The Divine Seal

Dunya is a prison and those serving it are its dirt. Allah gave all paradises to Man except one tree, shaytan’s way. So the little ant called, ” ادخلوا مساكنكم – enter your dwellings (27:18)”, stay within your borders and do not go beyond your limits. But Man is ignorant and ignorance does not suit him. If you only can see “The Divine Seal” on every human being, you will be able to love and honor everyone. Not to honor the one Allah has honored is kufr. Know that Adab is higher than knowledge.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi ق ,

Sohbat of the 23rd of July, 2013.

Shaykh Muhammad Effendi, our son. He is our pride and joy, one of the pillars of Shām sharīf, servant of the Nation of Muhammad. He will overcome the tyrants, be one of the leaders, our son. 

Welcome to our assembly. Let us say, “Hu”, “He, our Benevolent Protector.” As-salāmu ‘alaykum, O attendees, O beloved brethren of Shah Mardan. May our assembly be an assembly of true faith and Islam, of enlightened wisdom and adab. Let’s not be like firewood. Firewood is suitable for the fire; it’s good for nothing else. 

Allāhu akbar Allāhu akbar Allāhu akbar wa li-Llāhi l-hamd. Thanks be to our Benevolent Protector who has prepared this day for us! May it be full of blessings, our son, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, Bahauddin Effendi our son and children, too. Welcome, O beloved brethren of Shah Mardan. Be proud that Allah did not make you from those animals roaming the earth. He gave you honor. He did not make this world a burden on you. Thanks be to Allah Most High, my son, my khalīfa. Who are we? Who is our khalīfa? But they belong to the pillars of Shām, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, Shaykh Bahauddin Effendi. May your lives be blessed, may your wisdom increase, may you be granted a still higher degree of honor. 

O man, you are a sacred human being!

Welcome, O beloved brethren of Shah Mardan, in his suhba. Let’s open up, let’s not exist for this world. Who exists only for this world, he has no value. How great is the worth of someone who lives for this world? The one who lives for this world is like the garbage of this world. Don’t be garbage! Here you go, O Shah Mardan, may our strength and power increase! Let’ say, “BismiLlāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm.” Bismi-Llāhi-ladhī lā yadurru ma‘ ismihi shay’un fi l-ardi wa lā fi s-samā’i wa Huwa s-Sami‘u l-‘Alīm. Let’s not be garbage. This is Shah Mardan’s lesson in adab for us. The first lesson in adab for man. O man, you are a sacred human being! You are a sacred human being, you are not garbage. Those living only for this world, they are garbage, they are manure. They have no value whatsoever. Here you go, O Shah Mardan. May we be given power, may the power of the blessed Shah Mardan reach us. and may our distinguished great grandmother Hala Sultan grant us her support as well. Allāhu akbar Allāhu akbar Allāhu akbar wa li-Llāhi l-hamd. 

O human, who was called in heavens, “Hazreti Ādam”, He was called “Hazreti Ādam”, that is such a great rank that you can’t find a rank higher than this one. “Yā Ādam, O Ādam”, was the divine address, “uskun anta wa zawjuka l-jannata fa-kulā min haythu shi’tumā wa lā taqraba hādhihi sh-shajarata fa-takūnā mina az-zalimīn.” (7:19) O human beings, who you were clad in paradise in the dresses of paradise, humans, dressed with the ranks of paradise “uskun anta wa zawjuka l-janna” “Reside, you and your wife, in paradise!” O our Lord, let us, too, be among your accepted servants, our children and our brethren! O Shah Mardan, your brethren adore you lovingly. This world is a prison. Do you understand? This world is a prison. After we were brought into paradise we committed an act of disobedience, so we were told, “You’re not suitable to stay here any longer, get out of paradise! I will imprison you on earth. Go down into that prison, that penitentiary. 

“fa-kulā min haythu shi’tumā” – “eat from whatever you wish inside My paradise”, they had been told, “except from this (tree), don’t follow the way of shaytān!” This address came. But because shaytān out of his anger and envy wanted to have man expelled from paradise, he taught him his first act of disobedience. The seas and oceans of this world, they are worth nothing. We are in this world and all directions are wide open, but the son of man is not content. How could he be content? He’s imprisoned. Being locked up in a prison how could he enjoy himself? How could he be content? He can’t. After having been kicked out of the palace could anyone find enjoyment? His honor is lost and all joy is lost, too. 

