The Value of One Sajda

The main pillar of happiness for Muslims is sajda (prostration). Servants are lazy, they complain of troubles, and if asked, “Do you pray?” They answer, “No”. How can they achieve a peaceful life? The sajda saves in times of turmoil. Muslims need it, to not lose Allah. One sajda is greater than all the world’s treasures, without it protection is impossible.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi (ق ),

Sohbat – August 1980

If a person not fasting in Ramadan; if he has özür, excuse, he should fast one day after Ramadan. If no excuse, must fast one day for ‘qada’ (make up for missed fast), sixty days for punishment. (Sixty days in a row?) Yes. But awliya say if a person ‘law ṣāma thalathata ālaf yawm‘ (Even he fasted 3,000 days). Yes. Nafila. ‘li `ajil dhakal yawmul waḥid min Ramadan’ (In order to make up one day of Ramadan), to reach ‘ajraha’ (in order to gain reward), never reaching that [which] he lost from one day. 3,000 days, day after day, day after day fasting, and their rewards not reaching one day reward from Ramadan. That, he lost. 

Who can be able to fast 3,000 days? It means 10 years, about 10 years fasting, it is not same reward [as] for one day from Ramadan. Then a person may do charities, may give every day sadaqa. Every day give sadaqa. If he is going to give whole treasures for this world, not coming its reward for one sajda, to Allah. We have been ordered every day, five prayings with sunnah, forty rakats. It means eighty sajda. One sajda to our Lord, Allah Almighty, it is more valuable if you are giving for nafil, not fard zakat, naflan. Nafila. You understand? (Supererogatory). 

Voluntary if you are giving, if you ‘law tamlik khaza`ini d-dunya’ (even if you possess the treasures of this world) whole world and every day giving, it is not coming equal for one sajda. I am listening here when we are praying, some brothers not coming for prayer. Ladies may be excused, but brothers not excused. We are not ladies. We may do praying. Therefore, you must be very careful for sajda. Even if you are not going to do five times, must be once a day sajda to Allah Almighty. Don’t be ‘Tembel olma’ (Don’t be lazy). 

The most lazy people who leaving sajda to his Lord and asking everything from his Lord, “Give me, give me, give me”. But he ‘yushuf aw yara an yasjuda sajdatan wahida ziada’ (He sees prostrating even once as being more than necessary). How we can claim that we are servants to our Lord without one sajda every day? Who can say that “No time for me to do two rakats every day” twenty four hours? Who can say “No time”, he is liar and lazy. You must keep this. If no five times, even one time. 

So many people coming to me and complaining so many troubles. Most of them, ladies complaining from their husbands. Husbands coming complaining from their ladies. Parents coming complaining for their children. Some people, businessmen coming, saying, “No work, no business. Coming down”. I am asking, “Praying?” “No. No praying”. Washing your head? “No washing.” How you can ask from your Lord to be your life in peace and rest? Yes. First main pillar for our happiness – sajda. And most important praying among five, Asta’izubillah: 

“Hafizu alaṣ-ṣalawati wa ṣ-ṣalatil wusṭa” (2:238) 

Guard strictly the prayers and the middle prayer. 

Middle praying is Ṣalatu ṣ-Ṣubḥ, Fajr salat (prayer). If you are saying “Night is too short, we can’t awake”, doesn’t matter. When you are awaking, pray, fajr praying and then go out. Then Allah Almighty giving two malaika. Malaika, they know. They are not English people. Malaika we understand. No translation; angel-mangel. Therefore, morning praying is the most important praying, ‘waqt an taqsimul arzaq’, zahiri ve ma’navi. Salat ul-fajr is the time for division of our sustenance, riziq. Riziq, provision for dunya and for akhira. You must keep it. Don’t lose it, then Allah lose you. That is most important. 

Every one now going to factory. Workers coming, there is a card, before entering, putting there (Time card). Goes in, working or no working, but it is written there that he is ready. We also, morning time two sajda, “O our Lord, we are ready”. Yes. That is alright. But no putting card, no coming money to you. Yes. Is it true? Accepting? 

