The Last Age

Allah created Man beautiful. He gave man the Bismillah and He sent him greetings from Heavens. What more could you want?
The people of this age are no longer people. They do not guard their beauty. They have become ugly. They fight and dishonor each other. They do not make sajda to their Lord. The Order from Heaven is – Be beautiful, don’t be ugly.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi ق  ,

Sohbat of the 24th of October, 2013

As-salamu alaikum, O lovers of Shah Mardan. May we open, may we find relief, may we become beautiful and not be ugly. Allah didn’t create us ugly, He created us beautiful. Tamatta’u’ bi jamalikum. Janab-ul Haqq created you beautiful. From your beauty tamatta’u’ means benefit from beauty. 

Welcome, O lovers of Shah Mardan. May our assembly be with Shah Mardan, may it be loaded with light, let us ask for light. O man, ask for light. May Shah Mardan join our assembly. May lovers of Shah Mardan, those whom Shah Mardan loves, those who love Shah Mardan, join our assembly. We don’t know anything. However, we want to learn from those who know. O Shah Mardan, MashaAllahu kana wa ma lam yasha’ lam yakun. If Janab-ul Haqq wishes, it happens. If He doesn’t, nothing will happen. O Shah Mardan, the field is yours. Go ahead, they are asking to speak a few words to the people. 

Man is beautiful. May he guard his beauty. O lovers of Shah Mardan, friends of Shah Mardan, listen. Allah created you beautiful. Allah didn’t create you ugly. Allah Dhul-Jalal created you beautiful, O man. You are beautiful, guard your beauty. Go ahead, O Shah Mardan. Let us listen to you, let us listen to you. O man, you are a mirror of heavens. Go ahead, O Shah Mardan. Tell us a word. Speak to us from wisdom. We are weak. Strength. Anna l-quwwata lillahi jami’an. (2:165) All strength and power belongs to Janab-ul Haqq. Act upon adab. Go ahead, O Shah Mardan. 

Janab-ul Yazdan created you beautiful. Be beautiful, stay beautiful. These few words are from Shah Mardan. And may our association today wake us up. Marhaba, O lovers. Marhaba to you, marhaba to those who came to listen to Shah Mardan. O Shah Mardan, infuse us with strength. We have become weak. We ask for these holy words of yours, O Shah Mardan. How beautiful you are, how nice! Go ahead, tell us a few words. Salamun Qawlaam Mir Rabbir Rahim. (36:58) Say it, too. How beautiful, what a beautiful word! Salamun Qawlaam Mir Rabbir Rahim. Aman Ya Rabbi. He is greeting us, Janab-ul Rabb-ul Izzet. O people, where are you? Salamun Qawlaam Mir Rabbir Rahim (36:58). Greetings come from Mawla Rabb-ur Rahim, what else do you want? Each greeting, each salam has peace in it. 

O people, greetings are coming to you from heavens. Salamun Qawlaam Mir Rabbir Rahim. (36:58)

Go ahead, O Shah Mardan. The field is yours. You are the lion. Certainly, if not just one, but a million shaitans try to destroy the honor of a man, who is honored with the greeting – Salamun Qawlaam Mir Rabbir Rahim; (36:58). O our Lord. Janab-ul Mawla is greeting us. That greeting is dressing us in beauty. Go ahead, O Shah Mardan, how nicely you spoke. From Rabb-ul Izzet Salamun Qawlaam Mir Rabbir Rahim. It says “Greetings to you from your Creator.” Where are you, O people? O people, greetings are coming to you from heavens. Salamun Qawlaam Mir Rabbir Rahim. (36:58) Our Allah. Our Subhan, our Sultan. You created us. O people, Janab-ul Haqq created you beautiful, and He greeted you too. Janab-ul Haqq created man beautiful. He didn’t create him ugly. Then He greeted him – Salamun Qawlaam Mir Rabbir Rahim. Allahu Akbar. 

O people, listen to Shah Mardan. O lovers of Shah Mardan. How nice for those listening to him, what a great thing it is. Rabb-ul Izzet is giving us salam. He’s greeting us. What a beauty! What a majesty it is! Go ahead, O Shah Mardan, the field is yours. Rabb-ul Izzet, our Lord Jalla wa A’la created us, people beautiful. Don’t be ugly! Rabb-ul Izzet, the Lord who created you, Jalla wa A’la is greeting us. Salamun Qawlaam Mir Rabbir Rahim. (36:58) Padishah full of mercy, Rabb-ul Izzet, whose mercy boundaries are limitless, is greeting us. What more do you ask for, O man? Greetings from Rabb-ul Izzet are coming to you. Salams from your Creator is coming to you. 

