ‘Īsā! Listen to the Sultan of prophets, O Muslims! 

“Wa qarna fī buyūtikunna!”(33:33) (And abide in your homes!)

The women of the Muslims are rising now, too, demanding, “We want to be drivers!” Well, what’s the honor in being drivers? So they may say “The wife of prince so-and-so is driving an automobile.” How strange! What happened? “She became a driver!” What’s the point of being a driver? But ladies minds are weak. “We insist on driving cars, too!” So, if you drive, then what will happen? That’s why it is said “al-nisā’u nāqisatu ‘aql”, their minds are weak. It is not your place to be car drivers! 

Your place, O you Muslim wives of princes, as you know it is made clear in the Noble Qur’ān, where Allah declares regarding you: Asta‘īdhu bi-Llāh “Wa qarna fī buyūtikunna!”(33:33) (And abide in your homes!) Well, whom does Allah address with this? “Stay in your homes!”, He says but you come out, saying, “Give me a driver’s license, so I can drive cars!” So, does driving cars earn a Muslim woman any honor? Your honor is “Wa qarna fī buyūtikunna!”(33:33), to serve your Lord inside your homes; to educate your children; to serve your husbands; to guard your decency. That’s what He orders. “I want to drive a car(t)!” A quadruped animal can drive a car(t). What is this, O you? She needs to drive a car(t). If it was an honorable thing, do these animals that drive car(t)s also have an honor? But the Muslims have lost their way to such a degree, that no one says a word. Because there is not a single one who is not afraid of his women. The rulers, the princes are scared of them, too. 

Let’s ask for divine Light! “Fa-ltamisū nūra”(57:13).

O our Lord, send us a true ruler! Send us a ruler who gathers the confused children of Ādam, send us a Sultan! Send us a Sultan whose rule reaches from East to West, O my Lord, O Allah! The riffraff is ruling the world. Don’t listen to them! Head is head and foot is foot. If you award to the foot the place of the head he’ll plunge you into an abyss. A foot will always be a foot. “A Truthful standing (qadamu sidq), those stepping rightly”, He says. “O believers, you have been ordered to set your feet on the right way! Don’t disregard My orders!” Don’t busy yourselves saying I am the prince’s, sultan’s, pasha’s or sir’s wife! Otherwise He might give you a sickness, so you can’t see a man anymore. Men will turn away from you in disgust. Don’t get into cars, don’t get into driving! It is not an honor to be driving cars. To be a queen in your home, that is an honor.

O Lord, send us a sultan who goes after shaytān who is the one who is leading us astray! Send us a sultan, O our Protector! Thanks to Allah, thank You, my abundantly rich Protector! May our minds remain sound, may our hearts remain sound. May Divine Light enter into them. Let’s ask for divine Light! “Fa-ltamisū nūra”(57:13). On Judgment Day they will call, “Light, we also want some of that light!”. “Look back, there you can get light.” But when they turn back they encounter a wall. They won’t see any light on Judgment Day, these women. They’ll remain without light. This is a sincere advice to princes, kings and those ladies who are under their command. It’s an exhortation to those who are becoming slaves to their women. If you accept it, you accept, if you don’t, if you’ve sent me five pence, take it, here are ten pence! 

Let us find light from the possessors of light!

Today is the day of Jum’a, make your arrangements, get ready! It is the holy day of our Lord. Keep your adab! Stay in the areas designated for ladies! Don’t demonstrate by getting into a car, because then it’ll be said, “al-nisā’u nāqisatu ‘aql” This was said regarding women, that their intelligence is deficient. That’s why they cannot discern. The ones to discern are those responsible for them, the rulers, their emirs, their husbands. Be men! Know your manhood! And you, be a woman! Know your role as a woman! You, who are a servant, know your servanthood! If not, the stick is ready, waiting. 

O our Lord, we repent and return to You, Repentance, O my Lord, repentance, O my Lord repentance, O my Lord, tawba, astagfiru-Llāh. Thank You, O our Protector. May our day of Jum’a be a blessed one! May our women control themselves and guard their honor! Otherwise on the Day of Gathering they’ll be brought forth dishonored. Repentance, O my Lord, repentance, my Lord! Tawba, astagfiru-Llāh. Our men should repent as well as our women should repent. “Fa-ltamisū nūra”(57:13), let us take Divine Light!


Let us find light from the possessors of light! Fātiha.

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