Every day a new sun rises

O mankind, every day a new sun rises. It is a new sun, it isn’t the old one. The Owner of heavens and earth, Allah, doesn’t use the same one twice. That sun rises and makes sajdah/prostration. At the end of the day, it lifts its forehead from prostration. It praises Allah Almighty, it gives thanks and exalts Him, and gives its highest respect, then leaves. The next day, a new sun, with Allah’s order, an order comes “to rise” and a new sun rises. He doesn’t use the old one. Did you ever hear this? Well, where can we hear this from? Every day a new sun comes. There is no count or measure to the suns of Allah Almighty. Don’t sleep, wake up. Each sun dresses the universe with a new beauty. It goes, it takes what it brought and goes. A new sun rises over the world. Search for that. Prostrate to our Mawla. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. May our hearts be enlivened. You are teaching us with our Lord’s love & longing, O Shah Mardan. Your Yaran admire you. Mankind doesn’t get old. Mankind doesn’t get ugly, mankind doesn’t get lost…mankind.

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (Q)


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