The Value of a Person

The value of a person is the degree of his faith. What is its sign? The light of faith has entered his heart. Nothing can prevent this light when it comes from Allāh ﷻ. Reaching it is difficult, distant and dangerous. The inheritors of the prophets can clarify and complete mankind’s values according to what they received on the Day of Promises. No one can reach his heavenly position without following those who belong to the heavens.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi (ق )

Sohbat, June 12, 1984

Madad. By the name of Allah, Almighty, All Merciful, most Beneficent and most Munificent.  Grandsheikh saying that madad comes. Madad means spiritual power which passing through hearts to hearts. When we are asking madad, we are asking from awliya’s spiritual powers, comes to our hearts. He says that spiritual power or divinely help comes to an assembly  according to their asking. According to our inner desires comes divinely help. Therefore, as much as we are ready, musta’id, ready to take more, they are giving more. When a person coming with a coffee cup, gives as much as it is. If coming with tea cup, gives as much as it takes. If a man comes with a soup pot, soup cup, gives more. What is this? Jug. Jar. If jar growing, then putting more.  

As much as you are asking, they may give.  Never finishing.  No one asking for 1 litre oil  brings only one coffee cup.  He even paid money but cannot put 1 litre in one coffee cup.  Here stopping. No, it is something. It is not water.  Even water you are thinking for. What about oil?  What about more precious from oil?  A litre. You can’t put.  You are saying give bigger cup and I may put whole.  Therefore, we have too much they may give us but like this, finished. Stopping.  Little bit, stop it. They are cutting also.  And I am asking more awliya’s knowledge.  Our hearts when the light of faith entering in it, going to be wider, wider, wider.  If you are putting whole oceans in it, may take.  But faith going to be taqlid (imitation).  And the second one real.  Real.  Imitation going to be as a figure without soul.  The second one has soul also. 

Yet, that real faith not entering in our hearts.  When it is going to enter, whole world going to be changed.  Our views going to be changed.  Wholly changing. Everything going to be changed  when real faith comes in our hearts and lighting it.  It is such as a person, may be blind and if his eyes opening, he should see something else that he was in it.  Therefore, don’t think that now we are in real faith.  No, not yet.  

Grandsheikh said to me something.  He said to me  “I was in the time of First War in Dardanelles.”  The most famous or too much heavy battles in Dardanelles.  He was there from beginning up to end and nothing coming on him.  So many strong battles there, yet nothing.  Once he said to me  “I was praying duha prayer”.  The middle prayer, among morning prayer and zuhr prayer.  “I was praying duha and from sea, like New Jersey, bomb.”  You know New Jersey bomb? Battleship bombarding.  He was praying. One, the biggest one, like this colour battleship.  He was praying here, that bomb coming and blowing, exploding.  All people around going away.  Where he was standing, that piece of earth from here getting up, from under that explosion going up to entrance.  

Grandsheikh was, he said to me,  “not falling like this or like that.”  Standing, then sajda and then finishing.  Whole with dust, no one seeing anything.  Division commander was crying that our Sheikh went away because in same place coming that big bomb.  Then when dust coming down, he looked that Grandsheikh was sitting and praying.  He ran on him, saying,  “For the sake of Allah, what are you doing?”  “Just I am praying, O my commander”. “What praying? It is not the time of praying.  Which praying this?” He said “Not zuhr, not asr.  This is the time of duha,  when sun going to be more shining time”.  He said, “That praying saved you or it is impossible. Look around, it was headquarters place, all going away.  So many people died.  This praying saved you. I am swearing from today going on I am never going to leave any time of prayings”.  Too much afraid.  

He was in First War from beginning up to end.  Grandsheikh, he has jihad al-asghar, jihad al-akbar.  He completed it.  He was saying to me “O Nazim Efendi, if I am going to tell you that during the First War people and I was suffering, that I saw in it so many events and suffering,  it should be whole, this place full up with books.  You may write so many books.  But everything is passing. Nothing is stopping. Everything passing. “If it’s stopping, no one can carry this life’s heavy burden.  Coming and going.  The events, yesterday was buried, finished.  Today, coming new ones.  If going to be on you, all of them not passing, no one can carry this life’s burden.  That passed away.  That is our Lord’s will.  

In our division there was one Armenian sergeant asking one of soldiers. I am also looking to him. 