The Lord of Might and Glory had declared, “This one, this is the forbidden tree, its fruit, that’s shaytān”, He said. “shaytān is working hard to bring you out of paradise, don’t follow him!” “Wa lā tattabi‘ū khutuwāti sh-shaytān” (2:168) Isn’t that the noble verse? “Wa t-tabi‘ sabīla man anāba ilayy”(31:15) That’s His address: “Wa t-tabi‘ sabīla man anāba ilayy!” “Anāba”, what does the word “anāba” mean? “The one who is following My orders, the one who has turned to Me”, He says. “He has left his wicked ego, he is holding fast to My orders”, “Wa t-tabi‘ sabīla man anāba ilayy” – the one who has turned to Me, someone, who has left what I disapprove of, his way is the way you should follow!” But shaytān persistently tries to throw us off this way of turning to Allah, using this world, this world, which is a trap set to bring humans out of their state of humanness. To take a human’s honor from him, shaytān uses this world as a trap. So what happens? 

Here you go, O Shah Mardan, your brethren adore you lovingly. “Adab yā Hu!”, he proclaims, “Adab yā Hu!” Who does not know what adab is, who has no adab, has no value. The place of the one who has no adab is – excuse the expression – the latrine. The place of the one possessing adab is in accordance with Allah’s word – “Wa t-tabi‘ sabīla man anāba ilayy!” “the one looking for Me, those who hold fast to My way.” Two people came down into this world, into this huge world, two people: Ādam – ‘alayhi salām – and our mother Hawā’. All the trouble of this world came down on Hazreti Ādam and our mother Hawā’. But it was not at all the divine intent of Allah Most High to disgrace man, whom He had created to be His representative. Far from it! Man was not sent down to earth in order to disgrace him. But shaytān pursued man to make him disgraced. Yes.

So many prophets came, to inform mankind. O Shah Mardan, here you go, he’s saying it. So many prophets came. For what did they come? To inform. But we forgot the message. We became forgetful and turned into wild hordes, spreading corruption on earth. That’s the fitting description of mankind in our time: They’ve turned into hordes corrupting this world, working to set it on fire; in a state far from their inherent morality. “Wa t-tabi‘ sabīla man anāba ilayy!” What does He say? You should follow, follow the way of those who are searching for My way! Safety (selamet) is there. Allah the Exalted – SubhānaHu wa Ta‘āla – amruHu bayn al-kāfi wa n-nūn! Here you go, O Shah Mardan! Our Lord’s command lies between (the letters) “kāf” and “nūn”. Saying “Kun!” (Be!) it comes into existence after the first letter “kāf” but before the letter “nūn” is pronounced. 

SubhānaHu wa Ta‘āla! How ignorant man is, how ignorant! But it doesn’t befit him to be ignorant. Ignorance doesn’t befit man. Animals may be ignorant, but for a human being, to be ignorant does not befit him. Allah! The majestic Qur’ān teaches, Shah Mardan teaches, how to take steps, how to set your feet, when you want to step ahead. You will find out! “It-tabi‘ sabīla man anāba ilayy!” “You must move along the way which I have shown you!” This is the first adab you must learn! They don’t teach this nowadays. Shaytān makes them not teach it. Well, shaytān has spoiled everything. Is there anything in today’s world, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, which is in order? Is there anything? There is nothing. In the end, where did it lead to? Well, humans are descendents of apes. Finally he turned us into monkeys. No way! But that’s what they write in the books, that’s what they teach. Where did humans come from? Humans are descendants of monkeys. No way, never! Well, and where did the monkeys come from? It doesn’t say, that this universe has a Sultan and that everything is under His order, following His order. “It-tabi‘ sabīla man anāba ilayy!” 

Why don’t you strive to appear beautiful in the realm of the divine?

Here you go, O Shah Mardan. Be beautiful, Don’t be ugly! Does Allah want anyone to become ugly? Not at all! That goes for everyone. But especially women keep pulling out their mirrors, looking: “Am I beautiful or am I ugly?” Their minds are busy with how to appear beautiful. But appearing beautiful in front of people is of no use at all. Why don’t you strive to appear beautiful in the realm of the divine? What is this? How am I seen in the divine mirror? Is there a divine mirror? There is, for sure! How could there be none? Since you exist, there must also be a mirror. You appear in a mirror. Even if you’re not seen in this world they still see you from above. Above you’re seen. Well, if you want to dress up here on earth, how come you don’t want to be seen as beautiful heaven? 

Here you go, O Shah Mardan, our good fortune is beyond description. O Shah Mardan. Get used to it! But they are not getting used. “Hal min muddakir?”(54:15) (Is there anyone to remember?) Isn’t it? “Isn’t there anyone who ponders deeply?”, He asks. Is there no one thinking about something better than the affairs of this world? (Is there no one) thinking deeply? Now there is this device which shows the world from far. This world is a globe. The most beautiful of all shapes is the globe. A line is the first kind of shape. A plane is the second, volume is the third kind of shape, the fourth … What is the most beautiful shape in this world? It’s the globe. Is there anyone nowadays who can think about this? He sees it, it’s shown in this device, that the world is a globe. Inside of what? Inside darkness. It is turning. Who is turning it? Apart from its turning it moves. Who moves it? Who makes it move in that darkness in the sky? In all that darkness, who is giving it light? 

