Who is The Expert?

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (qs),

(Sohbat excerpt, July 7, 2010)

O madad, Ya Sultanu l-Anbiya. Now we are coming to speak something in’sha Allah, to Salafi ulamas. What is mission of ulama? Their mission must be to follow the Seal of Prophets’ way. They must try to follow right path that the Seal of Prophets (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) showing us. To go on it. What was the Seal of Prophets’ teaching method? Holy Quran saying, asta’idh biLlah,

inna arsalnaka shahidan wa mubashshiran wa nazira

We have sent you as witness and bringer of good tidings and warner (33:45).

It is like sun in skies. So clear. This is an endless ocean, but, it is only to show majesty and might and most glory belongs to the Creator. But they are speaking only these 3, 4 words? No. That is according our understanding level.

wada’iyan ila Allahi bi-idhnihi wasirajan munira

And one who invites to Allah , by His permission, and an illuminating lamp (33:46).

Subhan Allahi l-Alliyi l-Azim, Allahu Akbar. Eh, that holy verse showing to all mankind real mission as well as real being of the Seal of Prophets (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam). You must use your minds. Christian brothers, Jewish brothers, you must use your mentality and your wisdom. You know that you are Book-given people. Old Testament for the Children of Isra’il, New Testament through Jesus Christ, for the Children of Isra’il also. Saying, Allah Almighty speaking to Sayyidina Musa, peace be upon him, making clear the prophecy and messenger-hood of Moses to Children of Isra’il.

Then time going on. Today is not a copy from yesterday, as well tomorrow, not going to be a photocopy from today. Everyday there are new appearances for everything. You also, you are not same one as yesterday. And tomorrow you are not going to be as you are now, here, to be tomorrow, same, no. Allahu Akbar, Azamatu liLlah. All religions based on tazimu l-haqq, glorifying the Creator. Therefore everyday there is another appearance and through that appearance coming another glorifying for the Lord of Creation. You must understand.

O Salafi ulamas, open your ears to hear and to understand. The conditions from the time of Moses just changed to the time of Jesus Christ. And, the time of the Seal of Prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam everything just changed. Understanding now we are living in a time that steps of people not going endlessly because you know, O Salafi ulamas, hilal, crescent of Ramadan, first night is a very thin crescent. And then, second night is going to be more. Third, fourth, until 15th of Ramadan or 15th of any other month you are looking that it is a full moon with a perfect appearance.

From Adam alaihi salam who was declaring to people. Five pages or one page was enough for his sons. Then when he is passing, coming on behalf of him, his son Seth alaihi salam. And that Nur, heavenly light growing and granted to Seth alaihi salam. More than ten pages coming for people living on Earth. Then coming others, coming, coming, and people getting more and more and more. They are in need. They were needy for a full moon and through every prophet heavenly lights going to be granted to people a little bit more, a little bit more, more, more and reaching to Moses. In his time there is a crescent, perhaps it was half crescent. It was enough.

Then Allah Almighty sending Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ coming with another heavenly light and he was trying to spread that Nur through living people with miracles. And his miracles were so powerful. For what? Because he was mubashshir (bearer of good tidings). He was giving good tidings for the coming of the Seal of Prophets (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam). Therefore he was granted such strong miracles. For a person with a perfect understanding it is impossible to refuse because he was giving good tidings for the last one, for a best one, for the perfect one.

And Children of Isra’il they can’t carry this. They can’t carry, even the bearer of good tidings, mubashshir. ‘Ey,’ saying, ‘we are not accepting you’. And they did what is the worst, they tried to take away mubashshir, who is giving good tidings of full moon. They tried to take him away. We are not saying to kill, asking to take him away. May take him through his physical being but they can’t touch his real being. Good-tiding-giver for the last one. That is the reason that the Children of Isra’il were asking Moses to be the last one for everyone. Even not for everyone, to be only for the Children of Isra’il.

And the Lord of Heavens asking to grant from His divine, heavenly grants to all nations. Why you are trying to prevent it? Can’t be. And they did their worst for Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ also, Allah Almighty taking him up. Disappeared. But, amusing themselves, they are bringing cross, putting one person on it, and saying ‘we killed him, now just finished’. Astaghfirullah. It is a scenario. No nation may make a scenario like Children of Isra’il. Up to today, first class.

Sayyidina Moses, peace be upon him, very angry with them, so angry. ‘Don’t put anything of your understandings through Revelation. That coming to me from heavens. Why you are doing that? I am leaving you and going away!’ Taking them to Sahara desert. Because Moses, peace be upon him, his teachings were not enough (for) coming generations. When coming the Seal of Prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, coming as a full moon. And full moon is perfect form. You can’t imagine after a full moon another perfect form.

Therefore now, if all nations may continue to eternity that full moon is enough for everyone. No need to look this, to look that. Our listeners use your mentality a little bit. You must know that everyone asking to learn something. And you must ask as Allah Almighty saying:

fas-al bihi khabira

Ask then about Him of any acquainted (with such things) (25:59).

O our Salafi ulamas, fas-al bihi khabira, ayatu l-karima or kalam un-nas? Holy verse or not? As you claim we are Salafi ulamas, give to me, ishrah-li, give more than explanation, give a commentary about that, fas-al bihi khabira. To whom Allah Almighty addressing? Say, you are ulamas, fas-al bihi khabira. These words are like oceans. That everyone must ask. For what they must ask? For whom they must ask? For which purpose they must ask? These are important three words. One holy verse, say? I am knowing nothing but you are claiming you are Salafi ulamas, say? Fas-al, to whom addressing Allah Almighty? To whom? Say? To Rasulullah? Rasulullah, Allah Almighty,

allama l-Quran

Taught the Quran (55:2)

allamahu l-bayan

Taught him eloquence (55:4).

He is Rasul thaqalayn (of the two weighty things), the Seal of Prophets. That address, addressing whom? Say? Fas-al, this address, addressing whom? Say? You are saying we are ulamas, I am asking. Fas-al, to whom addressing Holy Quran? Say? Doctors of Sharia, say? Ulamas of Azhar, fas-al, to whom? Allah Almighty is sending that holy verse fas-al bihi, that ‘bihi’ is another ocean. Subhanallah, Subhanallah. The question you must ask for everything that you need, is to someone who knows beginning and ending. Khabir. Khabir can’t be naqis (deficient). Khabir must be kamil, perfect. Fas-al bihi khabira, have you found him?

O Salafi ulamas, do you think that you looked for someone who is ‘khabir’? Expert? Have you found an expert? And you asked about this holy verse? For everything, fas-al bihi. What does it mean ‘bihi’? You may ask because everything in existence, it is clear. If you are looking and finding key, you may enter and you may know. But important, to find who is carrying that key. Khabir, that is that one, who carrying key for opening to you khaza’in, hidden treasures.

And say that ‘we know nothing’. And I am a humble servant advising you to find a ‘khabir’, expert. And ask, first ask for me. I am nothing. Ask for me also first, then, if you like, accept, or you may refuse. It is not important. Ask first that person. ‘Everyday saying so many things, mostly we are not understanding’. Ey, if you are not understanding, must be someone that can understand You must ask. I am saying to Salafi ulamas. Fas-al, ask for me, for those people who have a power for understanding and showing to you the personalities of people.

May Allah forgive us, astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah. Huuu.. Fatiha.



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