“What is your name?”  

“My name is Ali, yes.”  

“You are Muslim?” 

“Alhamdulillah, I am Muslim”.  

“If you’re saying I’m Muslim, I’m saying also I’m Muslim.  It is enough to say ‘I am Muslim’?  


“I’m saying also, amantu billahi wa malaikatihi. I’m believing in one God Almighty, in angels, in Books, in Prophets, in Last Day and in qadar.  In everyone’s writings. I am saying as you’re saying.  But is it enough to be Muslim?” 


“What’s the sign? As you say I’m saying and doing also.  If you say namaz, I’m doing namaz”. 

 “Yes,” he said because they were living in a Muslim village as neighbours, 

Then Grandsheikh was saying, “O look, you are asking a sign, I am saying to you it is not enough to say only by your tongue,  ‘I am a believer, I am Muslim’.  You may even say you recite Holy Quran.  But the sign, Muslim and a real believer has a light from his Lord Almighty.  When he is looking down, he may see up to end of this world.  When he is looking upwards, may see at the end of the Universe.  If he is looking to East, he may look up to end, Far East.  If he is looking to West, seeing up to end of West countries.  If he is looking towards Qibla, seeing Kaaba.”  

Then he falling in the hands of Grandsheikh  and kissing his hands.  They’re saying “that is real sign of believing.”  Who has faith-light in his heart, which comes from Allah Almighty, nothing prevents that light.  Understanding? Which thing preventing Nur-Allah,  Allah Almighty’s Nur?  Distance never preventing for that person to see.  Darkness never hiding anything in it.  Therefore, when real faith comes in our hearts, going to be lightened.  Everything in Universe is going to be in front of him.  Nothing may be secret for him.  That is real faith degree.  Real faith.  

The value of a person is according to the lights in his heart.

Then we are asking some lights, every time, so that we may be firm, firmly keeping our services in front of our Lord Almighty.  The value of a person is according to the lights in his heart.  And when lights coming in your heart, making it to be wider, wider than whole Universe.  You can find your Lord in your heart.  Universes cannot contain their Lord, but the heart of believers contain their Lord, Almighty.  We must know ourselves because we are not knowing what we are and what is the value of ourselves.  

In a palace of Ottoman Empire emperors there was a diamond.  Perhaps, it is the biggest one, most famous diamond in world.  It has a tale, from where coming that biggest diamond into palace. And a famous one. One day a person in Istanbul, morning praying prayed, and returning.  In rubbish place he saw as a stone. A strange thing.  From among rubbish, dustbin, taking it, “What is that?”  He was passing through market, through shops.  He saw one person, wooden spoons making.  He show him, “What is this? You take this, you buy it?”  He looked “I may give you one spoon.”  He said, “Take this spoon”. “Give it to me.”  He was too much pleased with a spoon.  

What is that stone? Allah knows but he, that person not knowing.  He was too pleased when he take a spoon.  Big spoon, nice spoon.  He putting here because derwish people were keeping also one side khanjar, one side spoon. When he was calling for eating, taking spoon, ready.  As weapon for derwish people.  Taking nice spoon and going away.  Then that person also, spoonmaker, looking this. “What about I am taking this to jeweler?”  Or (goldsmith).  Taking to one of them and saying,  “Look, what is this? How much cost?”  And he taking this.  He understand what is that.  He said “Doesn’t matter, it costs one qist, one qist silver coins.  

He gave to him one sack, one bag full silver.  It is as his whole shop, whole spoons, not bringing one bag of silver.  Too much he was so pleasure.  Happy, went away.  He was master for this jewelry.  Then cutting this, making like sun shining  and he keeping this for Grand Vizier.  Grand Vizier was Prime Minister for Ottoman Empire.  He said that “I have such a thing, it is suitable for Grand Vizier.”  And Grand Vizier paid amount of gold, thousands of gold for that, and he buying it. Then he presenting to Sultan.  Going to Sultan.  

I mean to say that everything is well known to a knowing person.  Or it is going to be like a stone.  The value of people is well known, completely known by Allah Almighty who created them and giving their values.  And then most knowing people about value of people is the Seal of Prophets, peace be upon him.  And other Prophets taking from him values of sons of Adam.  And then real followers of Prophets and the Seal of Prophets, peace be upon them,  they are knowing the value of mankind.  

