The House of The Lord

Mawlana speaks about the great honor Allah gave the Arabs, the Muslims. He established His House in the forgotten deserts of Arabia and made the Arabs who they are today. They have forgotten the True way, yet they are proud of their knowledge. Allah honored all the People of the Book with Prophets, with Books and “The House of The Lord”. They have all forgotten. The only way for them is to remember and return to Allah.

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Sultan ul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Mohammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi (QS),

sohbat of the 23rd of July, 2012

Audhu Billah min ash-shaytan ar-rajim Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. 

Good tidings for the believers, the ones who are acting according to the Sharia’ of Allah (swt) and the sunnah of His Prophet (ﷺ) Glorify our Lord Allahu Akbar Al Akbar! Wa Lillahi Al Hamd, and to His Prophet (ﷺ) Salat & salams from pre-Eternity up to Eternity. May Allah increase his honour & glory & those who follow him until Judgment Day. 

O believers! Ramadan came to us! Ramadan came to us! This is how the Egyptian people say it. Ramadan came to us! Every Ramadan comes loaded with the blessings of earth and the grants of Heavens. Good tidings to those who appreciate its value, who honours & glorifies (the holy month) and obeys the orders of our Lord (jwa) by fasting & by praying. We are at the beginning of the blessed month, the month of the blessed Ramadan. But I am sorry that the Muslim countries are in a very bad situation, that has broken the hearts of the believers. We beg Allah (swt) that He may remove from us the persistence of these shaytans who are not praising the glory of Al Haqq & Islam as the religion that is honoured in the worlds & in Heavens. 

The Islamic religion gave honour to the Arabs & non-Arabs. Before Islam there was not any knowledge about the Arabs. They weren’t known. They were living in the plains of… in the desert. Tribes and their affairs were only among themselves. Allah,Subhana wa Ta’ala ordered Sayidina Ibrahim (as) to build Baytullah in the middle of the plains of Arabia. And by the signs from Heavens, Sayidina Ibrahim (as) knew where he was to build Baytullah. He & his son Sayidina Ismail (as), Hajar, the mother of Ismail (as), with them in the middle of the desert with no water, nor vegetation and no signs of life. As if nobody lived there from the beginning of life to our days now, Subhana Allah. He & his son (as), by the order of Al Haqq, began to build & Allah (swt) made the water of Zam Zam  gush out for them. He (swt) gave them life, because life is with water. “Wa Ja`alna Mina Al-Ma’i  Kulla Shay’in Hayyin” (21:30) “And We have made from water every living thing” (21:30). 

And up to now, maybe 5000 years from the time of Sayidina Ibrahim (as) until our time now, the same longing, love and excitement in the hearts to go & to visit the Baytullah/ House  of The Lord. We see that every night, every day so many people, hundreds & thousands people make tawaf/circumambulate the Baytullah….. This is the message from Heavens: it started where there were no possibilities but with the order of The Lord of Heavens, life started in the middle of the desert. Look, about 5000 years ago or more, that excitement, and love & attraction to the direction of Baytullah Al Haram is still flowing among the Muslims, the believers. And before them the Arab tribes used to visit. They knew that it was not normal that the House of the Lord was in the middle of the desert where there was no possibility for life. Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. “‘Innama Amruhu Idha Arada Shay’an An Yaqula Lahu Kun Fayakunu” (36:82) 

And now O people O… Arabs, O believers, O people of the Book! In their Holy Books there is “House of the Lord”; “House of Lord” is mentioned in their books. Where is the “House of the Lord”, Meaning Baytullah? They know it but they deny it. The ones who know it, Allah (awj) gave them honour. Those who denied it their situation is under ground; they have no value and no glory for them. But now millions of people are gathering there in Baytullah since it was built by Sayidina Ibrahim (as) and peace be on our Prophet (ﷺ). Then people disputed because they were worshipping idols, idol worshippers… They argued. Allah (jwa) sent to them one Prophet (ﷺ), Sayidina Rasulullah (ﷺ).  The rest of them (the Prophets) are from the children of Sayidina Is’haq (as). The Arabs are from Sayidina Ismail (as) Ismawil Ishmawil, Ishaq, Ishmawil…. and their descendents are continuing on up to our days now. From the children of Sayidina Ismail (as) and from the children of S. Ishaq aleyhi salam, and to his father  Sayidina Ibrahim (as). 