Ashhadu an la ilaha illAllah wahdahu la sharika lah wa ashhadu anna Sayyidina Muhammadan Abduhu wa Habibuhu wa Rasuluh awda’ana hatainal kalamataini shahadataina ‘indaka ya Rasulallah wa hia lana wadi’atun yawmul qiyamati ya man arsalahu Allah ta’ala rahmatan lil’alamin. 

This world now on fire. Firing. It is impossible. For those Muslims, who keeping sajda, in safety. No sajda, no safety. Non-Muslims who saying “Allah”, believing in Allah enough for them for safety. Unbelievers, all of them (swept into fire) Yes, this, now coming as punishment for sons of Adam. War coming, it is not far. It is not far. May be ‘fuj`a’ – suddenly breaks, breaks out. Sajda keeps servants, for Muslims. Non-Muslims believing in God, Allah Almighty, saying like this, “O my Lord”, they are in safety. Christians, because so many atheist people, so many communist people not believing in any religion. All of them, this big brush coming for making cleaning. 

Therefore you may be everywhere, there sometimes comes storm, like this, like this, going all around countries. Like this, this storm must visit everywhere. Everywhere, the world. When storm coming, keep quiet. Don’t say to escape from one place to another. Because no any place, is more safety than others, same. But Allah protects His servants. This is our advice to you. Most important protection with sajda. Without sajda, it is impossible. For non-Muslims, believers, they are going to be safe. And others, from seven only one remains, six people going away. 

Yes, this is terrible war coming now like tufan, Nuh tufan, (flood of Nuh). It was flood of water, this flood of fire, because terrible bombs both sides have now. Even rocks going to burn. No protection except Allah Almighty’s protection. I am not saying from myself. Prophet, peace be upon him, saying. Time is over now for our world. We are ending, not beginning. 124,000 anbiya, prophets just came one after one, one after one till the Seal of Prophets came. And from his time up to now 1,400. One thousand four hundred, or 1400, and more now going. 

What we are waiting? We are waiting to build the tower of Nimrod. Yes. We are taking from this world more money to build Nimrod towers. Yes. Prophet saying “I have no order. I have no order ‘ ma umirt li jam’i d-dunya ‘ (to gather worldly possessions) ‘ wa lakin umirt bi t-tasbih wa t-taqdis wa s-sajda li rabbi ‘ (To glorify, praise and prostrate to my Lord)” We are changing his way. Prophet going like this, we are going like that. 

We may be in a country people eating dirty, drinking dirty. Finish. European people, what eating? Pork eating. What drinking? Wine drinking. Both of them dirty things. And our people “Western countries high life.” What high life? Eating pork, drinking wine. Both of them najas. Yes. Dirty. This is civilization for them. Audhu billah. Allah protect. Old people live, so many young people going. Therefore we must we must be careful to make our Lord pleased with us. We are running after our egos. We are trying to make our egos pleased with us. We are not asking to please our Lord with us. That is problem. We must be careful. 

Eid Mubarak, inshaAllah. Yawm al-khamis, Thursday, I think, it should be. This night may be laylat al-qadr. From Tuesday may be laylat al-qadr, or tomorrow. Doesn’t matter. It is secret, hidden night so that we must look, for every night may be qadr. Therefore, it is not fixed for every night like other holy nights. It is going like this, like that, razaqana Allah wa iyyakum Ya Rabbi. Leylet-ül kadir tecellisini bize de giydir, bu ihvanımız, ahbabımıza. (O our Lord, dress us and our brothers with the manifestation of Laylatul Qadr). 

Try to leave smoking. Bad custom, smoking. My Sri Lanka ihwan, brothers and sons too much smoking. I am not seeing but shaitan bringing that to my… All coming to me. They are escaping outside and in kitchen, in bathroom smoking. What is “dukhan”? (Smoke) Smoke brings shaitan to my, to make me disturbed. You must leave this no good thing. 

Bi hurmati l-Habib, bi hurmati l-Fatiha

For those Muslims, who keeping sajda, in safety. No sajda, no safety.

– Mawlana Shaykh Nazim ق

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