In Attendance At The Diwan

Learn what takes you to be “In Attendance At The Diwan”. At the Sultan’s Palace a kuheylan, not a donkey, waits. Do not be weak, have the haybat of Ahlu-lLah. Learn the secret of IllalLah, IllalLah (except for Allah).

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi ق

sohbat, July 20, 2013 – Ramadan

O people, what is an honourable dress for human beings? It is the robe of servanthood. We can never have a robe finer than the robe of servitude to the Creator of the Universe, Janabul Rabbul Izzat. Pay attention, don’t sleep! O our Lord, dress upon us a robe of majesty! Rabbul Izzat dressed His Habib with the robe of majesty. O Shah Mardan your friends admire you! Our Prophet Sultan al Anbiya, our Master, Master of Universe, as He was passing through the Seven Heavens, ascending towards Divine Presence, rows of angels, everywhere, proclaimed in glory: Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Some worshipped in qiyam, some worshipped in ruku, some remained in qiyam. 

Please go on Shah Mardan! Welcome our children, welcome! Ay yaran, the beloved friends of Shah Mardan, welcome. May you come in goodness, may you leave with goodness. Those who love Shah Mardan, goodness advances towards them, and their days pass in goodness. Dastur ya Rijal’Allah, madad ya Shah Mardan! What prevents you from being like Shah Mardan? The one who obstructs is satan; it chooses to disobey Shah Mardan, that one is without credit. O Lord may we be draped in the honourable robe of servanthood, O Lord, may we be draped in it every day. May the signs of Your servanthood be visible in us. May it be evident that we are Allah’s servants. People need to observe: “He is the one who fears Allah”. Such are the servants loved by Allah and His Prophet. Let people be startled, let them fear those servants who are like roaring lions, just like Shah Mardan. 

In the Dominions of Allah Dhul Jalal, the obedient ones never resemble a lazy cat, they resemble a lion, not a cat. Allah Dhul Jalal is acquainted with the number of these lions. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa Lillahi l-hamd. Allahummma qawwi dha’fana. O our Lord, we seek the knowledge of Shah Mardan that will help us recover from our weaknesses. How beautiful, how beautiful! That is why the awliya said, tariqatuna as-sohbah, our way is the way of association of Shah Mardan’s uncles’ son, the Master of the Universe, the Honour of Creation. Those attending his associations are titled ‘Sahib’ and are called ‘Sahaba’. His sohbat/association fills one with faith, honour and majesty, and so, they became filled with beauty/Jamal. Some are endowed with the majestic attribute of Jalal, and these are the exceptional ones. Allahumma arda’anhum. May You be pleased with them, O Lord. Ay Yaran, your beloved Shah, the King, may the beauty, manners and majesty of Shah Mardan, be acquired by us also and, may we too, be dressed with them. 

Don’t be like the lazy cat! We request Shah Mardan’s help. Ay Shah Mardan, Your friends want to admire you! They want to stand like lions in Rabbul Izzat’s Divine Presence. They don’t want  to be like lazy cats! Janab Rabbul Izzat bestows Divine grants. Offer thanks is what servants do. Please go on Shah Mardan. Ta’allamu. May you learn, may you learn! Beyond this, beyond this. Addabani Rabbi. Learn adab (good manners). Learn adab, – what value does this world have? Filth, a carcass, don’t run after it! Don’t run after it! Look towards the beautiful ways in which Shah Mardan instructs his yaran. May you acquire majesty! Allah’s servant is majestic! Unlike lazy cats, they are dragons. The streets nowadays, are filled with animals, tawba Ya Rabbi. 

Please go on Shah Mardan, your friends admire you. So many wild creatures in human appearance crowd this world. Who are they? They neither know themselves, nor their Creator. Allah Allah. Allah. Adab Ya Hu! Hang this up, everywhere, “Adab ya Hu”. Please go on Shah Mardan. Let’s say SubhanAllah. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, may we open up! May we race in the ways that glorify Rabbul Izzat! May all our deeds glorify Janab Allah, we have no other occupation. Don’t look for any other occupation! The way of glorifying Janab Mawla, ar-rizqu al’Allah, it is said. Rizq (provision), Allah gives rizq to ants also. 

Magnificent mankind, the exalted beings in the angelic realm. What an honour! Hazrat insan, the exalted being. They say that Hazrat Adam is created. Adab. Allahumma inni dhaifun wa qawwi dha’fi fi ridak. We are weak but you know of worms, earthworms, don’t be weak like them! No! Be like a lion! The human being, whom I created, says Rabbul Izzat and, to whom I gave form, cannot be contemptible. They are majestic! Let your majesty instill fear in others. Don’t be afraid of the weapons of others but of the Ahlullah, who are like Shah Mardan; be in awe of their majesty. Allahu Akbar. 

O People, be the door-keepers of the Sultan’s palace because you bear the title: Hazrat Insan of the Angelic Realm.

Let’s say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Whatever the direction, its way is barred because you, Man, are referred in the angelic realm as Hazrat Insan, Honourable Man. Hazrat Adam is referred as Hazrat Adam, Hazrat Insan. Allah, Aman Ya Rabbi. Don’t let us turn into our evil ego’s monster. Our Mawla doesn’t let us. Know that mangy donkeys are of no use at the door of the Divine. Purebred Arabian kuhaylan are in service here. Have you ever seen donkeys at the Sultan’s door? Only kuhaylan attend the threshold of the Sultan. O People, be the door-keepers of the Sultan’s palace because you bear the title: Hazrat Insan of the Angelic Realm. Al-azamatu Lillah, al-azamatu Lillah, wa l-‘izzatu Lillah. Aman ya Rabbi, You are Subhan, You are Sultan. You are Subhan, O our Lord, O Sultan! He who rejects Your Sultanate isn’t worth a penny. Whoever denies the Lord’s Sultanate, who doesn’t acknowledge it, or doesn’t learn, has no value. 

