Six Powers of the Khwajagan Masters

Khwajagan Masters

Khwaja Muhammad Nazim (qs) says,

“Only he who abandons the covetousness of this life and the next will be given pleasure that no one can imagine. A murid becomes eligible for these powers when he becomes free of his ego’s tyranny. When they are granted, he is a free man, forever free from the limitations of time and space. Time and space are illusions which now bind us. When we are free they are at our command.

The Power of Attraction

The Power of Attraction is the power which enabled the saintly advisor of King Soloman to bring the throne of the Queen of Sheba to Jerusalem from Yeman in the same time it takes for an eye to blink, or less (Holy Quran, Chapter 34). This is the power that enables one to draw anything to himself. Inanimate objects are the easiest, people the most difficult.

The Power of Emanation

The Power of Emanation or Outpouring is the Power to be the means for the transfer of the experience of the Divine Presence to the murid. It is all embracing light that overflows the brim which these Divine favors the brim of the vessel. The Holy Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam) is the vessel in which these Divine favors are poured and, as they are without end, they flow from his heart, to the hearts of Saints and from theirs to those of murids.

The Power of Connection

The Power of Connection is the power to connect at all times to this chain of transmission of Divine power and favors. For Saints it is the intimate knowledge of the Prophet’s realities and those of the chain of Shaykhs leading to him. For those who are yet aspiring to that station it is the daily invocation of the names of those Grandshayks leading up to the Holy Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam). In our time, the time when the advent of Imam al Mahdi is anticipated, many more people will have access to this power than ever before.

The Power of Alignment

The Power of Alignment enables the Shaykh to turn his heart towards the hearts of his murids at any given time, and to turn their hearts towards their destinations. If he can’t do this then it is meaningless to say that he is a Shaykh. The first step is in his turning the heart of the murid towards his own; after this it will be possible to turn it onwards.

The Power of Guidance

The Power of Guidance is the power to lead one on his way to his destination once he has been turned toward the direction through the Power of Alignment. For example, if you arrive at Heathrow Airport it is not enough, you must be lead or given directions to arrive at your specific destination in London. Therefore, being turned in the direction is only the first step, the door of the maze; you must be helped on through it.

The Power of ‘Folding-Space’

The Power of ‘Folding-Space’ is the power to travel at will anywhere in the Universe without actually traveling the distance, but rather by “rolling it up” like a parchment. Such a thing is unattainable except for those who have subdued the physical body absolutely. Presently our souls are encased in our physical bodies. The secret of this power is that, by bringing the physical body under control it becomes encased in the spiritual body, and the movement of the spiritual body is not cumbersome like that of this body. What is the speed of a donkey compared to the speed of Light? The speed of light is like a donkey compared to the speed of the spiritual body.

(Mercy Oceans’ Lovestream: Shaykh Nazim Al-Qubrusi)


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