A Second Rise of Islam

Mawlānā discusses the meaning of the āyah of Qur’ān (24:55) which promises that after living in fear, in war and persecution just for being Muslim, Islām will regain its rule and power. He gives the good news of a second rise of Islām.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul-Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi ق 

Sohbat of the 10th of December, 1994

A Spiritual Connection

We arrived at the door. As we were entering the policemen rushed to kiss my hand. They all came, from here and there. When the policemen were controlling some were kissing my hands, some were trying to come near us. There was a celebration. Just at that time the governor arrived. The governor started shouting. “What are these people doing? Who are these? Why are you not watching this crowd? Why are you not controlling?” They told him that they were Sheikh’s mureeds. “Allah, Allah which Shaykh?” “Sheikh Nazim Kibrisi.” “Where is he?” “He is inside.” He came right away to us. Until I walked down to my seat, I looked and saw the governor was already there. We saluted and hugged each other. He said: “SubhanAllah, this is a spiritual connection. As I was passing, suddenly the car stopped and it came to my heart to come here. I think you willed it, so I came here.” 

He chatted with me for about 10 minutes. “I told you, I was not planning to come here. We came here probably because of you. We met each other. I invite you to the province tomorrow. I have a gift for you. I’m waiting.” he said. Then he left. We were there at the whirling until the end. We did dua (supplication), we said Takbir. Today we stopped at the province for the governor’s invitation. We talked with the governor for about 1 hour. He presented us with gifts. Allah bless him. Especially the offset printing of the Mathnawi Shareef is very nice. He also presented us with that. 

M: May it bring goodness. 

No. The original hand written copy of the Mathnawi Shareef is printed by the Ministry of Culture? 

M: The Ministry of Culture printed it this year. 

It is such a marvelous print. I was happy about it. He also presented us with prayer rugs. In short, he treated us with respect. May Allah favour him and the people around him. I was passing from somewhere 60 years ago, they told me that, may Allah sanctify his secret, Abdul Wahhab Sharani, lived in Egypt. Every night at dawn, before fajr time, half an hour or 1 hour before the adhan, there was a Tadhkir from the minarets, just like in Damascus. People were invited for night prayer by salatu salam (salawat) praising, Tamjid, Tahlil, Tahmid Tasbeeh. When they started the Tadhkir he used to go out from Egypt, Cairo – he exited from the East gate of Cairo. He stopped by every residential town in the world, then he came back and entered from the West gate of Cairo, and then the Adhan al Muhammadi started. They are the sahibu l-khutwa (Folding Space) Awliya Allah (saints). Without the power of karamah, the adhan would start before he even left the city walls of Cairo. 

The Mamluks were ruling at that time in Egypt, before the Ottomans. Imam Abdul Wahhab Sharani was Qutbu Rabbani, May Allah sanctify his secret, together with these saints whose himmah (support) is ready for us. There are awliyas, who patrol the world just like him. One of these awliyas saw a crowd as he was passing from a place. He addressed that crowd and read this verse: Auzu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. “Allah has promised those among you, who believe and do good deeds, that He will certainly grant them succession in the earth the way He gave to those before them; that He will certainly establish for them their religion, which He has chosen for them, will turn their prior fear into peace. They must worship Me and not ascribe anything as a partner to Me; whoever is ungrateful after this are the disobedient” (24:55) SadaqAllahu l-Azim. He said that he read this verse 60 years ago. 

Do not have any doubts that there will be a second rule of Islam, sovereignty of Islam, Do not ever doubt it.

This is good tidings, heavenly good tidings that after the first rule of Islam, there will come a time of recession, now we are in that time. But it won’t last until the Day of Judgment. Just as Saidi Nursi Hadhrat announced so many times, now the whole nation has gone astray, is corrupted. Not for their sake, but there are people among them “Allah has promised those among you, who believe and do good deeds” (24:55) a handful of people among the ummah, who have real faith and doing good deeds – for their sake “la yastakhlifannahum fi l-ard” (24:55) ‘Lam’ is for swearing ‘nun’ and ‘tashdid’ for emphasizing, and for significance. “la yastakhlifannahum fi l-ard” (24:55) Do not have any doubts that there will be a second rule of Islam, sovereignty of Islam, Do not ever doubt it. 

I swear by Allah, I say with affirmation – Allah is not in need of swearing – but He is addressing idiots like us. “Wa la yumakkinannalahum” Again ‘lam’ for swearing, ‘nun’ for emphasizing – I swear by My Divine Greatness that I will turn your fear into such a peace that you will practice every order of your religion, without compromising and without any fear. “will turn their prior fear into peace” (24:55) After a time full of fear, in which you are chased because you are a Muslim, you are criticized because you do dhikr, you are imprisoned because you keep the sunnah, you are insulted because you are a Muslim, you are killed, you are executed, slaughtered destroyed by war, and they want to finish you because you are a Muslim – After such a time of fear “wa la yubaddilannahum min ba’di khawfihim amnan” (24:55) after that fear, certainly there will be a time of peace and safety. Safety, again tanwin is to show the greatness of these events. An absolute peace and safety. 

“ya’budunani la yushrikuna bi shay’an” (24:55) Only for Me, without any other intention, with sincerity “ya’budunani”, they only pray for Me, “wa la yushrikuna bi shay’an” They worship Me without waiting for anything in return from this world or anything belonging to this world. What a wonderful time! These good tidings are inside the Holy Quran. 

Wa min Allahi t-tawfiq. SadaqAllahu l-Azim. SadaqAllahu l-Azim. Wa ballighna Rasulu n-Nabiyyu l-Karim sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam. Zidhu izzan wa sharafa, nuran wa surura wa ridwanan wa sultana. Bi hurmati l-Habib, bi hurmati l-Fatiha. 


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