The Way Leading Straight

Those who can understand will be valued in Divine Presence. People here are of two groups, drinking either from clean springs or from dirty channels. Western understanding of real religion is different from a Muslim one. The Muslim world is under western control, following their lifestyle, drinking sewage. They are making forms and calling them ‘god’. Why are we following them? Allāh ﷻ says: this indeed is a way that leads straight to Me ﷻ.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi ق

Sohbat June 8, 2010

If the Lord of Heavens dresses His servants with heavenly armour, nothing can touch them. If not, even a virus may make them fearful and they will say that that virus may kill them. If the Lord of Heavens is not giving permission to that virus, it is never going to kill anyone. Don’t fear. Fear Allah, w’attaqullah. You must fear Allah Almighty.

Dastur Ya Sayyidi madad. La ilaha illa’Llah La ilaha illa’Llah La ilaha illa’Llah Sayyidina Nabiyuna Mawlana Muhammadun Rasulullah sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam thumma s-salatu wa s-salamu ala jami’ ala anbiya wa l-awliya wa man tabi’ahum bi ihsan ila yawm ad-deen. Madad Ya Rijal Allah. 

Assalamu alaykum our attenders and listeners. It is not important to be an attender or listener, it is important to understand. So many people are attending, millions of people are listening but they are not understanding. Understanding ones are a handful of people who are valuable in Divine Presence and through heavenly presence of the Seal of Prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam. 

Assalamu alaykum all saints, all believers, all good-tidings people, all good-work people. And we are saying audhu Billahi min as-shaytani r-rajim Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. We must try to run away from the power of evil. We have been asked to run away from evil. And the teacher of evil is shaytan who is trapping people with countless trips, trying to take people from clean waters to dirty sewage channels. On one side are prophets, another side, shaytan. And people mostly, are running after shaytanic ways, taking care of its ways because they are finding a kind of pleasure when they are running through sewage channels and they are not clean, they are dirty ones. Therefore, people become two sects, one of them clean ones, the other, dirty ones. 

And people living in this world are either clean or dirty. And the Lord of Heavens is showing clean springs that give people a new pleasure each time and make them followers of the prophets because they are giving to people from heavenly springs. And second, people are running after dirty channels. They are drunk ones because if someone is tasting dirty channels they are quickly going to be accustomed to drinking from them. Just as a person who is used to drinking wine every night, and every night thinks about those drinks to make him a little bit in pleasure. 

That is the position of common people who are accustomed to drinking from dirtiness and take pleasure from those dirty drinks through dirty sewage channels. You never find [anything] in the channels except big rats. Nothing else, saying, “This is our area”. They are commanding, “O People, come follow us then you will be like us, you will be happy”. In the sewage channels, we are commanders. Here we are kings, here we are queens and every one who is coming, enjoying us, we are giving them a private title. Come here! O People come, come, sewage channels, we are giving to you. Whatever you are asking of titles, come, come, come, come. 

People say, “What is that? We must try it”. When they get in, there is no way to save them, they say, “The best valley we were dreaming of is this, now we are here”. If all the prophets came to say to them “Come to our side, you will find such sweet things, you will really enjoy, come and follow us,” they say, “No, no, no, we haven’t any time to follow you. We are here, one step, and we are in it. You are saying after death this will be, that will be, here”. That is the mentality of drunk people. We are asking forgiveness and we are asking safety from our Lord, so as not to fall in. 

Now in our days, the Last Day is approaching. The prophets have declared and warned people against every evil and devil that they will find. They are full everywhere. If they are looking and seeing a person, a good one asking for a clean life, following the prophets and their clean lives, walking on clean lines, majority of people will say, “O these old fashioned people are never asking to taste what we are tasting.” Now the whole world is drunk and are preparing everything through this life for making people drunk, nothing else. To make them drunk physically and also to make them drunk in their spirituality. Shaytan is asking all people to follow him. 

He is using advertising everywhere, calling people and saying, “Follow us, follow us. High life, tasteful life, come to us. Whole night come to be with us. That is the whole world’s main purpose – to run into sewage channels, not to come out even if they are going to die. But they are asking to die in it, not to come out. So that all the people in dunya are disinterested in spirituality. And they are saying, “This just passed away, old fashioned people, they may do that, we are modern people and we must follow first our material being to make it satisfied so that then if we find time we may follow you”. 

How can you imagine a rat, asking to live in sewage channels, get out and clean itself and to look at what is clean. You can’t find. They are living in it, they are born in it and they are dying in it. I am sorry to say that people are claiming we have reached top point of civilisation. What is your civilisation? Give us an understanding of that word, ‘civilisation’. O our ulama, what is your effort? What are you doing against that? All people are running and running through dirty channels, I am asking ulama now, Muslim ulama, what is your opinion particularly, Salaf us-Saleh? What are you doing to make people follow the ways of good ones that passed away, the Salaf us-Saleh? Say. 

