In Which The Qur’an was Revealed (2:185)

Only the foolish runs after dunya. What does he run after? Mountains, rocks and stones? What can he do with it? Put it in his pocket and leave? It is the holy month of Ramadan, so learn from the story of the Disciples and seek the right table.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

In Which The Qur’an was Revealed (2:185)

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi ق

Sohbat July 12, 2013

Dastur ya RijalAllah, madad. Ya Sahib al-Waqt (Master of Time). Ay Yaran Shah Mardan, the ones who Shah Mardan loves, As-salamu alaikum. May peace be upon you. SalamuLlah, salatuLlah, ala l-Hadi RasulAllah. How beautiful! Support us O Sahib al-Imdad! Help us O Shah Mardan! Your friends admire you. As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. 

Ya hadirun, whose hearts are with Shah Mardan, may peace be upon you, may salam be on you. SalatuLlah, SalamuLlah Ala l-Hadi Rasullulah. Allah Allah. Please go on Shah Mardan. Let’s open up to get strength, to get light. May power reach us from the Assembly of Wisdom (‘Irfan). Let’s speak, Ay Yaran Shah Mardan! The friends of Shah Mardan, those who are on his way, when there are good ones why spend time with bad ones. Ad-deenu nasiha. Allah (jj) sent religion. What is religion? It is to give advice. It is the instruction of Shah Mardan that will show you the way. From whom did he take it? The Shah of Prophethood was born, he stepped on the Arsh, the Divine Throne. Allahu Akbar. 

Pay respect to our Prophet, revere the Master of the Universe. The Shah of Prophethood was born, he stepped on the Arsh, the Divine Throne. Allahu Akbar. What was his order to Prophet Musa? Sheikh Mehmet Effendi, Prophet Musa was ordered: Fakhla na’layk, fakhla Ya Musa. 

“Fakhla’ na’layk innaka bi l-wadi l-muqaddasi tuwa.” (20:12) 

Allahu Akbar. Allah, His Majestic addressing. “Ya Musa take off your shoes!” Aman Ya Rabbi forgive us! Let’s learn adab, manners. Fakhla’ na’layk, “You are in a sacred valley. You are in a sacred maqam (place). Take off your shoes. Approach in bare feet”. “Fakhla’ na’layk innaka bi l-wadi l-muqaddasi tuwa.” When He says ‘Tuwa’, none know its meaning. Allahu Akbar. O Lord, may the ones who can teach, come to us. Please go on Shah Mardan, teach us. He will teach, you should learn. As you learn you will get honour. As you acquire honour he will let you approach the Station of Qurbiyyat (nearness). Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa Lillahi’l hamd. 

Since the day they were created the holy angels made dhikr of Allah. You too must do it. What an honour it is to recite the name of Janabul Haqq, to praise Him, to glorify Him. What a great honour that is! O foolish people! If only they knew. Please go on Shah Mardan! You, your assembly, the assembly of your friends, the assembly of those who love you; you teach them about real beauty. Why did you come to this world? In order to learn about its beauty. May you  see the beauties that are offered to mankind by Rabbul Izzat. “Fakhla’ na’layk innaka bi l-wadi l-muqaddasi tuwa.” Prophet Musa trembled, ala Nabi alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam. 

The praise of the Lord is our occupation. The Praise of the Lord by the way of Shah Mardan reaches Habibullah. O our Lord, fill our hearts with love and devotion to You and, with the light of Your servanthood, O Lord, so that we have no more worries.

May salam go to all who are present. May our day be joyful, may our heart be like the oceans. May our faith bring down the mountains! Allahu Akbar, tremble. It trembled, it trembled. Isn’t it the mountain of Tur? It trembled from that Divine address. The Tur mountain. What is the Tur mountain? What an honour for the Mountain of Tur that it knew! O Sheikh Mehmet Effendi, may Allah open you up, may power be given to you. The praise of the Lord is our occupation. The Praise of the Lord by the way of Shah Mardan reaches Habibullah. O our Lord, fill our hearts with love and devotion to You and, with the light of Your servanthood, O Lord, so that we have no more worries. 