They are taking men and arranging every side.  Then appearing their values, their real figures, then taking them in Divine Presence.  But without taking a Prophet or their inheritors, they are like thrown stones.  Even they are diamonds, but not cut and prepared to be on a crown.  Without cutting it is not going to put on crown.  Therefore, every prophet just came to make people ready for going to the Divine Presence, to their divinely stations in Divine Presence.  Who coming and surrendering to prophets, they are arranging them.  If they are escaping, they can’t take (them).  They are like stones, thrown away.  

Therefore, most important work of prophets and the saints or awliyas, their followers, to make clear everyone’s value by arranging  according to their promises, the Day of Promises.  If anyone asking to be in Divine Presence in the first rank, they must follow Prophets or their followers.  If not following, no value for them.  They are staying yet as stones.  Then finally,  they must be treated from some trials  through their leaving this life and in barzakh, between this life and next life for appearing their values also.  But they are not going to be in the first rank that should be with prophets and saints.  

No value for a person who is staying by himself and never following a prophet and their inheritors.  Even in this life if a person not following  a college or a university,  he never taking any value among community,  say a simple one,  ordinary standard person.  But who following university or college or academy, and it is proved by a certificate or diploma,  he has value.  If as much as you may know by yourself,  but not following, no one gives you value.  You can’t be doctor. You can’t be engineer. You can’t be advocate because you are not following any school.  

Therefore, in spiritual life who asking improvement as much as he may be by himself,  he may take, but no value.  You must follow a prophet.  Therefore, philosophers whom they are asking  to reach to a point by themselves  without following anyone from prophets, no value.  We must follow.  As much as you can follow one of them, you can reach to your real value.  That value is appearing among creatures on earth and in heavens.  No one can reach, particularly heavenly positions without following one that belongs to heavens.  

All Prophets belonging to heavens.  If no relationship for a person to heavens he cannot be prophet.  Also, who no relationship to heavens, he is not going to be awliya. It is impossible.  Must be a relationship among that person  and heavens.  And you must follow to such a person that he has relationship between him and  heavenly beings.  Or who is walking on earth,  he is not going to be  a guide for you.  You may find everything on earth but without a guide you can’t find the ways of heavens.  It is so difficult and so far and so dangerous, full of danger.  Therefore, must be one for you.  

Even rockets they are sending to space but it is so difficult and so dangerous  to be in it or to make on it a control.  You can’t send a rocket or anyone in space.  Must be for it prepared person for that purpose, knowing best how he can send it.  To send a person from earth to heavens is more difficult than sending a rocket through space.  Therefore, not everyone can do that.  Who may do that? Who, he sends  through heavens by Prophet.  He knows the way and he knows how he may send.  This coming through Prophet up to Grandsheikh.  Never mistaken. 

Don’t tell me that “Why you are not sending?  Go and tell to that engineer or scholar who is preparing that rocket.  Tell him “Send now to space”.  Listening to you?  He’s working on it. Grandsheikh was saying to me  when a person going to be ready  for sending up to heavens,  if 40 scholars  who know shariah excellently going to be with you 40 days, and they giving a report  that that person is  alright from every direction.  “We are looking on him day and night, 40 days, 40 scholars, through every actions and behaviours  that person is perfect according to our knowledge.  Nothing wrong with him.”  They giving report, then it is alright for sending.  

We are trying now but we are making something from here. Then egos coming, destroying this part.  Damaging.  Every bad action damaging our inner building.  We are trying to build but it is so difficult.  But as we are beginners, doesn’t matter.  We are practicing, we are building,  we are learning, we are preparing ourselves.  It is enough to be here  humbly, and listening.  That giving us divinely helps  and making us to be ready.  Even at the last moment,  we must leave complete, insha’Allah.  We are going to be complete and going to heavens,  and we are looking, doors opening to us.  

So many people when they are going from earth to heavens,  they are finding doors closed on them because they are not ready.  Sending back to make them ready for going up.  But whom they are coming, and listening, and accepting, and believing, they must be prepared  even at the last moment before leaving this life  to reach to their heavenly stations in Divine Presence.  And Prophet saying, peace be upon him, there is a good sign, sneezing, as a witness for true words.  

Alhamdulillah  Alhamdulillah 


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