Teach them that because we don’t think about these things, we remain in darkness We’re busy with our descent from apes. Apes are better apes than these who claim to be, they are better. Apes are better than those who say that men are apes. The human being is not a monkey! The human being has been honored with the honor of Islam; he has been given honor. The human being is not an animal. The human being is not, as they say, “a speaking animal”. Allāh Allāh Subhān Allāh Sultān Allāh. Yes. A train moves, a car moves, a plane moves. If any of the parts making these objects move is deficient, there will be chaos. In a plane the smallest defect will result in the plane crashing. It cannot fly and it will kill its passengers. Man is a sacred human being, you must know the greatness of his worth and move accordingly. 

O you gullible people, by saying “I am Turk, Kurd, Russian, American”, you have they put a seal on your destiny? What’s this? What’s the difference between us? We’re all caught in the same desire; we’re all inside the same dirt, no matter if we’re Rusian, Kurd, Turk or whatever. What is the (divine) order? “Tahhir baytiyya li t-tā’ifīna wa l-‘akifīn”(2:125) (Purify My house for those circumambulating and cleaving to it!) Hj Mehmet Effendi, look at the magnificence of this divine address to prophet Ibrāhīm regarding the four-walled building prophet Ibrāhīm had erected. It is an order. Watch out! Our exalted Protector orders: “Tahhir baytiyya!” “Keep My house clean for those circumambulating it and visiting it! Keep it clean!”, He says regarding the building prophet Ibrāhīm had erected. Nowadays, out of high respect, they don’t even let you rub your hand over the magnificent Ka‘ba. They rush to make everyone follow this kind of adab. “Beware, let’s not do anything to defy adab towards that great Ka‘ba!” Who built that magnificent Ka‘ba?  

“Wa idh yarfa‘u Ibrāhīmu l-qawā’ida mina l-bayti wa Ismā‘īl”(2:127) By the order of Allah, Who said, “Build it!”, they built it. Then Allah Most High made them venerate it, prophet Ibrāhīm together with his son. “Wa idh yarfa‘u Ibrāhīmu l-qawā’ida mina l-bayti wa Ismā‘īl Tahhir baytiyya li t-tā’ifīna wa l-‘akifīn wa s-sājidīn.” This is “My house”, He says. The one who built it, after being ordered to, was prophet Ibrāhīm, who was then ordered to venerate it. But much more magnificent than the Ka‘ba is the human being! Here you go, O Shah Mardan, come on, don’t be shy to say it! The Ka‘ba is magnificent. It is made by man & you show respect towards it. Well, who made that human being circumambulating it? Where is your respect? Don’t say, “Get out of there!” He (Man) is inviolable, while you (the Ka‘ba) is made by man. Allāhu akbaru l-akbar, Allāhu akbaru l-akbar Allāhu akbaru l-akbar. 

Man has been stamped with a seal. The magnificent Ka‘ba has been stamped with prophet Ibrāhīm’s seal, but you, O human being – here you go, Shah Mardan – you’ve been stamped with a Divine Seal. “You are honored”. No creature was created with an honor greater than yours. The angels asked for this honor, but He didn’t give it to them. Allāhu akbar. These things were made known to prophet Ādam. They were made known to Nūh – ‘alayhi salām. They were made known to the nation of ‘Ād and to the nations of every prophet. They were informed about the honor of man. The prophets were not sent to cover the earth with buildings. They were sent to teach the honor of man, his magnificence and his greatness. Salla-Llāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam. 

Here you go, O Shah Mardan. This sublime seal with which he has been stamped has worn old in this world and they are desecrating the human being. Every human being carries a sublime seal by the Lord of Might and Glory. Allāhu akbar. He doesn’t see this seal. He doesn’t respect this seal. He burns and he destroys. This is not a human being. To teach this the prophets used all their power to urge – “Be careful, the human being is stamped with a divine seal!” Allāhu akbar. Allāhu akbar. “Innahu min Sulaymān wa innahu Bismi-Llāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm.”(27:30) There is not a single human who does not carry the seal of the noble Basmalah. You must respect the human being and, in this way, show respect to man’s Creator. Your level and your rank will increase; your honor in the presence of the Exalted Lord of Might and Glory will increase. 