What worries can remain? Why do you have worries? -Ey, “We couldn’t earn anything!” What can you earn from a rubbish dump? What can you earn from this world? The world is a rubbish dump. They say ‘we couldn’t earn!’ You didn’t come to this world to collect filth, you came to be a lion. Please go on Shah Mardan. He said, to be a lion, not to be a fox. We call them sewer rats that prowl about in sewage. It enters the sewer, pulls out and gets happy. That big rat, we call a sewer rat, becomes happy. It enters the sewer and pulls out. O mindless people, what do you want? Do you want to act like that sewer rat? Is this your occupation? O People! Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. 

May we open up, may our hearts open up, may our physical being open up and be refreshed! O People, you can open up with the name of Allah Jalla Jalaluhu, open up, refresh and rejoice. Shah Mardan is teaching you, you who are following him. What is his business? What is he running after? After dunya (this world)? What is dunya? A filthy place, where people dispose of their filth. Whoever comes to this world, leaves their filth behind. Why do you run after it? O Lord, fill us with the beautiful wisdom of the holy ones so that we may become pure. Let us be ready! The army has a command: “Be ready!” Be ready, stand up! The command for human beings is, “Be ready!” When you get the command “Be ready”, say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, O our Lord. 

It is a Divine command to us from our Subhan. Be ready to be servants of the Lord Most High. We didn’t come here for worldy affairs, nor to collect the filth of this world. Leave that. May your souls open up! O our Lord, may our hearts open up! May our hearts shine! May we walk in Your way! Let us be filled with love and passion for You as that is what we will collect. HubbuLlah HubbuLlah, fill your heart with the love of Allah! Wa hubbu Rasulullah. Plant the love of al-Habib whom Allah Dhul Jalal loves, in your heart. Go after this! 

Mountains and hills remain where they stand. You, a finger-sized being, of what gain are these mountains to you? Is it tasteful? What is the use? What is this craving for mountains? Say? O our Lord! Please go on, speak Shah Mardan! Tell these mindless, heedless people, tell them, O  heedless ones if you yearn for mountains and hills, you can have them. Place them in your pocket, take them with you! Not only you, but many kings  lived and departed this world. Their claim: “I own everything”, but in the end they saw that they didn’t. 

They called him Alexander the Great (Iskandari Kabir). Have you studied history? Iskandari Kabir (Alexander the Great). Alexander the Great said, “Let me see how far I have reached. How far I have reached and what domains I hold in my pocket and those that I can’t hold in my pocket”. Could anyone hold dunya in his pocket, my son? No! What is it to hold dunya in a pocket? If you could take it, it is yours to take. Put it in your pocket and take it with you. He said, “let me see”. He was attributed with greatness. A servant of Allah, his name is still mentioned. Alexander the Great, he was called. He set out from Macedonia, he reached India, China. He saw that nothing could be owned or put in the pocket. Allah Allah. Allah Allah. 

Where does greatness come from? From where does greatness come? Mankind doesn’t understand this. Huuu. O Shah Mardan, may our hearts refresh. Ay Yaran Shah Mardan, even saying this gives happiness to our hearts. If one were given lands as far as India or China, would he be happy? He couldn’t put them in his pocket. He couldn’t swallow them. Why run after it? China, China is mine! India is mine, the west is mine, the east is mine! So, put it in your mouth and swallow it! Man is an exalted being. The robe of majesty is dressed on Shah Mardan. Huuu. Be a lion! Don’t be a fox, don’t be a mouse. 

The holy month which Janabul Haqq adorned with blessings/abundance has come. 

“Shahru ramadana alladhi unzila fihi alquranu” (2:185) 

The holy month in which Quran Azimu Shan descended in its most blessed and sacred form. Shahru Ramadan, whoever reaches this month should observe a respect for it. He shouldn’t eat or drink. May he observe respect for this holy month. This holy month brings you honour. Try to receive its honour! It is not like the medal worn here. It is an honour granted by the heavens to the ummah of the Beloved one of Allah. 