Salat Allahu wa Salamu on the Master of beginning & end Sayidina Muhammad (ﷺ). Everytime they glorify him, Allah (awj) grants them honour. Every time they leave off glorifying him, something comes down on them, comes down on them – poverty & oppression and humiliation. And, Allah (awj) sent the Prophet (ﷺ) of the end of times, Sayidina Rasulullah, Sayidina Muhammad (ﷺ) and he (ﷺ) alone stood by Divine order when a call from Heavens came, “Ya Muhammad stand up & warn!” So he stood up, Sayidina Muhammad (ﷺ) and called out to people: “O people, your Lord is The most High. There is no Lord but Him, the Lord of Heavens & Earths, He created you. He is your Creator, your Sultan. Come and submit to Him so that He, your Lord (jwa), may grant you honour above honour.” 

And those among them, some of the tribes that are linked to the path of Sayidina Ismail (as), some of them are believers & some are non believers. They worshipped the idols & changed everything. And therefore they remained in dishonour and humiliation. Nothing is known about them. In history it is mentioned that under the leadership of the Iranians their Sultan – what’s his name? – Qisra- under his leadership they are forgotten, nothing is mentioned about them. And Allah Almighty sent at the end of times, to declare His Oneness and His Unity from Pre-Eternal to Eternal, our Lord Allah Almighty, The Lord of Heavens & Earth. 

The one who loved S. Muhammad (ﷺ) became loved by the Heavenly ones. And those who refused they became rubbish on earth and they have no way to reach Heaven. They have no chance for Eternal life.

Mawlana Sheikh Nazim qs

My Arabic is very limited but I wish that what I am saying is understood first of all by our brothers the Arabs, the Muslim Arabs, the believers. It was wished or hoped or expected that the first to believe in the Prophet (ﷺ) of the end of times would be the Arabs. But they fought him, but “Wa qul jaa al Haqqu wa zahaqal batil inna Al Batil kana Zahuqa” But they insisted and they were proud and arrogant and they wanted to raise the banners of their idols. And they were not granted the chance to do so. And the Prophet (ﷺ) of the end of times by himself, he came up on the mount of Safa’ & called them – “O people Come & say La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad ar- Rasulullah.” And he said “I am sent. I am from the offspring of the Prophet Ismail (as) & his father S. Ibrahim(as), his teaching. And he taught the people to say “La Ilaha illa Allah. I am the last of the teachers who will came to teach you. I came to teach you That Allah (swt) is One, Wahidun Ahad,  Samad (jj) Lam Yalid Wa Lam Yulad Walam  Yakun Lahu Kufuwan ‘Ahadun (Surah 112) Prophecy is with me come & follow me and then Allah Almighty will love you. If you love Allah (swt) follow me. Then Allah Almighty will love you.” Allahu Akbar! 

The one who loved S. Muhammad (ﷺ) became loved by the Heavenly ones. And those who refused they became rubbish on earth and they have no way to reach Heaven. They have no chance for Eternal life. This is a summary according to what came as an inspiration to the heart of a weak servant and I am saying this to remind the Muslim people. This is the first point, and the second to all the creation on the face of earth. What is more important is to remind those who claim that they are Muslims & they say that their Religion is Islam & their Sharia is the Sharia of Islam. Those who change their ways, Allah Almighty will change their situation. If you keep your oath Allah Almighty will keep His oath with you. If you leave your oath, Allah Almighty will make you the most dishonoured of people. Then you will eat one another. 

Glory to Allah Almighty! O believers & Muslims from the Arabs & non Arabs, return to the Divine Sharia’, return to the Book of Allah (swt). You will find the news of the nations that came before you and the news of the nations that will come after you. Then Allah (swt) will raise your honour here & in the Hereafter. And you will be happy here & in the Hereafter & you will have Eternal life if you follow the book of Allah (swt) & the Sharia of Allah (swt). Otherwise your place & position will be under earth, Naudhu Billah, in hellfire forever. O people! Think. These are some words what were inspired to my heart  & my chest and you masha’Allah have many scholars to remind you. 