Teach these things! Don’t quarrel, don’t fight each other, don’t spread corruption on earth! “Wa lā tufsidū fī l-ard”(7:56), He says, “Don’t spread corruption on earth!” Whose address is this? “Innahu min Sulaymān wa innahu Bismi-Llāhi r-Rahmāni r-Rahīm.” (27:30) Disposal of affairs(tasarruf) is in the hand of the Prophet of the End Times. He brought the message. Learn! Don’t be ignorant! “Wa lā takūnanna min al-kāfirīn!” “Don’t be among the unbelievers!”, He says. Madad, O Shah Mardan! How beautifully you’re saying it, how many aspects there are! No other creature possesses the magnificence and honor of man. “Let’s respect each other”, he says. “Let us love one another! Let us serve one another!” This pleases the Lord of Might and Glory. Showing respect to whom Allah made respected is belief (īmān). Not doing so is unbelief (kufr) Don’t sleep! Open your eyes! Allah Most High gave you two eyes. They show you the universe. 

O our Lord, You are al-Qadīr and al-Muqtadir. The Sultan of Prophets has sent Shah Mardan to us to, “Teach them!”. So let us learn. Teach! Learn and teach! On TV they are always saying how good eggplants are, that okras have become cheaper or meat will be better this way or that. Leave all that! How stupid people are, how ignorant people are! Don’t show us these things! These are things everyone has seen, everybody knows it. Why occupy yourself with them? Teach something about the reality of man, about his worth and value and his magnificence! See that seal he carries! The one who doesn’t see that divine seal, he is blind. “Wa man kāna fī hadhihi a‘mā fa-huwa fī l-ākhirati a‘mā”(17:72) Who was blind here will be blind hereafter. See how the divine Magnificence makes even an ant appear magnificent, so Allah’s Magnificence can be seen by means of it. Through this it was that an ant was calling. “Qālat namlatun”. “An ant spoke…” With what did it speak, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi? “An ant spoke…” From where did it learn that? An ant spoke: “Yā ayyuha n-namlu dkhulū masākinakum!.” (27:18) 

How many lessons are contained in these words! One ant, who was their leader, that means their sultan, spoke – (O ants enter your dwellings) “Yā ayyuha n-namlu dkhulū masākinakum!” (27:18) Take care of your limits, don’t go beyond your limits! “Lā yahtimannakum Sulaymanu wa junūduhu” (27:18) Prophet Sulaymān is coming with his army, they might walk on you and crush you. But humans, they are readying armies to leave all people crushed. Shame upon them! Man is a grand, splendid being, not something low and disgraced. Man is a grand, splendid being, you must respect him! This is an order. Allāhu Akbaru l-Akbar. The one who doesn’t respect him is less than that ant, his worth becomes nothing. “Yā ayyuha n-namlu dkhulū masākinakum!” (27:18) Hide yourselves! From whom? Because some ignorant ones from Prophet Sulayman’s army might crush you. Allāhu akbar, Allāhu akbar, Allāhu akbar. 

Yā man amruhu bayna l-kāfi wa n-nūn! Huu.. O You, Whose order lies between kāf and nūn, You only say, “Be!” and it is. Look at your Lord, O ignorant man! Come on, what do they say about these new things, these new discoveries? “We have invented this, we have discovered that.” What have you discovered? What’s the value of your invention? If you cannot discover yourself, what’s the value of what you found? Did you find yourself? Cannons and aircrafts you have invented and this or that device. Well, we’ve understood. But yourself, did you find yourself? O humans, O lackeys of shaytān, puffed up with pride, do you know yourselves? Do you know? Do you know what you are doing? Did you learn what your orders and prohibitions are? You didn’t learn it, you have no value. Subhānsın Yā Rabb. Sultānsın Yā Rabb. It is a clear order, “Yā ayyuha n-namlu dkhulū masākinakum!!” Don’t go beyond your limits! Move only as far as your limits! Who goes beyond his limits becomes an oppressor. The punishment for an oppressor will be the fire. That time these people will burn themselves.

Adab, yā Hu! Here you go, O Shah Mardan. These are lessons in adab. Let’s learn our adab. Adab, yā Hu! Allāhu akbar. What counts in the Presence of the Exalted Truth is adab, not knowledge. Adab is what makes one progress. Allah has made us from the Nation of His Beloved. From the nation of His Beloved came Shah Mardan to teach us. That’s why, in every place, learn “Adab, yā Hu!” May your rank increase with the honor of man! 


This is a speech for Shaykh Mehmet Effendi’s understanding. He understands it, takes it in. His spiritual power is great. For someone else it wouldn’t have been said. Allah be pleased with you! Please recite on me, Hj Mehmet! 

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