Those who acknowledge the Divine Sultanate have value. Huuu, Huuu. O our Lord, as a Divine endowment, send us Shah Mardan. His adab is the way of Your Habib-i-Adib. Ay Adam, Janabul Haqq is saying, ‘ya Adam’. No one can say ya Adam, other than Him. Hazrat Adam must be mentioned with respect, Allah addresses him with ‘ya Adam’. “Uskun anta wazawjuka aljannata” (2:35). “Reside in My Paradise, O Adam”. Whoever doesn’t appreciate the honour granted to Man, has no value. Allahumma qawwi dha’fana fi ridak. This world is overrun by inhuman animals. Hasha. “Walaqad karramna bani adama” (17:70). 

A man dressed with the Divine robe of honour is an exalted being. The exalted one among Creation is Adam, Hazrat Adam. We should observe the ways of respect. Please go on Shah Mardan. May he teach us what is necessary, may he strengthen our being, may he adorn us with robes of majesty and honour. Daily, these robes are draped over us, Sheikh Mehmet Effendi. The moment we turn towards the Qibla, proclaiming “I face the Ka’aba, I stand at the Diwan, Allahu Akbar”, the robes of honour are draped over us. Don’t turn towards those who wander aimlessly! “I turn towards the Qibla, I stand at the Diwan, I intend the servanthood of my Lord, Allahu Akbar”, in that instant, the robes of honour are bestowed, Sheikh Mehmet Effendi. 

There are other robes too. Huuu. Each time we say, “I turn facing the Qibla, I stand at Diwan-i-Haqq”, a robe of honour descends over us. O People, then you become Hazrat Insan. Qawwi dha’fana fi ridak. Please go on Shah Mardan, Ya Rabbi! That is why each time we say Bismillahi, Allahu Akbar yet, a new robe of honour adorns our being. Angels are demanding that robe, they too want it. However, it was awarded to the Children of Adam. Numerous angels are making tawaf/ circumambulating but the tawaf of men is different. It is different because with each tawaf a new robe of honour is awarded to men. O our Mawla Who is Rabbul Izzat, the Lord of Glory, may our egotistic nature leave us! May we wear the attribute of ar-Rahman. May we be Rahmani. He is saying not to be satanic. 

Allahu Allah, Allahu Rabbi, Allahu Allah mali siwa Hu. Say it and don’t fear! Many wild ones these days, have lost their humanity. Holy verses have descended about them: “Waidha alwuhushu hushirat” (81:5). Savages will cram this world, that holy verse indicates the present time. May Allah forgive us! O Shah Mardan your friends admire you. Don’t expel us from your company of friends. May we see your beautiful face. May we listen to your beautiful words. 

Let’s turn to Rabbul Izzat, stand at the Diwan and make sajda. Allahu Allah, Allahu Rabbi, mali siwa Hu, illa Allah, illa Allah, illa Allah. “Fadhkuruni adhkurkum” (2:152). “Remember Me.” My Lord is Allah, my Prophet is Muhammed, alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam. O our Lord, do not distance us from serving You. O our Lord, may we learn the adab of Shah Mardan who is loved by Your Habib. With adab, a man becomes a human being. Without adab, one is not a Man. Give us strength Ya Rabbi, may You confer upon us a robe of majesty, Ya Rabbi. Let’s not think about this world, say nothing but, “Allah”. “Allah!” Only then will we gain. What more! What more! 

Friends of Shah Mardan, listen to his sohbat. May you open up, open up and gain light/nur. Seek nur, “faltamisu nuran” (57:13). Isn’t it a Holy Verse? “irji’u wara’akum faltamisu nuran” (57:13). Days pass by, yet you remain in darkness. Seek Divine Light. “faltamisu nuran”, seek the Light. Our fellowship is the fellowship of Shah Mardan, it is an Assembly of Nur. Seek light. Ask for nur, give them nur. How beautiful you are O Shah Mardan! Your friends admire you. May the robes of health and wellbeing descend over us. “Faltamisu nuran”. Allah Allah. Seek nur. That is our occupation. 

Seek Nur! Ya ahl an-nur, ya ahl an-nur. Search for the owners of Nur, Shah Mardan, the Keeper of Light, is telling us, teaching us.

Don’t seek money or gold, treasures or work. What must you seek? “Faltamisu nuran”, seek Nur/Divine Light. O our Lord, for the sake of Your beloved Habib and for the sake of Shah Mardan whom Your Habib loves, may we be bathed in Light and open up. May we flee from dunya. Don’t pursue this dunya, pursue The Light, says he. Seek Nur! Ya ahl an-nur, ya ahl an-nur. Search for the owners of Nur, Shah Mardan, the Keeper of Light, is telling us, teaching us. InshaAllah, in Paradise may we be of the exalted ones, whose light is constantly renewed. O for the sake of al Habib, Ya Rabbi, may we be free of this filthy world. 

“You are the One I need”, said Yunus, didn’t he? Ya Rabbi, I don’t fret about property, or the riches of this world. I yearn for You alone, Ya Rabbi. May Allah expand for us our hearts, this day! May we become refreshed. It is the 13th day of Ramadan Sharif. May He open into your heart, Sheikh Mehmet Effendi. May power be granted to you my son, and to all who are present. InshaAllah, the shakers of this world, the Lashkar-i-Yazdan, the soldiers of Allah are coming. Fatiha. Pray for me, Mehmet. May Allah increase your nur. Sheikh Mehmet’s nur is increasing it makes me happy! 


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