Anyone speaking to people, ‘leave this, leave that’, saying it or not? No, you are not saying. You are not saying it is kufr. Real kufr you must learn O Salaf us-Saleh ulama. You must learn that that kufr is the lifestyle of people now. Their lifestyle through east to west, from north to south their lifestyle is kufr! That is not the way that Allah Almighty is saying astaidh Billah: 

qala hadha siratun alayya mustaqimun 

This is indeed a way that leads straight to Me (15:41) 

Yes? Ayatu l-karima? Haqq! Where is that, ulama, say? Say? Why are you not saying it to people? And you must begin with the heads of communities. They may be kings, may be presidents, may be sultans, yes. You must begin with them to say that the lifestyle you are using is against the heavenly rules of Islam. As long as you are living it, it is against you, it is not on your side. You won’t be able to answer on the Day of Resurrection to the qadi, Judge, the Lord of Heavens.

On the Day of Judgement Allah Almighty will call. O ulama? Doctors of shariah, why are you not warning people that their governing style is not Islamic. Or ulama, doctors of shariah, why are you not saying to people, “O People your lifestyle is not Islamic”. Why? Because you are in that style of life that is coming to us from western countries and all eastern Muslim countries are asking to open their hearts, their minds, their mentalities for western understanding. 

Western understanding of real religion is different than what Muslims understand. Your Salaf us-Saleh people really understood that what came from western countries is not for you. Look at the sun-rising territories, oriental countries enjoy with the rising sun. Why are oriental countries saying that the best lifestyle [is from] western imagination, western thinking. They like the western, and not the Islamic? Islam never accepts it, never accepts it. Islam refuses everything from the life of western countries because they are on wrong ways and their ways are not clean. How can Allah Almighty support you? 

And now the whole Muslim world is under the control of western countries. Why? Why? We are accepting them and not establishing our real lifestyle. That is as clear as a moon on its full moon night. So bright, but now they are using for Islam, black eye-glasses. For western lifestyle they are using pink eye-glasses. How beautiful and suitable for all humanity. Everything against humanity is coming from western countries. Everything. Why are we following them? O ulama are you fearing atomic bombs? Are nuclear weapons making you fear? If they make you fear, you are not real believers. You must fear Allah Almighty who dressed a heavenly armour on real believers. 

If the Lord of Heavens dresses His servants with heavenly armour, nothing can touch them. If not, even a virus may make them fearful and they will say that that virus may kill them. If the Lord of Heavens is not giving permission to that virus, it is never going to kill anyone. Don’t fear. Fear Allah, w’attaqullah. You must fear Allah Almighty. Why are you not looking at school forums O ulama? In Hijaz, in Egypt, in Sham, in India, in Pakistan, in Turkey, in east, in west. Why are you not looking at the teaching programs of your schools? 

Instead, you are trying to make man the Lord of Heavens. How? If a person is [liable to] die, how can he be a founder or a creator? Which one ever created anything? Why are you following that one? He and you are on the same line. How are you insisting and saying, this, since we made its monument, its statue,  is lord? You are reciting the Holy Quran as a book of tales? Fairy tales? You are thinking so? I think you are not reciting the Holy Quran for understanding a real meaning from that holy book, yes. 

O People, through east and west, O People, the Lord of Heavens is asking from all to change their lifestyle according to Holy Commands. If not, you will be punished. Punished, here and hereafter.

It was the time of Abraham, peace be upon him, and he was living among a nation who were making idols. They were keeping those idols and saying this can do this, this can do that. And the highest one among prophets after the Seal of Prophets Sayyidina Muhammad, sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam, was Abraham, peace be upon him. He was saying “O People, this you are carving an ox and giving it a form and you are also giving it a title, the king of gods. What is that? What does ‘god’ mean? If a god is a real god, it must have a power, to power the east and west, from north to south, from heavens to under the ground. 

One God is enough. God means, ‘He, who can do everything’. How many are you making? How many? They have the same power, they are going to quarrel with each other. And you are making those forms and saying this is that, that is that. What is that foolishness? The God of Heavens can do everything. Why are you not making people understand this world is created by One for whom you can understand only a drop in an ocean. Which one of your gods has such a power? It has a form, but you can’t give an authority or power to that form. Why are you not giving it? You can make forms only but you can’t give it anything. 

How are you saying that that is my god and it is appearing as a form through your work. But people are heedless and they are also drunk ones. Never thinking on it. I never heard through a university, a discussion with students and with doctors about the Lord of Heavens. Why? Why are you not saying? And our Salafi ulama only know to say for Muslims, don’t do this, it is bida, don’t do that because it is kufr don’t do that because it is masiyah, don’t do that because it is haram or don’t say or do this because it is shirk, partnership. Why are you not saying? Why are you keeping your tongue from speaking the truth. 

Why are the governments not putting forth endless knowledge oceans from those holy books? Why are they not putting them through the universities to teach youngsters to understand their Creator? That is the centre of all crises. If everyone could know his position in the Divine Presence then he will have a big manner reaching that and saying: Allah, Allahu Rabbi, Allahu Rabb, la yazal. We must change.  O People, through east and west, O People, the Lord of Heavens is asking from all to change their lifestyle according to Holy Commands. If not, you will be punished. Punished, here and hereafter. Say O ulama, tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba astaghfirullah. 



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