O those believing in any religion, listen – Salamun Qawlaam Mir Rabbir Rahim. (36:58) Janab-ul Haqq is greeting you. What more do you ask for? Who receives the salam of Janab-ul Haqq is beautiful. He’s very clean. Janab-ul Haqq created us and greeted us. Allahu Akbar. Who receives the greetings of Rabb-ul Izzet is honored, he’s beautiful. No one can know its honor and beauty. The last time, – what has our time become? They count previous times. Of previous ages, they call it ancient times, then they call it middle ages. And then they call it modern time. Leave all that. Look at what Rabb-ul Izzet has dressed you in. Janab-ul Rabb-ul Izzet Allah Dhul-Jalal has put such a dress on us; people and jinn don’t know its honor. Look into knowing this. Who doesn’t know, their humanity will be taken away. People nowadays are not people. They are the ones trying to kill each other, destroy each other, humiliate each other; the ones throwing off the adornments of honor dressed on them from heavens. No adornment of honor will be left on them. 

The adornment of honor, say, O Shah Mardan. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim is that adornment. The adornment of honor dressed on a man from heavens is Bismillahi r-Rahmani rRahim. It’s Salamun Qawlaam Mir Rabbir Rahim. (36:58) How beautiful! Go ahead, O Shah Mardan. Shaitan has degraded man. He also wants to strip man of the adornment of honor dressed on him from heavens, and throw it away. Shaitan has struggled to make man dishonorable. Man nowadays is trying to tear off and throw away that adornment of honor. All of us are creatures honored by Janab-ul Haqq and dressed in that adornment of honor. Therefore, prostrate to Him, to Allah who gave you beauty. With each prostration you’ll be given more beauty. With each sajda you don’t do, you’ll be dressed in ugliness. 

Go ahead, O Shah Mardan, your lovers adore you. Learn, know who dressed you in the adornment of honor. Allah Dhul-Jalal who created you did. Don’t throw this adornment, don’t try to throw it away. People nowadays want to tear and throw away this adornment of human honor. Nations want to humiliate each other, finish each other; they want to finish each other. No one can take away what Allah has given. Don’t try. Don’t struggle. The adornment of honor dressed by Allah is not for Russians, not for Turks, not for Chinese, not for Americans, not for Indians, not for Chinese. This dress, the adornment of honor, is put on man by his Creator. Guard it! When the end of time comes, servants of shaitan will appear who will try to tear and throw away the adornment of honor of man. Khalifas of shaitan will appear. Don’t obey to them. Know that man is honored. Guard your honor; Heavens will guard you. Otherwise, you’ll be a laughingstock for shaitan. Shaitan has made people of this time a laughingstock. 

Step on firmly, O sultan. Put your feet firmly on the rank given to you. Don’t let it be snatched away. The honor is yours, O man. It’s not shaitan’s or shaitans’. Be beautiful, O man. The order from heavens is – Be beautiful! Don’t be ugly. Allah created you beautiful. He loves beauty. Be beautiful, don’t be ugly. This is it. All prophets are telling people to be beautiful. If they can’t accomplish it, what they have in their hands will be taken. O sultan – An addressing to people – O sultan, step firmly on the horse you’re going to ride. Don’t lose the adornment of majesty given to you. Guard the dress of beauty. Don’t have it taken away, O sultan. Put your feet firmly on your majestic horse. Step like a man. Open and be beautiful. If you can’t rule over the horse given to you, you’ll become ugly. Don’t be ugly! – an addressing from Allah to people. 

Don’t be ugly! This is the order. What a beautiful order! Go ahead, O Shah Mardan. Tell us the orders of heavens. The order of heavens – O man, don’t be ugly! Who is ugly? Those torturing each other, humiliating each other, showing no respect to each other. Put your feet firmly on your horse. Step firmly on the horse given to you. Step like a man. A horse is given to you, step on it like a man. Who is not manly has no beauty. He’s not worth a greeting. O sultan, step firmly on your horse so that you become beautiful because Allah loves beautiful ones. Be beautiful, too. Guard your beauty. People nowadays have become ugly. They can’t say, Salamun Qawlaam Mir Rabbir Rahim. (36:58) Let them say and become beautiful, let them find honor. Success is from Janab-ul Haqq. 



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