O Attendees, let us then Ay Yaran Shah Mardan, say, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Huuu. May we be filled with faith. May we be filled with wisdom. May we be filled with light. May we race for the grants of Rabbul Izzat which are beyond the treasures of the Earth and Heavens. May we run after Divine grants. We are ordered to fast in Ramadan. What is its purpose? Please Shah Mardan tell us, it is not a matter of not eating. It is about breaking the desires of the ego, about taking charge of the ego, about putting its arrogance under your feet. Everyone has this characteristic. Being like a fox, a dog or a hyena doesn’t benefit you. 

Do you have the Light of Heavens? Watch out for this! Have you profited from that light? Please go on Shah Mardan, your friends admire you. O Shah Mardan. Let’s learn. You must get to know, satan doesn’t let people learn. He who doesn’t learn becomes a satan. That is why the world has become congested. The world is full of satans because everyone says, “I want, you want, others want too”, and they turned the world into a devil’s marketplace. Especially women, how much they love the world and its ornaments? And mindless men love to wear medals and smart outfits and delight in looking handsome. For whom will you look good? What will make you look good? What looks good in Divine Presence? Have you got Light? Say! Say it! 

Our Prophet received a ma’ida, a spiritual feast from the heavens, The Blessed Ramadan, “unzila fihi alquranu”. The Quran Azimu Shan descended for us and contained within it was the knowledge of everything.

In this holy month the disciples of Prophet Isa asked for a table-spread from the Heavens. Perhaps they couldn’t find anything better to ask for. They asked for a table-spread from the great Prophet Isa, could he have one sent down? Is this a question to be asked? Is it? Our Prophet received a ma’ida, a spiritual feast from the heavens, The Blessed Ramadan, “unzila fihi alquranu”. The Quran Azimu Shan descended for us and contained within it was the knowledge of everything. What a great honour for humanity! However most people choose to be like beasts rather than be spiritual. They are after material gain and deny their spiritual being. They are proud of the clothes they wear, not showing respect for the holy attire descending from the heavens. 

What have we done? Ey, here is the Iftar table. Didn’t you have a dinner table before? You too, like the disciples of Prophet Isa are running after the dinner table? You are not given Holy Ramadan for setting up of tables and eating. There is no such order. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa Lillahi l-hamd. During the other days you are not eating that. You wait for Ramadan in order to set up Ramadan tables, Iftar tables. Are you not yet satisfied with food? Bre, you are far from faith, just like unbelievers. Why do you desire and prepare Iftar tables? Give away in charity to the poor. Instead, ask for the light of the Quran Karim which descends from the Heavens. 

Ay Yaran Shah Mardan, how beautifully he expresses it. The disciples of Prophet Isa, received a table spread. Now our people are busy preparing Iftar tables here and there. Were you hungry in the days before Ramadan? “No, this is a Ramadan table”. There are several foods on it. Only an ox and you are missing on the table. You are like an ox, when you sit there it is completed. Ramadan has not been sent just for preparing Iftar tables but satan is cheating and confusing peoples’ minds, depriving them of their humanity, making them like animals. “What are we going to eat? What a table! Wonderful table!” This is not Islam. This is not servitude to Allah! 

Allah Dhul Jalal, did not order a banquet for Iftar or preparation of all kinds of foods, eating, drinking and getting happy with these, but He ordered feasting at a divine banquet descending from the Heavens, Quran Azimu Shan. “Shahru ramadana alladhi unzila fihi alquranu”. Are you receiving your share? Ay Yaran Shah Mardan, please go on, tell us! Let us tell, O friends of Shah Mardan! Let’s say, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Most don’t even recite the Basmala (at Iftar). Those who are reciting the Basmala, a wonderful ma’ida, table-spread is coming for them. Say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa Lillahi l-hamd.  O our Lord, all thanks to You! 

