13th Rajab: Mawlid of Hz Ali (RA) – Qadamu Sidqun

Mawlana calls on Shah Mardan and exhorts Muslims to keep “Qadamu Sidqun – قَدمُ صِدقٌ” a sure footing on the Way of their Lord Almighty.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Qadamu Sidqun

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi ق

Sohbah excerpts – 11th March, 2013

“Lahum qadamu sidqin”: The steps they take are the “qadamu sidqin”, the steps of righteousness.

Marhaban Ya Shah-e Mardan. Marhaba. How beautiful. As-Salam alaikum O beloved friends of the Prophet (ﷺ), O true friends of Shah-e Mardan. Shah-e Mardan! The lion who makes the creation tremble! Al-HamduliLlah. As-Salam alaikum ayyuhal hadirun, the attending beloved friends. The beloved ones are those who throw the love of dunya from their hearts and who are filled and overflowing with the love of Allah’s Prophet and who are on his way, they are who are loved and beloved. 

SalamuLlahu alaikum. Salam be upon you, Salam from our Lord be upon you. They are the ones who will be given Salam at the door of Paradise: “Salamun Qawlaan Mir Rabbir Rahimin”. Allah! Angels welcome them at the doors of Paradise: “Salamun `Alaykum Bima Sabartum Fani`ma `Uqba d-Dari” (24:13). Come on in, the happy ones. Shukur Allah, O happy ones. The happy ones who keep the way of Shah-e Mardan, who carry his sword, who carry his love. Marhaban. Marhaban. Salam be upon you at the doors of Paradise: “Salamun `Alaykum Bima Sabartum”. Who don’t consider the trash of dunya, who don’t take any care for the filth of dunya, who don’t pay attention to the coercion of their egos, who keep the Haqq and who keep their feet firm on the way of Haqq. “Lahum Qadama Sidqin” (10:2). Who will be accepted in My Presence are “Lahum Qadama Sidqin”. 

Masha Allah! How beautiful, “who have sure steps”. Who have twisted steps will go where shaytan goes, along with shaytan. But who will come to My Door, says Allah Almighty, “lahum qadamu sidqin”: The steps they take are the “qadamu sidqin”, the steps of righteousness. They have true steps, not twisted. Masha Allah. “Fani`ma `Uqba d-Dari”. Angels will welcome them and invite them into the Paradises. Masha Allah. 

Sayyidina Ali (ra) is the Shah-e Mardan.

The assembly of the beloved ones must be like the assembly of Shah-e Mardan. Shah-e Mardan, he is a lion. Seek his assembly! Seek the ones who represent him. Don’t seek jackals, don’t seek hyenas. Seek the lion so that you walk behind the lion. Sayyidina Ali (ra) is the Shah-e Mardan. May his honour come down upon us and we find honour. Let us say every morning: “Marhaba O Shah-e Mardan, marhaba. Ya Shah-e Mardan! We love you! We love your way. Although there are many who take wrong steps but you are forgiving, you forgive them”.

Keep the way of Shah-e Mardan and don’t fear!

Who loves Shah-e Mardan is from him. Ya Rabbi, may we live with the love of Shah-e Mardan. We can’t go further than this. 

O beloved ones. O beloved friends, marhaban. Marhaban, how beautiful. How beautiful, how happy is this assembly of the beloved ones. How happy and joyful are their hearts. They say “We are so relieved. There is no heaviness left on us”. May there be no heaviness on us, may our bodies be in health and safety and we run after the Order of our Lord. And we keep the way of Sultan. Keep the way of Shah-e Mardan and don’t fear!

We are waiting for Hz Mahdi who is coming from your pure line.

Shah-e Mardan! Hz Ali, Ibn ‘Amm Hz Rasul (ﷺ). May our Salam be upon them. Give them Salam every morning when you wake up. They call themselves “Alawi”, they call themselves “Irani”. Do you say like this when you wake up in the morning: “As-Salam Alaika O Shah-e Mardan. May you accept us and we keep your way. May you send us the ones who will show us the way. There is Mahdi who comes from your line. He is a lion. He is a lion”. He is a lion like his ancestor. He also is Shah-e Mardan, Mahdi (as) who will come. He will clean the liars, he will clean the ones who corrupt the religion and who spend time with dancing, playing. He will come with Dhulfiqqar in his hand. Dhulfiqqar…O Shah-e Mardan, O Shah-e Mardan. Dakhilak, we seek refuge with you. We are waiting for Hz Mahdi who is coming from your pure line and who will overcome them, who will destroy the sultanate of shaytan. There is no hope from the others. All of them are tyrants. They don’t know what they are doing, they are not aware of their actions. They are in a drunk state of their egos. 

May You send us a Sultan from the children of Shah-e Mardan.

May Allah forgive us. O our Lord, tawba. May You send us a Sultan from the children of Shah-e Mardan. Send us the Sultan who will stop this wildness, who will declare the pure Shari’at of the Prophet (ﷺ). Send us the Sahibu-l Waqt. “After the kings, there will be tyrants” Who come after the kings are considered tyrants. They will be removed. “Then, a man from the Family of my House will come and fill the earth with justice just as it had been filled with transgression”. I don’t know anything. These are a few words that are inspired by our Sultan Shah-e Mardan. Who listens will be saved.

Who accepts will be saved.

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa LilLahi-l Hamd. O Shah-e Mardan, draw your sword Dhulfiqqar and appear! This is what we want. Aman Ya Rabbi, You know. There are holy ones who make us speak. They keep quiet and put us in the middle. They say for me “He can shout, he can curse, the pen is lifted off him anyways”. What can we do? We said what we should. Who accepts will be saved. Who don’t accept will be lost and disappear either in an earthquake or in a flood or in a hurricane. Many of them will disappear like this.

Al Fatiha


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