Maybe before you were born, I was in Egypt the Protected for a visit. By Divine Wisdom I went there. I was with my companion from Damascus. I was standing waiting for the train, so it could take us to the south of Cairo or even more south. My age at that time, maybe I was 30 years old and I was there waiting at the station. Someone came to me. He looked like one seeking knowledge. He looked at me & said “Ya Shaykh, from where do you come?” I told him, I came from Damascus. “What do you think of the people of Egypt here.  Do they listen to you? Do they learn from you?” I told him, I am not claming that, but I came to  visit. Then he looked at me. He was as tall as a palm tree. O Sheikh, here, here in our country there are 300,000 Azhari scholars. Which means we don’t need your advice  we have Azhari Sheikhs, 300,000 Azhari Shaykhs! 

Is there no mind?! Anger overcame me! Truly, I became very angry. And I told him, O Sheikh if you say you have 300 000  Azhar scholars then why is all this corruption in your country? 300 000 Azhar scholars and the country is like this? Not one of them is following Allah’s Sharia or his  Prophet’s Sunnah? How can this be?! Here there are maybe 1 million Azhar scholars, what is the benefit? They didn’t educate Muslims about their Prophet’s Sharia! This is the important measure, not the number of Azhar scholars! No! That was 50 years ago, the first tyrant was there at that time. This until now, maybe it is 50 years or more. This story that I am telling you I witnessed myself! 

My Arabic is little, put it in order and convey it to people for them and their conscience. If you have as many thousands of Azhar scholars who are doctors how many sick people do you have? Why can’t they treat you?  Where is your treatment?! There is nothing except what happened. Allah (swt) sent on them first from tyrants, those who ruined all the rules of Islam from begining to end and made the country irreligious! And what happened, happened because of this falsehood. Audhu Billah. And I am sorry for our scholars who have no words to send away those tyrants who are the remnants of Pharaohs! May Allah (swt) disgrace them all! This is for the people of Egypt. 

There is alot of talk also about the rest of the countries. But I hope from our Lord that my words are accepted because they are in accordance with His strong Sharia. If anyone says this Shaykh is without mind – whoever says Allah (swt) is never without mind. Never! Al Hamdulillah wa Shukr Ya Rabbi. Praise be to You! Send us a king to fight for Your sake. O people of Egypt, a King to bring your honor back! Or till the end of times you will have no honor, no status, and no possibility or  presence of the heart. And no thanking from our Lord (jwa).  May Allah forgive us. Ya Rabbi, Tawba  Ya Rabbi.  Tawba Astaghfirullah. Tawba Ya Rabbi, Tawba Astaghfirullah. Your pardon & acceptance for the sake of the Blessed month of Ramadan. Forgive us our Lord. Send us a king to fight for Your sake. East and West. This is Your promise, and Your promise is Haqq! Ya Rabbina, Send us a King, Mahdi (as). 

Allahu Akbarul Akbar upon whoever is transgressing. May god disgrace them and throw them out! Throw them out! These are the people of sickness! May Allah throw them out of Muslim countries! O Muslims, consider these words and think! And if my speech is wrong, then you don’t know anything! You are young people who were made to be imitators of the west in all their steps! You will not succeed! Whoever follows the steps of shaytan, and makes him rule like he is ruling in non Muslim countries, will not succeed! 

Ya Rabbi, O my Lord don’t leave us to ourselves. For the sake of holy Ramadan, O my Lord send us a King. Send us a King. We don’t want presidents. We don’t want parliaments. We don’t want groups. No! We want the banner of the Prophet (ﷺ) put in the middle of your country and Allah (swt) will support you, otherwise you will not be victorious! Ever! 

Astaghfirullah.  Ya Rabbi forgive us and forgive us, and inspire us witih sense. Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi. Fatiha. 

Arabs like this. Israel like this. Turks like this. Non Arabs like this! All like this. All of them are the same. No one is following, not a single one is on, the  path of Allah’s orders. No. They are following neither the Bible, nor the Torah, astaghfirullah. 

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