O Shah Mardan, your friends admire you! He likes these words. If you owned the mountains and hills what benefit could they give you? Take them! There is India, there is China, there is Russia, there is the east and there is the west. What will we do? Eat! A world will be placed in front of them in the hereafter. They will be told to eat it. This is the world you loved so much, here, take it, eat! “I can’t eat it”. There is no other way, you have to eat. When you were in dunya, you asked for dunya. Eat, eat! You refused to be like the angels, but accepted to be like satan. When you were fasting you were cheated by your evil ego, and you attended Iftar banquets in order to gorge on food. 

O our Lord, our Subhan! Please go on Shah Mardan! MashaAllah, how beautiful is your word! What an honour it is to listen to Shah Mardan! Be a lion, be a lion! There are big rats in the sewers eating muck continually. They are never full, -lup, lup, lup, lup. Those big rats, this is their way to get happy. How lovely this sewage is for us! O you, so-called Muslims, don’t imitate the rats running in the sewers, we call them sewer rats. Don’t be like them. The  swift/swallow flies in the sky, Sheikh Mehmed Efendi. What does that poor one eat? There are tiny flies in the air, they eat these tiny flies and fly around like planes. 

Eat little! Try to acquire the honour, and dress in that honour which is the substance of the Quran Karim. A Man is not defined by feasting on Iftar banquets. O our Lord, to show us these ways, we have Shah Mardan, let him advise us. May we open up and become refreshed. May we become enlightened, renounce the lust for dunya, become free from being like rats. O our Lord, our Allah Who is the Owner of the Earth and Heavens, You created this universe, You created this Adam. No one is considering this. No one is guiding about this. Only schooling in the preparation of the Iftar table. What is an Iftar table? Teach these children that Allah Dhul Jalal created the Earth and the Heavens and He created us to be His servants not to run after straw like animals, to enjoy it endlessly. 

May Allah forgive us! O Shah Mardan your friends admire you! How pleasant is your assembly! May we gain strength and steadfastness from it, may faith come, may religion and faith come. “Shahru ramadana alladhi unzila fihi alquranu”. Allahu akbar. They say this one has a beautiful Quran recitation. It may be! But is this enough for you to benefit from? You must be a person who not only enjoys the sound of the beautiful Quran Karim recitation but be one who gets enlightened by the nur the Quran carries. Teach your children Who the Creator of the Earth is. Teach your children Who owns the Earth and Heavens. 

They removed the old word maktab, using school/okul instead. They consider themselves clever! Those who are going to schools have become wild, they are destroying governments, causing troubles. Is it called the gathering of “Gezi”? (Gezi/trip) They are crowding for a “Gezi”. What is this “Gezi”? We never heard of it before this. The Gezi gathering/protest. What Gezi! They have already travelled all day. They say this is a different Gezi. This is unique. You will eat, drink, misbehave and then say that we made Gezi/went around all the big tables, boasting about it! Ya! 

May we ask for nur in Holy Ramadan. O Muslims don’t seek Iftar tables. Look for tables of Nur.

Please go on Shah Mardan, let’s understand. O Lion of Our Mawla, Shah Mardan, teach us! Ask for light, don’t ask for fire. May we ask for nur in Holy Ramadan. O Muslims don’t seek Iftar tables. Look for tables of Nur. Say O Gulen Hodja! Tell people what they should ask for, teach them to ask for a ma’ida coming from heavens, say this! Tell them not to fight! What are they fighting for? What is gained by fighting? Nothing. O our Lord, You are Subhan, You are Sultan. May we show our respect for the glory and honour of al-Habib al-Kibriya, O Lord give us strength! Your friends admire you Shah Mardan! Fatiha. 

Let’s say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. If you aren’t full, come, and I will fill you up. Fatiha. May Allah accept it. The power of Mehmed Efendi is high, he is full. He doesn’t show it but he is on duty, day and night. Sometimes he appears angry. He has the power to burn the ones who get near him. He is one of the forty. This humble one doesn’t reveal himself. I like that he speaks beautifully, I feel happy with his recitation. No one can harm them. They can burn. They can burn. They can burn the weapons of unbelievers. He is a dragon. There are forty of them. Fatiha. Come my son, you stand on Qutbaniyyat. May Allah give you power, pray for me. 


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